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Armoured Recovery Vehicle

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Principal Characteristics
General Communiactions Running Gear
Weight, combat loaded up to 35000 kg Radio yes Suspension torsion bars with
Personnel (crew) 5 men Intercommunication yes rotary dampers
Length (incl dozerblade) 7,9 m Track width 0.5 m
Width 3.2 m Ground contact 4.1 m
MG 7.62 mm
Height 2.7 m Track tensioning system semi-active hydraulic
4000 rounds
Ground clearance 0.4 m
Close defence smoke discharger Electrical System
Performance Voltage (DC) 24 V
Speed forward 70 km/h Batteries 500 Ah
Two capstan winches
reverse 40 km/h Multiplex system CAN bus
Max load
Slope 60 % High Speed Data Bus Ethernet
single line pull 82 kN/winch
Side slope 40 %
four line pull 300 kN/winch Vehicle Control and Information System
Trench crossing 2.6 m
Built in test
Vertical wall climbing 1.0 m Crane
On-line manuals
Fording 1.5 m Max load 9 tonn
Embedded training
Typical crusing range 600 km Radial range 4.5 m
Video network
Survivability Engine Fleet management integration
Hull and turret structure armour steel Type diesel, 4 cycle stroke Battlefield management integration
Add-on Armour yes Power up to 600 kW/2350 rpm Defensive aid suite integration
Defensive Aid Suite yes
Air-condition system yes
Gear ranges 4 forward, 2 reverse
NBC protection yes
fully automatic
Fire extinguishing system yes


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