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A Semi - Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics V

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson the pupils are expected to:

1. Visualize the ratio of 2 given numbers

2. Define Ratio

3. Express ratio
Value Focus: Appreciation for use of ratio in real life

II. Subject Matter:

Visualization of Ratio

Materials: Flashcards, cut-outs , real objects, powerpoint presentation

References:K-12 Grade 5 CurriculumGuide,M5NS-IIh-122,p.60

Lesson Guide in Elementary Mathematics Grade 5 pp. 218 – 222,

Mathematics for Better Life 5 pp. 194 – 195

MISOSA Gr. 5 Module – Ratio

Instructional Procedures:

A. Preliminary Activities:

1. Drill

Division Facts

2. Review

Review of previous lesson

3. Motivation

Ask the pupils to stand and dance the “Math Dali” and afterwards do the counting off
for male and female .What is the total number of boys? How about the girls?

B. Developmental Activities

1. Presentation

Using Actual Pupils in Naming Ratio


a. Pupils count the number of girls and boys in their respective group.

b. Pupils write the answer on the board

c. Tabulate the data on the board as follows

Group Number Number of Boys Number of Girls Total Number of Pupils

d. Ask the following questions:

How many pupils are there in each group?

How do you compare the number of boys to the number of girls in group 1? group 2?group
3?group 4? group 5?

e. Introduce the concept of ratio as the comparison of two quantities

Give more examples by showing 2 sets of pictures and compare them according to its quantity.

2. Performing the Activities

Cooperative Learning

Pupils will do the Activity base on their assign group. They will name their group with
“MATH” on its first syllable, for example MATHtinik.

Group 1

1. What is the ratio of the number of vowels to the number of consonants in the English

2. What is the ratio of vowels to all letters in the English alphabet?

3. What is the ratio of consonants to all letters in the English Alphabet?

Group 2

Use the picture of. What is the ratio of:

1. What is the ratio of Mother Ducks to the ducklings?

2. What is the ratio of horse to butterflies?

3. What is the ratio of butterflies to flowers?

Group 3

Draw a picture to show:

1. A ratio of 4 to 8

2. A ratio of 5 to 6
3. A ratio of 1 to 9

Group 4

Using real objects show the following ratio:

Example. A ratio of 4 to 6 ( show real 4 notebooks to 6 ballpens)

1. 7 to 10 2. 8: 12 3. 5: 15

Group 5

3. Processing the Activity

Pupils will present their output in front of the class.

Can we interchange the terms in ratio?

4. Reinforcing the Concepts and Skills

Individual Activity

Pupils will answer the activity in the power point presentation using their show me board

5. Applying of Concepts and Skills in Daily Living

What is the importance of ratio in our everyday living?

6. Summarizing the Lesson

Lead the pupils to give the following generalization by asking: What is ratio?

C. Assessment:

Visualize the ratio of these sets of objects by using illustrations or drawings

1. 15 apples to 3 plastic bags

2. 9 boxes to 45 candies
3. 1 ballpen to 3 notebooks
4. 3 cats to 2 ducks
5. 6 mangoes to 10 bananas
D. Home Activity

Draw or illustrate the following to visualize the ratio of 2 numbers

1. 10 leaves to 5 flowers
2. 2 cats to 3 dogs
3.5 spoons to 6 forks
4. 8 cups to 9 saucers
5. 1 table to 8 chairs

Prepared by:

Grade V- Teacher

Observed by:


Principal I