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Politics and Public Policy 2
Welcome to Bloomsbury Academic’s first catalogue. We are the new
scholarly imprint of the Bloomsbury Publishing Group. Our aim is to Sociology and Criminology 4
publish world-class research and innovative upper-level textbooks
across the humanities and social sciences. Our particular focus is Development Studies 6
on developing an interdisciplinary approach to themes of urgent
contemporary importance. We have used the traditional divisions of Science and Technology 7
research and textbooks for our catalogue but there is considerable
overlap. Many of our textbooks draw on original research and many of History 10
our research-based publications are designed to complement teaching
activities. Literature 23
We uphold the traditional publishing virtues of rigorous peer review Media and Communication 29
and the creation of attractive, well-produced printed books but we
also have a strong commitment to broad dissemination through new How to Order 36
forms of licensing and state-of-the art digital delivery. Our research-
led titles all carry a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Licence. This
new form of licence, designed for the digital age, makes the core
content freely available to people anywhere in the world with an
internet connection.

Our intention is to enable scholars and students at all levels to

reach one another, communicate and further research without the
barriers prevalent in more traditional models – whether in print or
ebook format. We hope you will support us and our mission. Our full
platform is due to go live in June 2010, but you can find out more,
or sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter, on our interim site
Title Available on a Creative Commons
Non-Commercial Licence
If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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New Title
Dr Frances Pinter
Ebook 1
The WISH List Prospects

The Public Value Prospects for

RESEARCH | Politics and Public Policy

of the Humanities July, 2010 Citizenship September, 2010

234x156mm 288pp 234x156mm 208pp
Edited by Jonathan Bate, Paperback Gerry Stoker, Chris Armstrong, Anthony Hardback
University of Warwick, UK 9781849660624 £20.00 McGrew, Andrew Mason, David Owen, 9781849660051 £45.00
Ebook Graham Smith, Momoh Banya, Derek Ebook
9781849660631 £20.00
McGhee and Clare Saunders, University of 9781849660754 £45.00
Southampton, UK
Why should polemical, often
governments invest witty and consistently
public money funding thought-provoking,
research into ancient covering a range of
Greek tragedy, literary humanities disciplines
value, philosophical from theology and This book is a lucid, Contents
conundrums or the architecture through empirically informed Introduction: Contexts of
aesthetics of design? to media studies and Citizenship | Politics and
theoretical overview
Citizenship: The Changing
Does such research anthropology. of the prospects for Terrain | Citizenship
deliver ‘value for citizenship in the light and Participation:
money’ and ‘public of its current political Innovation and Renewal
benefit’? Such questions context, which offers | Citizenship and
Jonathan Bate | Mary
have become especially a cutting-edge analysis Diversity: New Challenges
Beard | Mike Parker
| Transnational
pertinent in the UK in Pearson | Robert of the problems and
Citizenship: Migration
recent years, in the Hampson | John Wolffe pressures of citizenship and Membership |
context of discussions | Jurgen Zimmerer | in the twenty-first The Changing Global
Vanessa Toulmin | Francis
about ‘economic century. The authors Landscape of Citizenship
O’Gorman | Iain Borden
impact’ and ‘knowledge focus in particular on | Global Citizenship:
| Deborah Howard
transfer’. In this book a the apparent decline Cosmopolitan Futures? |
| Stephen Daniels |
Conclusion: Prospects,
group of distinguished Ben Cowell | Matthew of traditional forms Perils and Pitfalls
humanities Johnson | Catherine of civic engagement,
researchers reflect Brace | Christopher the emergence of new
Breward | Mike Press |
on the public value forms of participation
Richard Howells | April
of their discipline. McMahon | John Joseph and the relationship
Their essays are | Ronan McDonald | Chris between citizenship
passionate, sometimes Gosden | Nicholas Davey and globalization.


Nudge, Nudge, Bloomsbury Academic | Forthcoming Series

RESEARCH | Politics and Public Policy

Think, Think November, 2010
The WISH List What is…?
Research Methods
234x156mm 208pp Series Editors: Jonathan Bate, Stella
Using Experiments to Change Civic Behaviour Hardback Bruzzi, Thomas Docherty and Margot Series Editor: Graham Crow
9781849660594 £40.00
Peter John, Sarah Cotterill, Hanhua Liu, Liz Ebook
This will provide authoritative
In the 21st century, the traditional introductions to a range of research
Richardson and Hisako Nomura, University of
9781849660587 £40.00 disciplinary boundaries of higher methods which are at the forefront
Manchester, UK, and Alice Moseley, Graham education are dissolving at of developments in the social
Smith, Gerry Stoker and Corinne Wales, remarkable speed. With The sciences. Written in an accessible
University of Southampton, UK WISH List we aim to establish a style by an expert in the field, each
framework for innovative forms of volume will set out the key elements
interdisciplinary publishing within of the method and examples of its
the humanities, between the application.
How can governments democratic renewal. Three: Think Strategies humanities and social sciences and
even between the humanities and
persuade citizens The authors offer | Deliberation On-line
the hard sciences.
Globalizing Sport Studies
to act in socially | Constructing Better
evidence from a series
Face-to-Face Deliberation Series Editor: John Horne
beneficial ways? Thaler of experiments to show Critical Powers
| Part Four: Synthesis |
and Sunstein’s book how using techniques Are There Alternatives Interest in sport studies around the
Nudge drew on work from ‘nudge’ or ‘think’ to Nudge and Think? | Series Editors: Tony Laden, Peter world continues to grow. This series
from behavioural Developing Strategy for Nielsen and David Owen brings together the latest global
repertoires work in
economics to claim the Future | Can Nudge empirical work in the field, acting as
practice. In our globalizing world, the state
Learn from Think? | a knowledge hub for interdisciplinary
that citizens might no longer maintains its grip on our work in sport studies.
Bibliography | Index
be encouraged Contents political imaginations. Social and
political theory is rethinking its
through ‘light touch Introduction | Why
conceptual and normative character
Science, Ethics and
interventions’ Change Civic Behaviour? Innovation
| Part One: How to including the relationship of theory
(i.e. nudges) to take to practice. This series offers critical
Change Civic Behaviour Series Editors: Sir John Sulston and
action. This ground- | The Nudge Strategy
dialogues concerning the work of
thinkers at the cutting edge of this John Harris
breaking successor | The Think Strategy | reconceptualization.
to Nudge argues for Comparing Nudge and In conjunction with the Institute for
an alternative ‘think’ Think | Testing Nudge and Science, Ethics and Innovation, this
strategy in which Think | Part Two: Nudge important new series will deal with
Strategies | Promoting For more information on the major issues surrounding the
citizens deliberate how to submit a proposal to impact of science and technology
Recycling | Promoting
and decide their own Volunteering | Increasing Bloomsbury Academic, go to: and the ethical issues generated by
priorities as part of a Political Participation | new discoveries.
process of civic and Enhancing Pledging | Part 3
The Careless State Beyond Control
RESEARCH | Sociology and Criminology

January, 2010 February, 2010

Wealth and Welfare in Britain Today 234x156mm 240pp A Mutual Respect Approach to Protest 234x156mm 272pp
Hardback Crowd-Police Relations Hardback
Paul Taylor, London School
9781849660013 £30.00 Vern Neufeld Redekop, Saint Paul University, 9781849660044 £50.00
of Economics and Political Science, UK
Ebook Canada, and Shirley Paré, Canadian Institute for Ebook
9781849660365 £30.00 Conflict Resolution, Canada 9781849660174 £50.00

‘What is refreshing about Beyond Control is the vision

for the kind of society in which protestors and police
recognize their mutual humanity as well as how both
The Careless State is Contents are needed for a democratic society to function well’
a devastating analysis Introduction | The Trickle - From the Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Up Effect: What is the
of the increasing
State for? | How the
social and economic Somewhat Better-Off This topical book Contents Case Study | Hearing
problems faced by applies the principles Foreword | Introduction | from the Players |
Became Much Worse Off
Part One: Protest Crowd– Practical Suggestions
those on middle and Why it Made Them of community-based Police Dynamics | What for Community-Based
incomes. Taylor shows Angry | The Strange Ways conflict resolution to is at Stake? | Introducing Initiatives
how the increasing of Spending and Saving the policing of large Protest Crowds |
Public Money in Britain Emotions: The Fuel of
economic and political crowds, suggesting
and Their Consequences Violence | Introducing
power of a small | Projecting the Trends: a completely new Police | The Violence of
transnational group of Another Dystopia? | How approach that moves ‘Otherness’: Scapegoating
super-rich has led to the Bubble was Inflated away from the discourse and Hegemonic Structures
a rapid diminution in in Britain – and Elsewhere of rabble-rousing mobs | Introducing Targets,
– and the Trouble it Bystanders, and Media
the welfare of others. towards negotiated | Reciprocal Violence
Caused | In the Company
He argues that by the of the Uber-Capitalists:
management, and a | Mutual Blessing |
mid 1990s the crisis Living with the Extremely paradigm of mutual Towards a Mutual Respect
brewing within the Rich | Good Things and respect for protesters Paradigm of Protester–
Police Dynamics | Protest
global financial and Bad Things: The New as principled dissenters
Crowds and Police in the
economic system was Front | A Modern Walden: and for police as non- Context of Democracy
Genteel Poverty and
entirely predictable repressive agents of | Part Two: The Mutual
Being Comfortably Off | Respect Paradigm in
and that governments Changing Course: How to public order. Both are
Practice | ‘Getting
in Britain and the USA Fix It. needed, the authors
the Dialogue Started’;
were negligent in not argue, in order for Crowd Management and
acting sooner. democracy to flourish. Conflict Resolution – A

Children in The Trouble and

RESEARCH | Sociology and Criminology

Custody October, 2009
234x156mm 276pp Strife Reader November, 2009
234x156mm 272pp
Hardback Paperback
Anglo-Russian Perspectives 9781849660006 £50.00 Edited by Deborah Cameron, Oxford 9781849660020 £18.99
Ebook University, UK, and Joan Scanlon, formerly Ebook
Mary McAuley, King’s College,
9781849660181 £50.00 at the Open University, UK 9781849660129 £18.99
University of London, UK

‘Be prepared to be enlightened, enraged,

amused, engaged and above all provoked’
– Beatrix Campbell, Author and Journalist

Why are more of their distinctively and its Consequences

young law breakers punitive approaches. In | England and Wales:
Return to Custody |
imprisoned in Russia doing so it sheds light
English Exceptionalism?
and the UK than in on the extraordinary | Lessons from Other From 1983 to 2002, historical record of an Contents
any other European history of Russia in the Trouble and Strife: important strand in Introduction: Trouble
Countries: Germany,
and Strife Magazine,
country? This book twentieth century and Italy and Finland | What The Radical Feminist the radical feminist
1983-2002 | Manifestos |
draws on the author’s the making of social Should be Done? Magazine was the UK’s debate, enabling old Controversies | Sexuality
primary research policy in Russia today. most valued feminist readers to revisit it | Theory | History |
in Russia in which periodical, combining and new readers to Culture
she visited more Contents the intellectual depth discover it.
than a dozen closed Preface | Introduction: of an independent
institutions from Russia and England: Two academic journal
St Petersburg to Outliers in Europe | with the accessibility,
Criminal Justice and the
Krasnoyarsk, and on Welfare of Children |
topicality and visual
similar research in Russia 1890-1990: Radical appeal of commercial
England and Northern Welfarism, Revanche, feminist magazines.
Ireland. It explores the Failed Reforms | England This collection of the
treatment of young and Wales 1900-1990: best and most enduring
Welfare Advances and
offenders in these two articles published in
Retreats | Post-Soviet
very different states Russia: Creeping Change the magazine and some
and the political and | Post-Soviet Russia: of its wittiest cartoons
institutional context Sentencing, Custody offers a unique 5
Access to Access to
RESEARCH | Development Studies

Knowledge in Egypt January, 2010

234x156mm 240pp Knowledge in Brazil January, 2010
234x156mm 160pp
Hardback Hardback
New Research on Intellectual Property, 9781849660082 £45.00 New Research on Intellectual Property, 9781849660099 £45.00
Innovation and Development Ebook Innovation and Development Ebook
Edited by Nagla Rizk, The American University 9781849660167 £45.00 Edited by Lea Shaver, Yale Law School, USA 9781849660457 £45.00
in Cairo, Egypt, and Lea Shaver, Yale Law School,
USA ‘A meticulously researched book’ – Jonathan
Zittrain, Harvard Law School, USA
‘Highly Recommended’ – James Boyle,
Duke Law School, USA ‘Essential reading’ – Michael Sunder, University
of California, USA
‘This is a must read’ – Susan Sell, George
Washington University, USA

Access to Knowledge and new research,

This ground-breaking Contents in Brazil addresses the which is not available
volume features Foreword | Access to issues currently facing anywhere else.
Knowledge: Economic, intellectual property
chapters on current
Global and Local
issues facing Perspectives | Egypt’s
and innovation Contents
intellectual property, Role in the A2K in the context of Foreword | Introduction
innovation and Movement | Access to developing countries. | From Free Software
development policy Medicines in Egypt: A Using a succession of to Free Culture: The
from the Egyptian Human Rights Approach fascinating examples Emergence of Open
to IP, Trade and Health | Business | Exceptions and
perspective. It is an drawn directly from
Stories from Egypt’s Limitations to Copyright
essential overview of Music Industry: De a rich collection of in Brazil: A Call for
the key issues facing Facto Commons as case studies, this Reform | Biotechnology
access to knowledge, Alternatives to Copyright book explores how in Brazil: Promoting
intellectual property | The Software copyrights and patents Open Innovation |
Industry in Egypt: have influenced Access to Medicines:
rights and development
What Role for Open Pharmaceutical Patents
worldwide. the rapidly growing and the Right to Health
Source? | Information
and Communications economy of Brazil.
Technology for This volume contains
Development grassroots perspectives

Net Neutrality Info-Aesthetics

RESEARCH | Science and Technology

January, 2010 December, 2010
Towards a Co-Regulatory Solution 234x156mm 320pp Lev Manovich, 234x156mm 288pp
Hardback University of California, USA Hardback
Christopher T. Marsden, 9781849660068 £60.00 9781849660105 £50.00
University of Essex, UK Ebook Paperback
9781849660372 £60.00 9781849660075 £19.99
‘Net Neutrality is a must for both the Ebook
specialist and the common reader’ – Herbert 9781849660761 £19.99
Ungerer, former Deputy Director General of DG In Info-Aesthetics, Contents
Competition, European Commission world-renowned Introduction | Part I:
Avant-Garde as Software:
software studies
From Bauhaus to the
expert Lev Manovich Desktop | Meta-Media |
investigates how Part II: Info-Aesthetics:
the movement from Representing Information
industry to information Society | Form Redefined
in the global economy | Work into Art | Part III:
In considering market Contents
Information and Form:
developments and Preface | Introduction: has created an
Data Visualization as New
Net Neutrality as a ostensibly new
policy responses to Abstraction and Anti-
Debate about More aesthetic of sensibility
some of the most Sublime | “Deep Plan”
than Economics | Net
heated net-neutrality and representation. In and Beyond: Information
Neutrality: Content
proposing that we see and Form in Architecture
debates in Europe and Discrimination |
software as modernity’s | Generation Flash
the United States, Net Quality of Service: A
| Meta-Data, Mon
Neutrality is the first, Policy Primer | Positive new societal force, Amour | Reality Media
Discrimination and the this book seeks to
fully comprehensive | Augmented Space |
ZettaFlood | User Rights reclassify software
overview of the Conclusion: Software
and ISP Filtering: Notice
subject. This book and Take Down and
as today’s revitalized Theory
is also unique in Liability Exceptions | combustion engine,
providing readers European Law and User underpinning the very
with a supplementary Rights | Institutional logic of contemporary
Innovation: Co-Regulatory culture. Info-Aesthetics
outline of Solutions | The Mobile
recommended policy establishes software
Internet and Net
prescriptives. Neutrality | Conclusion: itself as an exciting
Towards a Co-Regulatory new area for study and
Solution? discussion. 7
Science, Ethics and Innovation

Science’s First International

RESEARCH | Science and Technology

Mistake July, 2010

234x156mm 256pp Governance of November, 2010

Delusions in Pursuit of Theory

9781849660648 £50.00 Biotechnology 234x156mm 256pp
Ebook 9781849660655 £50.00
Ian Angell and Dionysios Demetis, London 9781849660686 £50.00 Needs, Problems and Potential Ebook
School of Economics and Political Science, UK
9781849660778 £50.00
Catherine Rhodes,
University of Manchester, UK

Science’s First Mistake Contents

seeks to deconstruct Theory and Paradox | International Contents Mechanisms; Same
Divination and Theory Governance of Introduction | Part 1: Strength of Force |
the process of
Construction | Delusion Context | The Single International
scientific knowledge Biotechnology
| Individual Allusions Biotechnology Revolution Organization; Self-
discovery and Contra Sensory Overload concentrates on the | The Consequences Contained; Clear Issue
theory construction | Patterns of Categorical need to establish of the Biotechnology Focus; Comprehensive
by scrutinizing Delusions | Tidy Minds, an international Revolution | Regulatory Coverage of the Issue |
the circumstances Technology, and the regulatory framework Needs | Part 2: Model Findings and Implications
Myth of Control | Making for the monitoring and Regulations | A for the Effective Control
under which all
Sense of Systems | Model of Coherent of the Biotechnology
scientific hypotheses of biotechnology
On the Premises of International Regulation Revolution | Conclusion
are conceived. Observation | The Frame research. | The Regulations | Part
Concentrating on the of Observation & the Comprehensive in 3: Analysis | Common
interrelatedness of Functional Differentiation scope, this book Purpose; Common
observation, paradox, of Science | Higher Order covers all aspects of Principles; Common
Observations | Asymmetry regulation associated Historical Development;
delusion and self- and Self-Reference | The Common Identity |
reference in scientific with what many Self-Referencing;
Principle of Collapsing
theory and method, Systems | The ‘Reality’ of consider to be a highly Shared Definitions;
this book’s fresh and the Real | Epilogue contentious area. Unifying Provisions;
audacious premise Complementary Provisions
| Common Structure;
makes an important
Common Administration
contribution to the NOTE: This title is and Review Procedures;
study of scientific available on a CC – NC – Common Enforcement
method. ND licence and Dispute Settlement


RESEARCH | Science and Technology

Berg Journals Collection – online access to key
Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the
October, 2008 journals on visual arts and culture for academics,
234x153mm 352pp
Hybrid Economy Paperback curators and practitioners…anytime, anywhere
9781408113479 £12.99
Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University, USA Ebook
9781408113936 £12.99 Berg Journals Collection offers libraries and
Shortlisted for the Financial Times/Goldman
their users online access to a wide range of
Sachs Business Book of the Year
highly acclaimed and interdisciplinary journals
with a strong focus on visual arts and culture.

Key benefits for libraries and library consortia

In Remix Lawrence enormous opportunities • A choice of 17 journals including the
Lessig - the reigning await those who view market leading Fashion Theory, the award
authority on art as a resource to be winning Textile, and the newly launched
intellectual property shared openly rather Art in Translation, which earned an ALPSP
in the internet than a commodity to commendation in 2009
age - highlights the be hoarded. • Access to current content and complete
newest cultural war archives
being waged on Contents • Flexible pricing models
those who create Introduction | Part I: • Excellent online functionality
and consume art. Cultures | Cultures of
Our Past | Cultures
• Access authentication by IP address,
Arguing that we reject
of Our Future | RO, via Shibboleth and Athens
a copyright system
that criminalizes the
Extended | RW, Revived • Unlimited user licenses
| Cultures Compared
value of protecting • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
| Part II: Economies
art, this book is an | Two Economies: • Free institutional trials available
urgent, eloquent plea Commercial and Sharing
to end the war against | Hybrid Economies Contact us at
| Economy Lessons |
creative users of new
Part III: Enabling the for further details and a quote.
technology. It offers an Future | Reforming
inspiring vision of the Law | Reforming Us |
post-war world where Conclusion 9
Writing History Writing History

Writing History Writing Gender

Textbooks | HISTORY

Theory and Practice

January, 2010 History January, 2010
Second Edition 234x156mm 370pp 234x156mm 218pp
Paperback Second Edition Paperback
Edited by Stefan Berger, University of Manchester, 9780340975152 £18.99 9780340975169 £18.99
UK, and Heiko Feldner and Kevin Passmore, Laura Lee Downs, Centre de Recherches
Cardiff University, UK Historiques, École des Hautes Études en Sciences
Sociales, Paris, France
‘Writing History: Theory and Practice takes a
broad view, attempting to say something about
most areas of historiography’ – John H. Arnold,
Birkbeck College, University of London, UK The second edition of Contents
this highly successful Introduction | Prologue
| Second-wave Feminism
The second edition have helped to shape History | Intellectual book includes a new
History/History of Ideas | and the Rediscovery of
of Writing History the field. chapter dedicated to Women’s History, 1968–
From Women’s History to scholarship on race,
provides students with 1975 | Feminist Historians
Gender History | Race,
an accessibly written Contents
Ethnicity and History
gender and sexuality and the ‘New’ Social
overview of how the Part One: The New in colonial and History, 1968–1995 | Is
| Voices from Below:
study of history is Scientificity in Historical transnational history. Female to Male as Nature
Doing People’s History in
Writing around 1800 | is to Culture? | Beyond
informed by a broader Cardiff Docklands In focusing on the
The Rankean Tradition Separate Spheres: From
intellectual and in British Historiography, practical application Women’s History to Gender
analytical framework. 1840 to 1950 | The of history in historical History | Gender History,
Rather than focus Professionalization and writing, Laura Lee Cultural History and the
on abstract theory, Institutionalization of Downs provides History of Masculinity |
History | Part Two: students with a lucid Gender, Poststructuralism
this book provides
Marxist Historiography and the ‘Cultural/
students with succinct | History and the Social
contextualization of Linguistic Turn’ in History
explanations of the Sciences | The Annales the role of gender in | Gender and History in a
key concepts which | Poststructuralism history. Covering key Postcolonial World | From
illuminate the dual and History | feminist figures and Separate Spheres to the
processes of studying Psychoanalysis and critical debates, this Public Sphere: Gender
History | Anthropological and the Sexual Politics
and writing history. It book is an essential
Approaches | Comparative of Citizenship | Gender
remains an invaluable History | Part Three: introduction to the and History in a Post-
introduction to the Political History | Social history of women and Poststructuralist World |
central debates which History | Economic gender. Conclusion

Writing History Writing History

Writing Writing the

Textbooks | HISTORY
Postcolonial September, 2010 Holocaust November, 2010

History 234x156mm 224pp

Paperback Jean-Marc Dreyfus and Daniel Langton,
University of Manchester, UK
234x156mm 256pp
9780340949993 £19.99 9780340991893 £19.99
Rochona Majumdar, Hardback Hardback
University of Chicago, USA 9781849663359 £19.99 9781849663366 £19.99

Writing Postcolonial Contents

History is the first Anticolonial Struggles and
Postcolonial History | The
book to provide
Beginnings of Postcolonial
students with an History Writing: Edward Writing the Holocaust developments which
analysis of postcolonial Said and Subaltern offers a lucid enquiry continue to inform the
theory in relation to Studies | The Nation- into a complex field nature of historical
historical research. State, Nationalism, and by demonstrating the writing on the
In focusing on the History: Key Themes in impact of current Holocaust.
Postcolonial History |
practical application theories from the
Regions and Postcolonial
of postcolonial Histories: Africa and Latin humanities and social
theory in historical America | Postcolonial sciences upon the
Anthropology | Sociology
writing, Majumdar Gender Histories | treatment of Holocaust | Psychology | The
ably tackles the key Postcolonial Histories and studies. This book Linguistic Turn | Political
issues in postcolonial Empire: A History from breaks down and Sciences | Memory |
the Present Modernization | Marxism
studies from its simplifies the vast
| Postmodernism |
beginnings to the range of literature
Psychoanalysis | Theology
present day. It is ideal on this important | Economic History |
reading for history subject and provides Gender | Jewish Studies |
students studying an accessibly written Comparative Genocide |
postcolonialism and overview of the The Body | Museums
historiography. major theoretical 11
The Best of Bloomsbury History Books,
Modern Italy in
Textbooks | HISTORY

July–December 2010
Historical April, 2010
234x156mm 304pp

Perspective Paperback
9780340759011 £19.99
Nick Carter, 9781849663335 £19.99
University of Wales, UK

A fascinating travelogue and political The groundbreaking history

exposé of a scarred country of China’s Great Famine
ISBN: 9781408805206 ISBN: 9780747595083
07 Jun 2010 £17.99 06 Sep 2010 £25.00
Modern Italy in Contents
Historical Perspective Preface | Part One:
The Politics of Liberal
is a balanced and
Italy | The Economy of
engaging account Liberal Italy | Society
of Italian history. and Culture in Liberal
Nick Carter provides Italy | Part Two: Fascist
students with a Politics | Fascism and the
comprehensive Economy | Society and
Culture under Fascism
overview of the social,
| Part Three: Italian
cultural, economic and Politics from the Fall of
political developments Mussolini to the Rise of
in modern Italy, guiding Berlusconi | The Post-War A beautifully illustrated, accessible The �irst - and only - history of the SIS,
his readers from the Italian Economy | Post- history of ancient Egypt written with full access to the closed archives
period of Mussolini War Society and Culture ISBN: 9780747599494 ISBN: 9780747591832
through to Berlusconi. 02 Aug 2010 £25.00 16 Sep 2010 £30.00
Covering hitherto
neglected areas
of study, this is an Find these and more Bloomsbury history titles at
exciting new textbook.

Britain and Europe

Mussolini Britain and Europe

Textbooks | HISTORY
New Edition
April, 2010
216x138mm 544pp 1500-1780 September, 2010
Paperback 234x156mm 320pp
R. J. B. Bosworth, University of Reading,
9780340981733 £14.99 Ralph Houlbrooke, Paperback
UK, and the University of Western
University of Reading, UK 9780340581193 £19.99
Australia, Australia

‘It is lucid, elegant and a pleasure to read’

– The Daily Telegraph

‘It is the best biography in English to date’ Britain and Europe Contents 1603-1707 | Making the
– The Spectator 1500-1780 explores Part One, 1500-1603: United Kingdom | Part
Britain and Europe in Three, 1707-1780: The
the history of Britain,
1500 | Dynastic Wars and United Kingdom Tested |
emphasizing political Religious Change, 1500- ‘This Mixture of
The new edition of Contents 1936–1938 | The relations and important 1558 | Elizabeth I, Mary Monarchical, Aristocratical
this award-winning Preface | Introduction Approach of a Second connections between Stewart, and James VI, and Democratical Power’
| The Furies and Benito World War, 1938–1939 its three kingdoms 1558-1603 | Rulers and | Religion in the Age
biography contains
Mussolini, 1944–1945 | | Germany’s Ignoble and the continental Subjects | Reformations of Enlightenment and
fresh insights into First of his Class? The Second, 1939–1941 | | Population Growth Revival | Commercial
one of history’s most powers. Giving equal
Mussolinis and the Young First Fall and Feeble and New Economic Ascendancy and Industrial
intriguing figures. Benito, 1883–1902 | Resurrection, 1942–1943 weight to the role of Opportunities | Contacts Growth | Contacts and
By emphasizing the Emigrant and Socialist, | The Ghost of Benito Britain and European and Connections, 1500- Connections, 1707-1780 |
impact of political 1902–1910 | The Class Mussolini, 1945-2010 countries, Houlbrooke 1603 | Ideas of Britain True Union?
Struggle, 1910–1914 | War analyzes political and the Coming of Regal
and social upheaval
and Revolution, 1914–1919 and religious events, Union | Part Two, 1603-
in shaping Mussolini’s | The First Months of 1707: The Failure of
image, Bosworth Fascism, 1919–1920 |
locating them in the Stuart Kingship and the
skilfully juxtaposes his The Fascist Rise to Power, broader picture of the British Revolutions, 1603-
subject’s renowned 1920–1922 | Government, society, economics and 1660 | From Restoration
brutality against his 1922–1924 | The Imposition culture of the time. to Union, 1660-1707 |
of Dictatorship, 1924–1925 From ‘Free’ Monarchy to
inner compassion. | The Man of Providence, Parliamentary Monarchy |
Mussolini never fails 1926–1929 | Mussolini in The Contested Inheritance
to grip. his Pomp, 1929–1932 | of Reformation |
The Challenge of Adolf Commercial Competition,
Hitler, 1932–1934 | Empire Industrial Diversification,
in Ethiopia, 1935–1936 and Agricultural Success |
| Crisis in Europe, Contacts and Connections, 13
Russia’s Frozen The Fall of the
Textbooks | HISTORY

Frontier November, 2010

234x156mm 320pp Western Roman December, 2010
234x156mm 224pp

Hardback Paperback
A History of Siberia and 9780340971246 £24.99 9780340759660 £19.99
the Russian Far East 1581-1991 Hardback
Alan Wood, Lancaster University, UK Archaeology, History 9781849663373 £19.99
and the Decline of Rome

Neil Christie, University of Leicester, UK

This is the first work Contents This exciting new Contents | Introduction |
to address the whole The Environment: Ice Box book offers a fresh Romans and Barbarians
and El Dorado | from the Early to Middle
span – chronologically assessment of the
The Russian Conquest: Empire | Romans,
and thematically – of Invasion and Assimilation western Roman Barbarians and Christians
the development of | The 18th Century: Empire’s ostensible in the Last Centuries of
Siberia and its role Exploration and decline. Neil Christie Roman Rule | Defending
in both a Russian and Exploitation | The 19th presents a compelling the Late Roman West:
global context. It is Century: Russian America, Armies, Commanders
Reform and Regionalism argument that the and Enemies | Defending
also the first work to Roman Empire did not
| The Native Peoples: the Late Roman West:
present history from Vanquished and Victims dissolve; rather it was Frontiers, Forts and
the view of Siberians | ‘Fetters in the Snow’: simply transformed Towns | Towns and
themselves. Beautifully The Siberian Exile System Urban Society in the
in the west and
written by one of | The Last Tsar of Siberia: Late Empire | Three
Railroad, Revolution and persistent in the Capitals of the West:
the area’s leading
Mass Migration | Red east. Emphasizing the Rome, Milan, Ravenna |
scholars, this book is Siberia: Revolution and interplay of history Pagan and Christian in
a fascinating read for Civil War | Siberia under the Late Roman West |
with archaeology in the
anyone interested in Stalin: Growth, Gulag and Late Roman Economies
study of this period,
Russia and Siberia. the Great Patriotic War and Landscapes | ‘After’
| Modern Siberia: Boom, this book is a vital Rome – The West in
BAM and Beyond student text. Decay?

History in Practice The Nazi Dictatorship In the fourth edition of

Textbooks | HISTORY
The Nazi Dictatorship,
Second Edition Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation Kershaw evaluates the
Ludmilla Jordanova Fourth Edition complex historiography
Ian Kershaw of the Third Reich,
drawing particularly
on the research by
History in Practice German scholars,
explores the discipline’s which is not available
breadth, its complexities in English. This is a
and the tasks it takes on. well-established text,
This classic text discusses providing students with
the role of history as a detailed examination
9780340814345 9780340760284
an academic discipline of interpretational issues
2006 Paperback 2000 Paperback
and the complicit use of which characterize
235x161mm 272pp 234x164mm 304pp
historical ideas in the the study of this most
£17.99 wider world. £21.99 important field.

Arnold History of Britain Modern Wars

The Long Eighteenth Century Thunder in the East
Thunder in the East is a
British Political and Social History The Nazi-Soviet War 1941-1945 penetrating overview of
1688-1832 Evan Mawdsley the Nazi-Soviet conflict.
Frank O’Gorman The Long Eighteenth Mawdsley analyzes the
Century is the broadest Wehrmacht and Red Army
single volume to focus as well as the command
on this period in Britain’s and production systems
history. The book blends that were able to sustain
narrative chapters with them. Benefiting from a
more solid analysis, post-Communist, post-Cold
offering a fresh and War perspective, the
cogent account of the book takes advantage of
9780340567517 9780340613924
period. Written by a a wealth of new studies
1997 Paperback 2007 Paperback
leading scholar, it is the and source material,
235x158mm 432pp 235x159mm 528pp
most established text on which have only recently
£21.99 this topic. £19.99 become available. 15
Arnold History of Britain
State and Society A WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE
Textbooks | HISTORY

State and Society is one

A Social and Political History of of the most respected and AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
Britain since 1870 widely read introductions
Third Edition to the social and political
Martin Pugh history of modern Britain.
Now in its third edition,
the book’s analysis
has moved beyond the
downfall of Margaret
Thatcher, guiding readers
up to the point of Labour’s
watershed victory in the
1997 election by covering
2008 Paperback
those instances of change
235x161mm 416pp
and continuity which
£24.99 interlink the periods.

The World Since 1945

The World Since 1945 is
An International History a succinct explanation
P. M. H. Bell of international history
between the period
of the Second World
War and the Cold War.
Bell provides students
with an accessibly
structured response
‘Whitaker’s remains the most comprehensive compendium of
to the problem of
interpretation, discussing information in the English language’ - Jon Snow
key concepts in relation ISBN: 9781408113646 • £45.00
to how they have helped
2001 Paperback
235x163mm 608pp
shape contemporary
interpretations of the
£24.99 period.

A History of Eastern This book is an The Crises of Empire

Textbooks | HISTORY
authoritative inquiry
Europe 1740-1918 into some of the most Decolonization and Europe’s Imperial Nation
Ian D. Armour turbulent events in States 1918-1975 This book is essential
the region’s history. Martin Thomas, Bob Moore and L. J. Butler reading for anyone
By examining how big interested in the
powers such as the study of imperialism
Habsburg, Ottoman and and comparative
Russian Empires jostled decolonization,
for control in the region, providing fresh insights
the book analyzes how on issues ranging from
the foundations of contemporary European
nationalism developed history and international
9780340760406 9780340731277
from within an politics through to the
2006 Paperback 2008 Paperback
environment combining legacies of colonialism
232x159mm 288pp 234x155mm 472pp
harrowing poverty with across the developing
£21.99 widespread social turmoil. £21.99 world.

Reading History
The Ebbing of European Reformation England
Ascendancy 1480-1642
An International History In the space of little Peter Marshall
of the World 1914-1945 over thirty years, the
Sally Marks world was transformed. Following the formula of
Europe’s great powers other titles within this
were no longer highly successful series,
ascendant and the US Reformation England
became a ‘superpower’. 1480-1642 examines all
This book assesses what aspects of the English
happened during that Reformation. Providing
time. Stressing the role the first textbook
9780340555668 9780340706244
of empire and the non- treatment of ‘The Long
2002 Paperback 2003 Paperback
western world, it offers Reformation’, this is a
240x177mm 480pp 237x179mm 256pp
a truly international vital text for students
£29.99 picture of the period. £21.99 interested in this area. 17
Britain’s Century The Demise of Communist East Europe
Textbooks | HISTORY

A Political and Social History 1815-1905, W. D. Rubinstein 1989 in Context, Robin Okey, 2004
9780340575345 1998 £17.99 Arnold History of Britain Hardback 9780340740569 £55.00 Paperback 9780340740576 £18.99 Historical Endings

Europe 1600-1789 The End of the Cold War Era

Anthony Upton The Transformation of the Global Security Order, Saki Dockrill
9780340663387 2001 £24.99 Arnold History of Britain 9780340740323 2005 £24.99 Historical Endings

The Transformation of Europe 1300-1600 The Ottoman Peoples and the End of Empire
David Nicholas Justin McCarthy
9780340662083 1999 £22.99 Arnold History of Britain 9780340706572 2001 £21.99 Historical Endings

The Impact of the English Reformation 1500-1640 Britain and the World in the Twentieth Century
Edited by Peter Marshall John W. Young
9780340677094 1997 £19.99 Arnold History of Britain 9780340540138 1997 £17.99 International Relations and the Great Powers

Women’s Work France and the World Since 1870

The English Experience 1650-1914, Edited by Pamela Sharpe John Keiger
9780340676967 1998 £19.99 Arnold History of Britain 9780340595077 2001 £24.99 International Relations and the Great Powers

A History of Modern Greece Russia and the World Since 1917

Thomas Gallant Caroline Kennedy-Pipe
9780340763377 2001 £19.99 Brief Histories 9780340652053 1998 £16.99 International Relations and the Great Powers

Czechoslovakia China
Maria Dowling Henrietta Harrison
9780340763698 2002 £18.99 Brief Histories 9780340741344 2001 £24.99 Inventing the Nation

Eastern Europe 1939–2000 France

Mark Pittaway, 2004 Tim Baycroft
Hardback 978034076220 £70.00 Paperback 9780340762196 £24.99 Brief Histories 9780340705704 2008 £19.99 Inventing the Nation

The Caribbean Germany

Gad Heuman Stefan Berger, 2004 Hardback 9780340705858 £70.00
9780340763636 2006 £19.99 Brief Histories Paperback 9780340705841 £21.99 Inventing the Nation

Britain in the First Millennium India and Pakistan

Edward James Ian Talbot
9780340586877 2000 £24.99 Britain and Europe 9780340706336 2000 £22.99 Inventing the Nation

Ireland Renaissance Monarchy

Textbooks | HISTORY
R. V. Comerford The Reigns of Henry VIII, Francis I and Charles V, Glenn Richardson
9780340731123 2003 £21.99 Inventing the Nation 9780340731437 2002 £18.99 Reconstructions in Early Modern History

Italy Disraeli
Nicholas Doumanis Edgar Feuchtwanger
9780340691618 2001 £19.99 Inventing the Nation 9780340719107 2000 £24.99 Reputations

Russia Edward IV
Vera Tolz Michael Hicks
9780340677056 2001 £19.99 Inventing the Nation 9780340760062 2004 £24.99 Reputations

The First World War Gorbachev

Germany and Austria-Hungary 1914-1918, Holger Herwig Man of the Twentieth Century?, Mark Sandle
9780340573488 1996 £25.00 Modern Wars 9780340761595 2008 £16.99 Reputations

The South African War 1899-1902 Louis XVI

Bill Nasson, 1999 The Silent King, John Hardman
Hardback 9780340741542 £60.00 Paperback 9780340614273 £19.99 Modern Wars 9780340706503 2000 £24.99 Reputations

The Wars of German Unification Thatcher

Dennis Showalter E. H. H. Green
9780340580172 2004 £19.99 Modern Wars 9780340759776 2006 £19.99 Reputations

The Industrial Revolution Napoleon

Pat Hudson Michael Broers and R. S. Alexander
9780713165319 1992 £19.99 Reading History 9780340719169 2001 £18.99 Reputations

Stalin’s Russia Neville Chamberlain

Second Edition, Chris Ward David Dutton
9780340731512 1999 £21.99 Reading History 9780340706275 2001 £24.99 Reputations

Nobilities in Transition 1550–1700 Nixon

Courtiers and Rebels in Britain and Europe, Ronald Asch Iwan Morgan
9780340625286 2003 £19.99 Reconstructions in Early Modern History 9780340760321 2002 £16.99 Reputations

Power and Protest in England 1525-1640 Oliver Cromwell

Alison Wall J. C. Davis
9780340610220 2000 £18.99 Reconstructions in Early Modern History 9780340731185 2001 £21.99 Reputations 19
Thomas Becket The Cold War
Textbooks | HISTORY

Anne Duggan An International History 1947-1991, S. J. Ball

9780340741382 2004 £24.99 Reputations 9780340591680 1997 £24.99

Writing Contemporary History Critical Companion to the Russian Revolution 1914-1921

Robert Gildea and Anne Simonin Edited by Edward Acton, Vladimir Cherniaev and William Rosenberg
9780340950005 2008 £19.99 Writing History 9780340763650 2001 £26.99

Writing Early Modern History Early Modern England

Edited by Garthine Walker A Social History 1550-1760, Second Edition, J. Sharpe
9780340807798 2005 £24.99 Writing History 9780340577523 1997 £21.99

Writing Medieval History Elizabeth I

Nancy F. Partner Wallace MacCaffrey
9780340808467 2005 £19.99 Writing History 9780340614556 1994 £24.99

A History of Germany 1815-1990 Emperor Charles V

Fourth Edition, William Carr 1500 - 1558, Wim Blockmans
9780340559307 1991 £24.99 9780340731109 2001 £17.99

Affluence and Authority England in Conflict 1603-1660

A Social History of Twentieth-Century Britain, John Benson Kingdom, Community, Commonwealth, Derek Hirst
9780340763674 2005 £21.99 9780340625019 1999 £26.99

Allies in War England’s Population

Britain and America Against the Axis Powers 1940–1945, Mark A. Stoler A History Since the Domesday Survey, Andrew Hinde, 2003
9780340720271 2007 £16.99 Hardback 9780340761892 £70.00 Paperback 9780340761908 £24.99

Belief and Unbelief in Medieval Europe German History Since 1800

John H. Arnold Edited by Mary Fulbrook
9780340807866 2005 £21.99 9780340692004 1997 £29.99

Britain and the Continent 1000–1300 Germany A New Social and Economic History Since 1800
The Impact of the Norman Conquest, Donald Matthew Volume 3, Edited by Richard Overy and Sheilagh Ogilvie, 2003
9780340740613 2005 £24.99 Hardback 9780340652152 £70.00 Paperback 9780340652145 £29.99

British America 1500–1800: History by Numbers

Creating Colonies, Imagining an Empire, Steven Sarson An Introduction to Quantitative Approaches, Pat Hudson
9780340760109 2005 £21.99 9780340614686 2000 £19.99

Hitler’s Ghettos Nineteenth-Century Germany

Textbooks | HISTORY
Voices from a Beleaguered Society 1939-1944, Gustavo Corni Politics, Culture, and Society 1780-1918, Edited by John Breuilly
9780340762462 2003 £29.99 9780340762356 2001 £26.99

Hitler’s ‘National Community’

Society and Culture in Nazi Germany, Lisa Pine
9780340888469 2007 £19.99
A Cultural History
Horatio Nelson: A Controversial Hero of Childhood and Family
Marianne Czisnik June 2010
9780340900215 2005 £24.99 1600pp / 244 x 172 mm / 300 bw illus
HB  9781845208264  £350
Imperial Germany 1867-1918
Politics, Culture, and Society in an Authoritarian State, Wolfgang J. Mommsen
9780340593608 1995 £17.99

International Fascism: Theories, Causes and the New Consensus A Cultural History
Edited by Roger Griffin
9780340706138 1998 £17.99
of the Human Body
June 2010
Ireland 1600pp / 244 x 172 mm / 300 bw illus
The Twentieth Century, Charles Townshend HB  9781845204952  £350
9780340663356 1999 £21.99

Massive Resistance: The White Response

to the Civil Rights Movement
George Lewis, 9780340900222 2006 £21.99 A Cultural History
of Sexuality
Medieval England
October 2010
A Social History 1250-1550, P. J. P. Goldberg
9780340577455 2004 £21.99 1600pp / 244 x 172 mm / 300 bw illus
HB  9781845207021  £350
Modern Britain
A Social History 1750-1997, Second Edition, Edward Royle
9780340579442 1997 £26.99

Nazi Germany 1933-1945

Faith and Annihilation, Jost Dülffer
9780340613931 1995 £16.99 21
Paris, the Provinces and the French Revolution The German Question and Europe
Textbooks | HISTORY

Alan Forrest A History, Peter Alter

9780340564349 2004 £19.99 9780340540176 2000 £16.99

Religion in the Medieval West The Global Economy 1944-2000

Second Edition, Bernard Hamilton The Limits of Ideology, Scott Newton
9780340808399 2003 £19.99 9780340761380 2004 £19.99

Rethinking the Russian Revolution The Romanov Empire

Edward Acton 1613-1917, Alan Wood
9780713165302 1990 £21.99 9780340761885 2007 £21.99

Rulers and Subjects Twentieth-Century America

Government and People in Russia 1801-1991, John Gooding Politics and Power in the United States 1900–2000, Michael Heale, 2004
9780340614051 1996 £18.99 Hardback 9780340614082 £70.00 Paperback 9780340614075 £21.99

Spanish History Since 1808 Twentieth-Century Europe

Edited by Adrian Shubert and José Alvarez Junco P. M. H. Bell
9780340662298 2000 £26.99 9780340740552 2006 £24.99

Tales from the Hanging Court Twentieth-Century France

Tim Hitchcock and Bob Shoemaker Politics and Society 1898-1991, Second Edition, James F. McMillan
9780340913758 2007 £12.99 9780340522394 1992 £24.99

The Angevin Empire Twentieth-Century Germany

John Gillingham Politics, Culture, and Society 1918-1990, Edited by Mary Fulbrook, 2001
9780340741153 2000 £16.99 Hardback 9780340763308 £60.00 Paperback 9780340763315 £21.99

The Black Death Transformed Using History

Disease and Culture in Early Renaissance Europe, Samuel K. Cohn, Jr. Jeremy Black
9780340706473 2003 £24.99 9780340888933 2005 £14.99

The East German Dictatorship The Western Church in the Middle Ages
Corey Ross John A. F. Thomson
9780340762660 2002 £16.99 9780340601181 1998 £16.99

The French Revolution Sourcebook Women in the Third Reich

Edited by John Hardman Matthew Stibe
9780340719831 1998 £20.99 9780340761045 2003 £19.99

Studying... Studying...

Studying the Studying

Textbooks | LITERATURE
Novel May, 2010 Literature July, 2010
234x156mm 240pp 234x156mm 432pp
Sixth Edition Paperback The Essential Companion Paperback
Jeremy Hawthorn, Norwegian University of 9780340985137 £14.99 Second Edition 9780340985120 £19.99
Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
Paul Goring, Jeremy Hawthorn and Domnhall
‘A model of compact exposition’ - The Times Mitchell, Norwegian University of Science and
Educational Supplement Technology, Trondheim, Norway

‘Excellent introduction to the mechanics of

degree-level study of literature – very practical’
- M. Moran, Brunel University, UK

How do literary critics the essential guide

distinguish between to the concepts and
‘story’ and ‘plot’, approaches central Studying Literature right through to
between a symbol to understanding the combines practical graduation. New to this
and an image, or novel, novella and advice on study edition is a section on
between ‘tone’ and short story. skills, from using the how to access and most
‘mood’? How do we library to preparation effectively use digital
define ‘realism’, Contents for exams, with resources.
‘modernism’, and Introduction | Fiction a comprehensive
‘postmodernism’? and the Novel | overview of literary Contents
History, Genre, Culture Introduction | Section 1:
Studying the Novel theories and theorists,
| Shorter Fiction | Guide to Studying
provides answers to Realism, Modernism, including substantial
Literature at University |
these questions and Postmodernism | Fiction glossary sections. It is Section 2: Guide to
many others in a way and the Electronic Media an ideal introduction the Use of Electronic
that is readable and | Analyzing Fiction | to the subject for pre- Resources | Section 3:
entertaining without Studying the Novel | university students, Theories and Approaches
Versions and Adaptations | Section 4: Guide to
being simplistic. yet its sophisticated
| Critical Approaches to Literary Theorists |
Widely acclaimed Fiction | Timeline of the and lively reference Section 5: Glossary of
for its erudition and Novel | Glossary of Terms sections offer students Literary and Theoretical
accessibility, this is | Annotated Bibliography an invaluable resource Terms 23
Studying... Studying...

Studying Plays Studying Poetry

Textbooks | LITERATURE

Third Edition Second Edition

August, 2010 September, 2010
Mick Wallis, University of Leeds, UK, and 234x156mm 240pp Stephen Matterson and Darryl Jones, 234x156mm 208pp
Simon Shepherd, The Central School of Paperback Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland Paperback
Speech and Drama, University of London, UK 9780340985144 £14.99 9780340985151 £14.99
‘Its great virtue lies in the amount of
questions it raises. [The authors’] enthusiasm,
‘...comprehensive, thoughtful and accessibly
engagement and occasional knowingly facetious
written’ - Research in Drama Education
asides should appeal to, and enlighten, bright
[students]. They will also find the glossary of
technical and theoretical terms very useful’
- The Times Educational Supplement

Studying Plays is action, they look at Contents

a comprehensive the body, space and Getting Started | Studying Poetry is an does it reflect the
Characters and Persons | intuitive and erudite political and cultural
introduction to theatre semiotics, and
Dialogue | Plot and
understanding plays, they discuss culture Action | The Actor’s Body
guide to understanding milieu in which it is
which examines and and interpretation. | Spaces | Culture and poetry, illustrated with written and why is it
Please go to page 30 for
explains the key All the major critical Interpretation | Glossary a wonderfully diverse important to society? information on another
elements of drama approaches to drama range of examples from title in the Studying…
by reference to are introduced and the great classics to Series
judiciously chosen there are exercises contemporary poetry Contents
plays, both classic designed to allow including the lyrics of Part I: Form and
Meaning | Poem and
and contemporary, students to refine Bob Dylan and Bruce
Form | Poem and
including King Lear, their own analytical Springsteen. The book Communication | Poem
A Doll’s House and and creative abilities. covers all the technical and Tradition | Part II:
Shopping and F**king. The third edition has aspects of metre and Critical Approaches |
The authors explain been updated to take form, shows students Poem as Object | Poem
how to read a play account of recent how to ‘discover’ a and Author | Poem
and Reader | Part III:
text and interpret developments including poem by developing the
Interpreting Poetry | The
stage directions, they design-led and post- skills of close reading Poem in History | Public
examine character, dramatic text. and also examines the Poetry | The Limits of
dialogue, plot and context of poetry – how Poetry | Glossary

Modern Literary Theory Upgrade Your English Essay This concise student-

Textbooks | LITERATURE
Covering the key friendly guide focuses
A Reader theoretical approaches in Tony Myers on three key strategies
Fourth Edition modern literary theory, for improving essay
Edited by Patricia Waugh and Philip Rice this book offers an performance: answering
authoritative selection the question and making a
of essays and documents strong argument, analyzing
with helpful introductory language and examining
commentary. This literary technique, and
fourth edition includes discussing genre and
texts which do not deal considering context. Tony
directly with literature Myers’s writing is lively
yet have a fundamental and humorous, offering
9780340761915 9780340807910
importance to the advice that is supported
2001 Paperback 2002 Paperback
discipline from thinkers by helpful examples
233x156mm 512pp 216x139mm 160pp
including Marx, Freud and drawn directly from
£19.99 de Beauvoir. £19.99 student essays.

Essential Glossary
A Glossary of Contemporary The Writer’s Workbook
This book provides a
Literary Theory Jeremy Hawthorn’s Second Edition practical introduction
Fourth Edition acclaimed glossary is the Edited by Aileen La Tourette, to creative writing
Jeremy Hawthorn most comprehensive and Edmund Cusik and Jenny Newman from an authorial team
clearest on the market. comprising novelists,
It is extensively cross- poets and dramatists
referenced and includes who are also experienced
excellent suggestions teachers of creative
for further reading. This writing. The book offers
fourth edition reflects key points of good
recent developments practice, warnings about
in the field, including the most frequent pitfalls
9780340761953 9780340809655
queer theory, and many and a variety of exercises
2000 Paperback 2004 Paperback
existing entries have to hone readers’ skills in
235x156mm 416pp 234x162mm 192pp
been substantially writing and how to get
£24.99 revised. £14.99 their writing published. 25
English in Practice
Textbooks | LITERATURE

In Pursuit of English Studies Aimed at all those

Peter Barry who are taking English
degrees or teaching
them, English in Practice
is a reflective overview of

Hardback: 9781903436882 £65.00

Hardback: 9781903436929 £65.00

Paperback: 9781903436899 £9.99

Paperback: 9781903436936 £9.99

the discipline’s core: the

close reading of texts,
contexts and ‘intertexts’.
The book works through a
series of fully developed
examples rather than
abstract exposition,
2003 Paperback
encouraging student
214x137mm 224pp
readers to think for
“ The edition we all return to for its balance of opinion, £19.99 themselves.
analytical details and practicality”
Simon Russell Beale, Actor and Associate, National Theatre
Is horror an anti-
A Thematic History in establishment force
Fiction and Film and an argument for
Darryl Jones
Hardback: 9781408124994 £65.00

Hardback: 9781904271321 £65.00

Paperback: 9781408017975 £9.99

Paperback: 9781904271338 £8.99 social revolution? Is it

a liberating exposé of
human nature and a peek
at the dark side of the
unconscious? Or is it pure
evil, designed to corrupt
and deprave? Starting
from such questions
about the nature of
horror, this book is an
2002 Paperback
accessibly written and
235x162mm 224pp
thematically grounded
£19.99 history of the genre.

Contexts Contexts
Renaissance Drama Modernism

Textbooks | LITERATURE
How did dramatists The early twentieth
Andrew McRae engage with the Steven Matthews century saw modernist
unprecedented levels writers challenge literary
of socio-cultural and conventions to express
intellectual change in their perspectives on a
Renaissance England, dynamic but unsettling
a time when ideas of world. This book provides
identity, sexuality, a lucid overview of
social order, religion the period, mapping
and state power were the literary alongside
in flux? The book historical, social and
provides a contextual literary issues, and
9780340763476 9780340763254
introduction to the work offering informed readings
2003 Paperback 2004 Paperback
of Shakespeare, Marlowe, of works by Woolf, Eliot,
234x155mm 192pp 235x156mm 192pp
Jonson, Dekker, Webster, Lawrence, Pound and
£19.99 Middleton and Ford. £16.99 Joyce amongst others.

Contexts Contexts
Postmodern Literature The Long 18th Century
This book defines The Long 18th Century
Ian Gregson postmodernism, compares Paul Baines looks at a range of
and contrasts it with writers including Aphra
modernism, and places it Behn, John Dryden,
in its historical context. Oliver Goldsmith, Samuel
Gregson discusses the Richardson and Jonathan
major proponents of Swift. By combining fresh
postmodern theory - readings of familiar and
Jean-François Lyotard, unfamiliar texts with
Fredric Jameson and a new enquiry into the
Jean Baudrillard – and relationship between
demonstrates how their writers and their world,
9780340813713 9780340813720
theories illuminate the Baines provides a
2004 Paperback 2004 Paperback
work of postmodern thorough and wide-ranging
235x156mm 192pp 235x156mm 192pp
novelists including Angela account of an energetic
£19.99 Carter and Salman Rushdie. £19.99 and troubled age. 27
AD SEVEN ACB Methuen Drama NEW.pdf 7/4/10 17:20:27

Romantic Literature The Bakhtin Reader

Textbooks | LITERATURE

Jennifer Breen and Mary Noble Selected Writings of Bakhtin, Medvedev, Voloshinov, Edited by Pam Morris
9780340806708 2002 £19.99 Contexts 9780340592670 1997 £18.99

Victorian Fiction
Gail Marshall
9780340763292 2002 £24.99 Contexts SCREEN ADAPTATIONS
American Literature:
The Essential Glossary, Edited by Stephen Matterson
9780340807040 2002 £24.99 Essential Glossary COMING SOON
Irish Studies

9781408105924 £12.99

9780713679120 £12.99
Edited by Alex Davis, Andrew Hadfield, Eve Patten and John Goodby
9780340807415 2003 £24.99 Essential Glossary

Post-Colonial Studies
The Essential Glossary, John Thieme
9780340761748 2003 £24.99 Essential Glossary

Victorian Culture and Society

The Essential Glossary, Adam C. Roberts
9780340807620 2003 £21.99 Essential Glossary

Studying Literary Theory

An Introduction, Second Edition, Roger Webster
9780340584996 1995 £14.99 Studying...

9780713679090 £12.99

9780713679113 £12.99
Contemporary Postcolonial Theory:
A Reader, Edited by Padmini Mongia
9780340652886 1996 £19.99

Engendering Fictions
The English Novel in the Early Twentieth Century, Lyn Pykett
9780340562772 1995 £16.99

A Reader, Edited by Patricia Waugh
9780340573815 1992 £16.99

Get Me a A Right to


Murder a Day! October, 2009
234x156mm 336pp Offend September, 2010
216x134mm 256pp
Paperback Hardback
A History of Media and Communication 9780340983256 £21.99 Free Expression in the Twenty-First Century 9781849660150 £40.00
in Britain Paperback
Brian Winston, University of Lincoln, UK 9781849660037 £16.99
Second Edition
Kevin Williams, Swansea University, UK

‘Anyone wanting to gain an understanding of

what the media are like today, and how they
came to be like this, should read this book’
– Colin Sparks, University of Westminster, UK Written by a leading and the more general Law Moves | A Clash
figure in the field, realities of media of Civilizations? The
A Right to Offend autonomy. Persistence of Blasphemy,
Tracing the history of students interested the Concept of Fiction
analyzes the state of and the Notion of
the print, broadcast in understanding the free expression in the Contents
Satire in Non-European
and film industries, media landscape today. twenty-first century. Prologue: ‘Free Expression
Societies | Tolerance,
Williams offers a is in Trouble’ | Part One:
The book explores Offence, Ethnicities,
Cases | The Rushdie
concise and enjoyable the most important Gender, Religion and
Affair and the Arrival of
introduction to mass cases of conflict over Sex | Conclusion: ‘Free
Contents the ‘Fatwa’ | The Danish
communication in Expression is in Trouble’ II
Preface to the Second the last two decades, Cartoons | The Dutch
Britain. This new Edition | Preface to the including the fatwa Filmmaker | The Sikh
edition offers fresh First Edition | Readers, against Salman Rushdie Drama | The Offended
insights into key Rioters and Rick Burners: Celebrities | The Media’s
and the incident of
An Introduction to ‘Crisis of Trust’ | Part
developments over the History of Mass the Danish cartoons. Two: Contexts | The
the last decade, the Communication in Britain Winston provides a Enlightenment Heritage:
changing nature of the | Part 1: The Age of Print unique insight into the A Media Specific Right
industry’s organization | Part 2: Sound and Vision increasingly threatened of Free Expression? |
and their impact on | Part 3: The Television atmosphere in which The Increasing Force
Era | Part 4: The Digital of Tolerance: Political
audiences. Get Me freedom of speech
World Correctness, Animal
a Murder a Day! is operates, how it Rights and the Death of
essential reading for For a full contents listing, continues to inform the Soldiers | From Harm to
media and journalism please visit our website. practice of journalism Offence: The Common 29

Media and Studying Film


Society September, 2010

234x156mm 416pp Second Edition
September, 2010
Paperback Nathan Abrams, University of Bangor, 234x156mm 336pp
Fifth Edition 9780340984451 £21.99 Paperback
UK, Ian Bell, West Herts College, UK, and
Edited by James Curran, Goldsmiths College, Jan Udris, Birkbeck College, University 9780340984468 £21.99
University of London, UK of London, UK

‘An original contribution to media studies. ‘The glossary is worth the purchase price
Beautifully organized, well-written and alone’ – NATFHE Journal
incisive’ - James Carey, Columbia University, USA

This is the fifth Comparative Perspective | Race and Identity in Studying Film offers Contents
| Interactive, Engaging Digital Media | The Rise students an accessible Preface |
edition of a highly-
but Unequal: Critical of Internet News Media Acknowledgements |
respected collection introduction to the
Conclusions from and the Emergence of Illustrations and Tables
of essays from study of film. Written | Introduction | Part 1:
Internet Studies | Part Discursive Publics in
some of the world’s 2: Four Approaches South Korea | The Future by three experienced Cinema as Institution |
leading scholars. to the Sociology of of the News Industry film teachers and Early Cinema | US Cinema
Boasting fifteen new News Revisited | The reflecting the content | British Cinema | World
Contribution of Critical of current courses, Cinemas | Alternative
chapters, it is the most
Political Economy | Cinema | Production,
international and this book explores the
Beyond the Global/ Distribution and Exhibition
up-to-date introduction key concepts, terms | Cinema, the Media
Local | Contemporary
to media studies. Hollywood Radicalism and events which have and Globalization | Part
| Chinese Media, shaped the study and 2: Film as Text | The
Contentious Society | criticism of films from Language of Film | Film
Contents Part 3: The State of around the world. Form and Narrative |
Introduction | Part Media Effects Research Film Technology | Part
1: Film and Society | | Media Regimes and 3: Movies and Audiences
Entertaining Democracy Democracy | Arab Please go to pages 23-24 | Cinema, Audiences and
| Media and Feminism Film and Islamic for more information Society | Meaning and
| Media and Politics | Fundamentalism | The on other titles in the Spectatorship | Authorship
Western Media Systems in Politics of Reality TV Studying… Series | Genre | Stars

International Communication Researching Communications


Continuity and Change A Practical Guide to Methods in Media and
Second Edition Cultural Analysis, Second Edition This book provides
Daya Thussu This bestselling text is David Deacon, Graham Murdock, students with an
a unique introduction Michael Pickering and Peter Golding authoritative, step-by-
to the complex step guide to media
political, economic and and communications
technological context in research. Now in its
which multinational media second edition, the book
and culture operates. includes an increased
With new case studies focus on the internet,
and pedagogical features, concentrating on both
9780340888926 the book is compulsory 9780340926994
how it has developed
2006 Paperback reading for all media and 2007 Paperback
as a research tool and
242x183mm 384pp communication studies 238x199mm 440pp
simultaneously become a
£21.99 students. £22.99 research subject in itself.

Understanding Media Web.Studies The second edition of

Understanding Media Web.Studies combines
Theory Theory is an accessible Second Edition fully revised chapters
Kevin Williams introduction to mass David Gauntlett and Ross Horsley with fresh insights
media theory. The into the most pressing
book emphasizes the developments and
importance of using controversies in
theory not only to make cyberspace. The book
sense of the role of the provides a comprehensive
media in society but also overview of web-based
to understand particular culture and the arts, the
aspects of the process theories and methodology
of mass communication. of cyberculture studies
9780340719046 9780340814727
This is an introduction and the international
2003 Paperback 2004 Paperback
to theory which students context in which online
236x184mm 256pp 233x160mm 320pp
can understand and activism continues to be
£17.99 enjoy. £19.99 debated. 31
Studying the Media Multimodal Discourse

Third Edition Gunther Kress and Theo Van Leeuwen Multimodal Discourse
Tim O’Sullivan, Brian Dutton outlines a new theory
and Philip Rayner of communication for
the age of interactive
media. Gunther Kress
and Theo Van Leeuwen
This book is an provide students
indispensible guide to with a wide-ranging
students looking for a analysis of the various
clear, comprehensive and communication styles
engaging introduction to and the ways by which
9780340807651 major topics within the 9780340608777 text is now understood as
2003 Paperback media studies field. It 2001 Paperback the interaction of sound,
245x190mm 384pp offers full-colour pages 235x155mm 152pp music, vision, colour and
£19.99 throughout. £21.99 language.

Spanish Cinema Dictionary of Media and The seventh edition

Written by two of
A Student’s Guide the most respected Communication Studies of this dictionary is
Barry Jordan and Mark Allinson scholars in the field, Seventh Edition a vital resource for
Spanish Cinema James Watson and Anne Hill students interested in
provides students with communication. Focusing
comprehensive coverage on the exciting world
of the topics covered in of new media and its
Spanish film modules. social representation,
Supported by a range it provides students
of valuable pedagogic with a gateway into the
resources, this guide’s study of interpersonal
analytical focus makes communication,
9780340807453 9780340913383 communication
it an indispensible
2005 Paperback 2006 Paperback theory, media history
resource for both
235x158mm 256pp 235x156mm 368pp and technological
students and teachers of
£19.99 Spanish cinema. £16.99 development.

Introducing Film This book provides The Practical Media Dictionary


a comprehensive Jeremy Orlebar
Graham Roberts and Heather Wallis introduction to the 9780340809037 2003 £19.99 Arnold Student Reference
methods and terminology
used in the interpretation Cultural Consumption in Everyday Life
and study of films. It draws John Storey
9780340720363 1999 £21.99 Cultural Studies in Practice
on both contemporary
and classic examples to
Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies
promote an understanding Sue Thornham
of film theory as well 9780340718988 2001 £15.99 Cultural Studies in Practice
as the social context in
which it is situated. Key Approaches to Media
topics such as narrative, A Reader, Edited by Chris Newbold and Oliver Boyd-Barrett
cinematography, 9780340652299 1995 £24.99 Foundations in Media
2001 Paperback
spectatorship and the
235x156mm 192pp Media in Global Context
film industry are given
£14.99 extra attention. Edited by Annabelle Sreberny, Dwayne Winseck, Jim McKenna
and Oliver Boyd-Barrett 9780340676875 1997 £24.99 Foundations in Media

A Glossary of Cultural Theory

Between Ourselves Second Edition, Peter Brooker
This book is an ideal
An Introduction to Interpersonal 9780340807019 2003 £24.00
text for students taking
Communication courses in interpersonal
Third Edition
British Media in a Global Era
communication. It draws Katharine Sarikakis
Graeme Burton and Richard Dimbleby together all the main 9780340807330 2004 £19.99
strands in communication
theory to illustrate Contemporary European Cinema
communication processes Mary Wood
in action. Supplemented 9780340761366 2007 £19.99
by questions, case studies
and examples, this Cultural Studies and Communication
Edited by David Morley, James Curran and Valerie Walkerdine
edition shows students
9780340809532 9780340614174 1995 £16.99
how they can apply
2006 Paperback coherent communication
235x156mm 288pp European Media Studies
theory to their everyday Kevin Williams
£19.99 lives. 9780340719022 2005 £19.99 33
Fifty Key Television Programmes Making Popular Music

Edited by Glen Creeber Musicians, Creativity and Institutions, Jason Toynbee

9780340809433 2004 £24.99 9780340652237 2000 £18.99

The Film Studies Reader Media Discourse

Edited by Joanne Hollows, Mark Jancovich and Peter Hutchings Norman Fairclough
9780340692790 2000 £24.99 9780340588895 1995 £21.99

French Cinema Mediating the Family

A Student’s Guide, Phil Powrie and Keith Reader Gender, Culture and Representation, Estella Tincknell
9780340760048 2002 £21.99 9780340740804 2005 £19.99

How to Do Things with Cultural Theory New Media Cultures

Matt Hills P. David Marshall
9780340809150 2005 £19.99 9780340806999 2004 £19.99

If You Take My Meaning On Air

Theory into Practice in Human Communication, Second Edition Methods and Meanings of Radio, Martin Shingler and Cindy Wieringa
Richard Ellis and Ann McClintock 9780340604069 1994 £13.99 9780340652312 1998 £16.99

Information Age Journalism Packaging Politics

Journalism in an International Context, Vincent Campbell Political Communications in Britain’s Media Democracy, Second Edition
9780340763490 2004 £24.99 Bob Franklin 9780340761946 2004 £24.99

Interpreting Everyday Culture Passionate Detachments

Fran Martin An Introduction to Feminist Film Theory, Sue Thornham
9780340808528 2003 £21.99 9780340652251 1997 £15.99

Interpreting Television Popular Music Studies

Karen Lury Edited by David Hesmondhalgh and Keith Negus
9780340806135 2005 £19.99 9780340762486 2002 £19.99

Introduction to Multimodal Analysis Popular Reality

David Machin Journalism and Popular Culture, John Hartley
9780340929384 2007 £21.99 9780340584897 1996 £16.99

Making Films in Contemporary Hollywood Reinventing Film Studies

Alan Lovell and Gianluca Sergi Edited by Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams
9780340809839 2005 £19.99 9780340677230 2000 £24.99

Representing Men The Television Studies Book


Kenneth MacKinnon Edited by Christine Geraghty and David Lusted
9780340808337 2003 £19.99 9780340662311 1997 £24.99

Representing Sport Understanding Identity

Rod Brookes Kath Woodward
9780340740521 2002 £19.99 9780340808504 2003 £19.99

Representing Women Understanding Media Culture

Myths of Femininity in the Popular Media, Myra Macdonald Jostein Gripsrud
9780340580165 1995 £18.99 9780340720356 2002 £21.99

Researching Audiences Understanding Media Semiotics

Catherine Murray, Kim Schrøder, Kirsten Drotner and Steve Kline Marcel Danesi
9780340762745 2003 £19.99 9780340808849 2002 £24.99

Stars in Modern French Film Visual Cultures and Critical Theory

Guy Austin Patrick Fuery and Kelli Wagner, 2003
9780340760192 2003 £19.99 Hardback 9780340807477 £65.00 Paperback 9780340807484 £19.99

Studying Contemporary American Film Watching Television Audiences

A Guide to Movie Analysis, Thomas Elsaesser and Warren Buckland Cultural Theories & Methods, John Tulloch
9780340762066 2002 £21.99 9780340741429 2000 £16.99

Studying Culture What Is Cultural Studies?

An Introductory Reader, Second Edition, Edited by Ann Gray and Jim McGuigan A Reader, Edited by John Storey
9780340676882 1997 £16.99 9780340652404 1996 £17.99

The Media Book

Edited by Chris Newbold, Hilde Van den Bulck and Oliver Boyd-Barrett
9780340740484 2002 £21.99

The Media Studies Reader

Edited by Tim O’Sullivan and Yvonne Jewkes
9780340645475 1997 £29.99

The Sociology of Journalism

Brian McNair
9780340706152 1998 £21.99 35

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A Glossary of Contemporary Bosworth, R. J. B. 13 Czisnik, Marianne 21 French Cinema 34

Literary Theory 25 Boyd-Barrett, Oliver 33, 35 Danesi, Marcel 35 Fuery, Patrick 35

A Glossary of Cultural Theory 33 Breen, Jennifer 28 Davis, Alex 28 Fulbrook, Mary 20, 22
A History of Eastern Europe 17 Breuilly, John 21 Davis, J. C. 19 Gallant, Thomas 18
A History of Germany 1815-1990 20 Britain and Europe 1500-1780 13 Deacon, David 31 Gauntlett, David 31
A History of Modern Greece 18 Britain and the Continent 1100-1300 20 Demetis, Dionysios 8 Geraghty, Christine 35
A Right to Offend 29 Britain and the World Dictionary of Media and German History Since 1800 20
Abrams, Nathan 30 in the Twentieth Century 18 Communication Studies 32 Germany 18, 20
Access to Knowledge in Brazil 6 Britain in the First Millenium 18 Dimbleby, Richard 33 Get Me a Murder a Day! 29
Access to Knowledge in Egypt 6 Britain’s Century 18 Disraeli 19 Gildea, Robert 20
Acton, Edward 20, 22 British America 1500-1800 20 Dockrill, Saki 18 Gillingham, John 22
Affluence and Authority 20 British Media in a Global Era 33 Doumanis, Nicholas 19 Gledhill, Christine 34
Alexander, R. S. 19 Broers, Michael 19 Dowling, Maria 18 Goldberg, P. J. P. 21
Allies in War 20 Brooker, Peter 33 Dreyfus, Jean-Marc 11 Golding, Peter 31
Allinson, Mark 32 Brookes, Rod 35 Drotner, Kirsten 35 Goodby, John 28
Alter, Peter 22 Buckland, Warren 35 Duggan, Anne 20 Gooding, John 22
Alvarez Junco, José 22 Burton, Graeme 33 Dülffer, Jost 21 Gorbachev 19
American Literature 28 Butler, L. J. 17 Dutton, Brian 32 Goring, Paul 23
Angell, Ian 8 Cameron, Deborah 5 Dutton, David 19 Gray, Ann 35
Approaches to Media 33 Campbell, Vincent 34 Early Modern England 20 Green, E. H. H. 19
Armour, Ian D. 17 Carr, William 20 Eastern Europe 1939-2000 18 Gregson, Ian 27
Armstrong, Chris 2 Carter, Nick 12 Edward IV 19 Griffin, Roger 21
Arnold, John H. 20 Cherniaev, Vladimir 20 Elizabeth I 20 Gripsrud, Jostein 35
Asch, Ronald 19 Children in Custody 5 Ellis, Richard 34 Hadfield, Andrew 28
Austin, Guy 35 China 18 Elsaesser, Thomas 35 Hamilton, Bernard 22
Baines, Paul 27 Christie, Neil 14 Emperor Charles V 20 Hardman, John 19, 22
Ball, S. J. 20 Cohn, Jr., Samuel K. 22 Engendering Fictions 28 Harrison, Henrietta 18
Banya, Momoh 2 Comerford, R. V. 19 England in Conflict 1603-1660 20 Hartley, John 34
Barry, Peter 26 Contemporary European Cinema 33 England’s Population 20 Hawthorn, Jeremy 23, 25
Bate, Jonathan 2 Contemporary Postcolonial Theory 28 English in Practice 26 Heale, Michael 22
Baycroft, Tim 18 Corni, Gustavo 21 Europe 1600-1789 18 Herwig, Holger 19
Belief and Unbelief in Cotterill, Sarah 3 European Media Studies 33 Hesmondhalgh, David 34
Medieval Europe 20 Creeber, Glen 34 Fairclough, Norman 34 Heuman, Gad 18
Bell, Ian 30 Critical Companion to the Russian Feldner, Heiko 10 Hicks, Michael 19
Bell, P. M. H. 16, 22 Revolution 1914-1921 20 Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies 33 Hill, Anne 32
Benson, John 20 Cultural Consumption in Everyday Life 33 Feuchtwanger, Edgar 19 Hills, Matt 34
Berger, Stefan 10, 18 Cultural Studies And Fifty Key Television Programmes 34 Hinde, Andrew 20
Between Ourselves 33 Communication 33 Forrest, Alan 22 Hirst, Derek 20
Beyond Control 4 Curran, James 30, 33 France 18 History by Numbers 20
Black, Jeremy 22 Cusik, Edmund 25 France and the World Since 1870 18 History in Practice 15
Blockmans, Wim 20 Czechoslovakia 18 Franklin, Bob 34 Hitchcock, Tim 22

Hitler’s Ghettos 21 Lessig, Lawrence 9 Mediating the Family 34 On Air 34

Hitler’s ‘National Community’ 21 Lewis, George 21 Medieval England 21 Orlebar, Jeremy 33
Hollows, Joanne 34 Liu, Hanhua 3 Mitchell, Domnhall 23 O’Sullivan, Tim 32, 35
Horatio Nelson: A Controversial Hero 21 Louis XVI 19 Modern Britain 21 Overy, Richard 20
Horror 26 Lovell, Alan 34 Modern Italy in Historical Owen, David 2
Horsley, Ross 31 Lury, Karen 34 Perspective 12 Packaging Politics 34
Houlbrooke, Ralph 13 Lusted, David 35 Modern Literary Theory 25 Paré, Shirley 4
How To Do Things with Cultural Theory 34 MacCaffrey, Wallace 20 Modernism 27 Paris, the Provinces and
Hudson, Pat 19, 20 Macdonald, Myra 35 Mommsen, Wolfgang J. 21 the French Revolution 22
Hutchings, Peter 34 Machin, David 34 Mongia, Padmini 28 Partner, Nancy F. 20
If You Take My Meaning 34 MacKinnon, Kenneth 35 Moore, Bob 17 Passionate Detachments 34
Imperial Germany 1867-1918 21 Majumdar, Rochona 11 Morgan, Iwan 19 Passmore, Kevin 10
India and Pakistan 18 Making Films in Contemporary Morley, David 33 Patten, Eve 28
Info-Aesthetics 7 Hollywood 34 Morris, Pam 28 Pickering, Michael 31
Information Age Journalism 34 Making Popular Music 34 Moseley, Alice 3 Pine, Lisa 21
International Communication 31 Manovich, Lev 7 Multimodal Discourse 32 Pittaway, Mark 18
International Fascism 21 Marks, Sally 17 Murdock, Graham 31 Popular Music Studies 34
International Governance of Marsden, Christopher T. 7 Murray, Catherine 35 Popular Reality 34
Biotechnology 8 Marshall, Gail 28 Mussolini 13 Post-Colonial Studies 28
Interpreting Everyday Culture 34 Marshall, P. David 34 Myers, Tony 25 Postmodern Literature 27
Interpreting Television 34 Marshall, Peter 17, 18 Napoleon 19 Postmodernism 28
Introducing Film 33 Martin, Fran 34 Nasson, Bill 19 Power and Protest in
Introduction to Multimodal Analysis 34 Mason, Andrew 2 Nazi Germany 1933-1945 21 England 1525-1640 19
Ireland 19, 21 Massive Resistance 21 Negus, Keith 34 Powrie, Phil 34
Irish Studies 28 Matterson, Stephen 24, 28 Net Neutrality 7 Prospects for Citizenship 2
Italy 19 Matthew, Donald 20 Neville Chamberlain 19 Pugh, Martin 16
James, Edward 18 Matthews, Steven 27 New Media Cultures 34 Pykett, Lyn 28
Jancovich, Mark 34 Mawdsley, Evan 15 Newbold, Chris 33, 35 Rayner, Philip 32
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John, Peter 3 McCarthy, Justin 18 Newton, Scott 22 Redekop, Vern Neufeld 4
Jones, Darryl 24, 26 McClintock, Ann 34 Nicholas, David 18 Reformation England 1480-1642 17
Jordan, Barry 32 McGhee, Derek 2 Nineteenth-Century Germany 21 Reinventing Film Studies 34
Jordanova, Ludmilla 15 McGrew, Anthony 2 Nixon 19 Religion in the Medieval West 22
Keiger, John 18 McGuigan, Jim 35 Nobilities in Transition 1550-1700 19 Remix 9
Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline 18 McKenna, Jim 33 Noble, Mary 28 Renaissance Drama 27
Kershaw, Ian 15 McMillan, James F. 22 Nomura, Hisako 3 Renaissance Monarchy 19
Kline, Steve 35 McNair, Brian 35 Nudge, Nudge, Think, Think 3 Representing Men 35
Kress, Gunther 32 McRae, Andrew 27 Ogilvie, Sheilagh 20 Representing Sport 35
La Tourette, Aileen 25 Media and Society 30 O’Gorman, Frank 15 Representing Women 35
Langton, Daniel 11 Media Discourse 34 Okey, Robin 18 Researching Audiences 35
Lee Downs, Laura 10 Media in Global Context 33 Oliver Cromwell 19 Researching Communications 31 39
Rethinking the Russian Revolution 22 Stibe, Matthew 22 The Long 18th Century 27 Understanding Media Theory 31

Rhodes, Catherine 8 Stoker, Gerry 2, 3 The Long Eighteenth Century 15 Upgrade Your English Essay 25
Rice, Philip 25 Stoler, Mark A. 20 The Media Book 35 Upton, Anthony 18
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Richardson, Liz 3 Studying Contemporary The Nazi Dictationship 15 Van den Bulck, Hilde 35
Rizk, Nagla 6 American Film 35 The Ottoman Peoples and Van Leeuwen, Theo 32
Roberts, Adam C. 28 Studying Culture 35 the End of Empire 18 Victorian Culture and Society 28
Roberts, Graham 33 Studying Film 30 The Practical Media Dictionary 33 Victorian Fiction 28
Romantic Literature 28 Studying Literary Theory 28 The Public Value of the Humanities 2 Visual Cultures and Critical Theory 35
Rosenberg, William 20 Studying Literature 23 The Romanov Empire 22 Wagner, Kelli 35
Ross, Corey 22 Studying Plays 24 The Sociology of Journalism 35 Wales, Corinne 3
Royle, Edward 21 Studying Poetry 24 The South African War 1899-1902 19 Walker, Garthine 20
Rubinstein, W. D. 18 Studying the Media 32 The Television Studies Book 35 Walkerdine, Valerie 33
Rulers and Subjects 22 Studying the Novel 23 The Transformation of Europe Wall, Alison 19
Russia 19 Talbot, Ian 18 1300-1600 18 Wallis, Heather 33
Russia And The World Since 1917 18 Tales from the Hanging Court 22 The Trouble and Strife Reader 5 Wallis, Mick 24
Russia’s Frozen Frontier 14 Taylor, Paul 4 The Wars of German Unification 19 Ward, Chris 19
Sandle, Mark 19 Thatcher 19 The Western Church in Watching Television Audiences 35
Sarikakis, Katharine 33 The Angevin Empire 22 the Middle Ages 22 Watson, James 32
Sarson, Steven 20 The Bakhtin Reader 28 The World Since 1945 16 Waugh, Patricia 25, 28
Saunders, Clare 2 The Black Death Transformed 22 The Writer’s Workbook 25 Web.Studies 31
Scanlon, Joan 5 The Careless State 4 Thieme, John 28 Webster, Roger 28
Schrøder, Kim 35 The Caribbean 18 Thomas Becket 20 What Is Cultural Studies? 35
Science’s First Mistake 8 The Cold War 20 Thomas, Martin 17 Wieringa, Cindy 34
Sergi, Gianluca 34 The Crises of Empire 17 Thomson, John A. F. 22 Williams, Kevin 29, 31, 33
Sharpe, J. 20 The Demise of Communist Thornham, Sue 33, 34 Williams, Linda 34
Sharpe, Pamela 18 East Europe 18 Thunder in the East 15 Winseck, Dwayne 33
Shaver, Lea 6 The East German Dictatorship 22 Thussu, Daya 31 Winston, Brian 29
Shepherd, Simon 24 The Ebbing of European Ascendancy 17 Tincknell, Estella 34 Women in the Third Reich 22
Shingler, Martin 34 The End of the Cold War Era 18 Tolz, Vera 19 Women’s Work 18
Shoemaker, Bob 22 The Fall of the Western Townshend, Charles 21 Wood, Alan 14, 22
Showalter, Dennis 19 Roman Empire 14 Toynbee, Jason 34 Wood, Mary 33
Shubert, Adrian 22 The Film Studies Reader 34 Tulloch, John 35 Woodward, Kath 35
Simonin, Anne 20 The First World War: Germany Twentieth Century America 22 Writing Contemporary History 20
Smith, Graham 2, 3 & Austria Hungary 1914-1918 19 Twentieth Century Europe 22 Writing Early Modern History 20
Spanish Cinema 32 The French Revolution Sourcebook 22 Twentieth-Century France 22 Writing Gender History 10
Spanish History Since 1808 22 The German Question and Europe 22 Twentieth-Century Germany 22 Writing History 10
Sreberny, Annabelle 33 The Global Economy 1944-2000 22 Udris, Jan 30 Writing Medieval History 20
Stalin’s Russia 19 The Impact of the English Understanding Identity 35 Writing Postcolonial History 11
Stars in Modern French Film 35 Reformation 1500-1640 18 Understanding Media Culture 35 Writing the Holocaust 11
State and Society 16 The Industrial Revolution 19 Understanding Media Semiotics 35 Young, John W. 18

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