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Dinda Chintya Sinaga (2152121008)

Astry Iswara Kelana Citra (2152121005)


There was a teacher who sells “Peyek” at SMPN 8 Medan. The teacher used to bring her
Peyek everyday to school and sell it to the other teachers and students. The teacher was known as
a teacher who has many reasons not to teach. She used to bring her Peyek to the classroom and
sell it to the students. The teacher was very happy when selling her peyek. She did not care to the
students’ development in learning process. The students does not respect to the teacher. The
students used to ignore the teacher when she was teaching. The students used to play in the
classroom. The students are very naughty and never listening to what the teacher said, they are
very noisy. Therefore, the learning process could not running well.

One day, the teacher taught the 8th grade class, especially 8-5 class. When she was
walking into the classroom, there are still many students outside. They did not care if the teacher
had already entered to the classroom. One of the students (a girl) called the teacher loudly “BUK
PEYEK”, then the student said dirty word to the teacher. The teacher just kept silent although the
student has mocked the teacher.Then, the teacher asked all students who were still outside to
come in to the classroom. The students laugh loudly, they did not afraid to the students. They
were impolite and they think of their teacher as a friend.


Based on the problem that we have analyzed, the cause of the problem itself is the
tacher’s personality. She was not professional teacher. She did not show the professionalism as a
teacher. She did not realize that she has a big responsibily as a teacher to teach and educate her
students. The teacher was more concerned with selling “PEYEK” than teaching. She was more
spirit in selling. Meanwhile, she used to be lazy to teach her students. She did not care about her
students attitude. She was often punish her students if the students do the mistakes. She could not
be strict to her students. Therefore, the students’ attitude were not good enough. They did not
respect to the tecaher. They look her down, and they do anything that they want in her class. She
could not handle hr students.

The teacher also could not be able to build a good communication with her students. It
makes her difficult to get students’ attention in the classroom. She only delivered the lesson
without thinking whether her students understand or not. She gave an assignments for the
students without checking it and giving a feedback for the students. The teacher was often gave
motivation to her students. The teacher ignores the needs of students in learning process.


Dedi Supriadi (1999: 98) cites the March 1993 edition of the Education Leadership
Journal on five things teachers must achieve in order to become professionals. The five things
1) The teacher has commitment to students and the learning process. This means that the
teacher's highest commitment is to the interests of his students.
2) Teachers master in depth the material / subjects taught and how to teach it to students.
3) The teacher is responsible for monitoring student learning outcomes through various
evaluation techniques, starting from the way of observing students' behavior to learning
outcomes tests.
4) The teacher should be able to think systematically about what he is doing, and learn from his
experience. That is, there must always be time for the teacher to reflect and correct what he has
done. To be able to learn from experience, he must know what is right and wrong, and good bad
impact on student learning.
5) Teachers should be part of the learning community in their professional environment.
Moh. Surya (2003: 290-292) emphasizes the need for a teacher to have an effective
personality. The effective personality of a teacher is a quality personality that is able to interact
with the educational environment as well as possible so that the needs and objectives of
education can be achieved effectively.