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Kayra Maglaughlin

Future Elementary School, General Education Teacher

Morgan Brendle
Mentor, Association: Morgan has been a
Assistant Director at Foundation personal mentor of mine since I began
College Ministries college in Fall of 2017. She has seen me
Campus Club at College of Western grow tremendously through my entire
Idaho personal, academic, and professional
550 E Opportunity Dr. journey.
Nampa, ID 83687
Phone: (580) 310-2631
Association: I worked alongside
Heather for the 2018-2019 school year,
completing more than ten hours a week
in her classroom alone as her
Heather Love Overcrowded assistant. I learned a lot
3rd Grade Teacher from her and she has helped me to see
Hillsdale Elementary School how dedicated and fierce a teacher’s
Westada School District love for her students is and for their
5225 S. Stockenham Way learning. I have loved working
Meridian, ID 83642 alongside her and consider her a great
Phone: (208) 350-4432 mentor.

Association: Khristie Bair hired me in

January 2017 to be an Overcrowded Aid
Khristie Bair in a first-grade classroom as well as a
Principal lunch duty for the school year. She then
Hillsdale Elementary School invited me back the following year
Westada School District where I have been working alongside
5225 S. Stockenham Way most of the teachers grades K-5th with
Meridian, ID 83642 the exception of 4th grade. I admire her
Phone: (208) 350-4432 as an administrator and respect her
Email: greatly. She has given me the
opportunity to be involved with a great
school in a fantastic district at a job
that I adore!

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