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Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology

Candidate Adam Hannan

Candidate 2113695
Pathway Editor

Project Title Chance

Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)

Over the first 7 units I have learned new things an improved on older things. I found out how useful
research is as all the units required that I did some which helped me out in the units, I felt like I improved
with my pre-production skills as I spent more time working on story boards and scripts during dead man
walking. I learnt about editing audio and sound effects when working on my horror as there was no
dialogue sound was important. Before I knew these skills, I wasn’t sure about the final project but now, I
feel like I can make something good.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx 200 words)
The concept of my final project involves the protagonist going about their day, but random things happen
throughout the day by chance and this effects how the protagonist is feeling like they could be in a good
mood but then it could start raining or they may be taking a walk and find something of value on the
ground. My aim for my project is to try and use after effects in some way to show the mood of the scene,
for example when the protagonist is sad, I want the shot to look dark and gloomy to fit their mood as well
as make it look bright and cheery when they are happy. For things that I will research I will find out how
to make a shot feel a certain way, I have an idea on how to make a shot feel sad, but I don’t know how
to make a shot feel cheery, also I may find better ways on making a shot feel gloomy. I also want to
research what people think are lucky or unlucky things to happen to someone on a day as it could give
me ideas of what I could shoot in my film.
Section 3: Evaluation Methods (approx 50 words)
I will evaluate my work by doing some rough cuts, getting people to watch them and see and ask them
what they liked about it and how I can improve it. I will also compere my work with others and see if I can
use some of their techniques in my work.
Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
For research I will be going on to relevant websites to find information to help me and wright up about it
on my Weebly, I will also Bibliography any websites that I use for research. I may also do a focus group
about what people think about the word chance.
Project Proposal – Unit 08

UAL Awarding Body Level 3 Diploma Project Proposal Doc.

Project Action Plan and Timetable
This section provides you with an opportunity to outline your planning and organisation over a period of
weeks, and the activities you will need to carry out in order to successful complete your project within the
agreed time frame. It is important that you consider how you will balance ambition, time and realism in the
realisation of the project.
This should include what you are going to do, how you will do it and by when. The more time and thought
you give to
planning your project, the more successful it is likely to be. Remember to include: time spent sourcing
questionnaires, access to workshops, tutorial and peer group feedback, and where you will incorporate
independent study

Week Date Activity / What you are intending Resources / What you will need
Week to do - including independent to do it - including access to
Beginning study workshops
1 Research work

2 Research work (maybe start pre-

18/03 production)

3 Pre-production and idea change


4 Pre-production for new idea


08/04 Easter Break

6 Easter Break

7 22/04 Finish pre-production and start

(Monday – booking equipment
closed BH)

8 Film the shots that I need


9 06/05 Start editing my work and get

(Monday – feedback
closed BH)

10 13/05 Act on feedback and finish my final


UAL Awarding Body Level 3 Diploma Project Proposal Doc.