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Android Application Development 

Workshop 2019

Day 1 - Sit back and Understand

Session 1 - Hello Android !

- Introduction to Android
- Android Architecture
- Android community and users
- Scope of an Android Developer: designer, developer
- Application Development Life Cycle
- Importance of Design
- Programming Languages in Android : Java and XML
- Eclipse and Android Studio IDEs
- What is an API level? [What are deprecated classes or methods?]
- Creating an Android Project
- Front-end and back-end environments
- Designing front-end through XML: .xml files
- Tags and Attributes in XML
- Working with various Layouts: Linear, Relative, Table, Frame
- Working with various Widgets: Buttons, TextViews, EditTexts,
ImageViews etc
- Understanding Responsive Design

Session 2 - Loading you with Basics

- Coding back-end through Java: .java files
- Understanding Activity
- Activity Life Cycle
- Designing Activity for different stages of App
- About the Manifest File : AndroidManifest.xml
- Registering Activity in AndroidManifest.xml
- All files of an Android Project: src, res, style.xml, string.xml,
values.xml, drawables etc
- App resources: images, styles, fonts, layouts, audios, videos
- Setting up devices for debugging: AVD or your Android Mobile
- Testing your first Application
- Designing with Adobe xd
- Understanding the tools of Designing
- Creating a prototype of your App
- Analysing the Complete App design
- Using prototype as reference to creating xml layouts
- Introduction to Intents
- Types of Intents: implicit and explicit
- Starting another activity using Intents
- What is Bundle?
- Sending data from one activity to another

Day 2 - Creating apps

Session 3 - Creating cool Apps

- Creating Apps: at least 2 good apps with splash screen,notifications,
intents, toasts, dialogs and saves
- The basic rules to follow while creating an app: splash screen,
making app more user-friendly using toasts and dialogs, action-bars
and toolbars
- Again, what are deprecated classes and methods, should you avoid
- Displaying a Toast
- Displaying a Dialog
- Action bar notification
- Using Toolbars
- App Permissions
- Background tasks
- Testing and debugging: using the LogCat
- Exceptions are reality
- Utilising developer community
- Finding out the problem itself
- Breaking down problems to get to your solution
- The more code you read, the more closer you get to solve your
- Common exceptions and possible solutions

Session 4 - Don’t work hard, work smart

- How we created ATRI Attendance App
- Using Internet to ease your burden
- Projects are for solving problems
- Get yourself the right project
- Publishing App to Play Store: packages, minsdk, target sdk etc
- Play Console Account
- Make an App release and release update
- Analyse app crashes and make your app robust
- How to earn money through your App?

Day 3 - Developing App like Professionals

Session 5
- GOAL: creating an app from scratch as a team like in an organisation
- Choosing a problem
- Following App Development Life Cycle
- Requirement Analysis
- Feasibility Study and Risk Analysis
- Designing

Session 6
- Coding: dividing work between front-end and back-end developers
- Testing: Unit Testing, Integration Testing and System Testing
- Deployment: Publishing in Play Store
- Give ratings and feedback

For Registrations - Contact +91 7702383953

This workshop will definitely ignite the spark in you to become the
Developers of tomorrow. Come join us to experience the world of Android
Application Development.

>About Me, ​Rahul Mahadevan ​(Instructor for Workshop)

I’m a Student of IT-3, ATRI, having tremendous interest in Computer

Science, Software/App Development, Teaching, Public Speaking,
Research and more. I have developed ATRI Attendance App for Android
which is a smart way of managing attendance data without wasting paper
or time. The app is available on play store with the following link

I automated the college radio with a software which I developed in 2017

with which routine tasks like playing national song/anthem and ringing bells
are done automatically by the software.

I’m also a YouTube Creator with my channel named “NOT Complicated”

(link - ​​). The goal of my youtube channel is -
Everything in this world can be understood by everyone who is interested,
so I take up topics which an average person feels is tough and try to make
it NOT Complicated a.k.a. easy.

In Atri, I’ve been awarded Best Student of the Year in IT department for
both 1st and 2nd year of my B.Tech.

For more details about workshop contact me personally or DM on my

Instagram @_rahulmahadevan_