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1. 2. I. Registration II. Opening/Introduction III. Voters Education IV. Mock Voting V.

Pollwatchers Guide (Legal Matters) VI. Open Forum VII. Administrative Matters VIII. Raffle
3. 4. Under Sec. 15, Article II of COMELEC Resolution 8786 Promulgated on March 4, 2010,
each candidate and registered political party or coalition of political parties duly registered
with the Commission and fielding candidates in the election as well as duly accredited
citizens arm may appoint two watchers to serve alternately. However, candidates for senator
and sanggunian belonging to the same ticket or slate shall
4. 5. A. QUALIFICATION OF WATCHERS Is a registered voter of the city or municipality
comprising the precinct where he is assigned; Is of good reputation; Has not been
convicted by final judgement of any election offence or of any other crime;
5. 6. A. QUALIFICATION OF WATCHERS Knows how to read and write Filipino, English or of
the prevailing local dialect; and Is not related within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity
or affinity to the chairman or to any other member of the BEI in the polling place where
6. 7. B. GUIDES IN THE CHOICE OF WATCHERS  While the law does not require a watcher
to be a registered voter of the barangay where he/she may serve, it is crucial that he/she is
assigned to a barangay where he/she is actually a resident for the following reasons: a) The
watcher can efficiently review the Certified Voters List and identify discrepancies in it such as
the retention of names of deceased persons, voters who have long transferred residence
and have already registered in other precincts, and those suffering from certain
7. 8. B. GUIDES IN THE CHOICE OF WATCHERS b) The watcher’s familiarity with the
residents of the barangay puts him or her in a better position to detect and challenge illegal
voters who may offer to vote but are not registered there, are using the name of another
person, or suffering from certain disqualifications. c) The watcher’s proximity to the polling
place where he or she is assigned is important as he or she has to be at the polling place on
election day before
8. 9. C. RIGHTS OF WATCHERS Upon entering the polling place, the watchers shall deliver to
the Chairman their appointment as watchers and their names shall forthwith recorded in the
minutes. The watcher shall have the right to: 1) Witness and inform themselves of the
proceedings of BEI; 2) Take note of what they may see or hear; 3) Take Photographs of the
proceedings and incidents, if any, during the voting, counting of votes, as well as of the
generated election returns and of the ballot boxes;
9. 10. C. RIGHTS OF WATCHERS 4) File a protest against irregularity or violation of law which
they believe may have been committed by the BEI or by any of its members or by any
person; 5) Obtain from BEI a certificate as to the filing of such protest and the resolution
thereof; and 6) Watchers shall not speak to any member of the BEI, or to any voter or among
themselves in such a manner as would disturb the proceeding of the
10. 11. PREPARATION OF POLL WATCHERS KIT The pollwatching kit is an important weapon
of the pollwatcher. The absence of a complete pollwatching kit can significantly diminish his
or her efficiency. This is often referred to as the frontliner’s survival kit on the day of the
elections. It contains the materials, forms, identification cards and papers and other
documents that the pollwatcher would need in the performance of his or her tasks.
11. 12. POLL WATCHERS KIT 1. The pollwatcher’s written authorization or appointment as
pollwatcher (two copies, i.e, one for the BEI and the other to be retained by the pollwatcher);
2. Authority to receive the Election Returns 3. The pollwatcher’s IDs (one issued by the party
and the other issued by the Comelec);
12. 13. POLLWATCHERS KIT 4. Copy of Posted Computerized Voters List (PCVL) and Election
day Computerized Voters List (EDCVL) List of Voters with voting records. 5. Inventory Sheet;
6. Certificate of Challenge or Protest and Decision of the BEI 7. Paper or Notebook;
13. 14. POLLWATCHERS KIT 8. Forms of the Certificate of Votes; 9. Pollwatchers Guide
Handout 10. Election Report 11. Flashlight with batteries 12. Calculator, if available 13.
Camera, if available
14. 15. INVENTORY SHEET The Inventory Sheet referred to in No. 5 is a form that will be filled
up by the pollwatcher with the following information: Barangay  Precinct number Names
of the chairman and two members of the BEI; Number of the pads of ballots; Serial
Numbers of the official ballot Number of registered voters in the precinct; Number of those
who actually voted;
15. 16. E. PHASES OF POLL WATCHING The tasks and responsibilities of pollwatchers on the
day of the elections may be divided into two phases, namely: a) before the voting starts; b)
during the voting
16. 17. Pre-Testing and Sealing of the PCOS Machine 1. Know the schedule of the Comelec for
the pre-testing and sealing of the PCOS Machine in their precinct. 2. Pollwatchers must be
present during the pre-testing and sealing of the PCOS machine
17. 18. 3. Participate in the pre-test and make sure that:  The PCOS machine is properly
working  The machine can read, scan, consolidate and transmit the results  The
electronic count result of the PCOS machine should match with the manual count results
18. 19.  Should watch the PCOS machine until its opening on the election day  The main
memory card of the PCOS machine has a serial number and must make note of the serial
number. If the main memory card has no serial number, must request that the main memory
card must be labeled with the precinct #, poll center#, brgy, city, province
19. 20. Pre-Election Day Be duly accredited and designated as poll watcher of the party. Poll
watchers accredited must meet the qualifications required by law. Have read and
understood the pollwatchers guidelines and has attended the seminars for poll watchers.
20. 21. Pre-Election Day Have the contact numbers of the networks head in the area, the
numbers of the lawyers and paralegals assigned in the area. Must know the assigned
precinct. Must visit and inspect the precinct site for familiarity.
21. 22. Pre-Election Day Must know the composition of BEI and the background. Must attend
the pre-testing and sealing of the PCOS machine in the assigned precinct/clustered precinct.
Must know the other poll watchers and supporters assigned in the same precinct.
22. 23. Before Opening of the Precinct Be at the assigned precinct at least two hours from the
opening of the precinct and inspect the surrounding of the precinct . Bring water and food
and other necessities for the whole day. Bring notebook/paper and pen to make notes on
what is going on within and outside the precinct and for making notes
23. 24. Before Opening of the Precinct Bring celfone or camera for communication and
recording of incidents Must bring the pollwatcher’s kit Must wear green shirt and official
watcher’s ID Assist in the bringing of “our” voters early in the morning
24. 25. Before Opening of the Precinct Must assist the voters in looking for their names and
corresponding number in the PCVL list posted outside the precinct. Assist in giving sample
ballots or some form of “kodigo”
25. 26. Upon Opening of the Precinct Must register with BEI before the start of the voting
proper Must be familiar right away in the layout of the precinct Must be familiar with
names and faces of the pollwatchers of the other parties assigned in the same precinct
26. 27. Upon Opening of the Precinct When the PCOS Machine is being unsealed, must make
sure that the seal was not broken and resealed. The ballot box is empty The package of
official ballot and book of voters are sealed
27. 28. Upon Opening of the Precinct  When the BEI activates the PCOS Machine, the first
print out report is the “zero report” which the pollwatcher must see that all candidates have
“O” counts at the right side of their names and signs the zero report  Must watch every step
as the BEI activates the PCOS Machine. Only the BEI can activate the PCOS Machine. No
one else. Not even the Smartmatic Technician.
28. 29. Voting Proper Rules to be observed during the voting  Voters shall vote in the order of
their arrival in the polling place;  No watcher shall enter the place reserved for the voters
and the BEI, nor mingle and talk with the voters;  No person carrying any firearm or any
other deadly weapon, except those expressly authorized by the Commission, shall enter the
29. 30. Voting Proper  There shall be no crowding of voters and disorderly behaviour inside the
polling place; and  The ballot box shall remain locked during voting  Report to the BEI any
signs of delaying tactics of voters inside the precincts so as to prevent other voters outside to
cast their votes during the voting time.  Be alert in making protest to the BEI on the grounds
of illegal composition of the BEI, or any signs of illegal proceedings, or any violations of
30. 31. WHAT TO PROTEST  Illegal composition of the BEI or BOC  Illegal proceedings
31. 32. ILLEGAL COMPOSITION OF THE BEI OR BOC : If-  BEI Member is not qualified under
Comelec Resolution 8739  Conflict of interest due to a candidate/spouse
32. 33. ILLEGAL PROCEEDINGS: If-  Voter not registered in the precinct is allowed to vote. 
Voter who voted already is allowed to vote again  If the Smartmatic Technician-- Is not
officially designated by the Commission Is not officially assigned to the particular precinct
33. 34. Is not summoned by the BEI Chairman to make any repair on the PCOS in the event
that the machine does not work properly, yet the technician on his own touches or repairs the
PCOS Machine Does not repair the PCOS Machine as instructed
34. 35. ILLEGAL PROCEEDINGS: If—  Other grounds that might be irregular/unusual
committed by the BEI or any person within the precinct Pollwatchers must consult anytime
the lawyer assigned, or paralegals, or network heads Must secure a certificate from the BEI
of the protest made/filed and give to the lawyer or network heads
35. 36. END OF THE VOTING PROPER  Watch as the BEI initiates the closing function of the
PCOS Machine  Watch as the PCOS machine starts to count and consolidate the results 
Only during the transmission of the election results should the transmission cable be
attached to the PCOS machine. During the printing of the election results, the transmission
cable should not be attached to the PCOS machine  The printing of the 8 copies of the
election results
36. 37.  Must secure a copy of the election results from the BEI and give it to the network head
 Make sure that the PCOS Machine is completely shut down by the BEI after printing (8and
22 copies) and the electronic transmission of the election results, then surrenders the PCOS
Machine to the technician assigned to the precinct  Must make sure that the ballot box is
sealed and secure, and accompany its delivery to the city treasurer
37. 38. NOTE: At any point during the day, if the pollwatcher leaves his post, he must have a
reliever. No pollwatcher post must be vacated or left without a pollwatcher
38. 39. c.) Manner of Voting Voting shall be conducted in the following manner: 1. The voter
shall, using a ballot secrecy folder and the marking pen provided by the COMELEC, fill his
ballot by fully shading the oval beside the names of the candidates and political party
participating in the party list system of representation of his choice;
39. 40. c.) Manner of Voting 2. The voter shall then approach the PCOS, insert his ballot in the
ballot entry slot and wait until message “CONGRATULATIONS. YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN
REGISTERED.” APPEARS ON SCREEN. The BEI shall monitor the PCOS screen to make
sure that the ballot was successfully accepted. Thereafter, the voter shall return the ballot
secrecy folder and marking pen to the
40. 41. c.) Manner of Voting 3. The BEI shall apply indelible ink at the base and extending to the
cuticle of the right forefinger nail of the voter, or any other nail if there be no forefinger nail; 4.
The voter shall affix his thumbmark on the corresponding space in the EDCVL; and
41. 42. d.) Rejected Ballots Procedure Ballots may be rejected by the PCOS during scanning.
There will be three (3) different types of messages when the PCOS rejects a ballot. For each
message, the BEI shall observe the following procedures; 1) “AMBIGUOUS MARK” Let the
voter review his ballot and ensure that the ovals opposite the names of candidate/party voted
for are fully shaded. 2) “MISREAD BALLOT” Let the voter re-feed the ballot in 4 different
42. 43. d.) Rejected Ballots Procedure 3) “INVALID BALLOT I. Verify if the ballot belong to the
precinct. If the ballot belong to another precinct, the voter shall return the ballot to the
chairman who shall proceed to Step 4 and 5 hereof; II. If the ballot belongs to the precinct, let
the voter refeed the ballot in 4 different
43. 44. d.) Rejected Ballots Procedure 4) In all cases, if the PCOS rejects a ballot, the voter shall
return the ballot to the Chairman who shall: I. Distinctly mark the back thereof as
“REJECTED” II. Require all members of the BEI to sign at the back thereof, and place inside
the Envelope for Rejected Ballots
44. 45. d.) Rejected Ballots Procedure 5) No replacement ballot shall be issued to a voter whose
ballot is rejected by the PCOS; 6) Any party objecting to the rejection of the ballot shall
reduce his objection in writing, which the BEI shall attach and note in the Minutes.
45. 46. Other Notes ON BALLOT:  One ballot – One voter policy.  The voter must no make
any marks, or erasures on the ballot or must not commit any mistake in shading or in the
choice of candidates.  No over-voting. It will invalidate the segment with the over-voting. 
The ballot is bar-coded, color- coded, and number-coded.
46. 47. ON PCOS MACHINE:  The PCOS Machine rejects previously scanned ballots, fake
ballots, marked ballots or authentic ballots but not configured for the specific precinct. 
Voter is allowed 4 tries to insert his ballot on the PCOS. If it still fails, either the ballot is
marked or the PCOS Machine is not working properly.  If the PCOS Machine is not working
properly, these are the steps
47. 48. Steps: Request for replacement of the PCOS Machine by a back-up PCOS Machine.
If no back-up PCOS Machine, the current PCOS Machine will be repaired by the assigned
technician upon instruction of the BEI. If cannot be repaired, wait for the PCOS Machine of
the nearest precinct and have it reconfigured.
48. 49. ON MAXIMUM NO. OF VOTERS IN CLUSTERED PRECINT The number of voters in a
precinct/clustered precinct should not exceed 1,000 voters.
49. 50. e) Prohibition on voting It shall be unlawful for a voter to: 1. Bring the ballot, ballot
secrecy folder or marking pen outside of the polling place; 2. Speak with anyone other than
as herein provided while inside the polling place; 3. Prepare his ballot without using the ballot
secrecy folder or exhibit its contents; 4. Fill his ballot accompanied by another, except in the
case of an illiterate or person with
50. 51. e) Prohibition on voting 5. Erase any printing from the ballot, or put any distinguishing
mark on the ballot; 6. Use carbon paper, paraffin paper or other means of making a copy of
the contents of the ballot, or other wise make use of any other scheme to identify his vote,
including the use of digital cameras, cellular phones with camera or similar gadgets; and 7.
Intentionally tear or deface the ballot.
51. 52. g) Challenge against illegal voters Any voter or watcher may challenge any person
offering to vote for: 1. Not being registered; 2. Using the name of another; or 3. Suffering
from an existing disqualification.
52. 53. In such cases, the BEI shall satisfy itself as to whether or not the ground for the
challenge is true by requiring proof of registration, identity or disqualification. The BEI shall
identify the voter through his photograph, fingerprint, or specimen signatures in the VRR or
EDCVL. In the absence of any of the above-mentioned proof of identity, any member of the
BEI may identify under oath a voter, and such act shall be reflected in the Minutes.
53. 54. h) Challenge based on certain illegal acts Any voter or watcher may challenge any voter
offering to vote on the ground that he: 1. Received or expects to receive, paid, offered or
promised to pay, contributed, offered or promised to contribute money or anything of value
as consideration for his vote or for the vote of another; or 2. Made or received a promise to
influence the giving or withholding of any such vote; or 3. Made a bet or is interested directly
or indirectly
54. 55. h) Challenge based on certain illegal acts In such case, the challenged voter shall take
an oath before the BEI that he has not committed any of the acts alleged in the challenge.
Upon taking such oath, the challenge shall be dismissed and the voter shall be allowed to
vote. In case the voter refuses to take oath, the challenge shall be sustained and the voter
shall not be allowed to vote.
CLUSTER AID CLUSTER AID Runner Runner Runner Runner Runner Runner
56. 57. Roles & Responsibilities Cluster Head (CH)  Spearheads the cluster team  Secures
the pollwatchers kit  Submits Watchers Appointment to the BEI  Oversees the whole
voting procedure  Secures the Election Returns for submission to the Headquarters thru
the BC/L  Initiates the filing of protest (when needed)  Reports/ communicates to the
Headquarters updates
57. 58. Roles & Responsiblities Cluster Aids (CA)  Assist the Cluster Head in overseeing all
procedures inside the precinct  Document/ take pictures of anomalous incidents inside the
precinct  CH & CA must participate in the pre-testing of PCOS
58. 59. Roles & Responsibilities Runners (Rnr) Should be visible in the vicinity of the polling
precinct to:  Identify voters and guide them to their polling precinct  Assist voters locate
their names in the voters list  Provide information on the automated voting procedure 
Provide sample ballots  Traffic/guide voters to fall in line and to maintain order  Document
and Report to the CH or CA anomalous
59. 60. Administrative Matters TIME OF DUTY  All poll watchers should be at the polling place
before 6:00 am. The Runners may be dismissed at the close of polling precincts at 6:00pm.
 The CH and CA shall stay at the polling precincts until the Election Returns is secured.
They shall also accompany the BEI & the ballots until these are officially turned over to the
City Board of Canvassers at the City Hall.  The Brgy. Captains/Leaders will be responsible
60. 61. Administrative Concerns THE POLLWATCHERS KIT  There will be one pollwatchers
kit per cluster.  The Cluster Head shall pick up the kit from the Brgy. Captains/leaders the
day before election day (or on May 9, 2010) who shall check for its contents and ensure that
all forms and materials needed are complete.  The Cluster Head shall also be responsible
in returning the kit to the Brgy. Captains/Leaders and
61. 62. The Pollwatcher’s Kit Additional Contents:  Headquarter’s Telephone Directory 
Acknowledgement Receipt to be signed upon receipt & return of the kit  Pollwatchers Guide
62. 63. Important Items to Bring  The CH & CA should bring inside the precinct at least one (1)
cellphone with camera (w/ battery full) to document significant incidents in the precinct. The
CH’s cel number indicated in his/her biodata submitted will be the official  Packedco
mnetaaclst naunmd bderirn okfs the cluster.  Medicine for LBM or headache
63. 64. Compensation  Each pollwatcher will be well-compensated.  The compensation
package will be placed in a sealed and signed envelope with the pollwatcher’s name.
Compensation includes  The envelopes will be released through the Brgy. Captain/Leader
at the end of the day of
64. 65. Reminders Each pollwatcher will get either a free shirt or cap to be worn on election day
to be easily identified. These will be distributed through the Brgy. Captains/leaders together
with the PW Kit. ID’s should be worn at all times during the voting period.
65. 66. Reminders We represent the candidates/party that we protect. Be vigilant. Be assertive.
But remain courteous, cool and calm at all times.