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PLC Lesson Plan

Allison Gerlach, Caroline Ratanski, and Jimmy Coffey

Raritan Valley Community College

Professor Kimberly Schirner

April 30, 2019


Lesson Plan: Common Core Standards

I. Subject: Education Topic: Common Core Standards Grade: College

II. Standards: (NJ Department of Education, 2014).

New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers

Standard Four: Content Knowledge

The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline(s)
he or she teaches, particularly as they relate to the Common Core Standards and the New Jersey
Core Curriculum Content Standards and creates learning experiences that make these aspects of
the discipline accessible and meaningful for learners to assure mastery of the content.

III. Learning Objectives and Assessments:

Learning Objectives Assessments

SWBAT describe what the CCS are and TWBAT assess student comprehension on
how they relate to the NJSLS, critique the CCS by looking at the final results of the
CCS for their value in regard to content Kahoot!, listen for student’s critical thinking
instruction, and develop their own opinion about CCS in discussions throughout the
about the ways to implement and amend lesson, and view the students’ developed
these standards to meet the needs of their opinion by seeing their answer to the final
own future classroom. question on the Kahoot!

IV. Materials:
● Power Point
● Projector
● Kahoot!

V. Pre-Lesson Assignments, Knowledge, and/or Skills:

Students will have general familiarity with the topic but specific knowledge is not required

VI. Assistive Technology/ Accommodations:

Everyone will be able to sit wherever they need to so they can see the powerpoint and Kahoot!

VII. Lesson Beginning/ Hook

“We are going to do a Kahoot! to see how familiar you guys are with the Common Core

VIII. Instructional Plan

1. Do the Kahoot! for pre-assessment
2. Go through the power point, stopping for questions, discussions and opinions
3. At the end of the powerpoint, the class will do the Kahoot! again to check for

IX. Lesson Wrap Up:

After the Kahoot! is over, the top five students will receive candy as a reward for their

X. Culminating or Follow Up Activity:

If we were to do a follow up lesson, we might have the class discuss ways to make the CCS more
accomodating and useful for all subjects and learning styles.

XI. References:
New Jersey Department of Education. (2014, April 1). New Jersey Professional Standards for

Teachers Alignment with InTASC. Retrieved from