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Sonia R.

Cruz Soto
832.388.9443 ▪

To obtain a leadership position in Aldine ISD.

University of Houston-Downtown
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary studies- EC-6 Bilingual Generalist December 2015

Lone Star College- North Harris

Associates of Arts in Teaching EC- 6 Generalist May 2014
Cypresswood Elementary-Aldine ISD July 2017-Present
 1st grade Bilingual Teacher.
 Bilingual Skill Specialist.
 Created grammar plan for 4th grade students.
 Create and model different STAAR strategies for bilingual classrooms based on MOY STAAR scores.

Carroll Academy – Aldine ISD January 2016-June 2017

 Kindergarten bilingual teacher.
 Create lesson plans and present to class assigned.
 Differintiated instruction for different levels of bilingual English Language Learners.
Keeble EC/ Pre-k – Aldine ISD Fall 2015
 Create lesson plans and present to class assigned.
 Two weeks of being the lead teacher for students.
 Created small groups and scaffolded content for students.

Garcia-Leza EC/Pre-k – Aldine ISD Fall 2014/ Spring 2015

Field Experience
 Create lesson plans and present to class assigned.
 Assist teacher with small group learning activities.
Garcia-Leza EC/Pre-k –Aldine IDS January 2013- December 2015
Instructional Paraprofessional
 Assist teacher with small group activities.
 Assist in any other school preparations for events.

Timberwood Middle School/ Humble High School - Humble ISD October 2011-December 2012
AVID Tutor
 Tutor a group of student with trouble subjects depending on the 3 rd week progress reports.
 Re-teach or give other helpful ways to solve math problems or focusing on main core subjects.

Bilingual: Fluent in reading, speaking and written communication in Spanish and English.
Certification Exams: Bilingual Education Supplemental Passed December 2015
Core Subjects Passed October 20 15
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility Passed March 2015
Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test-Spanish Passed October 2014
Computing Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office


Dean List- UH-D Fall 2014
Dean List-UH-D Spring 2015

Volunteer Work:
Keeble EC/ Pre-k Carnival October 2015
 Dressed as Elsa from Frozen Disney movie.
Garcia Leza EC/Pre-k Carnival Spring 2015
 Dressed as Ana from Frozen Disney movie.
Garcia Leza EC/Pre-k Garden Spring 2015
 Assisted with the setting up of a garden for student to harvest vegetables.

 Upon Request