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      Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program

Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program

IndividualizedLearningPlan (ILP) – Teacher Leader Project Option


Revised 1.1.19

Directions: The ILP should be completed with Mentor input. Complete blue cells prior to classroom implementation. Complete orange cells after POP Cycle is completed. Cells will expand as needed. When submitting completed ILP to instructor, please include copies of all instructional resources, including Google Survey used for assessment of audience satisfaction.


Section 1: New Teacher Information


New Teacher




Subject Area


Grade Level

Rebecca Alder


World Language - French











Sergey Artemyev


La Habra High School/FJUHSD



Section 2: CSTP Areas of Inquiry


Directions: Identify 2-3 CSTP elements for ILP focus. Use most recent CSTP Assessment for Initial Rating. Identify both teacher and student rating for CSTP 1 and 2. See example.






Rating Description




Rating Description



- Facilitates systematic opportunities for students to apply critical thinking


Promoting critical thinking

through inquiry, problem solving, and reflection



– Applying

– Exploring


- Guide students to think critically through use of questioning strategies,


posing/solving problems, and reflection on issues in content.


comprehension and critical thinking in single lessons or a sequence of lessons.

- Students respond to varied questions or tasks designed to promote



– Innovating

- Innovating


by designing structured inquires into complex problems.

- Students pose and answer a wide-range of complex questions and

problems, reflect, and communicate understandings based on in depth analysis of content learning.





Sets and modifies a broad range of professional goals connected to the CSTP to improve instructional practice and impact student learning within and beyond the classroom. Engages in ongoing inquiry into teacher practice for professional development. Contributes to professional organizations, and development opportunities to extend own teaching practice.



Sets and modifies authentic goals connected to the CSTP that are intellectually challenging and based on self-assessment and feedback from a variety of sources. Engages in and contributes to professional development targeted on student achievement. Pursues a variety of additional opportunities to learn professionally

goals and

engaging in

6.2 continuous and










growth and



Collaborating with colleagues and the broader 6.3 professional community to support teacher and student learning



Collaborates with colleagues to expand impact on teacher and student learning within grade or department and school and district levels.



Facilitates collaboration with colleagues. Works to ensure the broadest positive impact possible on instructional practice and student achievement at school and district levels and for the profession. Initiates and develops professional learning opportunities with the broader professional community focused on student achievement.


Engages with members of the broader professional community to access resources and a wide range of supports for teaching the full range of learners.



Section 3: Teacher Leader Inquiry Focus and Planning


Project Title


Inquiry Question


Project Objective(s)


-To effectively lead an engaging professional development presentation -To demonstrate new strategies for the World Language classroom


How will teachers benefit from


How to add more Comprehensible Input to the classroom in 20 minutes or less


professional development in teaching




-To instigate the use of some or all of these strategies in all World Language classrooms on campus


Audience for Project (Who Participates/Who Benefits)


How Project Fits into Professional Goals and/or Department/School/District Needs


How Audience Satisfaction will be Assessed

La Habra High School World Language Teachers


Project will allow me to grow as a professional leader by leading a development session, as well as providing innovative ideas for the World Language department


Google Form survey at end of presentation, follow-up one week after discussing whether or not strategies were implemented and why


Special Emphasis: Teacher Leader Model Standards and NBPTS Core Propositions


Directions:Identify at least one NBPTS and at least one Teacher Leader Model Standards that are the primary focus of your project. Explain how these standards will be incorporated.


Special Emphasis Focus


How Special Emphasis will be Incorporated

NBPTS 4.2: Teachers Use Feedback and Research to Improve Their Practice and Positively Impact Student Learning

By doing this presentation for my department, I will be serving as a content facilitator for my colleagues and encouraging them to reflect on their current teaching strategies and consider implementing something new. I will also be incorporating samples of student assessment data to show that I have feedback that supports the positive impact the strategies I present have on student learning.

Teacher Leader Model Standard 4c:


Supports colleagues’ individual and collective reflection and professional growth by serving in roles such as mentor, coach, and content facilitator.


Inquiry Implementation Plan


Analyze Results

Discuss Results with Mentor Milestone 5


Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Milestone 4

Collect samples of student work from Level 1 students and record a sample card talk, OWI, and write and discuss


Review feedback


from Google

Identify name and date for activities.

Plan short demo activity and prepare handouts

Forms, review

Discuss results and where to go from here

Give presentation

information from






April 1-5


by April 12

April 19

April 20 and 29

April 30

Provide 1-2 sentence summary of your teacher leader project.

I will lead a professional development session on our scheduled April 19th staff development day that is aimed at the World Language department. I will give a presentation on methods to incorporate more Comprehensible Input in the classroom, providing video clips, instructional guides, samples of student work, and giving a small demonstration.

Summarize process for analyzing effectiveness of leadership role.

Afterwards, I will have my colleagues assess my presentation with a Google Form, and follow up with them about whether or not they have implemented any of the activities mentioned or demonstrated in my presentation.


Section 4: Inquiry Research and Exploration


Research/Professional Learning (Identify two articles that have informed inquiry focus. Provide title, URL or citation, and statement of what was learned.)

Brenda R. Beatty (2000) Teachers leading their own professional growth: self-directed reflection and collaboration and changes in perception of self and work in secondary school teachers, Journal of In-Service Education, 26:1, 73-97, DOI: 10.1080/13674580000200102

Darling-Hammond, L., Hyler, M. E., Gardner, M. (2017). Effective Teacher Professional Development (research brief). Palo Alto, CA: Learning Policy Institute.

This article explores what makes professional development for teachers effective. The researchers found that professional development is most effective when it is content focused, incorporates active learning utilizing adult learning theory, supports collaboration, typically in job-embedded contexts, uses models and modeling of effective practice, provides coaching and expert support, offers opportunities for feedback and reflection, and is of sustained duration.

This article found that when teachers are given the opportunity to lead their own professional growth, they become more intrinsically motivated and have a higher sense of self-worth. They feel listened to and like they are catalysts for change.

Colleagues (Summarize how two colleagues have addressed similar leadership roles OR the status of the issue at department/school/district level.)

One of my French teacher colleagues at another school site has helped bring a published CI presenter to the area and encouraged her colleagues to attend the 2-day seminar she helped plan.

Another colleague has presented during a similar professional development series, demonstrating how to use a website designed to increase fluency in writing.


Section 5: Results and Reflection










Evidence/Rational for Rating


Suggestions for Moving Forward


Promoting critical


To move to INNOVATING level:Consider how to increase complexity of task beyond a single lesson so that there are continuing opportunities for students to engage in inquiry in complex problem. How could you extend lesson into PBL?


thinking through

inquiry, problem solving, and reflection



– Applying

– Exploring



– Integrating

- Integrating

Teacher asked questions of analysis and evaluation.

Students answered questions that included all levels of Bloom’s. Students created their own

math problems.


Establishing professiona



Teacher clearly has been doing ongoing research in the study of language acquisition and has been not only modifying her own teaching to reflect that research, but is sharing it with colleagues and

Keep a curious and open mind. Continue learning all you can about language acquisition and consider attending conferences over the

l goals and engaging in continuous






encouraging them to try it as well as she becomes a

summer. We’d love it if you would bring back more ideas for next year.


leader in professional development.



l growth







ng with


Teacher shared effective teaching strategies with colleagues that she has learned through her interactions with the broader professional


Next year, as she steps into her role as co-department chair, I would recommend that the teacher spend more time with the department discussing these and other strategies. Perhaps one department meeting per month could be an optional workshop.

and the


community. She does all of this to support her





colleagues and student learning. She also invited




teachers to visit her classroom to observe or reach out via email or phone call if they have any questions or want to see more, which was a wonderful extension that shows her dedication



to support

teacher and


goes beyond the presentation.




Special Emphasis (Teacher Leader Model Standards or NBPTS Core Propositions

Key Learnings and New Skills/Knowledge Developed by Teacher


Product(s) Generated

Contribution to Others/Department/School/District

Teacher has a plethora of Comprehensible Input strategies in her tool box. She has also learned how to have great presence as a leader and how to be taken seriously by colleagues.


Teacher created a fabulous presentation that was engaging on many levels, and handouts for colleagues to take with them to reference as they apply the strategies presented.

Teacher provided colleagues in her department with valuable teaching strategies based on research.


Mentor Feedback

Directions: The Mentor should Identify strengths and areas of improvement in each of the following areas.


Effectiveness of resources designed by Candidate, including presentation, notes, handouts, and other resources.


Everything was very clear and easy to understand. I know I personally wish you had been given more time to present because I would have liked to hear more. The handout with more activities was nice, and I would like you to explain or demonstrate some of them as well.

Effectiveness of Candidate in teaching and coaching adults. (Refer to Adult Learning Principles in FOTIP Handbook [].


Candidate was highly effective. She included pictures, video, and a real-life demonstration in addition to the text on the slides. Her presentation appealed to all learning styles. She checked for audience interest and understanding, and answered questions professionally. She also encouraged her colleagues to start incorporating these strategies slowly, and told them how they can be applied to units or lessons they are already doing with their current teaching style.

Value of topic for audience.


Topic was incredibly valuable to the audience, as we are all language teachers and it was about strategies for teaching foreign language. Hopefully it has inspired and re-energized some of our colleagues

Overall delivery by Candidate of the professional development experience, including audience engagement, pacing, tone, and response to questions.


Candidate was confident, had great presence, and delivered her presentation well. It was very engaging. As stated before, I wish she had more than only 15 minutes to work with because it seemed that she could have easily gone for 20-25.


Analysis and Summary of Audience Assessment


Directions:Record assessment data into Assessment Data Table(see end of document). Include copies of assessment tool with submission. Include at least one graph in your summary.

6 colleagues responded to the Google Form. Of the 6, 3 had already done an activity similar to Card Talk. The rest had not done an activity like any of the ones described. When asked how effective they believed the activities to be based on the presentation (scale 1-5), teachers rated each activity either a 4 or a 5 out of 5. On a scale of 5 for how confident they felt that they could do the activities in class based on the information given in the presentation, all teachers but one rated every activity a 5 (the other rated every activity a 4). The graph below shows which activities teachers tried. Write and Discuss had mixed reviews, with two teachers saying their students enjoyed it and it was a good recap and 2 saying their students found it boring and did not like it. All teachers who did movie talk said it was an

engaging lesson.

engaging lesson. Action Items (some may not be applicable) For curriculum design, lesson planning, assessment planning

Action Items (some may not be applicable)

For curriculum design, lesson planning, assessment planning

Consider how assessments change with this form of teaching. You mentioned your assessments look different and I think we would all like to see that.

For classroom practice

Refine the activities and give teachers ideas for how to make them even more effective.

For teaching English learners, students with special needs, and students with other instructional challenges

Think of ways these activities may need to be differentiated and how you could do that

For future professional development

Consider leading more world language professional development both onsite and for the district. Attend more trainings on this teaching method!

For supporting

Embrace your new role as co-department chair :) Collaborate with your co-chair and learn as much as you can for each other as you advocate for your program and our department





Other Notes and Comments

It has been a pleasure being your mentor