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Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)

on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

...​The Arapahoe High School Community Coalition Report - 2019​.

DEDICATION…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.……………………………………………………………………………………. 3
PREFACE……………….……………………………………………………………………………………. 3
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY…………………………………………………………………………………..... 4
What is the AHSCC?……………………………………………………………………………... 4
Purpose and Background……………………………………………………………………….. 4
Survey Data Information and Integrity……………………………………………………….. 5
How the Media Got Involved: The Principal’s Email……………………………………….. 6
Perspective From the Inside and Out: Survey Response Quotes.……………………... 6
The Current Climate and Culture at AHS……………………………….​……………………. 9
Arapahoe’s Community Wide Suicide Epidemic……………...…….​. 10
Shining a Light on the “Out of the Darkness” Walk………….​……... 11
LPS’s Investment in Principal Pramenko……………………………… 12
LPS’s Refusal to Produce Records…………………………………….. 13
Biggest Takeaway From Survey: Leadership Change Necessary……………………………….... 13
Awaiting Response from LPS………….….…………………………….. 13
The Years Following the Shooting: “Lessons Learned” Report Findings.................................. 14
Major Finding: ​Failures in Information Sharing………………………. 14
Major Finding: An Inadequate Threat Assessment….………………. 14
Major Finding: System Thinking/Effect of “Groupthink”.................. 15
Historical Context………………………………………………………………………. 17
The Claire Davis School Safety Act….…….…………………​………... 17
The Governor’s School Safety and Crisis Committee Disbanded... 18
Safe2Tell……...….…………………………….………………….​………… 19
How the District Protects Itself: Risk Management……….​………… 19
2019 AHSCC SURVEY DATA RESULTS…………...……………………………..……………………... 23
Multiple Choice Answers…………………………………………………………………………. 24
Description of Survey Respondent - Pie chart #1….……………………………… 24
State of Concern for AHS’s Current Reputation - Pie chart #2………………….. 25
Support or Concern - Climate and Reputation - Pie chart #3……….................... 26
Voiced Prior Concern? - Pie chart #4……………................................................... 27
Level of Knowledge of AHS in the News- Pie chart #5……………...……………. 28
Drug use, Bullying, Ignoring, Hazing - Pie chart #6….……………...……………. 29
Factors that Influence School Culture- Pie chart #7….……..………………….... 30
Specific Support or Concerns with Administration - Pie chart #8…………...... 31
Interaction with Counseling Department - Pie chart #9………..……………….... 32
Knowledge of Suicide-Prevention Efforts - Pie chart #10………………………….33
Threat Assessment Knowledge - Pie chart #11…………………………………… 34
Written Response Answers…………………………………………………….……………….. 36
Administration: Strengths……………………………………………..………………. 36
Administration: Areas of Needed Improvement……………………..…………….. 37
Concluding Statements Regarding LPS’s “Transparency”...……..…………….. 43

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS


This report is dedicated to Claire Davis; her parents, Michael and Desiree Davis; and their dear
friends Robert “Bob” Lembke and his wife, Carol, who board Claire’s horse, Graphite, to this

The Davis family made a great sacrifice by not pursuing litigation in court with the Littleton
Public School District following the death of their 17-year-old daughter after the Dec. 13, 2013,
shooting at Arapahoe High School (AHS). Instead, they patiently awaited the “​Lessons Learned
on Information Sharing, Threat Assessment and Systems Integrity1” report’s findings and

As the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC), we believe we owe it to the Davis
family and students, both past and present, to hold AHS administrators and the district
accountable as to whether recommendations and requirements issued in January 2016 have
been implemented. They, along with the public, deserve to know if AHS is in compliance with
legal agreement order, ​JAG No. 2015-0665A, Michael and Desiree Davis, Claimants and
Littleton Public School District, Respondent​.

Our gathering of this survey data is to provide her parents, the district, students, alumni,
educators and members of the AHS community with the most concrete evidence to date of the
true current state of affairs at the school, more than five years after they lost their precious
daughter, friend and student.

Claire Davis 
August 16, 1996
to December 21, 2013


Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS


The AHSCC would like to extend a special thank you to the attorney who stepped in durto assist
the committee with its efforts, Jessica K. Peck, Attorney at Law, LLC, One Cherry Center, 501
South Cherry Street, Suite 1100 Denver, Colorado 80246, Main: 303.331.3413, Cell:
720.628.5756, Email:, Colo. Att. Reg. 41299. Nothing herein
shall be reproduced as a reflection of the views held or espoused by Ms. Peck.


In the aftermath of the deadly shooting at Arapahoe High School on Dec. 13, 2013, which
claimed the life of Claire Davis, her family entered into arbitration with the Littleton Public School
District (LPS). As part of the resulting agreement, the district and AHS were to have complied
with the numerous recommendations issued Jan. 18, 2016, in a report titled “​Lessons Learned
on Information Sharing, Threat Assessment and Systems Integrity2.”

By the numbers and responses to the survey launched by the Arapahoe High School
Community Coalition (AHSCC)3, it has become clear a large portion of survey respondents,
37%, had either not read the report or were unaware. The purpose of that report, ​JAG No.
2015-0665A​, LPS was to acknowledge its errors leading up to the shooting and put in place the
recommendations in the “​Lessons Learned​” report.

Those associated with the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition have grown concerned
that the requirements and improvements recommended in the report are not fully in place today,
more than three years later.

At the time “​Lessons Learned” was published, the Davis family wrote the following in its preface
regarding the school’s path forward:

“It is now up to the parents of public school students, school administrators and our State
legislators to take the recommendations in this report and implement them – to put into
practice the things we have learned from this report so that all the children are safe from
harm in our public schools.4”
- Michael Davis, “​Lessons Learned”​ report, January 2016

As parents of current and future students, as alumni and as educators, the AHSCC feels that
those words from the Davis family in the ​past​ resonate ​now​ as an immediate call to action.

​ ttps://
The AHSCC is an informal organization of concerned community members
​ ttps://​, page ii

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS


What is the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition?

The AHSCC is made up of parents, alumni and LPS educators with students at AHS. Only a
small portion of our grassroots team feels comfortable enough to come forward. You will hear
from some of the members May 2, 2019, the evening the Board of Education has designated to
hear concerns regarding this matter. One of the main reasons members wish to remain
anonymous is because they are LPS employees and/or are afraid of the negative impact that
being part of this group might have on their children’s education. The greatest concern for
AHSCC is the wellbeing of our teenagers.

Purpose and Background

The parents, educators and alumni of the AHSCC spent the past few years discussing how our
families have each been affected by the tragedies and negativity surrounding Arapahoe High

We have compared the mental health of our AHS students and the suicide epidemic we are
witnessing nationwide and in Colorado. We are aware of AHS students not currently attending
class as they have had suicidal ideations and thus have been admitted, or are seeking
admission, to institutional psychiatric care.

We have digested announcements by the district that deputies at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s
Office have arrested and charged two teachers at AHS with Sexual Assault on a Child by
Someone in a Position of Trust.

This is a group of concerned individuals who became frustrated with the status quo at AHS.

Each member of the AHSCC has already done at least one of the following:

● Conveyed concern and a request to speak with ​counselors​ at AHS.

● Reached out to the principal, ​Natalie Pramenko, ​regarding an issue.
● Written via email, called or met in person with LPS Superintendent ​Brian Ewert with a
● Written via email, called or attended a ​Board of Education meeting at district

Despite these efforts, we have felt either ​ignored​ or ​heard but disregarded​.

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

As such, we took time to review the district’s most recently published, districtwide
“​Comprehensive School Climate Inventory5” (CSCI) ​survey data, available on its website. While
a fair amount of students responded, where were the parents? Only ​57 parents of Arapahoe
High School students responded to the survey.

With such little involvement, it is impossible for the district to capture an accurate picture of the
current status of AHS. The AHSCC set out to gather information and provide that data to the
district, with the hope that the district uses the information to make changes if deemed

Survey Information and Integrity

AHSCC members with deep roots in this community launched the AHS Community Stakeholder
Survey on April 1, 2019, and closed it at midnight April 14. In an effort to maintain validity and
reliability, all responses were monitored for duplicative answers and/or repetitive statements
(i.e., this is the fifth time I have taken this survey). All submissions were evaluated for similar
phrases or exact same short answers, and duplicates were eliminated. Note that the raw data
set includes qualitative information totaling 1,144 pages.

In total, we received the following:

● 1275 raw data responses
● 106 duplicate submissions
● 1,169 total reliable submissions

Of note, we noticed one IP address was used repeatedly throughout the survey,,
which we have confirmed with testing on site at AHS that this is the IP address of Arapahoe
High School.

The largest group of individuals who completed the survey were parents of current students at

● 498 identifying as parents of Current Students (within the past six years)
● 306 identifying as Alumni
● 292 identifying as Current Students
● 182 identifying as a Community Member
● 79 identifying as a Parent of a Recent Student (seven years or more ago)
● 35 identifying as LPS employees
● 9 identifying as AHS employees, and
● 68 identifying as Other


Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

The platform used was JotForm. We paid for the Silver package, which allows for up to 10,000
responses and captures indicators of one respondent attempting to answer multiple times by
capturing IP address of the submitter and the precise device on which the survey was
completed. The one duplicative IP address we allowed was, which is confirmed to
be the IP address of students who tap into the Wi-Fi on campus at Arapahoe.

How the Media Got Involved: The Principal’s Email:

The AHSCC launched the survey with no intention to bring this to the attention of local and state
media. On April 6, 2019, the AHS community received an email7 from Pramenko (dated
“4-5-19”) in which she wrote, “Moving forward, I will be doing more to tackle these tough issues
to strengthen our community.”

After Pramenko’s email was publicly distributed, the AHSCC hired Jessica K. Peck, Esq., to
speak on our behalf. In that process, once Peck’s name was made public, she began receiving
phone calls, emails and texts from people who identified themselves as victims of non action by
AHS personnel. A number of their complaints warrant representation of legal counsel.

Perspective From the Inside and Out - Survey Response Quotes:

Note: ALL raw survey responses can be found on our website at ​​ Select
quotes can be found in the Executive Summary section of this report; the bulk of those
responses can be found in the last section, titled “Written Response Answers.”

Every stakeholder should read the raw data and draw his/her own conclusions. The
following is a sample of the information shared in the survey.

Comments that do not support current leadership​:

“Based on personal experience, I do not feel the current admin handles students who aren’t
high achieving, highly motivated individuals who value sports and academics and involvement
above all else,” said a respondent who identified as a Parent of a Current Student. “They don’t
know how to meet students where they are and accommodate any special needs they have
very well. The open door policy that I feel should exist is a joke. Trying to get the principal to
meet with you about a concern was like trying to get in touch with the president of the US.
Impossible. These are basic underlying issues that if aren’t resolved, I believe drive how all
these ugly issues that are arising are also handled by them. The admin seems to want to paint
the perfect picture of AHS and how outstanding of a school it is so they look good instead of
being real and just dealing with these kids as real kids who aren’t perfect and have struggles.
Image isn’t the most important thing here and I think they have gotten too wrapped up in a great
image at the expense of all those who don’t fit it.8”

Survey response on 04/10/2019 @ 1:13pm

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

A respondent who identified as Current Student wrote that counselors at AHS were aware she
had been sexually assaulted by a male student, and yet shortly thereafter when the next
semester started, she was “carelessly” placed in the same class as her assailant9.

Yet another victim wrote10, “​I was a former student at AHS that was failed by LPS with both the
shooting and as a victim of sexual assault from a teacher. Both my older siblings went through
Arapahoe without nearly as many issues as I went through in the 4 years I was a student at
AHS. The humanity in what school should be has been lost, especially in the Arapahoe school
system. It’s become a corporation.”

A survey respondent who identified as the parent of the current AHS student-body president
wrote, “It … concerns me that Ms. Pramenko is more concerned about appearances than
substance when it comes to her school and the students.”

An individual who ide​ntified herself as having served as the PTO president for the past two
years communicated in her response that she has trust in the district: “I don't know the AHS
principal, nor do I know if she has handled these crises in a satisfactory manner. I do trust the
district, however, and I know it will deal with the AHS administration if need be, as well as the
unhappy community.11”

While we agree that no one person is fully to blame for all of the above listed incidents,
leadership starts at the top.

As one respondent self-identified as a current AHS employee (Employee 1) - who is also parent
to a student at the school - wrote, “​In my experience anytime a leader or CEO of a company that 
has  multiple  things  happen  (VW,  Apple,  Facebook,  Google,  etc.)  the  leader  is  replaced.  That’s 
just how it goes12.”

One AHSCC parent has worked at LPS stadium in the announcer’s booth for multiple
varsity-level soccer games and attended many others as a patron. He reported, “Pramenko
arrives to the event, makes her way to the cheerleaders and connect with them, then gets on
her cell phone.” In the three games this parent spent in the announcer’s booth, never was
Pramenko observed actually watching the game or even so much as approaching the team with
words of inspiration.

Survey response on 04/08/2019 @ 8:13pm
Survey response on 04/01/2019 @ 8:32pm
Survey response on 04/05/2019 @ 10:07am
Survey response on 04/01/2019 @ 7:01pm

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

A current parent wrote13, “​  about  getting  off  your  phone  during  lunchtime  in the cafeteria, 
make  eye  contact  with  the  kids  and  acknowledge them ... how about attending a sporting event 
and  actually  engaging  with  the  students  and  community  instead  of  sitting  far  away  on  the 
bleachers and looking at your phone the whole time ... you are in that job because you love kids - 
show them.” 

Employee 1 stated, “When II organized the annual open enrollment applications, I was given
specific instructions to ‘Go through the stack, find any who play football and highlight and flag
them,’”14. This is in direct violation of the standard operating procedure as stated on the
district’s website, “...​all applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be considered on a
first-come, first-served basis.15”

While this employee checked the “Current AHS Employee” box, she clarified in a follow-up
interview that she recently left the school due to her disgust with the principal’s elitist practices.

A recent student who identified as a current AHS Alumnus wrote, “​Mental health of the staff and 

students  needs  to  be  taken  seriously,  and  if  the  school  does  not  have  the  tools  or  resources 
available  to  help,  they  need  to  know  outside  resources  that  could  be  recommended,  instead  of 
brushing it off as ‘not that bad’/’just overreacting.’16”

“​Teachers do not go out on a limb at Arapahoe for fear of retaliation from Pramenko and admin.
She’ll turn on you on a dime. This is not an atmosphere encouraging you as an educator to do
the right thing​,” said Employee 1 in reference to Pramenko.

“The principal needs to know and, at least meet everyone in her staff. When I was freshly hired,
I happened to run into ​Pramenko ​on my way into the building. Even though I was officially hired
to work there (with a LPS name badge and lanyard in hand), she had no idea who I was, the
point of my position and why I was there,” Employee 1 said.

Comments that support current leadership​:

“These questions are worded in such a leading way, it leads me to believe the results are
invalid. As a teacher at AHS, I can safely say that every adult in this building is doing the best
we can for every student. When class sizes start approaching 40 students, it can be a challenge
to know what is going on in the lives of every student. But at the beginning of the year, each
student was asked to identify a trusted adult in the building. They use the safetotell program,
and admin follows up quickly with all concerns.”

Survey response on 04/02/19 @1:32pm
Interview conducted April 12, 2019 with Employee 1, recent AHS/LPS employee, current parent
Survey response @04/08/19 @ 10:05am

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“Statistically invalid survey, full of leading questions with an obvious end game in mind. I find it
interesting that the survey is designed to show a ‘bullying problem’ at AHS when the survey
itself is being used to publicly bully AHS administration and staff. To the creators of this survey:
shame on you!”

“I think that it is outrageous to pin the Arapahoe tragedies on AHS staff, specifically Pramenko. I
believe she works hard as a principle to provide the best environment possible for us, and don’t
think that a different staff would have affected the shooting or the suicides.”

“It is difficult to work in any public school setting. Teachers and administrators seem to be called
on to parent as much as they are called on to teach. I think parental cooperation with
administration to try to solve problems instead of campaigning to remove individuals who really
do care about the student body would go a long way in helping improve the alleged poor culture
and climate.”

“Give credit where it is due to the many quality people that have made LPS a highly successful
educational entity. This community does not need witch hunts and offensive criticism without
specific quantified recommendations for improving the educational environment. To date I have
not seen a single qualified recommendation for improving what we have. It is easy to be
negative. It is tough to be successful.”

Current Climate and Culture at AHS

The AHSCC believes the perspective of anyone’s belief of the view “inside” from the “outside”
has now become vital to the school’s viability and future.

Delbert S. Elliott, Ph.D.17, recently retired Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of
Boulder’s Institute of Behavioral Science, was quoted multiple times in the “​Lessons Learned”
report. He has written extensively on adolescence and the approach to institutional change. Dr.
Elliott spoke with the AHSCC regarding the state of Arapahoe in the years since the shooting
and, most measurably, in the three years since the “Lessons Learned”recommendations were

Prior to the completion of our survey, we shared with Dr. Elliott that the district proactively spoke
of its support for Pramenko in a standing-room-only faculty meeting without so much as awaiting
the data they knew they would be receiving from the AHSCC. “It’s not surprising to me because
there is huge resistance at the schools, who think they know what their problems are and how to
solve them,” he said.

Dr. Elliott further explained, “School districts are known to draw up the wagons and surround
their problem.” He also described why teachers - including those behind this report who feel the

Interview conducted April 11, 2019 with Dr. Elliott, ​

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

need to maintain their anonymity for job-security purposes - rarely feel empowered to report a
misuse of power or wrongdoing by those in charge.

AHS Community Wide Suicide Epidemic

Since December 13, 2013, students at AHS and its feeder middle school, Powell, have suffered
a combined eight suicides in just over five years. Several students past and present have had to
leave AHS to focus on simply staying alive.

The LPS district and Pramenko profess that the Sources of Strength (“SOS”) program was the
right choice for this district - and this school - at this time.

“An evaluation of the evidence of anything they decided to implement with the money they used
should be required to demonstrate that the program or strategy is an evidence-based
intervention with fidelity, meaning a periodic evaluation,” said Dr. Elliott.

Jon Widmier18, Coordinator of Social, Emotional & Behavior Services and the district-level
coordinator of SOS, assured the AHSCC that while no reportable data markers have been
obtained yet, this is a high priority.

Given that the program is only about a year old, Widmier said the plans are to collect process
data (how many campaigns are run, how many students participate) and perception data
(Sources of Strength has self-evaluation tools for peer leaders and adult advisers to gauge their
programs). “We are open to always finding more ways to measure, mine and use data,” said

While SOS is new to the district in the past year, it is accredited by the National Registry of
Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) and the Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Services Administration (SAMSA) and has received funding for research from the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute for Mental Health

Dr. Elliott informed the AHSCC that nearly all private or pool insurers in risk management
require that the district have in place a nationally accredited anti-bullying and suicide-prevention
program rather than a program that is homegrown. He also said some pools even require that
the program have markers by which its success can be measured.

“It’s really hard to measure prevention. You’re trying to measure something that hasn’t
happened,” said Widmier. “That’s a difficult thing to do.”

Phone interview with Widmier on 04/18/2019

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Widmier explained that one program alone can’t save everyone, saying that instead it is a
combination of adults and peers seeing warning signs and risk factors, and vulnerable
individuals having a trusted adult to speak to.

In his experience with those who die by suicide, he said that often the most vulnerable are not
the ones asking for help. “Districts across the Front Range, including LPS, have a strong track
record of helping students we have assessed. Unfortunately, the students who die by suicide
are often the ones who were never even on our radar,” he said. “Our prevention work moving
forward is about building relationships and connectivity between adults and students, really
trying to have that trusted adult in the building a student can go to and say, ‘I’m struggling.’

“The answer is really bigger than any one program. It’s bigger than that. It’s all of us coming
together. We all have to get on board. We’re in a crisis.”

Shining a Light on the Approval Process for the “Out of the Darkness” Walk
This event, held April 14, 2019, was the vision of two AHS seniors, along with adult sponsor
Melissa Hughes, who organized a local “Out of the Darkness” Walk in conjunction with the
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)19. Hughes is the mother of Myles Hughes,
who took his own life when he was an eighth-grader at Powell Middle School. Around 1,200
people turned out to walk and raise awareness for suicide prevention. They raised more than
$75,000, and it is now in the record books as the largest campus walk in Colorado to date and
the third-largest campus walk ever in the country.

The persistence this trio demonstrated is truly inspiring.

The idea came to the students last fall, and they tell the AHSCC that during finals week in
December 2018 through February 2019, seniors Brooke Smiley and Ry Renshaw repeatedly
asked Pramenko for permission to hold this walk on school property. They were asking only for
the use of the parking lot as a start and end point for the neighborhood walk. Smiley and
Renshaw approached Pramenko repeatedly via email and in person (i.e., hallways during
passing period), but for two months they were told no.

“I think a lot of it had to do with the administration’s concerns about how much work they were
going to put into it and that April and May are pretty busy times, with testing and graduation, all
the crazy stuff that happens at the end of the year,” Smiley said to the AHSCC. “Yet we did
everything. We didn’t even want their help. We had a vision and a plan, and even if they wanted
to help, we wouldn’t have needed it. The most frustrating thing for me is that for months we tried
to set up a time to meet to discuss the walk; we emailed her, we caught her in the hallway, and
it took an incredible amount of pushing. It was disheartening to put it out there and not have


Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

their support. We just figured from the start the school would jump right on it, that they’d say,
‘We’d love to make this happen.’”

Once the school finally agreed to simply meet with the hopeful organizers, they brought Hughes
with them to the meeting.

“I​t was initially shot down, so Ry and Brooke asked me to come in and talk about its meaning,
so I just explained how important this would be to the community, and the biggest pushback at
that time was that they were completely worried about safety,” said Hughes. “We had a hard
time understanding: They were worried how much work it would be involving them, when really
it was no work to them, just their allowance of us to use school grounds. All we needed was one
signature on the paperwork for the walk, and that was all they needed to do.”

Once the AHS administration realized Hughes was involved, they were notified a week later the
walk was approved.

While not a single one of the three organizers harbors resentment for the length of effort they
had to go to in order to make the walk reality, Smiley said, “For the beginning, we had a lot of
animosity and frustration towards the administration; we were extremely disappointed. In all
reality, once everything happened, that’s all that we cared about from that point forward.”

On the day of the walk, there were waves and waves of supporters who came out to do their
part to spread awareness, including Pramenko and Brian Ewert.

LPS’s Investment in Pramenko

As stated above, four mental health employees left Arapahoe in 2017, and when they did, they
shared concerns with the district surrounding the difficulties of meeting student needs, as
attributed to Pramenko’s leadership style. LPS has since sent Pramenko to leadership training
twice in two years. Records obtained by the AHSCC, via a Colorado Open Records (CORA)
request20, indicate she attended the Tointon Institute for Educational Change: School and
Teacher Leadership Academy at the University of Northern Colorado in June 2017 and June

At the second training in 2018, seven other AHS employees were also in attendance, though
the attendees’ names were not provided. The total cost to the district of the two combined
investments in training for these employees to build leadership skills was $3,650 for tuition.
Despite our request to review “all receipts” - including room and board - the district would not
provide those details, despite the fact that those documents should be viewable to the public
under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).


Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

LPS’s Refusal to Provide Records

The district also cited “personnel files,” “specialized details of security arrangements” and “no
such documents exist” as to why LPS would not produce records regarding the following other
requests we made, to inspect:

● Any documentation describing new protocol for locking unmonitored doors at AHS
following the shooting.
● The district’s protocol for each school’s principal to review “open enrollment”
● Standard operating protocol for when an administrator’s own child has been involved in
a reportable, documentable situation of poor behavior.
● Standard operating protocol for the principal to get on the public-address system and
communicate to the entire student body other than during the planned daily
announcements in third period.
● Standard operating protocol for principals and assistant principals to make appearances
at varsity games at LPS stadium.

Biggest Takeaway From Survey: Leadership Change Necessary

The clear majority responded that ​at this time, a new direction in leadership at AHS is
needed​. When specifically asked, “​Select your level of support or concern regarding the current
climate, culture and public perception of AHS22,” more than ​73.9%23 responded that they are
highly concerned about current leadership. Some ​17% responded that they are pleased by the
current leadership.

The AHSCC is appreciative of the meeting the Board of Education has set for May 2 to review
the information gleaned from the survey results.

Awaiting Response
We put forth questions to the district regarding the level of implementation on the
recommendations listed above. However, at the time of this publication, we have not received
responses. LPS’s General Counsel wrote to us via our attorney, Jessica K. Peck, on April 19
“At this point, I simply don’t know whether LPS intends to answer your questions.”
-Stephen G. Everall, Esq., General Counsel to LPS

Figure 4, Pie Chart 3, Page 26 of this report
See “Figure 2 - Pie Chart 2” in this report, page #24

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS


Since the death of Claire Davis at the hand of a fellow student on Dec. 13, 2013, her parents
agreed to an arbitration process with LPS, which resulted in a report that exposed an inaccurate
threat assessment of her killer and led to the report “​Lessons Learned on Information Sharing,
Threat Assessment and Systems Integrity24”​ issued Jan. 18, 2016.

Report’s Three Major Findings

The report exposed three major findings:

1. Failures in Information Sharing25: The report found, “The deposition testimony, ACSO
Report, and LPS interrogatory responses revealed numerous instances when AHS
administrators did not document, share or act on information about KP26’s concerning
behaviors in the months leading up to the shooting … and no effort was made to
re-evaluate the threat he posed to himself or others…. AHS administrators did not use
the information sharing tools they had at their disposal, including Infinite Campus and
Safe2Tell. In addition, they failed to develop and complete an Interagency Information
Sharing Agreement, as authorized under Colorado law (§ 22-32-109.1(3) C.R.S.). As a
result, AHS administrators had no way of building an information vortex (or coordinator)
to catalog the concerns that campus security officers, teachers, KP’s mother, and a
student shared about the threat KP posed.”

2. An Inadequate Threat Assessment27: “Today, most schools in Colorado are using a

combined threat and risk assessment tool, which seeks to follow the Secret Service’s six
principles and 11 questions for completing a threat and risk assessment, but have not
been validated…. As far as the authors can determine, not one of these tools has been
validated using rigorous methodologies, as described in the National Registry of
Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) or Blueprints Program
(​​).... The findings indicate that the shooting may have
been averted if the threat assessment done on KP on September 9, 2013 had followed
LPS’s threat assessment training and policies and the Secret Service’s threat
assessment guidelines.” Of note, in the AHSCC’s research we found that several
employees at LPS say they were never so much as given the chance to be interviewed
for this report and that its authors gathered data only from public-facing information. In
this section of the report, depositions by the Davis family attorney at the time, Michael

​ ttps://​ pages 37-38
KP refers to Karl Pierson, the student gunman who too his own life after killing Claire Davis
​ ttps://​ pages 58-59

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Roche, Esq., of Assistant Principal Kevin Kolasa28 and then-School Psychiatrist Dr.
Esther Song, both admitted to mistakes.
a. In Kolasa’s deposition, after Attorney Roche had asked him about several
incidents involving KP that Kolasa knew about but had not documented, the
following exchange happened:
Roche: You weren't paying attention, were you?
Kolasa: I feel like I was, but I did miss those two things.
b. In Song’s deposition, after Attorney Roche had asked her why she had not
identified more significant markers - and tracked them - and he pointed out that
he is not a psychologist but that he has read that lack of remorse and lack of
empathy are two hallmarks of a sociopath, she replied:
Song: So, yeah, if I could look back and see all of those pieces,
absolutely, my level of concern would be different, and we would probably
be having a different conversation.29

3. System Thinking and the Effect of “Groupthink”30: The report found that at the time
of the shooting, systemwide “groupthink” was an issue, which essentially means that
students and teachers felt forced to “step in line” with whatever message the
administration or district pushed down; it was the final word, no discussion, even if
teachers were more in tune to the needs of their students and potential solutions. “AHS
administrators, teachers, and students had systemic communication problems,” the
report wrote. It continued, “... a ‘failure is not an option’ approach discourages open
communication and encourages deception and cover-up, leading to larger mistakes.”
The report also said, “These findings represent the most challenging and the most
important of the problems to solve, because information sharing and threat assessment
cannot overcome an unhealthy organizational system.”

As a part of the arbitration agreement, the report then provided, “​Recommendations for Policy
& Legislative Reform31.”

Shooting Report’s Recommendations

A total of 32 recommendations were to have been evaluated and implemented since the report’s

The “​Lessons Learned: Major Recommendations​” include:

● Better use of Infinite Campus to track student behavior, threat assessments, etc.

​​ - Kolasa’s deposition, page 60
​​ - Song’s deposition, page 64
​​ - page 85-91
​ ttps://​ - page 105-108

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

● Improved promotion of as an anonymous reporting system.

● Education of “Mandatory Reporters” regarding their duty to report, even if it
means breaking a code of silence.
● Educateingthe public that Safe2Tell is not just for students and teachersbut is for
the public, too.
● Implementation at LPS of an Interagency Sharing Agreement with law
enforcement and other agencies.
● Better inclusion of “all who need to know” in threat assessments.
● Assigning an “information vortex coordinator” from the threat-assessment team to
every threat-assessed student.
● Implementation of an audit of schools by the Colorado School Safety Resource
Center (CSSRC).
● Producing a formal safety and support plan for every threat-assessed student.
● Pairing every threat-assessed (red-flagged) student with an adult.
● Adoption of formal training curriculum for threat and risk assessment, which
includes training all staff.
● Installing a validated threat-assessment process such as V-STAG.
● Using results from risk assessments to build an indicated student’s safety and
support plan.
● Recommending that the Colorado attorney general annually update the Colorado
School Violence Prevention and School Discipline Manual.
● Creating in schools a model of safety to minimize groupthink whereby staff can
report concerns about organizational errors and near misses without formal or
informal penalty.
● Implement a school-climate survey of students and staff every one or two years.

T​he “​Lessons Learned32” report found that it was not one individual but instead a large number
of small errors that led to an inaccurate threat assessment, which played a role in the deadly
shooting on campus that claimed the life of 17-year-old Claire Davis.

The current survey data suggest the continuing existence of similar issues with a lack of

One parent wrote, “The board did not think it was odd that 4 members of the mental health team
from AHS departed in May, 2017. People do not leave jobs, they leave managers. 4 mental
Page 13, ​

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

health providers leaving in one year from one high school did not raise concerns? In a
department of about 8 people, 50% of them left. Has that happened in another LPS school?”
The AHSCC confirmed that ​four mental-health professionals left AHS in 2017, and when they
did, they shared concerns with the district surrounding the difficulties of meeting student needs,
as attributed to Pramenko’s leadership style.33 The combined force of a uniform concern by this
team of mental-health professionals was not enough for the AHS administrators and/or district
to re-evaluate current practices.

“She should not have a leadership role in the school that has contact in a school where she’s
interacting with schools,” said Employee 2. “I think she forgets the No. 1 reason she’s in that school
is for the kids. Instead, she looks at her job as protecting the teachers, and the kids are the problem.
This pattern is innate in her.”

“​I  have  multiple  stories  and  examples  of  Pramenko  neglecting  mental  health  and  could  share 
them,”  said  a  current  student  who  responded  to  the  survey34.  “Being  a  student  and  working 
everyday  with  our  administrators  I  personally  think  it’s  time  for  a  change.  I’ll  be  graduating  in a 
few  weeks  but I want to make this school the best it can be for my friends. Please take students 
thoughts into this matter as our thoughts have been neglected by the current administration.” 


On June 20, 2015, follow​ing bipartisan passage in the state Senate and state House in the
Colorado Assembly, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the ​Claire Davis School Safety Act
(C.R.S. 24-10-106.3) into law. On the Act’s “One Page Summary Information Sheet35,” it reads,
“This Act imposes a limited waiver of sovereign immunity for schools if a school fails to exercise
‘reasonable care’ to protect all students, faculty and staff from “‘reasonably foreseeable’ acts of
violence that occur at school or a school-sponsored activity.”

According to Chalkbeat, a news publication that tracks education-related legislation36, “​The bill
allows school districts and charters to be held liable if they fail to exercise reasonable care in
protecting students, faculty, or staff from reasonably foreseeable acts of violence, specifically
murder, first-degree assault and sexual assault…. There is a cap on damages, and districts
have a two-year grace period before they could be sued. The bill also requires districts to
provide information about incidents to families.”

Two sources confirmed to JR on 04/16/19 the existence of this letter and its content
Student response to survey dated Monday, April 1, 2019 at 8:28pm
​ ttp://
​ ttp://

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

On June 3, 2016, Hickenlooper signed the companion bill, SB 15-21437, concerning the creation
of “a legislative committee on safety in schools, and, in connection therewith, making an

Heidi Ganahl38, founder of the Fight Back Foundation and a current regent at the University of
Colorado39, served on this committee, which was named “The Governor’s School Safety and
Crisis Committee.” Ganahl said the committee was tasked with creating at least five future
pieces of legislation during its three-year term.

Governor’s School Safety and Crisis Committee Disbanded

Much to the astonishment of Ganahl and other members, just a little more than a year after the
committee ​was created, Crisanta Duran (D​-Denver), who at the time was speaker of the
Colorado House of Representatives, thanked the committee at their last meeting of 2016 and
abruptly announced that the committee was done with their work for the session and would not
be recommending any legislation.

Ganahl said she and then​ state Sen. Linda Newell​36 ​(D), whose District 26 includes west
Centennial and Littleton, the area in which students from Arapahoe High School live, have
worked in recent years to find out why the committee did not complete its work but have not
received answers.

Ganahl said that since that time, the two most recent state legislative sessions have listed
legislative members of the committee on the web site, yet, according to her, any newly
appointed committee members and the existing committee members have not so much as met.

Despite the fact that Newell did not run for re-election, she remains vested in this community
and the safety of students at LPS. “​There were some great ideas that came out of that
committee. It's a shame to see no formal follow-up yet40,​” said Newell.

“​All that said, I can tell you that more funding is being put in place for next year’s budget for
school mental health resources, suicide prevention, and programming,” Newell continued. She
also pointed out that a brand-new program director, Essi Ellis41, took over the helm of
Colorado’s anonymous reporting system, which is in Colorado Attorney General
Phil Weiser’s office. Ellis started April 1, 2019.

​​ (Formerly “Moms Fight Back”)
Interview conducted with Newell via email on 04/19/2019
​ ttp://

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Safe2Tell was created following the massacre at Columbine High School in 1999 when two
student gunmen shot and killed 12 students and one teacher before killing themselves. The
program provides first-point-of-contact intake reporting on any kind of violent or dangerous
situation, bullying, sexual misconduct or suicidal thoughts. The reports are filed, and then
dispatchers notify law-enforcement officers or, when necessary, school officials.

Many of the situations at AHS have come to authorities via Safe2Tell, including tips regarding
both teachers recently arrested and accused of sexual assault.

In rare instances, the program has seen abuse. One AHS parent42 reported to us that while she
and her daughter were in the mom’s vehicle returning home after taking prom pictures, a varsity
coach at AHS phoned the mom and said a Safe2Tell tip had just come in that stated her
daughter was extremely drunk and about to drive a car. Given that her completely sober
daughter was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle next to her, and that this type of prank
had happened four times earlier to this student, the coach apologized to the mother and said
goodbye. By the time the two returned home to meet her daughter’s prom date, a police officer
was at their home, and he also quickly realized this was a prank.

While this mother appreciates that Safe2Tell has likely saved many lives, she expressed
frustration with the anonymous component.

“Making it anonymous makes this a very effective bullying tool,” the mother told the AHSCC.

She feels the new program director should evaluate in detail whether the reporter should be
required to leave their name and contact information but could remain anonymous to anyone
beyond Safe2Tell. This may curb the repeat prank offenders.


Risk Management

Should a situation not be caught through Safe2Tell or not be properly assessed at an accurate
threat level, all school districts have plans under their “risk management” division of finance.

Interview with parent regarding Safe2Tell abuse occurred on 04/10/2019

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Today, every public school district is required to carry a variety of insurance plans, including
comprehensive, property and what is described on LPS’s website43 as “​General Liability and
School Leaders Errors and Omissions,” aka “E&O” insurance.

This type of insurance protects school districts from bearing the full cost of defending a
negligence claim made by, for example, a student’s parent, and it protects the school against
damages awarded in a subsequent civil lawsuit.

Coverage also does not generally include criminal prosecution or options under civil law that
may be pursued by the claimant.

According to the Division of Insurance’s website under the Colorado Department of Regulatory
Agencies (DORA), E&O insurance helps protect a company (or organization), its employees and
others from claims alleging negligence in performing or failing to perform professional services.
E&O insurance is also known as “malpractice insurance44.”

In LPS, the maximum payout per E&O occurrence is $5 million per incident. Another $1 million
policy is designated to cover crime.

Districts combine their risk with other districts, and thus, each belongs to a carrier referred to as
a “pool.” LPS’s insurance provider is called the “Excess of Loss Insurance Pool,” aka “ELSIP.”

In comparison with the $5 million-per-incident policy for people-related issues, the district carries
more than $44 billion in property insurance.

For perspective, we looked beyond our district to see what the average policy is under the
umbrella of “General Liability and School Leaders Errors and Omissions” for school districts
around the state similar in size to LPS.



Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

District by District: ​Comparison of school districts of similar size in Colorado and the amount
of coverage each maintains.

Figure 1:



Pueblo County 9,648 $1m per Gallagher Risk

School District occurrence, Management
$3m aggregate (Private Insurer)

Harrison School 11,746 $5m45 Colorado School

District (Colorado Districts
Springs) Self-Insurance Pool

Littleton 15,517 $5m46 Excess of Loss

Insurance Pool, aka
Thompson School 16,280 $2m47 Colorado School
District (Loveland) Districts
Self-Insurance Pool

Brighton 27J 17,138 $10m48 Rocky Mountain

School District Risk Insurance
Group 49

The statistics demonstrate coverage at up to $10 million, twice that of what LPS carries, at $5

The AHSCC formally filed a Colorado Open Records Act request with LPS spokesperson Diane
Leiker to find out what the district’s policy level was at the time of the shooting in December
2013. As of this time, the district has not responded to our inquiry.

Phone interview with Dorothy Barnhardt, Risk Management at Thompson School District on 04/19/2019

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS


After reviewing all of the survey data, ​the AHSCC requests that the following recommendations be
implemented ASAP:

(1) Conduct an ​outside-led investigation​ into the continued lack-of-response pattern

by AHS administration, the same pattern highlighted in the AHS Shooting Report
published in January 2016 as the main failure contributing to the death of Claire
Davis in 2013. This investigation should compare the recommendations from the
“​Lessons Learned​” school-shooting report with whether those requirements are in
place and in compliance with ​JAG No. 2015-0665A, Michael and Desiree Davis,
Claimants, and Littleton Public School District, Respondent.​

(2) Evaluate the effectiveness, fitness and emotional intelligence (“EI”) competencies of
administrators currently holding key leadership positions, including ​all AHS
administrators​ and the ​director of Secondary Education​. The survey findings
make it clear a large majority of students, parents, alumni, educators and members
of the community are yearning for revised leadership at this time, as too many
continual shortcomings in leadership by these individuals have let down our

(3) Create and implement a ​new districtwide reporting mechanism or tool, *WITH*
an educator-whistleblower protection​. This will allow LPS employees and/or
parents with concerns who are employed by the district to have job protection and
no fear of retaliation for reporting areas of need, crisis and needed improvement.
We request that at least one full designated LPS employee be made the “Reporting
Tool Monitor” around the clock, seven days a week, to review and act upon each
report as well as monitor follow-up. It must be standard operating procedure that
these complaints be taken in and reviewed for merit, and that follow-up be
documented and communicated to the tipster, whether the claim is legitimate or
appears fraudulent.

(4) Implement a proper tracking mechanism to follow up on the effectiveness of

the Sources of Strength (SOS) Suicide Prevention Program​, given numerous
individuals have reported they signed up to be an adult mentor to a student in
October 2018 and were never so much as contacted by phone or email.

(5) Create a task force ​to continually report back to the Board of Education and
superintendent on areas of needed improvement and growth. We request that one

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

member of the AHSCC - who is not an LPS employee - be appointed to a

leadership role on this committee.

(6) Education of Clarity Commons​ needs to be a required part of each new student's
first year on campus. This includes informing students that the pavers they will walk
across daily have a purpose: to inspire students to demonstrate compassion and

(7) Provide LIVE streaming with reliable camera work and audio of all future
Board of Education ​meetings to allow the public to view this presentation, attend in
the privacy of their residence and stay current with how the decision-makers of LPS
are conducting business.


On the following pages of this report, please find the results of the AHSCC survey, conducted
April 1-15, 2019.

First, you will see pie-chart answers from the ​multiple-choice questions​.

Lastly, you will find ​written-response excerpts​ from the report that support our
recommendations. Please note that the raw data set includes qualitative information totaling
1,144 pages.

The complete raw data can be found at ​​.


Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 2 - Pie Chart 1:

● ▢​ ​Parent of student currently or within the past six years 

● ▢​ A​ HS Alumni - includes recent graduates w/in past six years 
● ▢​ C​ urrent student 
● ▢​ Community member 
● ▢​ Recent past parent of student within the past seven years 
● ▢​ L​ PS employee. 
● ▢​ A​ HS employee 
● ▢​ O​ ther

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 3 - Pie Chart 2: 

● ▢​ ​AHS used to be a school with a giant “National Blue Ribbon School” banner around it, but I am 
now either frustrated, embarrassed or disgusted with the school's current climate. 
● ▢​ I​ want AHS's reputation to be restored and keep my student at the school, however I must see 
changes ASAP as I am deeply troubled by the current climate. 
● ▢​ I​ am so troubled by the current climate that I would either hesitate or not allow my student to 
attend AHS. 
● ▢​ These things that put AHS in the news are happening everywhere, and I am not terribly troubled. 
● ▢​ I am so concerned about the current climate, I am considering moving my student out of AHS 
and into another school. 
● ▢​ I​ am not at all concerned. 
● ▢​ I​ am a student, and I believe community stakeholders are overblowing all the issues in the 
● ▢​ O​ ther   

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 4 - Pie Chart 3: 

● ▢​ I am so concerned about the performance of AHS administrators that I would 
recommend to the district that the current principal be released and a new principal 
search be conducted immediately. 
● ▢​ I​ am concerned about the performance of AHS administrators. 
● ▢​ I​ am pleased about the performance of AHS administrators. 
● ▢​ ​I am not only concerned about the performance of AHS administrators, but I have 
expressed this formally to the district and nothing has been done. 
● ▢​ ​Other 
Note​: The total of BLUE [33.9%] plus the total of RED [31.1%] plus the total of GREEN [8.9%] add 
up to a total of​ 73.9%​ of respondents who are concerned about the performance of AHS 
administrators at this time.   

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 5 - Pie Chart 4: 

● ▢​ No. 
● ▢​ Y​ es, I have contacted the administration at AHS via phone. 
● ▢​ Y​ es, I have contacted the administration at AHS via email. 
● ▢​ ​Yes, I have spoken to a Board of Education member. 
● ▢​ ​Yes, I have attended a Board of Education meeting. 
● ▢​ Y​ es, I have reached out via phone or email to the Superintendent 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 6 - Pie Chart 5:

● ▢​ ​I would appreciate the Board of Education and the Superintendent's consideration to 
evaluate whether a change in AHS administration should be made at this time. 
● ​ hile I am disappointed AHS has repeatedly been in the news, I trust the district has 
▢​ W
been handling these situations accordingly and the Superintendent's decision thus far to 
support the current administration at AHS. 
● ▢​ I​ did not know AHS has been in the news. 
● ▢​ ​Other 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 7 - Pie Chart 6: 

● ▢​ ​Drug use among students on and off campus 
● ▢​ V​ aping on school grounds 
● ▢​ B​ ullying on school grounds 
● ▢​ ​Selling of drugs on or near campus 
● ▢​ ​Teachers ignoring inappropriate language and behavior by students in the classroom 
● ▢​ H ​ azing practices in athletics 
● ▢​ O​ ther 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 8 - Pie Chart 7: 

● ▢​ ​Lack of effective tracking and monitoring systems for students in crisis 
● ▢​ D​ iscouragement among AHS staff to question, criticize and reflect on practices that 
need to be changed. 
● ▢​ T​ eachers and counselors overloaded with too many responsibilities to properly handle 
issues with students. 
● ▢​ ​Hiring practices (i.e. % of hires that are AHS former students/graduates) 
● ▢​ ​I do not know 
● ▢​ O​ ther 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 9 - Pie Chart 8: 

● ▢​ ​I believe that the c​ urrent AHS administration is not capable​ of appropriately providing 
enough suicide and mental health awareness, anti-bullying education and drug 
prevention actions. 
● ▢​ I​ am partially concerned about the administration at AHS, however I believe with better 
leadership evaluation and coaching, the current leaders can handle these issues and rise 
above what has happened in recent years. 
● ▢​ I​ am wholly supportive of the administration at AHS. 
● ▢​ ​I believe with each unique instance AHS administration has handled the situations 
appropriately, including the school shooting, multiple suicides, the proliferation of drugs, 
bullying, etc. 
● ▢​ ​Other 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 10 - Pie Chart 9: 

● ▢​ ​I have had b​ oth good and bad​ interactions with the counseling department. 
● ▢​ I​ have had ​multiple good interactions​ ​with the counseling department. 
● ▢​ I​ have n​ ot had any interactions​ with the counseling department. 
● ▢​ ​I think the c​ ounseling department is understaffed​ and is doing the best they can. 
● ▢​ O ​ ther 
● ▢​ ​I have had m ​ ultiple poor interactions​ with the counseling department. 
● ▢​ I​ have n​ o opinion​ on the counseling department. 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 11 - Pie Chart 10: 

● ▢​ ​I DO NOT believe the current AHS administration is doing enough. 
● ▢​ I​ believe the district's prevention program is effective and AHS administration is 
handling appropriately. 
● ▢​ I​ have taken advantage of the District's community meetings on suicide prevention, 
read about its efforts 
● ▢​ ​I am unaware. 
● ▢​ ​Other 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 12 - Pie Chart 11: 

● ▢​ ​I DO NOT believe the current AHS administration is doing enough to provide students 
enough outlets and/or anonymity to report threats. 
● ▢​ I​ believe the district's system for students to report threats is effective and AHS 
administration is handling appropriately. 
● ▢​ O​ ther  
● ▢​ ​I am unaware. 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Figure 13 - Pie Chart 14: 

● ▢​ ​N/A 
● ▢​ S​ ome of the recommendations have been implemented 
● ▢​ N ​ one of the recommendations have been implemented 
● ▢​ ​Other (custom answers) 
● ▢​ ​All of the recommendations have been implemented 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS


Note: No changes were made to the raw data as it follows, ie: we did not correct typos or 
misspellings. This is precisely how these answers came in as responses to the survey. 
ADMINISTRATION: List the strengths that you are aware of  
with the current administration at AHS. 
Current Parent: 
“Natalie is a nice person, but she is not capable to lead this high school to success.” 
Current Student: 
“I think there are some really good teachers at AHS.” 
Current Student​: 
“When nick and Sam died I really liked how the opened the school for us and I liked how they 
gave us space to be with friends and family during this time” 
Current Parent​: 
“I can’t think of any.” 
Current Parent​: 
“Counselors tend to be supportive towards students who come to them with issues, but do not 
always offer solutions. In SOME cases they do, but not always.” 
Current Student​: 
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” 
Current Student​: 
“Graduation rates 
Average GPA rate  
Majority of caring staff” 
Current Student​: 
“There are a couple Vice Principals who I would hate to see leave. They have shown over and 
over their concern and their availability to students anytime - Brian Ceriani and Abby Kuhlman. 
They have huge hearts and love the students.” 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Parent: 
“Abby Hancock and Brian Ceriani truely care about students and I bet if you could get their 
comments “off the record” you would be shocked by what kind of person and leader Natalie is.” 
Parent of the Current Student Body President​: 
“Many of the VP at the school are working hard to mediate between the Principal and 
the students or parents. “ 
Current Student​: 
“Relationships with students. Councilor being available at anytime. Importance to them of 
activities at school. Steps taking to help kids and make them safer in school.” 
Current Student​: 
“None. They sit around all day and do not care for anyone but themselves. I have been here for 
four years and I have watched the Mrs. premanko show up to the boys swimming senior night 
and give out the awards and leave. If she cared about everyone as much as she does about the 
cheerleaders and makes announcements about all the sports problems instead of just 
cheerleading maybe students would be happier and feel better at school. They show favoritism 
for students and sports teams at arapahoe. They do not give some kids the time of day and I 
have seen it personally.” 
Current Student​: 
“They do have great intentions but this is so big” 
ADMINISTRATION: Describe in further detail your current knowledge of 
areas of needed improvement regarding the administration at AHS. 
Current Parent: 
“The current principal is unable to connect with students and incapable of standing behind any 
rebuilding of the climate. She will loop Brian into anything and everything so he is 100% invested 
in whatever happens at AHS that is the #1 reason he doesn’t see a problem when we all know 
there is. Put students first, I know the staff has been through a lot but the students are why we 
are there.” 
Current Parent​: 
“Fire Pramenko, depose all the staff who had since left Arapahoe, leadership has failed these 
students. Lucy Stanish, Scott Murphy and the other board members at that time were disgusting 
to parents who cane to speak at board meetings. Diane Leiker it's nothing more than an inept 
mouthpiece. This shooting inflicted a death to Claire Davis. The students will be forever affected 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

by this as well as the parents. I spoke at numerous meetings only to be shunned by district 
employees and board members. Administration at Arapahoe was horrible, a teacher and coach 
bullied our child, long term counseling was never provided to students. PTSD and trauma will 
forever encompass us since that day. The automated calls after the shooting were 
reprehensible as who cared about sports or finals one day after the shooting. Our daughter was 
scheduled to take the ACT on 12/14/13 which obviously she couldn't because of trauma, no 
drivers license because it was in the school and it was a good thing she went to a college that 
didn't require this test. This school is clicky, and good average students are ignored. Students 
who are in sports are the main focus. Unless your an exemplary student or in sports no one 
cares. Our daughter won a journalist award, no one from the school attended the ceremony. 
Natalie Pramenko should have been released immediately after her failure to comply with the 
guidelines regarding Karl Pierson. Some of us knew and researched everything and that 
eventually came out in the depositions. Our daughter graduated that year after the shooting, 
administration continued lying the last semester outright. District employees and the sheriff 
conspired to cover up the truth. You have no idea the impacts this has had on our lives.” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“I was a former student at AHS that was failed by LPS with both the shooting and as a victim of 
sexual assault from a teacher. Both my older siblings went through Arapahoe without nearly as 
many issues as I went through in the 4 years I was a student at AHS. The humanity in what 
school should be has been lost, especially in the Arapahoe school system. It’s become a 
Current Student​: 
“I have multiple stories and examples of Promanco neglecting mental health and could share 
them in you need. Being a student and working everyday with our administrators I personally 
think it’s time for a change. I’ll be graduating in a few weeks but I want to make this school the 
best it can be for my friends. Please take students thoughts into this matter as our thoughts 
have been neglected by the current administration. Thank you for you’re time and please 
contact me if I can help in any way.” 
Current Parent/AHS Employee​: 
“Equal access to facilities for all groups. Athletic groups get different treatment than other 
groups, such as band, color guard, or even club sports. These students can feel devalued if their 
gifts and talents are viewed as inferior and given less priority than the CHSAA sports. A gym 
dedicated entirely to wresting? Really? And even when unused other groups aren’t allowed to 
use it? Validate our students and do everything possible to facilitate a group where they can 
belong and thrive.” 
Current Student​: 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“Everywhere. When I walk in the halls they seem to ignore me and pat McCabe has deneyd me 
trying to meet with him about the air quality in the pool because I am concerned for me and my 
teammates long term health. It is bad. And he won’t take the time of day to meet with me for 5 
minutes because he only cares about lacrosse and football and basketball. We need help! Pat 
McCabe has lied to the swim team about his actions made twords the air quality in the pool. He 
has said he has done things that we have proven he has not and we have run tests and k ow 
what the problems are but he seems not to care. As an athlete and a student waking up every 
morning to go to a place where I feel that I have no support from administration and feel like 
they do not care for you. When there is a suicide which there have been to many. They seem to 
cry over the intercom and bring people in the school for two days and then everything goes back 
to normal even though we just lost a fellow student and it will Never be normal or the same 
Parent of the Current AHS Student Body President​: 
“It is interesting to me that when Ms. Pramenko is concerned about her position she will 
make time to meet with me, but when it concerned my child two years ago in regards to 
mental health support she didn't have the time. It further concerns me Ms. Pramenko is 
more concerned about appearances than substance when it comes to her school and 
the students. Is it more concerning a student is wearing a hat or the fact they are hiding 
behind it? This is a small example of a cultural problem. The current staff and 
administration are not getting the mental health support they need. I wonder if the 
Board of Education and Superintendent are aware of that the Heritage High School 
principal and Arapahoe High School principal openly talk negatively about the other 
school in their meetings for attracting students?” 
Current Student​: 
“Making students feel cared for by their admin not just their teachers and peers 
The incredibly large amounts of stress and homework laid onto us (students) ultimately causing 
poor mental health amongst many many students.  
The stigma that our principal only cares about our schools image not our success.  
Our principal only caring about specific groups of people.  
The largest need for improvement is ultimately in the AHS administration (specifically the 
principal and superintendent and upper works of lps. Not all teachers and staff) ” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“The culture needs to change. There is so much bullying beyond a normal level in a high school 
and nothing was done about it (when I was there) The way that students and 
teachers/administration interact is inappropriate and there is always special treatment given to 
athletes and “popular” students.” 
Current Student​: 
“Pramenko needs to leave for the sake of students' and teachers' health and safety. There need 
to be better background checks into further hires.” 
Current Parent​: 
“How about the morning after a suicide or every morning, the principal and VP's stand at the 
entrances and greet the students and tell them they are happy to see them today ... how about 
getting off your phone during lunchtime in the cafeteria, make eye contact with the kids and 
acknowledge them ... how about attending a sporting event and actually engaging with the 
students and community instead of sitting far away on the bleachers and looking at your phone 
the whole time ... how about not punishing and kicking out a student who has their hat on in the 
library but instead celebrating that they are there, studying and being quiet ... how about 
responding to a parent email instead of ignoring it ... how about sending any administrator to an 
end of season banquet (held at school) to let that team know they are just as important as the 
other teams game you were at instead ... you are in that job because you love kids - show them.” 
Current Parent/Alumni​: 
“I graduated from this school over 35 yrs ago, have children who graduated from there in 2012 
and 2017 and one who is now a Jr. there. The climate at this school with bullying, drugs, the 
suicide rate and the shooting in 2013 all should be a wake up call for a change in 
administration.. especially the principal! My child that is there now is miserable half the time 
because of the incredible drama that goes on there!!” 
Current Student​: 
“Ignoring students  
Not Allowing teacher to tell us to fail  
Allowing no sexual assault  
Trying to help with suicide prevention  
More mental health help.  
Stopping teachers from failing students  
More tolerance and help for kids with injuries” 
Current Student: 
“Everything, teachers don’t allow students to express themselves, the kids are allowed to run 
ragged. No one talks about sexual assault or suciduie or bullying. My health teacher Mrs forgot 
her last time blamed the victim in an sexual assault she was telling us about” 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Parent​: 
“I believe that the principal is more concerned about image, and less concerned about facing the 
problems head on. I am an alumni of AHS, responded to the school shooting, and responded to 
one of the suicides. My daughter now attends AHS and frequently relays that Ms Pramenko is a 
joke and has no leadership ability. She is more concerned with the Arapahoe Cheerleading 
squad and less concerned with the needs of all students in the school. She routinely focuses 
her energy on the popular kids, and fails to realize that AHS has many different students from all 
walks of life. It is an utter embarrassment that she is in a position of leadership, when she has 
proven that she has no ability in this area.” 
Current Student​: 
“the counseling department is the worst part of our whole school. they are so mean to us and 
don’t help us at all. i sent multiple emails with registration questions and didn’t get a response 
and then during registration i got yelled at by the ginger counselor because it was wrong. the 
counselors are the worst and won’t mske schedule changes and that’s not okay. if you don’t gel 
with a teacher and it’s affecting your learning they you should be able to change. everything is 
so negative all the time and it’s a terrible environment. it’s safe to say i hate the counselors.” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“The AHS administration has not provided appropriate mental health and threat assessment 
since before the shooting in 2013. The climate and culture has gone beyond poor, it is nearly 
non-existent. There is more focus placed on reputation rather than actual care of the students 
and their education. Teachers and students should be able to voice a concern, anonymous or 
otherwise, and have it be accepted and truly looked into rather than being brushed aside or over 
looked. Mental heath should be taken seriously and appropriate follow up and sharing of 
knowledge between the SRO and security with the administration needs to begin taking plac” 
Current Student​: 
“They are extremely sexist. They need to be more supportive of the “non sport” activities. Such 
as color guard, winter percussion, marching band, etc. They need to be more open to their 
students and not be so biased and judge mental.” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“Better communication between administration, staff, and students. Claims/reports/threats 
made by students need to be taken seriously and be taken care of correctly and immediately. 
Students need to be able to feel comfortable coming forward to discuss claims/reports/threats 
with administration; the environment created by administration needs ro be more warm and 
welcoming and less accusatory and skeptical. 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Safety of the students should be the #1 priority and not the face/image of the school or its staff. 
If the administration has made a mistake, they need to own up to it, actually work to fix it, and 
recognize the weaknesses that exist, even if they themselves are the weakness. 
Mental health of the staff and students needs to be taken seriously, and if the school does not 
have the tools or resources available to help, they need to know outside resources that could be 
recommended, instead of brushing it off as "not that bad"/"just overreacting." 
Bullying needs to be addressed and taken seriously by all staff and administration. Students 
who are bullying others need to be confronted immediately, the situation needs to be assessed 
thoroughly, and the bully needs to either be put in detention, suspended from 
athletics/activities/school, or expelled from athletics/activities/school.” 
Current Parent​: 
“I’m uncertain there are any areas that do not need improvement at AHS. I highly regret ever 
sending my child there. Between the suicides, sex assaults by TEACHERS who ARE “person(s) 
of trust”, and the abusive (verbally and mentally) nature of MANY of the sports coaches is 
absolutely disgusting. My child is horribly traumatized. I make sure to tell anyone and everyone 
NOT to send their child to AHS.” 
Current Parent​: 
“The administration at AHS has done a horrible job with hiring staff. The new teachers hired at 
AHS lack experience and have poor ethics.” 
Current Student​: 
“Showing favoritism towards favorite sports teams at arapahoe. 
Monitoring the lunch hours making and sure everyone has the appropriate behavior. ” 
Current Parent​: 
“ believe that the current AHS administration is not capable of appropriately providing enough 
suicide and mental health awareness, anti-bullying education and drug prevention actions. 
I can only go on my gut but it feels like the school has a sink or swim mentality and isn't 
addressing or communicating the issues that are happening. I don't feel as if the current 
Principal is a leader or capable of effective change in the culture.” 
Current Parent: 
“Greater acceptance of kids who are not super athletes or honor roll kids. Too many cliques at 
school & this culture is promoted by the principal & administration. I would NEVER recommend 
anyone send their kids to AHS. That is sad because we specifically moved into our 
neighborhood for LPS schools & AHS in particular.” 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Parent​: 
"​They need a whole lot more support for their students. Peer counseling would be a great 
improvement. AHS has a way of creating community without the sense of empathy or 
compassion for others. Peer tutoring could also be a help, a lot of students struggle and give up 
because they feel as though no one will help them through the tough classes.​" 
AHS Alumni​: 
"​I believe that the teachers and counselors whole heartedly care about the students, but I believe 
that the admin are afraid to take responsibility for past actions and are not being proactive in 
preventative measures...I think that there is conflict between administration and those who 
want to change and those who don’t feel change is necessary." 
CONCLUDING STATEMENT: If you so choose, please provide a message 
you want to be provided to the Board of Education and the Superintendent. 
Current Student​: 
“Take this seriously.” 
Current LPS Employee:
“Think of the students and the parents first, not yourself not Natalie or the other administrators.
If your child was personally effected by this, had a friend who committed suicide because of
bullying or felt like their school was always in the news would you respond differently? You are
messing up another school community by not considering how they feel, don’t continue to add
schools to the list. Parents, staff can and will choose to leave your precious “destination” district
if you don’t actually stop and think of what families are going through and what’s best for
students not what’s the best PR. ” 
Parent/Former AHS Employee:
“Those who remain after the shooting suffer from diagnosable PTSD and should have been
removed long ago.”

Current LPS Employee:

“If Natalie truly cared about the school, students needs and staff she would resign (not take a
transfer to another building or work at the ESC) and recognize that right now the discourse at
her school is on her because she is the principal. Take responsibility, step away for the better
of the school. Instead she’s going to keep on fighting and touting “Arapahoe strong” with her
head in the sand. All the administrators at AHS need to leave, a new fresh start for everyone
involved. “

Current LPS Employee:

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“Nothing. Ignoring true issues, allowing for a culture of entitlement and bullying is the only thing
Natalie has fostered at this school. ”

Parent/Former LPS Employee:

“Replace the principal. She is cold, traumatized, and unfit for the job.” 
Parent of the current AHS Student Body President​: 
My oldest child was a freshman at AHS in 2013. My second child is a senior at AHS this year. 
They are very different in the strengths and challenges. My concern for the culture at AHS and 
the direction it has been going led our family to move into Littleton High School boundaries 
where our two 7th graders will attend…. My daughter is the current student body president at 
AHS. I would encourage them to meet with her and ask about her interactions with Ms. 
Pramanko from a students perspective….Please ask Ms. Pramanko if she understands what 
restorative practice is and that statistical research shows the cultural impact for high schools 
align with a reduction of bullying. Further, research shows bullying has impact on school 
connectedness for students. Please ask Ms. Pramanko why her letter to the parents did not talk 
about bullying? Please ask Ms. Pramanko if she knows what systemic bullying is and the impact 
it has not only on a school culture, but on the bullying in the school which may impact the 
suicide rate. Please ask the Board and Superintendent if they understand what systemic bullying 
is and if they have participated in this in supporting Ms. Pramanko?” 
Last, please ask Ms. Pramanko why she has time to meet with a parent when her job is on the 
line, but not when one of her students mental health and possibly life is. This was my families 
experience in April of 20177[sic]. 
Current Student​: 
“Natalie Pramenko is a great and kind women, but she has unfortunately been felt a very bad 
hand during her reign of principal. The board of education and superintendent must prove to us 
that they care about us enough to make an effective change. After the years of my enrollment in 
AHS I can only recall one thing (AHS mental health day) that had shown us that they recognize 
our issues. But the fact of the matter is that it took the effects of around 7 suicides (more or 
less depending on the student) to get us to that point. That needed to happen after every 
suicide. Obviously Mrs. Pramenko did not ever choose for these things to happen she did 
respond to them, and many people would say the responses were sub-par. Please please 
consider making a change in leadership for the students of Arapahoe High School. We should 
be your focus.” 
Current Student​: 
“Please take a look and reevaluate the current administartion and athletic director situation 
because I am concerned for me and everyone in the school because they seem to not care 
about much that is going on.” 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Parent​: 
“Please take this seriously. You’re letting a good thing slip away at AHS.” 
Current Parent/Alumni: 
“This is an opportunity for Superintendent Brian Ewert to be a superstar and tell the community 
he has made a mistake in believing that the current AHS administration could possibly continue 
to tackle the issues the administration has failed to properly control in recent years, and as 
such, he is making top down changes, beginning with the search for a new principal 
immediately. Then seek out a strong, boisterous individual whom the student body will feel 
compelled to be respectful of, but not "friends" with as Natalie's approach has been, 
Current Parent/Alumni​: 
“Natalie Pramenko has got to go. How on earth the district thinks it can retain her after SO 
MANY things were discovered in the shooting report that she and her staff were aware of, yet 
NO ACTION was taken, should have been her ticket out of here to begin with. The same pattern 
continues. I've read the shooting report recommendations and barely any have been 
implemented. There have been signs at AHS of suicidal thoughts prior to nearly all of the 
suicides. The school has a prolific drug problem. Natalie only cares about her cheerleaders, and 
she recently made a fool of herself getting on the PA, *crying* because she'd discovered there 
was a bully among cheers, when in fact the bully turned out to be her daughter and she did NO 
follow up publicly as she'd done at the beginning. Or how about the wrestling team sodomy 
incident? THIS INFORMATION IS KNOWN AMONG PARENTS, period. I'd be surprised if the 
superintendent can make it past this turmoil. He's a great guy. He's made a terrible error in 
retaining her instead of getting a principal back into AHS like Ron Booth who is NO NONSENSE 
and MATURE ENOUGH to handle the prevention of all of these things on the front side instead 
of just trying to clean mess after mess up and sweeping serious situations under the rug.” 
Current Parent​: 
“I believe the current principal should be evaluated by the BOE for competence & effectiveness. 
While I think she has done the best she can, it's clear she's in over her head. In fact, her own 
daughter attends the school and signed a contract w/other fellow cheerleaders to have a team 
member removed just before boarding a plane to a competition. After this occurred, she made 
an announcement over the PA system in which she was very emotional. The cheerleading coach 
is an AHS alumna. I believe the assistant administrators should face the same evaluation 
(specifically Mr. Ceriani). While AHS seems to have its share of alumni teachers, I don't think it's 
a problem in every case. They should look long and hard at teachers who have complaints filed 
against them, or cases where department intervention is requested on behalf of parents and/or 
students (hint: honors geometry). Lastly, the district needs to know that the AHS reputation 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

among students is: shootings, suicides & sex--which comes on the heels of the 2nd arrest for 
alleged teacher misconduct/assault. This is unacceptable. This is not the AHS I attended and 
yet they turn away students every year for enrollment. The culture has to change and it starts 
with the administration.” 
Current Student​: 
SHOOTINGS, SUICIDES, HATE CRIMES, ETC UNDER HER CARE. also give money and time to the 
AHS band. I’m tired of seeing the performing arts treated like a worthless subject. I am 
frustrated and my peers feel worthless just because they aren’t a football star. when was the 
last time any of you went to a marching band competition? value your children, and value the 
teachers at AHS that work so hard to make us feel loved.” 
Current Student​:  
“the suicides are still effecting people. just because it was 6 months ago doesn’t mean it’s gone. 
teachers think that since it was a while ago we are all fine again but it still hurts. our school has 
a terrible environment and i don’t want to be there anymore. if i was a freshman and had the 
choose to go somewhere else i would.  
also pramenko is ridiculous. ALL she cares about is the stupid cheer team. when they had 
something wrong she cried in the announcements and nobody cared but when we have suicides 
and sexual assaults she doesn’t say one thing and when she does she didn’t show any 
emotions. ” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“As a student who was in AHS on Dec 13th, I firmly believe the problem starts at the top with the 
principal. Bad things started happening in that school the year Mrs P took over. She blatantly 
favored cheerleaders which only intensified the bullying, popularity and cliquieness issues 
within the school. When I was there a lot of the staff, including some of the better teachers, 
were not in support of her and left the school because of it and this negatively impacted the 
Current Student​: 
“The ongoing and paplpable focus on high achievers does nothing to promote a healthy 
community. The current administration does not create the conditions necessary for an 
inclusive environment. Their high school graduation, for example, recognizes only the kids who 
have been accepted to top level schools or received academic or sports scholarships. Kids who 
attend vocational schools, or community college simply have their names read. This is 
indicative of the lack of recognition of anyone who is struggling to find their way receives. The 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

kids who go to Arapahoe know there is an elitist social structure that is perpetuated by the 
administration. Why would anybody even try to compete with that, when the school supports it 
and elevates it? Especially a young person who is struggling with mental health. And yet there 
seems no effort to reach out to those kids. You really only get recognized at Arapahoe if you’re 
in that performance league. I understand your school culture wants to promote excellence, but 
not everyone can be excellent.” 
Current Student​: 
“I am a senior at Arapahoe High School. I have been attending that school all 4 years. Not once 
have I felt safe and or welcome to the school. I have met maybe 2-3 teachers I feel comfortable 
around out of the many I have had. Something needs to be done. And soemthing needs to be 
done immediately. No kid should ever go to school feeling unsafe and/ or unwelcomed.” 
Current Parent​: 
“Since Mr. Booth left AHS is a fraction of the school from academics to Athletics. Natalie is over 
her head and she is a horrible leader. Her staff is scared of her and has little respect for her as a 
manager. She runs away from the hard stuff and takes credit for the good stuff. She doesn't 
listen to parents who have experience and know better at the detriment of the school and the 
Current Student: 
“Having recently graduated AHS, I know that there are many problems that need to be fixed. 
These problems are not special to Arapahoe, but the way the administration is handling them is 
not enough. Rather than helping students who don't follow the same academic path as the 
majority, they punish them. They tolerate bullying and harassment, and even when these issues 
are brought to their attention, they do little, even with the "zero tolerance" act in place. Of course, 
the administration isn't the only one to blame, but any student, parent, or member of the 
community should feel confident in knowing that the administration is here to help, rather than 
Current Parent​: 
“As the parent of 3 students who are (or were) heavily involved in band, I am very aware of how 
the administration has affected our band program. The children do not feel that the band is an 
important, valued program at AHS. There is bullying at football games and things have been 
thrown at instruments during performances. My husband and I have seen the administration 
stand by these students while it happened and nothing was done. Band is invaluable, provides a 
place where my children feel safe and accepted, and has been instrumental in keeping one of 
my kids in school. I feel that it should be as supported, both financially and in action, as other 
programs in the school.” 
Current Parent​: 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“Plain and simple, AHS is a disgrace as is the community surrounding it. Kids bully, and threaten 
others. Nothing gets done about it. Kids are using drugs left and right AND selling all over and 
around AHS campus. No one cares. Teachers and staff are rude, abusive, sexually assaulting 
CHILDREN and little gets done. Kids are killing themselves left and right. If no one at AHS takes 
any of this seriously and makes serious changes (which they have not) its a issue and no child 
should attend that school.” 
Current Parent​: 
“Make the change, please. Arapahoe used to be a school of high integrity and high 
expectations, balanced by a true leader. Arapahoe has zero leadership at the top which is 
evident by the embarrassing scandals and tragic incidents involving Arapahoe Staff and our 
beloved students. This isn’t the popularity contest that Ms Pramenko believes it is and no one 
cares about her impressing people. We want her to do her job. Show up authentic, every single 
day and simply do your job. Listen to the students, listen to the staff, be available, and face the 
issues head on. The problem is that she is either too immature to do that, too arrogant to 
realize there are issues, or tone deaf to the voices in the community. It is time for a change. 
Too many students have lost their lives to allow this toxic leadership to continue. As a first 
responder in our community, i don’t want to have to go on one more Suicide by an AHS student. 
The leader has failed to lead so it is time to change course. Our students will continue 
suffering until you find the courage to make the change that is so obviously needed. ” 
Current Parent​: 
“I have lost confidence in Natalie P’s leadership. My Sr. Daughter has lost confidence too. On 
Friday ( after the 2nd teacher was accused of inappropriate contact and Natalie hire BTW) my 
Sr. daughter stated “I’m embarrassed to wear this shirt”. She was wearing an Arap’ shirt. ” 
Current Student​: 
“Greetings, Board of Education and Superintendent. I am a student, Sophomore, at Arapahoe. 
Over the last two years, there have been multiple suicides, 2 sexual harassment charges against 
teachers, and many bullying cases, multiple including myself. There is only one person I can 
name as the reason these things are happening, and that person is Pramenko. She never 
brought to the attention of the school that the volleyball coach was teaching her students how 
to take suggestive photos for older men. She said nothing about Ahern's accusations besides 
claiming that the Juniors are "bullying" him in their group chat. She said we "had to be 
respectful" to Ms. Porter, a sexual predator. She said nothing to Ms. Porter's main victim, Carlos. 
She has done nothing to prevent the rampant drug abuse. She is overly sensitive, especially to 
the Ultimate Frisbee team's "Huck Yeah" sweatshirts, which she then banned. If I were to 
suggest a replacement, to make the transition between principals easier, I would suggest 
Boatwright. She is good at her job and sympathetic. I do not trust Pramenko as a student. If I 
was a parent, I would not send my child here. Pramenko needs to be removed from her post. 
She has been given many chances and offered no solutions. The school treated suicide and 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

finals week with the same coping mechanisms for students and I think that is crass. That is all I 
have to say, but I implore you to consider my message.” 
Current Parent​: 
“I am an out-of-district parent who has been sending my kids to LPS since 2005 and it was and 
still is the best decision we made for our family. My youngest will be a senior next year, so my 
time at AHS is almost over. If I had another child to send to HS, I would think long and hard 
before I sent them to AHS right now. The overall message of negativity and favoritisms of the 
principal are felt by all. The students have lost all respect for her. The last straw (for my child 
and friends) was when she got on the loud speaker and was crying about an incident happening 
with the cheerleaders. The kids were mad considering all that has gone on this past year. 
Change is good and change is sometimes necessary to change the climate.” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“There has got to be less of a concern with managing our “image” it’s already trashed and 
destroyed. The reality is we can try and engage in behavior or image management all we want 
but the methods that brought us into this mess are not the ones that are going to get us out. 
Mrs. Kuhlmann is the exception to all of these comments as she just started recently as an 
admin and deserves a shot. The other four need to be removed. Three strikes you’re out. End of 
story. Nothing has changed. Anyone who reads the reports from the shooting and the 
depositions associated can recognize Pramenko’s attempts to cover her self and deny 
ownership for the role she played leading up to the shooting. For two years I was in great 
support of admin. I began to do my own digging my junior year and that’s when my attitude 
towards admin changed. I know it’s frustrating to deal with students. But it’s your job. If your 
school has a drug problem that doesn’t mean sweep it under the rug. That means figure out 
WHY your students feel the need to abuse substances. That means a conversation has to start. 
Not your paperwork. Truly the biggest issue with admin and specifically Pramenko is the 
inability to face reality, the exchange of appearance management for true change and problem 
solving. The problems at arapahoe are becoming more and more exposed to the public because 
you can’t hide a school shooting, you can’t hide suicides, and you can’t hide teacher arrests. 
Certainly admin is not entirely to blame. However, there is a great deal they are responsible for 
that they have FAILED to do. Not to mention the fact that you are losing amazing teachers and 
staff because they can’t deal with the strangle hold Pramenko has and they do not get the 
support they need. Look at the letter the counselors who left in 2017 wrote. You lost amazing 
counselors because of your administration. The question becomes, are they really worth it? I 
don’t think so. And they certainly are not worth students lives and safety. Clean house and work 
on actually addressing the real problems.” 
Current Student​: 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“The school need new administration. Mrs Parminko hasn’t done anything. She barely 
addresses the situations going on leaving every angered. There has not been a community 
effort to try and stop suicides. I have lost three friend to it now and I am angry and hurt by the 
action not taken. Just talking about it and saying counselors are here to help won’t help 
anything whatsoever. please consider finding a way to get through this as I don’t feel 
comfortable at my own school due to teachers having sexual relationships with students or 
even thinking of another school shooting. drugs and more are not a problem here as no one has 
died from that or has gotten serious hurt. Kids are being emotionally damaged and the 
administrative turns away and blames it on parents or all of us.” 
Current Parent​: 
“As a parent of current AHS student & another on her way I am extremely concerned about the 
educational atmosphere at AHS. We are definitely in a crisis mode at the school & that doesn’t 
present a positive educational environment for our kids or their future. ” 
Current Student​: 
“i also see at school that the administration does not care about you unless you are popular, a 
cheerleader, a tom or a varsity popukar sport player.  
i am so glad i am a senior because if i were a younger classman i would not return. the teachers 
for the most part are actually there for th kids. the counselors are rude and don’t care and the 
administration just likes to label kids and hide things. this school needs help” 
Current Parent/AHS Employee​: 
“Get more counselors to cope with the mental health crisis in our country. That’s the root of 
everything. Encourage professional development where 21st century learning is encouraged in 
contrast to traditional education. Create students who are empowered to solve these societal 
problems at the root, and create life long learners in the process. School is a very stressful place 
for most students. Does it have to be?” 
Recent Student/Alumni: 
“I was a freshman at Arapahoe during the shooting. I was in Mr. Aherns class during the 
shooting. I am now trying to sit through my college classes without thinking about everything 
that has been going on at Arapahoe since I graduated. Something is clearly very wrong, and 
significant changes need to be made. This is no longer about upholding the “image” of 
Arapahoe. This is about keeping students alive and not victims of rape and sexual assault. I 
can’t even count how many times other students made me cry with their words and their 
harassment. How many times physical property, cars, of mine and my boyfriends were damaged 
by other students purposely and the school did nothing once reported to admin and the school 
resource officers. I believe the administration of Arapahoe High School needs to be seriously 
reconsidered. This is about the health of current students, staff, and alumni. I can’t even imagine 
how hard it is for the amazing teachers in that school to show up and teach while being faced 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

with such horrible events. Me, as well as other alumni have had to seek counseling and therapy 
since graduating due to everything that has been going on. That should never have to happen. I 
am extremely concerned with Arapahoe, and I feel the administration is detrimental to the 
health, safety, and well being to students and staff. Thank you for your time.” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“I was a senior at Arapahoe high school the year of the shooting, and I was a friend of Karl 
Pierson's. My graduating class was missing 2 students because of a long list of small, lazy 
mistakes made by the administration. If these lazy mistakes were not made, I do believe my 
friend and Claire would both be alive today. The door that Karl entered was always supposed to 
be locked, but everyone at school knew that it never was. Lockdown drills were not taken very 
seriously; students and staff would be chatting/laughing during these drills as we all sat in the 
corner of a dark room. Karl's threat assessment was not taken seriously and was not 
conduncted thoroughly, and the assessment was only conduncted to see if he was a threat to 
the school, and no one assessed whether or not he was a threat to himself or others. Had these 
things been changed, and had Karl been recommended and given proper mental and medical 
attention from the beginning, December 13 may have never happened. Of course we will never 
know, but the mistakes made cannot be ignored. I feel that after the shooting, everyone was told 
to help and support each other, but anyone who sought out help and support from the 
administration was greatly dissappointed, myself included. I talked to one of the counselors 
after the shooting because I was grieving the loss of my friend, and I left that office feeling even 
worse than I did when I went in. The administration should have been scrapped after the 
shooting and new leaders should have taken over to get the school back on its feet. But instead, 
it would seem the administration tried to cover its tracks by releasing heartwarming statements, 
hiring real security, and locking all external doors like they were supposed to in the first place, 
with the added measure of locking all classroom doors all day.  
It would also seem that the enviornment at Arapahoe has not changed since I was a student 
there, and I would say it has only gotten worse. There has always been bullying, cliques, drug 
use, and harassment, but the fact that so many students have tragically taken their own lives 
tells me the situation has gotten worse, and still, no one is doing anything productive to try and 
fix it. 
I was always so proud to say I went to Arapahoe high school and I was so proud to be a warrior. 
To this day, I have never had so much pride in my school as I did when I attended Arapahoe. But 
lately, I don't like to tell people I graduated from Arapahoe because instead of associating our 
school with the amazing athletics and academics that we have, the school is associated with 
the tragic events that have surrounded it the past 5 years: the shooting, the suicides, and the 
sexual assaults on students by staff members. That is not what I want this school to be 
remembered for. But in order to change that, there needs to be fresh eyes on the school and 
there needs to be a new administration. The same people making the same mistakes can't 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

continue to hold power. If Arapahoe high school wants to redeem itself and save its reputation 
and face, there needs to be change. For the sake of the health and safety of the students and 
staff, there needs to be change.” 
AHS Alumni​: 
“I think an emphasis on creating a school culture where college is not the only option might help 
with a lot of the pressure on the students” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“Natalie pramenko was the worst leader and principal I have ever had to deal with. She favors 
cheerleaders and popular kids and that is a fact I’ve seen with my own eyes. If she had just 
taken the time to be kind and understanding with these students then there wouldn’t be all these 
horribleissues that have happned in the few years that she’s been principal. There’s proof that 
she is bad at her job because these issues don’t exist in sorroundung schools. I have been 
forever changed since being in that school shooting my junior year. After the shooting I had a 
hard time going back to school and became truant and was put in a meeting with counselors 
and Natalie and they kicked me out and I was forced to go to options alternative school. That 
right there is just one example of how they want to keep up there “perefect” appearance. They 
couldn’t be kind and offer me help or counseling with what happned after the shooting. It was 
just easier to kick me out. guess it was a blessing in descuise because the principal and 
teachers at that school were a huge help and actually took time to help not only me out, but 
every single kid in that school. It’s not hard to find another principal there, literally anyone else 
on the planet could do a better job than Natalie.” 
Alumni/Parent of current AHS student​: 
“Need stronger leadership from the principal. From what I've heard, Ron Booth was strict with 
the students, knew almost everyone by name and was very involved with the kids. I don't believe 
the shooting would have occurred if Ron hadn't retired. I don't think the current principal has the 
temperament to handle the job.” 
Current Parent​: 
“Please get a new principal and try to do more detailed background checks. This honestly 
breaks my heart taht all of this has happened this year..nick bales and Sam deserved help not to 
be brushed under the rug. The administration needs to be taken out and get new faces taht have 
degrees to truly help up not say we aren’t important and put us on waiting lists. So please help 
with suicide and all of this. Also when someone is caught with drugs, making threats, or any 
bulking they need IMITATE consequences once proven “guilty”. I always wanted to come to 
arapahoe since I was little but after seeing how this schools treats the kids and don’t help 
makes me sick. Honestly the best way to help a suicidal teen is to find someone who has been 
in thy position who knows how to get out of it...someone who’s a warrior. We need help not 
someone who’s 20 years older than us saying we have no problems and calling parents after 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

clearly starting the confidentiality of our conversations. We need people we can trust not 
someone who will make home,school, and outside life more difficult. Thank you for talking time 
to read this I just want the best for arapahoe. Honestly I can think of lots of ways to better the 
school and would lover to offer up ideas. Thank you - H” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“As an alumni of the graduating class of 2013, I have incredibly strong concerns for the well 
being of the current students. I had an amazing high school experience in the drama department 
with the peers I met and the skills I developed. But in the wake of the shooting in 2013, I became 
a different person, and not all for the better. I developed depression, symptoms of PTSD, 
dangerous alcohol coping habits and anxiety that has followed me into my adult life. I was not 
offered appropriate help or support through AHS, I had to seek out any help that I got. My 
parents were not given tools to help me. I am disgusted by the way mental health is treated by 
the administration at AHS, with little to no regard for the lives it affects. I want nothing more 
than for the current and future students to have the fun, healthy, happy and educational high 
school experience that they are owed.” 
Current Student​: 
“adults need to understand that even though we may be teenage high school students, we know 
more about this than you do. we have lived through the death of 4 of our classmates. it is 
insulting and arrogant for the staff of arapahoe to think they can handle this without our help. 
it’s not working. kids are still dying everyday. the conceited nature of our staff is fueling this 
epidemic. listen to us and include us in the conversation. i’m sick of feeling overlooked based 
on my age.” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“As a student, I was not supported by admin at AHS. I was there during the shooting and felt 
that the aftermath could have been handled much better. I am also APPALLED at the level of 
access theatre teacher and sexual predator Ian Ahern has to students. The theatre space is 
HUGE and there was never anyone around but him and many young girls completely 
unmonitored. Any of students could have told you that his relationships with certain students 
crossed boundaries. I also reported to Natalie Pramenko emotional abuse at the hands of 
former choir teacher Kelly Parmenter. She replied and essentially said “yes we’ve heard many 
complaints about her before” and then proceeded to do nothing whatsoever. I contacted her 
later to ask for an update on the situation and did not receive a reply. I am so so tired of seeing 
my Alma mater in the news each and every year for a shooting, multiple suicides, and sexual 
predators for teachers. This would not continue to happen under an effective admin. Arapahoe 
used to be an excellent school under Ron Booth. Now it is completely out of control and I am 
embarrassed and disgusted. There needs to be an overhaul of admin and a fresh start to bring 
the school back to the level of excellence it once had. 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Student​: 
“this administration has started grasping at straws for power, and it shows. in an effort to repair 
school culture, irrelevant and innefective rules have been put in place, and existing rules have 
been enforced at a higher rate. honestly, the school is a complete joke, teachers and students 
often joke together about the administration, and many students i know are trying to find an 
alternative school to graduate from. at this point, i avoid telling my peers i go to arap at all 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“I was 14 when the shooting happened. It was my freshman year. I have no concept of “normal” 
as a result of the deaths that plagued Arapahoe. It’s been 5 years and I’m now forced to face 
realities that I couldn’t in high school. This cannot keep happening. The students deserve better. 
The teachers deserve better. This insanity has gone on for far too long. By no means is 
Pramenko entirely responsible for the shooting, the suicides, or the actions of her staff. That 
being said, there is a level of responsibility that comes with being principal and there is a level of 
action that needs to be taken that hasn’t been. We can hide behind language, back room deals, 
and whatever else all day long. The reality is, the more this nonsense goes on, the more damage 
is done to students and teachers. Developmentally speaking, all of this crap that has gone on is 
causing deep damage in students. It’s traumatic. I don’t take that word lightly. Look at Erik 
Erickson’s stages of development and also development of children with trauma. Arapahoe isn’t 
looking good. Arapahoe has the ability to be amazing again. The damage is not irreversible. But 
the work it will take to fix it is going to be hard, uncomfortable, and probably somewhat painful. 
Growth hurts. But is avoiding that really worth it? Is our image worth the lives of our students? 
Right now, it seems to be that administration and the board have decided that the image is more 
important. Except no one is buying the image anymore. It’s out of hand. It needs to be fixed.” 
Current Student​: 
“I really want things to get better for our school. The amount of things that my class and I have 
had to go through this year is unreal and I have never had a more terrible year in my life. This 
year will change my life personally forever. I will never be able to look at anyone the same and I 
will never be able to but trust in the staff here. It’s sad to say that our school has become such 
an awe full place in just 3 years.” 
Current Student​: 
“More leadership at the top level. My experience with the AHS administration was absolutely 
horrible. I doubt that even time will improve that situation. The players need to be replaced.” 
Recent Student/Alumni: 
“Allowing an administrative staff that withholds information and intentionally stands in the way 
of progress in order to make its outward reputation appear better is both irresponsible and, 
quite literally, dangerous for the students and community. When I attended Arapahoe I was 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

proud to be a Warrior. I felt as though the culture if the school was one of mutual support, the 
administration worked with and for the student body to keep us safe. Threats to our safety were 
handles promptly and we're used as opportunities for growth and understanding. While I was 
there, two of my peers died from suicide. These events were not handled lightly and they were 
respected as times for our community to gather together. The warrior spirit was alive every day. 
I graduated in 2012, the same year Mr. Booth retired. Although his retirement we eminent, the 
process of replacing him was unacceptable. Natalie Parmenko was not prepared nor 
responsible enough for the position she was given. After I graduated I still use many friends at 
Arapahoe. My friends and their siblings were at school the day of the shooting. I was home from 
college on winter break, crying on the phone with my best friend as we both watched the news, 
hoping her brother was safe. Our home became a site of trauma unimaginable to anyone who 
was not there. My heart broke that day and in the days following as I did my best to support 
them how I could, as I was taught, because Warriors take care of one another. In the days and 
weeks following, the feeling of loss turned to anger as I learned of the administration's 
negligence regarding clear warning signs that the shooter was a dangerous individual. Reports 
and recommendations from counseling staff seemed to be buried in order to protect the 
reputation of upper administrative staff because they chose to ignore these reports. Months 
and years passed, each time I came home for winter or summer break I would meet with my 
former teachers, now my friends, to catch up. I would get a sense that the community I knew 
was gone. That the dereliction of a tragic event started a downward spiral within the school's 
environment. Recent events, the loss of Warriors to suicide, reports of sexual misconduct 
among teaching staff, and overall declining reputation of the school is disgraceful. All of these 
events are disappointing, but they could have been avoided through better leadership, adequate 
crisis training and handling, or attentiveness to the needs of the student body. If unavoidable, 
they could have been opportunities for community connection and growth. These opportunities 
were missed as more continues to happen. I am an alumni. I am still a Warrior. I have a 
responsibility to take care of my fellow Warriors in any way I can. I have written the LPS board 
as well as the ASH administration voicing my concerns, only to receive nothing in return. I am 
nearly at a loss for how else I can help because I no longer live in Colorado. However, in some of 
my most formative years, I was told that you have to know what to do when you don't know 
what to do. So I will take any opportunity I have to voice my concens” 
Current Parent: 
“Staff could care less about my son - especially the principal and counselor. I have multiple 
emails to Natalie that were brushed off and/or ignored. Shame on them. I moved my older son 
to Options and sent my younger son to Littleton - NO WAY would I have sent him to arapahoe.” 
Current Parent: 
“I believe leadership starts from the top, however I don’t see this happening at AHS. The current 
principal is punitive, aloof and had lost the respect of both staff, students and parents.” 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Student​: 
“As a swimmer of arapahoe, I can fully tell that the administration has stronger feelings towards 
other sports. There is horrible air quality in the pool area, as we are always informing Pat 
McCabe there is no change, as they are investing money into football or cheerleading. I would 
appreciate it if administration would address these suicides in a more productive way. It seems 
like they are only helping us through the suicided during the one week having all the resources 
we need. But once the week is over everything goes back to normal. Losing so many fellow 
students is not something that is normal and can’t “Go back to the way it was.” We need 
yearround support making sure this never happens again. Also what about the teaching staff. 
There are some amazing teachers like Mr. Babcock, Mr. Kuhlmann, Ms. King, Mr. Hawthorne, 
Mrs. Price, Mrs. Hoe, and Mr Sawyer are a few examples of teachers that are super supportive 
and are trust worthy teachers. They always are so nice and I know I can trust them. As a girl 
swimmer, there is also an amazing coaching staff. Mike richmond is the nicest person you 
have ever met. Always putting a smile on your face, and such a good coach. Pushing you and 
making you a better swimmer and person. ” 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 
“I feel that our principle has been throgh so much more then any principle should. I feel that she 
has had her run. My freshman year she delt with the suicides okay. She talked to everyone about 
what had happened and even showed emotion over the intercom. This year there was nothing 
done I had one of my 6 teacher talk about what had happened and our principle did barley 
anything. She did make the sourced of strength but I feel that is used to make it look like 
something has been done but there has been no final effects. Mrs permincos Daughter attends 
Arapahoe witch makes her very bias towards people her daughter may not like or has had past 
bad events with them. I have seen and heard bullying in the halls and around the school. But 
nothing seems to be getting done. But when hercheerleaders are “on “bullied in the hallways 
barely she goes it in her, and cries for 15 minutes about it. Thus showing bias toward the 
cheerleads witch seems to be her main concern.” 
Member of Community​: 
“As a community member and my neighborhood school is AHS. We are the only family in our 
neighborhood that did not allow our children to go to AHS after completing Powell. After doing 
a tour of AHS it confirmed all that we had heard about the school - arrogant, and a culture that 
supported only youth that were "popular" or "pretty" or "good at sports". What always surprises 
and saddens me is when I ask other neighbors and community members how their children 
(students at AHS) are doing I never hear great. The response I get is a lukewarm, OK or a 
terrible story. I believe the school must change in order to support youth. It is toxic as is now. I 
am worried about the students.” 
Current Parent​: 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“ I think if the goal of Arapahoe high school is to create an elitist culture of self entitled kids 
who do not think it is their responsibility to take care of each other, the school seems to be 
doing a fine job. I personally chose to not send my child to that school because I value 
inclusiveness, diversity, and the culture of community that is supportive and loving as opposed 
to competitive and Values informing on each other.” 
Current Parent: 
“I feel there is way too much turnover in admin staff at AHS which directly reflects on the 
current administrator. I don't feel Natalie Pramenko is equipped to oversee the school.” 
Current Parent​: 
“When hiring new teachers, don’t hire the teacher who had one year at a charter school and 
didn’t meet their standards . Our Spanish programs needs to be strong and consistent 
regardless of what teacher they have! ADMINISTRATION: I believe it just maybe time for a 
change. Strong leadership who want and feel the need to make change and try new things and 
invigorate the staff and students. COUNSELING: Understaffed and kids without problems 
getting no attention. I believe there should be some that focus on mental health and others that 
help the rest with class and career planning.” 
Current Parent​: 
“AHS needs a new principal!! One that isn’t so focused on the popular students, the 
cheerleaders, the cool kids. A leader that uplifts ALL students. One that doesn’t feed into certain 
social clicks but instead brings all groups together to become more acceptable and 
understanding to one another.” 
Current Parent​: 
“Our students deserve more. They deserve a safe, caring, encouraging, healthy environment in 
which they can be challenged both academically as well as to become better people. While my 
oldest was in 5th grade, I started speaking with everyone and anyone about their experience at 
AHS. In 6 yrs I have never heard 1 positive things said about the admin. I hear great things 
about the teachers, and consistently bad things about the admin. Since my oldest child has 
been at AHS, we have experienced 1 very awful, long, drawn out experience with a volleyball 
coach. It sent my daughter into therapy and frustrated us as adults to see little to nothing done 
to fix the situation. Being relentless for the last 18 months of sticking up for what is right has 
really ended up nowhere. we know we were right in exposing the truth. The admin has different 
priorities- while they "investigated" our complaints, I ultimately told by McCable that while 
teammates report the same/ similar things that we reported, they said the issue is that my 
daughter was the only one that had a problem with the issues reported. These behaviors should 
have resulted in the coach being fired immediately. After Pramenko "investigated" 1 yr later, she 
reports that everyone loves the coach. She asked me, "How can I fire a coach who everyone 
loves?" The problem is that the law was broken with the behavior of this coach, coaches code 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

of conduct would have been breached if there was such a thing. I have seen parent and player 
code of conduct but never have I heard of or seen a coaches code of conduct. That's a problem 
in and of itself.   
The way admin dances around the topic of suicide has improved this year but it's far from 
perfect. The district is trying to improve the unhealthy culture that remains, especially at AHS, 
but it can't completely change until the admin changes. 
Sources of Strength is a good place to start but it's been nearly 2 yrs of being incorporated into 
the schools. I ask my children what they learn from Sources of Strength- it took a year for them 
to even know what the program was. Apparently, Sources of Strength is often implemented in 
Tribe at AHS. When I check in with my only student at AHS and ask what they did in Tribe that 
day- the answer is usually that they watched an episode of The Office, or Saturday Night Live. 
Tribe is meant for the students to be together in the same class for 4 yrs- to grow, bond, learn 
together. Tribe is a way for AHS to make it sound like they are doing great things with this 
model but it is ultimately lost opportunities as they sit on their phones, do homework and watch 
The Office and SNL.   
Early Oct. 2018, after the 2nd suicide, AHS asked that students be sure to attend Tribe Thursday 
Oct 4th as it was going to be very important, special time. I heard from my daughter and many 
of her other friends who have different Tribe teachers, that the teachers said, "you know what 
happened, anyone want to talk about it?" While I know it's a difficult discussion to have, it 
sounds like there was no discussion. The students sat silently, played on their phones. What a 
wasted opportunity! The district should have had protocol in place as to how to handle this 
special Tribe. Tribe is a joke and from what my child reports, is a complete waste of time. It 
has so much potential if directed and managed better. 
The shooting in 2013 was preventable and has been a massive cover-up. The 3 individual 
reports come back stating the culture at AHS was unhealthy and contributed to the shooting. 
The culture is still unhealthy and breeds corrupt behaviors while allowing tragedy after tragedy 
to repeat itself year after year. I am told that Pramenko is the sole admin who remained after 
the shooting. Why is she still at the helm at AHS? She and other admin have proven to weak at 
their jobs. They have not created the necessary changed that is desperately needed by our 
students, parents and community.   
AHS used to be highly regarded. It is no longer the case given the last 6 yrs and the list of 
tragedies they have experienced. I have recently was told by a neighbor, whose children 
graduated AHS, 7+ yrs ago, that AHS better do more to stop the deterioration of their once fine 
reputation. This neighbor firmly agrees that admin needs to change and be hired from outside 
the district and state. We need fresh start. What has been at the helm the last 6 yrs isn't 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

While it's great to expect, reach and maintain excellent test scores, our children are so much 
more than the scores that seems to define them while in school. They want to be more, 
appreciated for more and accepted if they choose to stray from the typical path of college after 
high school. Everyone is built differently. Everyone's paths should be different and everyone 
should be celebrated when they are following their dreams. 
If you need to hear more about my 18 months of trying to get some recourse regarding the 
volleyball coach, I'm happy to share more. 
Thanks for listening!” 
Current Parent​:  
"The current administration is no longer effective and healthy. They have had to cope with a lot 
and I think they have experienced too much trauma to be effective and strong in this 
environment. They are not able to handle even minor situations in a healthy way. It takes weeks 
for follow-up with a situation. If there is any follow up at all. Kids that are struggling are feeling 
ostracized instead of supported. Unless you are the basic "perfect" athlete/student there is no 
real support.​ ​"Have you looked into counseling?" Is the go to response for anything the kids are 
going through.​ ​I honestly feel this administration no longer has the emotional bandwidth the 
lead this school. t's time for new energy, new ideas, new perspective." 
Current Parent​: 
Current Student​:  
Natalie Pramanko is not fit for the principal of Arapahoe High School and i think serious action 
needs to be taken so that instances like the ones that have happened DONT CONTINUE!! 
Nobody is proud to call themselves an Arapahoe warrior anymore, in fact it’s embarrassing. All 
I’ve got to say is I’m glad i only have 5 weeks left or i would transfer the hell out of here. They 
need a reality check and actually care about their students and check up on them. Sometimes 
we as students just need a break and nobody at this school can understand that. A school 
shooting, 8 suicides, two teachers accused of sexual assault on students??? That shouldn’t 
happen!!!!! Not at the supposedly not of the top schools in America." 
Current Parent​: 
"We have come to administration with issues that should have been brought to the attention of 
all parents and were not." 
Recent Student/Alumni​: 

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

"As alum, I am ashamed to say I graduated from a high school so now publicly defaced in the 
news. Ever since the shooting in 2013 (my freshman year), I have increasingly unhappy with 
AHS administration and their handling of various event through the years." 
Current Parent/Alumni​:  
"Rod Sherman is a shining light at the school. He would be an amazing leader. We need new 
fresh ideas. The school seems like a sad place. I’m an AHS alumni but feel strongly that we 
need more people from diverse backgrounds in key roles. The leadership needs to be stronger. 
The attitude needs to be changed. This can only happen with a fresh start - I hate to say it but 
we need to clean house. If this was a corporation the ceo would have been replaced a long time 
ago. I feel like things are swept under the rug. Our kids deserve better. " 
Current Parent​: 
"Based on personal experience, I do not feel the current admin handles students who aren’t high 
achieving, highly motivated individuals who value sports and academics and involvement above 
all else. They don’t know how to meet students where they are and accommodate any special 
needs they have very well. The open door policy that I feel should exist is a joke. Trying to get 
the principal to meet with you about a concern was like trying to get in touch with the president 
of the US. Impossible. These are basic underlying issues that if aren’t resolved, I believe drive 
how all these ugly issues that are arising are also handled by them. The admin seems to want to 
paint the perfect picture of AHS and how outstanding of a school it is so they look good instead 
of being real and just dealing with these kids as real kids who aren’t perfect and have struggles. 
Image isn’t the most important thing here and I think they have gotten too wrapped up in a great 
image at the expense of all those who don’t fit it." 
"The administration believes that Athletics is the only way to build community" 
Current Student​: 
"None of the recommendations have been implemented. I was a freshman on 12/13/13 and the 
security implemented after was little to none. They do not lock doors STILL. We need an entirely 
new administration. Please, please, reach out to me. I have reached out to as many places as I 
can to share my story with the school, and no one was willing to listen. They broke laws in the 
way they treated me and many other students of a protected class." 
Current Student​:
“I haven't heard of any nore can I think of any other than the current principal being a very good
public speaker.”

Recent Student/Alumni​:

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

“I am a former AHS student and I have seen little to no change in the climate at AHS. The
problems are just now coming to light and have been there since the change in leadership from

Current Parent​:
“I have contacted, staff members, APs, Premenko, Board Members, and Clay Alba to problem
solve an issue that could have been easily resolved. I received two vague emails in response.
No one would respond to my requests to met or speak on the phone.

When I did email to admin, I was told by a staff member to stop immediately or the program I
wanted to support would be ended. This happened on 2 occasions.

A parent group talked to a staff member about meeting with admin to ask to problem solve a
concern--that staff member told us no, that would not happen and that interacting with admin
would be detrimental to the program. We needed to lay low and that the concern would be
addressed by the staff member. To this date, it has not been addressed after multiple attempts
to follow up.

The climate of the school seems to put school/admin needs above the needs of students.

Many decisions are based on politics/staff in place rather than what is best for students.

Mindset of the school feels closed/fixed.

Both of my children shared how difficult it is to use restrooms during passing periods because of
vaping in the bathrooms.

it feels like the only important activities at AHS are the athletics and all decisions around
program needs meet the needs of sports first and then other activities. Admin backs these
decisions consistently.

I requested support before my child's freshman year as the student had received counseling
over the summer for depression and suicidal thoughts. I just thought that someone could be a
contact person for my child, as we as a family were dealing with the therapeutic needs. I called
the counseling department and no one returned my calls after several attempts. I emailed. The
response was that someone would call. No one ever did. I felt frustrated over the situation. ”

Current Student​:
“Solutions at Arapahoe need to come from the inside. The Counseling and School Psychologist
Departments need work. There seems to be a lack of resources causing their doors to be
closed when a student needs help. The administration needs to be open to student ideas

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

around awareness. The first step is our suicide walk. This is an amazing opportunity that lets us,
as students, take action and have a voice. We need more like this to come.”

Current Parent​:
“AHS needs another assistant principal, more security personnel, more mental health
professionals and more teachers in order to reduce class size.”

Current Parent​:
“Discouragement among AHS staff to question, criticize and reflect on practices that need to be
changed. I think it is much more fundamental. Kids don't feel they are safe and worried about
each others overall mental wellbeing. Also administration and some department leaders do not
get to know the students or parents. I think the quality of the education has eroded because
everyone is fatigued with anxiety, sadness, fear (even the teachers). They have tried to do
many things and they cannot be responsible for the suicides; however, we need to start
addressing the issues at the root and make our kids feel safe and address the enormous stress
we adults have placed on them. We need to do much, much more.”

AHS Employee​:
“Instead of ignoring issues that are happening, have an individual class meeting to talk to the
students. If issues are happening, the administration needs to be involved; not only when the
News or LPS District gets involved. The Principal needs to know and, at least meet everyone in
her staff. When I was freshly hired, I happened to run into Parmenko on my way into the
building. Even though I was officially hired to work there (with a LPS name badge and land yard
in hand), she had no idea who I was, the point of my position and why I was there.”

Current Parent​:
“I volunteered frequently in my 7 years as an AHS parent, so was in the building a lot. Mrs
Pramenko is a nice person, but she does not have a good handle on the kids at AHS. She
focuses on the cheerleaders and the high-performing kids. She rarely speaks to kids in the
halls, and when she does it is only to that select group of kids. She does not know the other
students at the school. Although Mr Booth had a lot of issues, he knew every kid and would
stop to talk to all of them in the halls. Mrs Pramenko does not do that and so I think she misses
a lot of the issues going on at the school. Because she is out of touch with the kids, she is not
sensitive enough to the issues the kids are facing, and often makes announcements that offend
the kids outside of her group of favorites.”

Current Parent​:
“Please take the time to listen and learn, as the comments around the community are that the
plan by LPS is to back the AHS administration no matter what. I feel that my story is similar to
others. We have tried in proactive ways to speak to admin and have been "blown off". I have

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

been very surprised by my interactions with staff and admin of AHS. As a teacher myself, I
would not be allowed to treat my families this way. It is clearly the norm at AHS.”

Current Parent​:
“AHS needs to create a team of leadership with a core mission at hand, an identity needs to be
established which can easily be assessed by students, staff and community. This identity need
not be one that tries to meet the individual needs of each student, family or staff member,
rather, it needs to start with the education of each student in a safe environment both from a
physical and emotional perspective. Not every student, family or staff member will use all that is
available to them, yet they must know the resources are there because they will know AHS is a
place that they are always welcome. Students must be allowed to fall because falling does not
mean failure and much is learned from those parts in a young person's life when life is difficult.
This knowledge of overcoming leads to confidence and confidence will lead to action. These
actions will define the students, families and staff as resilient and this resiliency will again begin
to define a school with tremendous roots. This will not be easily achieved, yet when it is
achieved Arapahoe will regain the pride of being a warrior.”

Former Parent/Community Member​:

“Teachers and counselors overloaded with too many responsibilities to properly handle issues
with students. Lack of effective tracking and monitoring systems for students in crisis
Discouragement among AHS staff to question, criticize and reflect on practices that need to be
changed.Hiring practices (i.e. % of hires that are AHS former students/graduates)
When my kids were there, particularly post shooting, the counselors and staff were
overwhelmed. There was simply not enough counseling for the kids who struggled with PTSD.
Natalie wanted things to just go away and students who were not healing were left in the dust
and made to feel singled out. Some kids seemed a bit more resilient. But there was just this
sense it was time to get over it and move forward. The class that were freshmen when it
happened, many of those kids felt that the admin in particular was looking forward to their
graduation. The silencing was deafening and it seemed even teachers who struggled were shut
down. Further there’s this sort of gooid old boys mentality org respect to hiring practices. Don’t
even get me started in coaching and who gets a chance to play or a place in the team. There
were just some cruel practices of cutting kids (girls’ soccer) and students who did get to sign
with universities although they did it through Club (because of being cut) didn’t get to attend
signing day activities. Finally, there are some quality teachers at AHS. But the admin frequently
shut them down if they voiced concern —- just always a sense of being hushed.”

Former Recent Parent/Community Member​:

“Because my kids are no longer there I can only speak to the top; I do not feel this principal is
capable or showed proper skills to handle the aftermath of the shooting. It was a divisive, harsh
school —- kids tried to stick tight but the emphasis is achieve, acheive, acheive withiut respect
to the whole student body’s well being. Natalie has big shoes to fill but was brazen in her

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

approach. She wanted to stick with tradition but it had to be implemented differently because the
hand she was dealt differed. One awful example of how she pushed tradition and ignored what
was detrimental post shooting was the insanity of two horribly “off” teachers running the music
and theatre departments. Ion Ahern was reported. Cindy Parmenter was absolutely rotten to
students, played favorites (bring her lattes and spend 24/7 sucking up), she favored “legacy”
students (siblings from her specific faith walk) and students she hand picked. Certainly she got
away with a lot because of the quality of the students she had but she destroyed many talented
kids from pursuing music because of her intense mood swings and judgments. She simply had
no business teaching the last few years. Students feared her. They wanted her respect and to
do well for her but she was cruel. Natalie was well aware and pandered to her. And ignored the
Ahern issue at the time it was reported to her (while happening).”

Current Parent​:
“Definitely not friendly enough!!! I've had 3 students at AHS, two that have graduated with
honors, one still there. They have never been in trouble, and have participated in numerous
activities that have increased the school's reputation and have won awards, but whenever I see
an administrator, they treat you like your kids are devil's spawn! The principal always has a
snotty kind of smile she gives you, same with some of the other administrators; we're NEVER
met with a warm smile:(

Areas that need improvement:

-Be NICER!!!
-Consider the needs of quieter students, not every kiddo is loud and dramatic!
-Provide more clubs for techy-type students
-Provide more information for out of district families
-Try and be equitable to all kiddos, not just the popular or loud ones
-Quit making ALL the students go to all the pep assemblies, the kids that aren't participating
don't care
-Provide more stable leadership that's willing to listen and not cry on the announcements”

Current Parent​:
“You know, after the shooting our community was hurting. No one wanted to point fingers
because all admins who have to pick up the pieces must go through something unfathomable
by the majority of their counterparts in other schools. What has seemed apparent however is
that at all costs the District and Natalie were going to get things hushed as quickly as possible in
any issue that was a threat to their position. In the aftermath (the next day or so) following the
shooting is a prime example. That day Mr. Ron Booth came to offer comfort to the staff he’d left
just a few short years prior. Everyone was in shock and reaching out to one another. Natalie,
perhaps under pressure from the district, ordered Mr. Booth to leave the premises. There was
an ego; she was going to handle things. Instead of using any and all resources for healing the

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

community, the PR machine went into full gear and students who struggled (outwardly) were
not helped.
Apart from the shooting, since especially, any issue (drugs, teacher sexual assaults,
disrespectful student behavior in classrooms) is simply hushed so that the once pristine
reputation can be restored. What happened is the loudest and most forceful get their way to the
detriment of the entire student body and staff. Cannot believe the difference between the first of
our kids experience at AHS vs the youngest. Calling for a new principal is not easy because no
one wishes for one to lose their job and/or career. However, there are just too many instances
of poor leadership and the community lacks confidence in the current administration.”

Current Parent​:
“Arapahoe is a reflection of the district leadership and the district leadership is the head of the
body. Change will not occur without work and time, so the district needs speak to the alumnae,
retired administrators, staff, coaches, sponsors and families who put in huge amounts of time
and hold great pride in their time at Arapahoe. There are many staff who have been there for
many years who need to be encouraged to speak freely and let them describe the differences
between now and the past. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Finally, the district practice
of looking poorly on a school's administration if a complaint makes it to the board of the
superintendent needs to stop, this just creates a dynamic of giving anyone anything that they
want. How can a school build and stand upon it's principles if there is always a fear of having
decisions constantly monitored from above. Treat your administration as professionals and
encourage them to treat their faculties and staff as professionals, then the profession of
educator will once again be respecte”

Current Parent​:
“My daughter, a high performing student, started her freshman year with lots of confidence in
the school and herself and now at the close of her four years she is so broken with the climate
at AHS that she is delaying college (something she has dreamed about for a long time) because
she is drained, anxious, completely burned out from the emotional stress. ”

Current Parent​:
“I had the opportunity to know Natalie Pramenko over the 6 years my kids attended AHS. I have
to say what a disappointment she was to my family and in my opinion all who encountered her.
Her self-serving ways trumped all her decisions. At times her actions were very inappropriate
demonstrated by her hugging senior boys along with many dads. She would also willing accept
bribes in the form of gift cards, etc and encourage students to continue practicing/doing a sport
while injured. When she was named Principal I was so sad and disheartened for AHS. I knew
this day would come that she would be seen for who she really is, and she is no Ron Booth. The
best decision is to remove her from her position of trust because she cannot be trusted with our
students, staff or school.”

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Parent​:
“I do believe there is an issue with illegal behavior and not sure what can be done when the
students are not on the campus? If they are vaping or using drugs on campus I believe the
administration is doing everythign it can to combat the issues.”

Recent Student/Alumni​:
“I graduated from Araphoe high school last year and while it was a good experience for me, I
would never consider sending my child to this school. The school either needs to be shut down
or the a new administration needs to be put in charge.”

Current Parent​:
“It appears teachers are unable to interact with students based on the current climate of he said
she said. When a teacher can't or won't go into a bathroom to break up a clan of vapors
because they are afraid of backlash, that is not protecting the teachers or the students. And my
kid can't use the toilet.”

Current Parent​:
“School needs stronger leadership. Kids need discipline, teachers need to be monitored
(especially young new teachers). Kids are not that delicate they count on us for rules,
encouragement, support and discipline.”

Current Parent​:
“As with any organization, the leader is responsible for its failures and/or its success. With the
recent almost back to back arrests and the multiple suicides I believe its time for new leader
ship. Do we need to wait until it gets worse?”

Current Parent​:
“There are many concerns with current practices at Arapahoe. Teachers watching kids vape
and saying “be careful” like “don’t get caught”. Teachers that sponsor trips that don’t watch kids
“boys/girls in same rooms all night making out”. Among other less scary things. Students at
Arapahoe are regarded as adults. They are not adults! They need guidance and good
examples. The kids at Arapahoe have the upper hand with teachers that would prefer to be
their friends or not discipline them in fear the students may Harm themselves. We’re not really
giving these kids much of a chance. Many many AHS students are in therapy outside of school
due to the events of the last 4 years.”

Recent Student/Alumni:
“I graduated from Araphoe high school last year and while it was a good experience for me, I
would never consider sending my child to this school. The school either needs to be shut down
or the a new administration needs to be put in charge.”

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Current Parent​:
“Quit trying to please the children and act like adults and prepare the kids for real life where
everyone is not a winner and they don’t get what ever they want.”

AHS Alumni:
“There needs to be a different principal in place of the current one.”

Current Parent:
“Sexaul assaults and Remaining anonymous. I understand the laws however others are too
afraid to acknowledge/corroborate same issues with one student due to bullying. Administration
said would remove Predator from class however since no one corroborated and no charges
filed nothing's been done. There are girls that reached out to my daughter saying same thing
occurred with them however they were too scared to admit due to retaliation and bullying.”

Current Parent:
have 2 children in Arapahoe currently. One is an AP Honors student and the other is a regular
9th grade student. Based on their different experiences, I am constantly left to wonder if they
even go to the same school. While my oldest hasn't seen as much of the offenses my youngest
has, I can only attribute that to the AP students being and having better opportunities for
success. My youngest as stated above, has personally witnessed vaping in the bathrooms, drug
and alcohol use in the classroom, drug deals, and had an interaction with a girl bragging about
being a prostitute, not to mention the girl she saw ODing at the Starbucks across the street( I
am aware that is not on the campus, but the students spend lots of time there. As well I'm pretty
sure she was NOT a student of AHS) In addition to this she also has a swimming class with a
transexual girl. In this class my daughter has seen this transexual come out of the shower
naked with penis exposed in the girls locker room. How is a parent supposed to respond to this?
We are a very open minded family and I believe transexuals have special needs/rights but what
about the rights of my child? I did not freak out about this, as in life she will witness far more
than that, and I don't believe in shaming anyone for who they are or want to be. My child also
had Mr Ahern, and although she was not abused by him she did feel uncomfortable enough with
him to step away when she felt he was too close to her. Something she learned from home, not
school. (I was only made aware of this after his accusation) In regards to bullying, it appears
that teachers are shocked it exists. My oldest did say the only time it seemed to have been
addressed by the principal was when it was happening to one of her precious cheerleaders.
Lastly my daughter came into school with a Kombucha in her hands, a purple probiotics drink.
Mrs Pramenko saw her from across the hall approached her and asked her if she was drinking a
beer. WTF? My child was left feeling embarrassed and the principal was unapologetic for her
accusation. We live in a society of all kinds of race, religion, economic background etc. My kids
go to public school because it is a cross section of life they can experience before becoming full
fledge adults. Thankfully my children talk to me. I am able to diffuse a lot of their issues, but the
fact that they can come back to school after any one of these latest events, and no-one

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

addresses the situation, is shameful. The school expects them to be young adults but then
pretends like these things aren't happening. What kind of message does this send?

Current Parent:
“With several dead students at one high school since 2013, things are NOT looking good for
Arapahoe High School. The administration is not stable or up to the task, the teachers talk about
the shooting in class to students and thus have unresolved issues, and overall, much of the
school's leadership are cold and insensitive. We have sent you our best, our children have
graduated with high honors, have NEVER been in trouble, and have been engaged in activities
that have enhanced the school's reputation. In return we have received very cold interactions
from administrators for no reason. We've recommended the district profusely to other parents
and we've never done anything negative to receive such coldness. In the 9 years our family has
been there, we've only had two meetings with a teacher and a guidance counselor, and these
were just to gain more insight on academic situations. We spoke to our current student about
this issue over the weekend and we were told about several troubling incidents including the
principal crying on the announcements about the cheerleading squad, yet not making much of a
statement about the recent suicides. Also, our student told us they were told to just study harder
and not think about it. This is not a very responsible thing to say to young people, nor is it
productive for the teachers to comment in class about the shooting and to harbor unchecked
emotional issues they discuss with students. There needs to be a deep inquiry into the current
leadership at the school and perhaps it's time for a change because it doesn't seem like
"Warriors are taking care of each other," quite the opposite in fact!!! I think the district should be
considering making AHS a closed campus. Students are getting high during the day and
returning to school.Start implementing high standards for our students, and expect students to
rise to those high standards!” 
Current Parent:
“I feel like most of Admin genuinely cares about our kids and they do provide lots of information
about resources (sponsoring suicide prevention events for example) and I will give Principal
Pramenko credit for changing the tone of her back to school message from "look how well we
achieve" to "we want what's best for your kids" at our most recent back to school night. I think
they want to do what's good and right, but are kind of behind in knowing what that is

Current Parent:
“Current principal does not seem to be able to handle serious issues at the school time for her
to leave and bring in new principal and new counselors”

Current Parent:
“They need to be focusing less on kids academic performance and more on their health both
mental and physical. Every friend I had in high school had big issues including depression,

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

anxiety, eating disorders, self harm, suicidal thoughts, massive fatigue and stress, malnutrition,
addiction, sexual harassment, and abuse both mental and physical. I knew A LOT of people
struggling with these things, which means we can assume a large part of the population of the
school is struggling with these issues that should never be taken lightly, which means the
administration and counseling teams MUST be able to individually care for each student on a
much higher level than they were when I was in school.”

Current Student:
“MENTAL HEALTH is such an important part of helping teens and this administration has done
nothing to help kids except a copy and paste email meant to console us after the death of our

Current Parent:
“Tribe classes are a total joke, nothing really constructive happens there but they give the
appearance that something vital is being done. I will say again, they are reactionary rather than
visionary and seem to only value academic or athletic achievement over artistic achievement or
character formation/support. Example being the dress code and behavior at the first dance of
the year was know for being inappropriate, but nothing was done until someone filed a legal
complaint. A standard of respectful conduct was not expected and enforced and that carries
into classrooms where kids can use foul language, vape, etc. and many teachers look the other

Recent Student/Alumni:
“One counselor helped me through my sexual assault by another student, and then the same
counselor reprimanded me for making my assailant feel uncomfortable in class by writing a
poem about my trauma, which didn’t even mention his name. This was after I had carelessly
been placed in the same class as my assailant who was not removed from the school or even
the wrestling team.”

CurrentParent/AHS Alumni:
“Regardless of fault, new blood and new energy please.”

Recent Student/Alumni:
“Please release the principle of AHS as she has not improved both herself and the school ever
since she was hired.”

Recent Student/Alumni:
“My siblings and I are all Arapahoe alumni. I enjoyed Arapahoe under the leadership of Ron
Booth but have found that the spirit of the school has changed dramatically since the 2013
shooting. My brother was a senior at the time of the shooting and one of the most indicative
things that my brother and his friends told me about their last semester was that there were little

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

to no academic standards. Teachers let students slide by and didn’t demand any real work from
them which took away their whole sense of purpose. School is so formative for identity because
it demands something from you. I think one of their biggest mistakes the administration made
was to not provide a way back to a “new normal” after the shooting. Routine, work, thinking are
so good for healing and processing. This administration has failed to provide solid ground for
our high schoolers to walk on. Tragedy comes to every community in one form or another. As
teachers, parents, and family we must teach our young people the value of healing and show
them that we can establish new norms even after great loss. The cruelest thing we can do is
leave them stranded in their grief. My observation has been that current leadership has tried
and failed to provide meaningful direction for a grieving student body.”

“It is time for a change”

“People, our teens included, will rise to the standard that is expected and when standards are
stated, but not enforced, all respect for authority is lost. I think it's normal for teens to push
boundaries, but I also think deep down they hope to find them to be strong, not weak. Why
would any kid who is struggling believe the administration is there for them when it is clear rules
don't really matter?”

Current Parent:
“Current principal does not seem to be able to handle serious issues at the school time for her
to leave and bring in new principal and new counselors”

AHS Alumni:
“Natalie is unfortunately more concerned about looking good instead of being good. Her focus
since becoming the principle has been on how people perceive her, instead of being an
advocate for her teachers and coaches, creating a supportive and challenging environment for
students, and establishing Arapahoe as a school for growth- for both teachers and students.
Interestingly, Arapahoe had the majority of long standing coaches leave in the past few years-
including people who are still teaching in the building. In the majority of these cases it had to do
with her (and the administrations) support for their coaches. The meaning of earning a grade at
Arapahoe has diminished because the administration encourages teachers to adjust a students
grade so that they don’t have to deal with the student and parents instead of supporting their
staff in holding students to a high standard. Natalie is not a leader. She does not know how to
inspire. She does not know how to challenge. She does not know how to help people grow.

Report by the Arapahoe High School Community Coalition (AHSCC)
on the Current Climate and Culture at AHS

Within this generation, and particularly in suburban America, there is a lack of resilience.
Ultimately parents are responsible for their child, but as they spend 1/3 of their day in school, it
is critical that students are in an environment where they are challenged, encouraged, and
supported in their growth both academically and personally. In order to do this, they need
teachers who embody the same qualities and that requires an administration who supports their
teachers. Thank for you time and consideration. Arapahoe has always been a place that I was
proud of to have been an alumni and now it is a place I would never consider sending my own
children. As they say, it starts at the top, and the current leadership is simply not the right
people to bring Arapahoe back to a place to be proud of.”

Current student:
“I lost 2 of my closest friends this year and cannot bear another class going through what my
class did. i am a senior and cannot be more excited to leave this school. it is a toxic place that
under the current administration will just keep heading down hill. I hope dearly that you take this
survey and concerns seriously so that improvements can be made.”