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Grading Rubric

Reading portion of grade

4 = 100%
3 = 90%
2 = 79%
1 = 65%

4 3 2 1

All requested parts of All requested parts of One part of narrative More then one part of
narrative structure in the narrative structure in the structure in the novel the narrative structure in
novel novel are included in is not included in the novel is not included
(EXPOSITION, presentation. presentation. in presentation.
CONFLICT, RISING Presentation missing Presentation missing Presentation missing
ACTION, CLIMAX, evidence for one of more then one piece of more then two pieces of
RESOLUTION/ these parts. Page evidence.Page numbers evidence.
DENOUEMENT) are numbers are included are included with
included in presentation. with evidence. evidence. OR

AND Page numbers are

included with evidence.
Presentation gives
evidence for all of these
parts using the
definitions given in your
textbook or notes. Page
numbers are included
with evidence.

If I do not get notes for each chapter you will automatically get a 1. (F)

characters in chapter

Setting or settings of chapter

two important events

Language Portion of Grade

4 3 2 1

Presentation has one Presentation has one Presentation has more Presentation has more
main idea (can include main idea (can include than one main idea (can than one main idea (can
quote) per slide with quote) per slide with include quote) on one or include quote) on more
heading on slide heading on slide two slides than two of the slides.
Presentation has Presentation has Presentation has one or Presentation has more
images that go with the images that go with the two images that do not than two images that do
words on the slide. (at words on the slide. (at go with the words on the not go with the words on
least 5) least 5) slide. (at least 5) the slide. (at least 5)
Font and backgrounds Font and backgrounds Font and backgrounds Font and backgrounds
are consistent. The text are consistent. The text are inconsistent on one are inconsistent on
is readable is readable or two of the slides. The more than two of the
AND OR text is readable slides. The text is
Proper spacing between Improper spacing OR mostly unreadable
main idea and between one main idea Improper spacing OR
supporting quote and supporting quote between two main ideas Improper spacing
AND OR and supporting quote between more than two
Proper capitalization Proper capitalization OR main ideas and
and punctuation for and punctuation missing Proper capitalization supporting quote
quote on one quote and punctuation missing OR
AND OR on two quotes Proper capitalization
Less than five spelling Between five and ten OR and punctuation missing
errors spelling errors Between eleven and on more than two
AND OR fifteen spelling errors quotes
No crazy transitions No crazy transitions OR OR
AND OR one or two crazy More than fifteen
Sophisticated Sophisticated transitions spelling errors
vocabulary (words you vocabulary (words you OR OR
would see more in would see more in Lack of sophisticated more than two crazy
writing than in everyday writing than in everyday vocabulary on less than transitions
conversation) conversation) half the presentation OR
AND OR OR Lack of sophisticated
Proper use of upper and Proper use of upper and Improper use of upper vocabulary on more
lower case. lower case. and lower case on one than half the
or two of the slides. presentation
Improper use of upper
and lower case on more
than two of the slides