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Lesson 2 Rubric

Clay Creatures Rubric Name: ________________________________________

Project Goal: Learn the basics of clay to make a painted clay monster that shows an emotion.
Points 4 3 2 1
Effort -Tried his/her best -Tried his/her best some -Put some effort in during -Put little/no effort
everyday days class during class
-Challenged his/herself to -Created work that met -Created work that did not - Created work that
make great work for expectations of his/her meet expectations of was too simple for
his/her learning level learning level his/her learning level his/her learning level
Creativity -Created and painted a -Created and painted a -Created a clay monster -Created a pinch pot
clay monster clay monster -Sometimes used score and -Did not use score and
-Used score and slip -Used score and slip slip technique slip technique
technique technique -Monster does not show an -Made at least 1 sketch
-Monster shows an -Made at least 3 sketches emotion of a monster in
emotion of monsters in -Made at least 2 sketches sketchbook
-Made 4 sketches of sketchbook of monsters in sketchbook
monsters in sketchbook
Participation -Participated in -Sometimes participated -Actively listened or -Did not participate in
discussions in discussions participated in discussions discussions
-Actively listened during -Actively listened during -Needed some reminders -Needed many
discussion discussion to refocus during reminders to refocus
-Was respectful toward -Was respectful toward discussion during discussion
the teacher and peers the teacher and peers -Was not respectful toward -Was not respectful
the teacher and/or peers toward the teacher
and/or peers
Studio -Worked quietly and was -Worked quietly and was -Was a distraction to peers -Was a distraction to
Habits respectful of others’ work respectful of others’ -Sometimes cleaned up peers
time/space work time/space his/her tools and -Did not clean up
-Cleaned up his/her tools -Cleaned up his/her workspace his/her tools or
and workspace every day tools and workspace workspace
and helped peers every day

Comments: Total Points: _____________

Lesson 2-3 Reflection

Clay Creatures Reflection Name: ________________________________________

What emotion does your monster show?

What did you learn about using clay?

What did you like about this project? If you could go back and change something, what would you change?