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There are several factors that make the English language essential to communication in our

current time.
First of all, it is męans that two people who comę
from different countries usually use English as a common language to communicate.
Secondly, English is In many countries, children are
tauglrt and encouraged to leam English as a second language.
on the lnternet, Even sites in
other languages give you the option to translate the site.
Although people think that it is very difficult and confusing, English is actually the
thęre are so many resources available.
good understanding and communication in English, you can travęl around the globe.
Because it is the international language for foreignets, it's easy to get assistance and help in
every part of world.

2. American English vs. British English

The differęnces between American English and British English can be seen in:

Spelling: American (color, flavor, honor) British (colour, flavour, honour)

American (Mr., Mrs,) British (Mr, Mrs)
American (trainer * means a person who teaches
skills to people) British (trainer - means a training shoe)

3. The three circles

There are about 375 millioh English as a first language speakers and 750 million English as a
second language speakers.
Depending on the criterion choseĄ can be said to have as many as 2 tlillion speakers.
5. The circles of world English

The circle of World English Ź €^ś

\ Ę ą6_ ; H,
a=:]c ,; q
u,,6, §^
<r "%
oó^ ę" q e ó_ T.i 3
§ .9 ,di
?łtS, \^ q^ ó-,, -,,
,+ T {o

'oł§or,-1r, \{-Od-ą§
, "ą\ł "'',
^ b,r,;
"* -ełl^
^ro )<' Asian
9/,ś.2\ Standardizing
;tralia}lę ąo* ;
^"'9ł"r,'' // \English
\nslish \9C".
łuou,_^'"'gti"l,/ /
\1' .ą
\ ąco'-
,'_'n'o, / \\
''tgtish / South Asian \ British and
Lankan Engl,sh \
lrish Standard \ i]t'r,", S"o"
/ Standardtizinoi )
l English / Enalish \ Hibe,no Engl

Nioerian English \West, East and

o uth lern ) Af ric: :T::::
stanoard iNetwo.k-sranqa.o
- ę1o^l,ts$ \S
E'^9[rro Standardlizing)
_"rgon \
English ,/
";.-,u ueo\_'i6o.\\ \
-;;§xł:s:*§ ,/z; / Caribbean
,/ Standard
u*"]"",l1.1\i,1l;.o English

s'|,.,o""..";y'ł§.\ --- o, q\ś
,Ę ^\-
9 ^u--,§ §.s
g :{ą'r\%
tY §.§-,§§.§ó-§Ęób
'ą \
§.d § E
9 "g 'o_ a^
-"ś §
,^o:/ d al '%
/F o
ą', '*.\
uE *'-