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Mentoring Beginning Teachers


Many beginning teachers enter the profession not knowing what to expect. They come into the
profession ready to make a change, but quickly find out that there is a lot work that goes along with
teaching. Many beginning teachers only last 3 to 5 years in education and decide to leave the profession
for numerous reasons. As an administrator, it is imperative that we find ways to keep our young
teachers in the teaching profession.

Research Question

What coaching/mentoring strategies and techniques are most beneficial?

Site and Sample

The study will be conducted at Tuloso Midway Intermediated School. The sample size will be
the five new teachers who have 0 to 2 years teaching experience and are new to the school district. The
mentors will be the two assistant principals who have a total of twenty five years in education.


To help novice teachers feel confident in their teaching strategies so that they remain in the
teaching profession.


Getting Started –Before the start of school the novice teachers will meet and help each other get
prepared for the upcoming school year. They will help set up each other’s room and offer assistance
with planning and scheduling. This will hopefully help build professional relationships between the
novice teachers Questionnaires-Novice teachers will answer questionnaires that focus on areas that
these teachers feel they need mentoring in. The two administrators will review the questionnaires to
determine which administrator will be best suited to mentor the novice teachers. A second
questionnaire will be completed at the end of the school year focusing on the mentor process and if the
novice teachers feel that is was beneficial.


Administrators will enter the classrooms of the novice teachers they are assigned to mentor on
a bi weekly basis. The mentee and mentor will meet every other week to talk about how the school
year is going, if the mentee has any issues, and strategies that are being utilized in the classroom.
Coaching is a critical aspect that needs to be provided by the administrators so that the novice teachers
feel that they are growing. There needs to be a professional relationship that is created by the mentee
and mentor so that when the mentor enters the room they do not feel intimidated.

It is also a great idea to send the mentee teachers to see a veteran teacher model strategies
they are not comfortable using. The mentor can set this up with his veteran teachers. Once the mentee
sees a veteran teacher modeling these strategies, it is a great idea to meet for the mentee to meet with
the veteran teacher to answer any questions the mentee may have.


The outcome of the action research will prove that a mentoring program is beneficial for novice
teachers. The questionnaires at the end of the school year will prove that the novice teachers will learn
from the mentor. It will also help build professional relationships that can last a career.