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Republic of Philippines

Department of Education
Region 02 – Cagayan Valley
Schools Division of the City of Ilagan
National Highway, Manaring, City of Ilagan Isabela 3300

A Detailed Lesson Plan

In T.L.E. 9- Cookery

I. Objectives:
a. Identify the ingredients in making french dressing;
b. Learn to prepare French dressing and;
c. Follow the workplace safety procedure

I. Subject Matter:
A. Topic: Prepare French Dressing
B. Reference:
TLE 9- Grade 9 Learner’s module pp. 107
TLE 9 Grade 9 Teachers guide

C. Methodologies:
1. Lecture
2. Demonstration
3. Cooperative Learning/Activity

D. Skills to be developed:
1. Identifying
2. Observing
3. Performing
E. Valuing:

1. Giving the importance of dressing in a salad.

2. Giving the importance of safety procedure in a workplace.
F. Materials:

1. kitchen utensils
2. Power point
3. Ingredient

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

A. Daily Routine

1. Prayer
Class let us all stand and let us
What group will lead the prayer Ma’am Joren po (the students performed)
2. Greetings
Good morning class! Good morning ma’am.
3. Checking of attendance
Attendance monitoring is there None ma’am
Any absent today?
Very Good!
B. Review:
Before we start our lesson let’s have a
simple recall about our previous lesson
through “tanong ko sagot mo”
Class I will group you into three
groups , The group 1 will be at the left side
and the group 2 will be at the back and the
group 3 will be at the right side and this is
you permanent group.
So class I have here different
questions I will be the one to ask questions
first ,then whoever group answer correctly
he/she draw questions and call a group to
answer the questions.
The best group will receive
additional points today…..lll
Is that clear class? Yes ma’am!
Congratulations to the winner!
Did you enjoy the game class? Yes ma’am!
Good job class you really understand
your lesson.

C. Motivation:
To start lets have a game the title of this
will be “PICK and LIST” each group will
receive a tray with ingredients. List down
all the ingredients that you can see in the
tray. After listing you put your output on
the board and the leader will report your
out put.
Any question class?
The students will get their tray and start the None ma’am
activity Yes ma’am
Are you done class?
Group I (Students performed)
Group II
Group II

D. Presentation of the lesson

Class based on the ingredients you
listed what recipe this ingredients intended
for? Students answers may vary
Ma’am for salad dressing
That’s right!

So, our lesson is about preparing

French dressing.

E. Lesson proper:
Class lets watch this video clips
showing how does French dressing being
Class while watching list down all the
tools and ingredients needed in making
French dressing

What are the tools used in preparing Students answer may vary
salad dressing? Ma’am mixing bowl

What are the ingredients that we use

Students answers may vary
in making salad dressing?
Vinegar ma’am
Again class get your tray and pick up
the ingredients needed in making French Students performed the activity
dressing, then you are now going to make
French dressing.
Class don’t forget the importance of Yes ma’am we have complete PPE
operational safety and health while doing
the activity.
After preparing the dressing each
(Student performs)
group will present their output.

F. Generalization:
What are the ingredients in making salad Vinegar!
dressing Oil, pepper, paprika,lemon juice and a twist of
Good job! ketchup ma’am
What is the use of lemon juice in making It is use in place of vinegar maa’am
salad dressing
Very Good!

E. Valuing:
Why it is important the dressing in
salad? To add flavor of the salad ma’am
Why it is important to wear the
appropriate PPE in the workplace? To protect us in danger while doing the activity
IV. Evaluation: Students answers may vary
Your output will be given
corresponding points using the given

V. Assignment:
Bring out your notebook and copy the
1. What are the hygienic practices in
storing salad and dressing

Goodbye everyone!
Good bye ma’am

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Teacher III Head Teacher I

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Principal III