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International Congress on

Integrative Medicine & Health

The most comprehensive scientific congress
in complementary and integrative medicine.

On April 28 - May 1, 2020, the Academic Consortium for Integrative
Medicine & Health will host the International Congress for Integrative Medicine and
Health at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Scientists, educators, practitioners and policy-makers

from the domestic and international communities will
come together to highlight scientific advances pertaining
to the field of integrative medicine and health. The
International Congress will highlight progress in the
arenas of original research, educational innovations,
clinical delivery models and policy challenges. Abstracts,
symposia, panel discussions, workshops and plenary
sessions are solicited from the community and selection
is based on peer review for quality, timeliness and fit with
the overall program. The International Congress will
convey the latest information on (a) safety, efficacy,
mechanism of action and cost effectiveness of
individual complementary therapies and lifestyle
interventions, and (b) models of integrative care which
are emerging in the US and abroad. More than 1,000
researchers, educators, clinicians, and trainees from DATES:
around the world are expected to attend. International April 28 – May 1, 2020
Congress Organizers welcome individuals from all
disciplines and professions engaged in integrative
Hilton Cleveland
medicine and health to foster the development of new
Downtown Hotel
collaborations and to strengthen existing partnerships Cleveland, Ohio, USA
within the field of integrative healthcare.

Thank you for your consideration.

Convened by
More than 1000 international
researchers, clinicians and trainees
from the broad field of Integrative

In 2018, over 900 registrants

In Association With
attended, representing 26
different countries!

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Congress Statistics:
Who Attended the 2018 Congress

◆ Over 900 participants from 26 countries convened ◆ 90 workshops were included in the program
in Baltimore ◆ The Congress accepted both regular and
◆ 90 oral presentations and 474 poster presentations late-breaking abstract submissions
◆ 34% of the poster presentations and 9% of the oral ◆ 77 members in the field of integrative medicine
presentations were presented by students and health participated in the scientific research
◆ 784 scientific abstracts were submitted to the abstract review process

➤ Attendees' Professional Discipline

9% 4% ■ Acupuncture
12% ■ Allied Health Services
■ Behavioral/Social Sciences
14% 1% 2% ■ Biological & Health-Related Sciences
■ Chiropractic/Chiropractic Medicine
7% ■ Does Not Apply
■ Massage Therapy
5% 2% ■ Medicine (Allopathic & Osteopathic)
■ Naturopathic Medicine
13% 4% 6% ■ Nursing
■ Nutrition
4% 3% ■ Oriental Medicine
29% Other
8% 3% ■
24% ■ Pharmacy
■ Public Health

13% 14%
12% 3%
➤ Attendees' Degrees Held
2% (option to choose more than one)
8% 3% 2% ■ BS/BA
18% ■ LAc
29% ■ PhD
Attendees' Primary

■ RN
Professional Role ■ MD
■ DC
■ Academic Faculty
■ ND
■ Administrator
4% ■ Other
■ Does Not Apply 34%
■ Other
■ Practitioner
■ Research Scientist
■ Trainee: Fellow/Resident
■ Trainee: Student

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Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship support is essential to ensuring the Congress provides the scientific direction, information and inspiration
that keeps integrative medicine in the forefront. It enables a high-caliber experience and increases access by providing
scholarships to new and early-career researchers, covering operational costs and subsidizing registration fees to make
the Congress more affordable for professionals who otherwise will not be able to attend. We welcome sponsors who
support integrative health academic, clinical or research activities. Application must be made to be made to be considered.


• Complimentary exhibit table Select One:
• Five complimentary Congress registrations Members Meeting
• Logo on event-related signage Monday, April 27
• Full page color advertisement in Congress Opening Welcome Reception
Pocket Guide Tuesday, April 28
• Hyperlinked logo on Congress website Poster Session - choose 1
• Recognition in all sponsor acknowledgment areas of Wednesday, April 29
website and onsite materials Thursday, April 30
• Logo included on printed Congress materials


• Complimentary exhibit table • Complimentary exhibit table
• Three complimentary Congress registrations • One complimentary Congress registration
• Logo on event-related signage • Logo on event-related signage
• Half page color advertisement in Congress • Hyperlinked logo on Congress website
Pocket Guide • Recognition in all sponsor acknowledgment areas of
• Hyperlinked logo on Congress website website and onsite materials
• Recognition in all sponsor acknowledgment areas of • Logo included on printed Congress materials
website and onsite materials Select One:
• Logo included on printed Congress materials New Investigator Reception
Select One: Tuesday, April 28
Box Lunch - choose 1 Networking Break – choose 1
Wednesday, April 29 Wednesday, April 29
Thursday, April 30 Thursday, April 30
Friday, May 1 Friday, May 1
Networking Continental Breakfast - choose 1
Wednesday, April 29 BRONZE SPONSOR: $5,000
Thursday, April 30
Friday, May 1 BENEFITS
Webcasting Session(s) - choose 1
Wednesday, April 29 (3 available) • Complimentary exhibit table
Thursday, April 30 (3 available) • Logo on event-signage as appropriate
Friday, May 1 (3 available) • Hyperlinked logo on Congress website
Plenary Session - choose 1 • Recognition in all sponsor acknowledgment areas of
Wednesday, April 29 (3 available) website and onsite materials
Thursday, April 30 (3 available) • Name included on printed Congress materials
Friday, May 1 (3 available)
Wine and Cheese Poster Reception - choose 1
Wednesday, April 29 OTHER PACKAGES
Thursday, April 30
Congress Mobile Device App SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION: $2,500
• Materials available for pickup on a general information table
• Hyperlinked logo on Congress website
• Name included on printed Congress materials
• Hyperlinked logo on Congress website
• Name included on printed Congress materials

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Exhibit Opportunities
Exhibits should be relevant to clinical, academic or research activities in integrative medicine. Examples of potential
exhibitors may include educational institutions, foundations, professional societies, non-profit organizations, publishers,
and companies with products or services that have integrative medicine applications. Exhibit tables will be centrally
located among the Congress activities, promising high visibility during networking breaks.

Take advantage of the opportunity to reach a concentrated group

of diverse professionals by reserving today. Application must be
made to be considered. Exhibits are limited and all spaces will be
available on a first-come, first-served basis. All applications are
subject to approval, and any company that does not meet the
requirements will not be permitted to exhibit. Please see the
published criteria HERE before applying.

Exhibit tables are LIMITED, so don't delay!

Paid by 2/1/20 Paid after 2/2/20

$1,650 $2,000

Each Exhibit Table Includes:

One 6’ skirted table with two side chairs
Two Exhibitor name badges* RESERVE AN
Listing in all exhibit acknowledgment areas of website and
onsite materials
* Exhibitor name badges do not include access to the sessions. Full Congress TODAY!
registration can be purchased separately. Exhibitors are required to staff their
booths during the exhibit hours but are welcome to be stationed at your booth
during conference hours. Exhibit tables are limited and will be
awarded on a first-come, first-served
basis. To apply for an Exhibit table,
Exhibit Schedule Subject to Change CLICK HERE and complete the
online form.
Tuesday, April 28.......................... 07:00 – 17:00
Wednesday, April 29..................... 06:00 – 15:00

Wednesday, April 29 . .................. 07:30 – 10:45 To increase exposure to
16:00 – 19:00 exhibits, exhibit tables will
Thursday, April 30 ....................... 07:30 – 10:45 be placed in the same room as
16:00 – 19:00
posters. We will also hold many
Friday, May 1 . .............................. 07:30 – 09:00
breaks and food functions in this
room and the room will be available
Friday, May 1 . .............................. 09:00 – 11:00 during the hours noted at left. Peak
hours are expected to be during
breakfast, AM and PM breaks,
lunch and the poster

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Marketing Opportunity Add-Ons
Marketing opportunities have been designed to provide your organization or company with exposure to your key stake-
holders and customers. Display your company logo, message and booth number in high-traffic areas of the Hilton Cleve-
land Downtown Hotel. Your message will have multiple impressions by attendees on their way to and from the poster
sessions, exhibit hall and educational sessions. Sponsor is responsible for production of materials. Show management
must approve pieces.

A sponsorship or exhibit is required to purchase any of

the below items.

HOTEL KEY CARDS................................ $7,500

SPONSORED WATER BOTTLE ............. $7,500
With branded flavored water stations
NETWORKING NOOK ............................ $5,000
Sponsor an area for Congress attendees to
rest, recharge & reconnect
MOBILE APP ADVERTISING................. $5,000
Welcome page banner
ROOM DROPS .................................... $3,500
Materials regarding your product(s) will be
distributed to Congress attendees’ hotel
rooms on the date that you specify
FLOOR STICKERS............................... $2,000
Set of 5 - 2' round clings
Contact the Consortium to
maximize your exposure

or call 503.244.4294 x1003

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Industry Sponsor &
Exhibitor Application Guidelines

The Academic Consortium of Integrative Medicine & Health (heretoafter fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners,
referred to as the Consortium) meetings are educational communication of glandular ingredients in supplements, phthalates, parabens, nitrates,
new scientific knowledge and to advance the practice of integrative medicine. nitrites, or sulfites. Preference will be given to companies that meet the
The foremost concern of the Consortium is preservation of the scientific following standards: whole soy, whole foods, natural pressed oils, and
integrity and educational value of our meetings. To this end, we invite organic.
organizations to support and participate in Consortium meetings in a manner
that complies with the requirements described in this policy and related 3. All Applications Must Meet these Requirements:
documents. a. The applicant agrees to comply with the International Congress Rules and
Regulations governing scientific conferences and and be in compliance
The Consortium has determined that including industry vendors as exhibitors with ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.
and sponsors has several advantages: b. The application and required documents must be completely and
• Supports the financial success and sustainability of the meeting. accurately filled out. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
• Provides a service to attendees by providing access to company c. Samples of brochures and scientific studies to be promoted or exhibited
representatives. should be submitted with the application.
• Adds to the educational content of the Congress as vendors are d. Sales and order taking at exhibits are permitted if transactions are
encouraged to share scientific resources relevant to their product. conducted in a manner consistent with the professional nature of the
meeting. The exhibitor is responsible for any permits, occupational
In order to ensure these goals are met in a way that is cohesive with the licenses and city/state sales taxes, if applicable. The Consortium reserves
academic, philosophical and ethical mission of the Consortium, the following the right to restrict sales activities that it deems inappropriate or
guidelines are proposed for consideration: unprofessional. Notification of intent to have sales transactions must be
noted on the application.
1. Eligibility to Sponsor and/or Exhibit: e. Sponsors and exhibitors may distribute non-pharmaceutical samples of
The Consortium reserves the exclusive and total right to control all aspects of their listed products to the International Congress attendees as outlined in
the conduct of its scientific conferences and specifically reserves the right to the sponsor benefits and/or Rules & Regulations. Sponsors and/or
determine the acceptability of applications for sponsorship and/or exhibit exhibitors must have written approval from the International Congress in
space. Brands that exhibit at and/or underwrite our conference are not only a order to distribute items other than product samples or educational
good philosophical fit but also represent the best products and services that material.
can serve the health and wellness of our attendees and their patients. f. Applications may be refused or sponsorship category/booth space
restricted due to limitations or other reasons determined by the
2. Service Organizations will be Assessed on the Following Criteria: Consortium.
a. The applicant’s products or services are of professional or educational g. Upon submitting an application for sponsorship or exhibit space, the
interest or benefit to the registrants and are, in the opinion of the applicant agrees that the information contained in the Sponsor and Exhibit
Consortium, related to the field of integrative medicine. Opportunities brochure and the International Congress Rules and
b. The applicant’s goods or services to be promoted or exhibited must be in Regulations are an integral and binding part of the exhibit space contract
line with the Consortium’s scientific or public policies, positions, and and that it is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to distribute
statements or guidelines. information to ensure that all individuals involved in the fulfillment are
c. The applicant is reasonably determined by the Consortium to be highly aware of the Sponsor & Exhibitor Rules and Regulations governing
ethical and reputable, and the goods and services to be promoted or Consortium scientific conferences.
exhibited are reasonably believed by the Consortium not to be harmful,
illegal, ineffective, fraudulent or based on non-proven science.
d. Applicants providing laboratory testing should:
I. Be licensed by CLIA, the federal agency regulating laboratories and
follow stringent quality assurance practices.
II. Allow clinicians to tailor the tests based on clinical assessment and
professional judgment.
III. Follow ethical financial and marketing practices.
e. Supplements, food items and topical preparations should:
I. Provide evidence of strict attention to quality and good manufacturing
II. Be based on scientific rigor in their proposed use and dosing - any
health or medical claims made in product promotion must be evidence-
based, and in compliance with FDA and FTC regulations.
III. Brand values and product/service quality should extend to applicant’s
parent and holding companies.
IV. Companies should be in good standing with global regulating agencies,
and have demonstrably good practices in quality, health, social and
environmental regards.
V. Supplements should meet requirements as set out by the Dietary
Supplement and Health Education Act.
VI. Other criteria are as follows: no genetically modified soy, or other GMO
products, soy protein isolate, hydrogenated trans fats, fructose or high

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International Congress 2020
Sponsor & Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

OFFICIAL GENERAL CONTRACTOR: The Consortium has appointed EXHIBITOR LIABILITY: The International Congress and the Hilton Cleveland
Conference Solutions as the official General Contractor for the International Downtown will not be held responsible for the safety of Exhibitor’s property
Congress 2020. All references herein to the International Congress shall mean from theft, fire, damages, accident or other causes. Exhibitor agrees to protect,
the International Congress, the Consortium and Conference Solutions. save and hold the International Congress and the Hilton Cleveland Downtown
OUTSIDE ACTIVITES: Sponsors and exhibitors shall not foster or conduct and all agents and employees thereof (hereafter collectively called
outside activities which would take qualified attendees from official congress “indemnities”) forever harmless for any damages or charges imposed for
functions and/or exhibit during nonscheduled hours. Use of meeting facilities or violations of any law or ordinance, whether occasioned by the negligence of the
the International Congress' contracted hotels by exhibitors/sponsors or Exhibitor or those operating under the Exhibitor. Further, Exhibitor shall at all
companies or sales or business meetings during Congress and exhibit dates times protect, indemnify, save and hold harmless the indemnities against and
must be approved in advance by the International Congress. Hospitality suites from any and all losses, costs (including attorney’s fees), damages, liability or
shall not be open during exhibit hours or daytime Congress hours. expense arising from or out of or by reason of any accident of bodily injury or
other occurrence to any person or persons, including the Exhibitor, its agents,
SELECTION OF SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS: Only applicants whose activities employees and business invitee which arises from or out of or by reason of said
are appropriately related to the purpose of the International Congress shall be Exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the Exhibit premises or a part thereof.
permitted to sponsor or exhibit. All applications are subject to approval, and any
company that does not meet the above requirements will not be permitted to EXHIBIT AREA SAFETY REGULATIONS: Exhibitors must adhere to all
sponsor and/or exhibit. The International Congress reserves the right to decline municipal and state laws, rules and regulations. No combustible decorations
or prohibit any applicant which in its sole judgment is inappropriate, this may be used at any time; all drapes, table coverings and other materials must
reservation being all inclusive as to person, things, printed matter, products and comply with fire department regulations.
conduct. EXHIBIT AREA SECURITY: The exhibit area is being held in the Hilton
ASSIGNMENT OF SPACE: Assignment of space will be on a first-paid, Cleveland Downtown and security will be not provided. Neither the International
first-served basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for Congress nor the Hilton Cleveland Downtown can be held responsible for any
space assignments (near or away from other organizations). The International lost, damaged or stolen exhibit materials. Please take the necessary
Congress reserves the right to make such changes to the floor plan of exhibit precautions each day for safeguarding your exhibit materials. The Hilton
booths as may be deemed necessary. Cleveland Downtown recommends removing valuable materials when not at
your display.
FEES AND PAYMENT: Applications will NOT be processed or space assigned
without the required payment. Payment is due within 30 days of application. BENEFITS: Benefits as outlined in the Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities
Receipt of payment does not obligate the International Congress to accept a brochure will be confirmed 90 days prior to the Congress. Failure to utilize
contract as binding. The International Congress retains the option of returning benefits does not constitute a reduction in fees. Exhibit space not occupied by
funds. the close of the exhibit installation period as specified in these rules and
regulations will be forfeited by the Exhibitor. This space may be resold,
EXHIBITOR REPRESENTATIVES REGISTRATION: Purchase of an exhibit table reassigned or used by the International Congress.
includes up to two Exhibitor name badges. Exhibitor names badges allow
access to the exhibit area space, but does not include Congress meals or SHIPPING: The International Congress will provide shipping information to each
access to sessions. Full Congress registration can be purchased separately. sponsor and exhibitor (as relevant), approximately 45 days prior to the
CANCELLATION: No cancellation of sponsorships is permitted. Cancellations
of an exhibit table must be directed by email to: Register@ SHOW CANCELLATION: If the Congress or exhibits are cancelled due to Refunds, less an administrative fee of $500 per circumstances beyond the control of the International Congress, the
table, will be made at the discretion of the International Congress, but no refund International Congress will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by the
will be given for a cancellation made within 90 days of the installation day. Exhibitor beyond the rental cost of the exhibit table.
EXHIBITS: Exhibits will take place at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown on 100 VIOLATION OF RULES & REGULATIONS: Any violation by a sponsor and/or
Lakeside Avenue East, Cleveland, OH 44114 in the Hope Ballroom. The exhibit exhibitor of the official Rules and Regulations herein may, in the International
booth area will be comprised of six-foot skirted tables and two side chairs. Congress’s sole determination, constitute a breach of the Agreement resulting
in termination and forfeiture of any monies paid on account. Upon due notice of
such termination, the International Congress shall have the right to revoke
• Tuesday, April 28, 2020: 19:00-21:00 benefits and take possession of the exhibitor’s space, remove all persons and
• Wednesday, April 29, 2020: 06:00-07:00 properties, and hold the sponsor and/or exhibitor accountable for all liability,
expenses, and damages arising from sponsor and/or exhibitor’s breach/
• Friday, May 1, 2020: 09:00-11:00 violation of official Rules and Regulations.
Dismantling of exhibit may begin no earlier than 09:00 on Friday, May 1 and the
area must be completely cleared by 11:00 that same day. Lab Testing References:
EXHIBITOR MATERIALS: We suggest you provide reprints or preprints of
studies documenting the efficacy of the products on display.
Dietary Supplement References:
EXHIBITOR USE OF SPACE: Exhibitors shall not assign, share or sublet any
space without written consent of the International Congress. Care must be
taken that no display extends more than 8’ above the floor, interferes with the
view or disadvantageously affects the display of other Exhibitors. Noticeable Quality Assurance Programs:
noise produced from operation of any equipment or apparatus is not permitted.
EXHIBIT AREA FOOD & BEVERAGE POLICY: No food or beverage may be
brought from an outside source. If you wish to serve anything from your booth,
please contact the International Congress Planner to discuss what
arrangements, if any, can be made through the venue.

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