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LESSON PLAN – Lesson 3 (January 30, 2019)

Title: Painting Pinch Pot Monsters

Grade Level: 2
Date Taught: January 30, 2019

Aim/Goal of the Lesson/Unit:

 What is the purpose of the lesson/unit?
o Learn basic color theory
o Learn basic color-mixing
o Further show physical manifestations of emotion through color
o Learn basic painting procedures
Fine Arts Goals Met by the Objectives:
 VA:Re8.1.2 – Interpret art by identifying the mood suggested by a work of art and describing relevant
subject matter and characteristics of form
 VA: Cr2.2.2 – Demonstrate safe procedures for using and cleaning art tools, equipment, and studio
Objectives: Students will…
 Students will….
o Mix primary colors to create secondary colors
o Paint clay monsters with tempera paint
o Learn basic painting procedures
o Paint a clay monster using at least 1 primary and 1 secondary color

 Primary Color: Any of a group of colors from which all other colors can be obtained my mixing (Red,
Blue, and Yellow)
 Secondary Color: A color resulting from the mixing of two primary colors

Students will learn this vocabulary through the book, Mouse Paint, and also through discussion/review. They
will see a visual example of using primary colors to make secondary colors through the teacher demonstration.
Students will use the vocabulary and show an understanding of the vocabulary when mixing colors during the
work session. Students will also see the primary and secondary colors labeled on the color wheel.

Teacher Materials:
 Demo materials:
o 1 Palette
 Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black tempera paint
o 1 Cup of water
o 1 Paintbrush
o 1 Pinch Pot
o 1 Paper towel
o 1 Paper plate
 Teacher made exemplar
 Presentation materials
o Mouse Paint, Ellen Walsh
o Color wheel poster

Learner Materials:
 6 palettes (one per group of 4 students)
 23 paint brushes
 23 fired clay monsters
 23 paper plates
 23 paper towels
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LESSON PLAN – Lesson 3 (January 30, 2019)
Title: Painting Pinch Pot Monsters

 12 cups of water (2 per group of 4 students)

 Red, blue, yellow, white, and black tempera paint
 Sketchbooks (if needed)

Motivation/Activities and Prompts:

 Read Mouse Paint, Ellen Walsh
 Show student examples
 Display color wheel poster on the wall

 DISCUSSION: (7 minutes)
o Today, we will get a chance to paint our clay monsters.
o Read Mouse Paint
o While reading, ask students to predict what color will appear on the next page
o Learn vocabulary
o Show color wheel and vocabulary associated with the color wheel
o Explain that students should use at least 1 primary and mix at least 1 secondary color to paint
their monster
 DEMONSTRATIONS: (5 minutes)
o Students will gather around the demonstration table
o Ask students to stand one armlength away from the table
o These are the techniques we will be using on this projects
 Explain what materials the students will get
 Every table will have one palette with red, blue, yellow, white, and black paint
 Each person will get a paper plate to mix their colors
 Remind students that the colors in the shared palette should remain in their
original condition. Only clean brushes should be touching the palette
 I will show how to carefully handle the paintbrush
 Pretend the hair side of the brush is a ballerina on his/her tippy-toes and gently
let the brush touch the clay
 I will show how to mix colors with paint
 Example: To make green, I will get blue from the palette with a clean
paintbrush and put it on my paper plate. I will rinse my brush and wipe it clean
on my paper towel. Then I will get yellow from the palette and mix it with the
blue on my paper plate to make green
o Show teacher made exemplars
o Show student examples of finished clay monsters
 This will contribute to the lesson by motivating students to think about different factors
associated with painting a figure (e.g. texture, color, pattern, etc.)
 DESIGN/WORK SESSION: (20 minutes)
o Students will return to their seats and find their supplies and clay monsters at their table
o Students will begin painting their clay monsters
 They may refer to their sketchbooks if desired
o The teacher will walk around the room and answer any questions
o The teacher will give frequent reminders to the students to wash and wipe their brushes before
dipping their brushes into the shared palette
o The teacher will give paint to tables who raise their hand and ask for more paint
o The teacher will give a 5 minute warning for the end of the work session
o The teacher will give a 1 minute warning for the end of the work session
 CLEAN UP: (7 minutes)
o The teacher will collect all of the clay monsters
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LESSON PLAN – Lesson 3 (January 30, 2019)
Title: Painting Pinch Pot Monsters

oThe teacher will ask one student to collect all of the brushes
oThe teacher will ask two students to collect the palettes and rinse them in the sink
oOne student from each table to take the water cups to the sink and pour the water down the
o One students from each table will collect the plates and paper towels at their table and throw
them away
 CLOSURE: (1 minute)
o The painted monsters will be left to dry until the next time you come back to art class. Next
time, we will still be working with monsters but in a different way than with clay

Students will be assessed using the following criteria. Students must fulfill these requirements in order to
receive the full points for the activity.
____ Followed directions
____ Gave full attention to teacher during instruction
____ Showed respect for materials and workspace
____ Followed clean up instructions
____ Painted clay monster using at least 1 primary and 1 secondary color


Time allotted for lesson (40 minutes total):

Activity Minutes
Discussion 7 mins.
Demonstrations 5 mins.
Design/Work Session 20 mins.
Clean-up 7 mins.
Closure 1 min.

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