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Jose Partida

ERWC Period.4

Personal Insight Question #8

One thing that I believe makes me stand out from other students is the miss opportunity I had Commented [1]: missed
from getting sick but still managing to get back on track with school and applying for colleges. Commented [2]: maybe even more than one?
Just being hospitalized and knowing that I would miss school really took a toll on me. Eventually
Commented [3]: being hospitalized (during what grade
I came to the decision to do my work and I had a feeling that it would of been too late but namy again?)
reassured me that it was never too late especially when I can make up my credits outside of Commented [4]: Simply being placed in the hospital...
school. I believe this sets me apart from most students due to the fact that if many people were
Commented [5]: Emotionally? Mentally?
presented with this idea or opportunity to get back on track on school many would not take it or
have the motivation to due such thing. I didn’t have much motivation myself when I first started Commented [6]: to catch up on?

but it soon built up every time I made up a class. It gave me motivation knowing that I was step Commented [7]: in
closer of having all my credits. It reassured me that even though I didn't have the best start to Commented [8]: school,
highschool i can have an amazing finish as long I applied myself and didn’t slack on my work. Commented [9]: or would lack the motivation
I saw an opportunity and thanks to the support of my teachers and friends I made up alot of my
Commented [10]: It motivated me to know that...
credits going back from my freshmen year of highschool.
Commented [11]: high school I
Commented [12]: slack off
Commented [13]: freshman