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Nowadays, books are rarely read for online reading websites and apps are trend in this

generation. One factor is that in reading online, people doesn’t have to buy the books in order for

them to be able to read it and the other part or volume of the book is easier to find and they don’t

have to search other bookstore to find them. But the disadvantages of reading online is these people

are being exposed too much on their cell phone/computer's radiation because reading takes time

to finish for it has a lot of chapters and some even has other volumes. It is also not good for the

eyes because all that staring on cell phones or computers can have a range of negative

effects on your eye health. If you're not actively avoiding eye strain, excessive time on your phone

can lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, sore eyes, headaches, and even insomnia. The problem

is not that the eye absorbs the energy, but that the heat absorbed by the eye does not get transmitted

or radiated out of the body, adding that prolonged usage of cell phones and computers can affect

retina, sclera, lens, cornea as well as vitreous humour which are parts of the human eye. Another

is that some review books are not available online. That is why we are promoting a health and

price friendly rental bookshop so that these students will be encouraged to read on an actual book

rather than on electronic devices which can cause them their health.

A semester-worth of textbooks and reviewers costs enough to significantly drain any

college student’s bank account. Students may shop around for the best prices, but renting and

buying from only one store saves time. Isabela State University and Saint Ferdinand College and

nearby Junior & Senior High Schools accommodates a huge number of students, so on-campus

students make the most convenient choice of utilizing the Untold Stories Rental Bookshop. These
educational institutions also hosts a large commuter population that is not familiar enough with

the area to find alternative bookstores.

We decided to conduct a feasibility study to determine the value for students to venture off

campus bookshop to rent or buy their books. Cost is essential, but students must consider other

factors. Students will not have to visit multiple stores to acquire all of their books if a bookstore

runs out of basic texts or does not carry all of the books a student needs that is why we are offering

various programs. Students should also have a pleasant experience when they visit a bookstore, so

we included that in our evaluation.



Target Market

Our proposed business will cater people who want to self-study on their upcoming school

lectures and examination or board examination, those who want to relax while reading story books

and get their daily cup of great-tasting beverages in a relaxing atmosphere. Such customers vary

in age; our location is close to the schools which mean that most of our clientele will be students

and faculty. Our market research shows that these are discerning customers that gravitate towards

better personal growth. Furthermore, a lot of students consider this place to be a convenient

studying or meeting location, where they can read or meet with peers without the necessity to pay

overpriced fees. For us, this will provide a unique possibility for building a loyal client base.
Market Segmentation


Geographic Centro Poblacion and neighbouring towns
Gender Male, Female
Civil Status Single, Married
Age 11 years old and above
Thoughts and Feelings
Knowledge Master, Learner, Beginner
Intention to purchase Always, Relative
Extent of usage Heavy users, Moderate Users, Light Users, Non users
Purchase Status Regular purchaser, Occasional purchaser, new purchaser,


Economic Environment

The peso depreciated against the US dollar in Q4 2018. The peso averaged ₱53.26/US$1

in Q4 2018, appreciating slightly by 0.52 percent from the previous quarter’s average of

₱53.54/US$1. The peso’s appreciation was due mainly to improving domestic inflation data and

strong remittance inflow during the review quarter. On a y-o-y basis, the peso meanwhile

depreciated by 4.38 percent relative to the ₱50.93/US$1 average in Q4 2017.

This recession has decreased the Philippine peso's purchasing power. If families’ money

purchasing power have decreased, they are forced to reduce costs. This could push them to look

for second-hand books for students, to reuse school supplies, take borrowed books from the

bookstore, buy less books for entertainment or other accessories, etc.

Political Environment

All books imported into the Philippines, whether for personal or commercial use, are tax-

free, according to the Department of Finance (DOF). Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima

signed Department Order No. 57-2011 emphasizing the duty- and VAT-free status of imported

books, and detailing guidelines covering clearance procedures from customs.

"All imported books, whether for commercial or personal use with the exception of those

published by or for a private commercial enterprise essentially for advertising purposes as stated

in Annex A of the Florence Agreement, are exempt from customs duties. Importation of books is

likewise exempt from value-added tax (VAT) pursuant to Section 109 (R) of the National Internal

Revenue Code," the order stated.

The UNESCO Florence Agreement, which was signed by the Philippines, waived tariffs on

books and other printed materials in order to facilitate the free flow of educational, scientific and

cultural materials.

Industrial Environment

As a growing local economic haven of the Cagayan Valley Region, City of Ilagan is the

most viable site for industry development in the country. Its proximity to almost all of the

provinces of Region 02 possesses the advantage for local marketing activities of specific and

potential industry for tourism, agricultural businesses and new innovations.

What to expect in the City of Ilagan? A good business climate with guaranteed government

investment incentives, competitive labor cost and availability of manpower needs for various

industries, abundant raw materials for production of consumer and industrial products and many

Competitive Environment

Since, our proposed business is the first one to offer such services here in the City of Ilagan,

we conclude that we do not have any competitors yet. And that became our competitive edge. We

have the opportunity to prove that we have really something good to offer. Relating to the size of

the market, we are confident that we have enough to support us in putting our business in the

horizon of prosperity.


Project Proponents

Charmine Lozada, Avijane Vea, Grant Pol Agor, and ____ will be the owners and

Charmine Lozada will perform the duties of the manager of a business. As to qualifications, she is

a reader herself. Has experience in doing business, for they own a small business supplying centro

poblacion and other neighbouring barangays. She has understanding of some aspects of this retail

business including inventory management, sales forecasting and planning, marketing among

others. She will utilize her experience to streamline business operations and improve sales.

Proposed Name of the Business

The business will be named "Untold Stories". The reasons brought the proponent to choose

this name for the store is because our business is unique and not the usual coffee shop offering

books so the name must be unique too and not like any other businesses. And the educational

books for school and board exams are those not known or taught by teachers or professors and

are at different approach (it can be the easier or comprehensive approach) which will make it easier
for them to understand better the subjects, we will also be offering story books and novels that are

not usually found in nearby bookstores like Pandayan bookshop and stories that are newly

published and not known to people which is why the name UNTOLD Stories is chosen.

Type of Business Organization

After carefully considering different business structures, weighing the numerous needs for

legal, tax and funding implications, the recommendation of this study is that, our business, Untold

Stories, will be launched as a Sole Proprietorship. It will be organized in a way that will give

operation maximum flexibility.

This type of organization is faster and has easier creation of the business requiring no legal

filings to start the business, the legal restrictions are minimal. Also, you do not separate taxes for

your business, you simply report all of your business income and losses on your personal income

tax return.

Location of the Business

The store will be located at the City Mall in Ilagan City. The location is an easy access for

nearby schools and Universities and also can serve as a meeting place or place to chill while

waiting for bus especially with the warm and rainy seasons here in the Philippines people would

want to go to a place where they will be comfortable and since it's located at the front they can see

the incoming buses through the glass walls. It will be the only rental bookshop and cafe in the said

location so there won’t be any competitors and it will be a public place for friends and colleagues

and will complement and enhance the overall experience for library visitors.