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Michelle Ortiz


English 219

22 March 2019

Project 2 Reflection

1. What is the purpose of the project you created and how do you think the piece

achieves its purpose?

The purpose of this project was to create a proposal that addressed or solved a

problem that affects the company I applied to in Project 1. In the instructions for Project

2, it stated that as we researched this problem and created our proposal, we would learn

how to navigate common issues in the field we’re pursuing and gain experience with

creating proposals related to that specific field. The piece I made achieved its purpose, as

I pursued an issue that could potentially affect my future career. When I was creating the

PowerPoint, the purpose of this assignment really stood out, as I got to practice pitching

an idea to an imaginary job at this company. This PowerPoint helped me learn how

proposals worked and how they were made to present a desired change in a company, and

while making the proposal, I thought about how this could be useful to a job in the future.

Not only did I learn how to make a proposal, but it's something I'll use soon, unlike other

classes, where I will never use anything from them. While achieving the main purpose of

what this project was for, I also learned a few tricks on how to propose an idea,

something I've never done before. I think out of all the projects we’ve done or any

assignment, this is definitely one that I like the most, because I could explore many

Ortiz 2

options on what I could do for this project. I also got the chance to express my beliefs on

the issues I made my project on, which was nice. I got to learn what a proposal is, along

with how to present one and complete the purpose at the same time!

2. Who is the audience? How did this affect your design choices?

For me, the audience was two separate groups, and while the primary audience is

technically the people in the company from Project 1, I also considered my classmates

my audience. When I was making my PowerPoint, I constantly considered that the people

hearing and viewing my proposal were going to be fancy business people, working a

fancy job and expecting a subpar presentation. This affected my design choices greatly as

I hesitated to insert a lot of images in fear that it wouldn’t be professional enough. I

wanted to add images that would add onto what my voice was saying, but I feared

judgement. Now when I considered my audience to be my classmates, I edited my

PowerPoint to be more college student friendly, with lots of visuals and minimal amount

of reading. While both audiences don’t want to read all too much but would rather hear

what I’m proposing, it was perfect. When making each slide, I took into account both

audiences and attempted to keep words to a minimum, and images only to an extent that

aided the words but wasn’t too much. Considering the corporation audience that I was

supposedly making the proposal for, I worked towards a fancier and more professional

looking PowerPoint, and I truly believe that this would help to convince that my proposal

is definitely worth their time and effort.

Ortiz 3

When evaluating this PowerPoint, I’d like Shannon to pay attention to the effort put into

this PowerPoint, as each slide includes images, visuals, my voice, and even animations

that make it really appealing to the audience’s eye. I took my time making this

PowerPoint, and I’d like to be graded not only on the work in the proposal but also the

work into the PowerPoint visuals itself. I worked hard doing the research, but I also

worked hard adding all those animations and timing them, so they popped up when my

voice recording talked about them. Lastly, when evaluating this project, I’d like Shannon

to not work too hard since it is her birthday weekend after all, and I would like for her to

enjoy it!