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Names are initiated to protect the students identity.

These notes are transcribed word for 

word from a notebook and all notes were taken while I interviewed the students. Because I 
took them while talking to the students, they are a combination between the first person 
(what the student said) and third (when I summarized) and in a more shorthand form so I 
could appear engaged in what they were saying and not have them repeat themselves. 
1. Do you like the different chairs in the classroom? Which is your favorite? 
2. Do you use the zen zone, when, and how do you feel after you use it? 
3. When do you use the special chairs, like during lessons, group work, individual work, 
4. Do you think these chairs help you pay attention, or do they make you more 
1. Prefers normal chairs, likes those best. Can not concentrate if moving. 
2. Likes to use the zen zone, especially when feeling tired because it makes her feel 
better and more relaxed. Feels somewhat more focused after. 
3. If she uses the chairs she likes to use them sometimes during group work, but usually 
doesn’t use them at all. 
4. (Did not ask because she answered above) 
1. Likes the chairs, because it’s something different. You can wobble with different 
techniques. Especially likes the wobble stool because it is the most comfortable and 
they are smaller and have enough space to wobble instead of just sitting still. 
2. Likes the zen zone, uses it when feeling stressed, bored, or needs to get some energy. 
Likes it a lot and feels better after using it. 
3. Likes using them when he has to sit still and at a desk. 
4. Helps stay focused and does not distract him, only distracts him “when they fall” 
1. Uses the chairs, some I like some I don’t, I don’t like the wobble stools, prefers chairs 
with a back but likes the yoga ball chairs. 
2. “Yeah I use the zen zone,” likes it when mad or sad, helps me calm down and I like to 
color while I sit there. 
3. Usually uses the yoga ball chair when [the teacher] is teaching. 
4. Doesn’t distract but likes using them. Sometimes helps and sometimes distracts, 
depends on the lesson. 
1. I like the wiggly chairs [the wobble stool], I can move back and forth, not as 
comfortable as other chairs, and I can move around without getting distracted. 
2. I don’t use it [the zen zone] as much, don’t think people should use it because people 
use it to get out of work. [at this point another student overheard when they came to 
ask me for math help and said: “if you become a teacher don’t get a zen zone”] 
3. Likes to use the chairs when working by self, during group work, or lessons 
4. Chairs help focus, does not distract because “if you’re a person who likes to walk 
around it’s nice to be able to move.” Prevents from getting up and getting in trouble 
for getting up. 
A​: (The same student who interrupted the previous interview) 
1. Loves the stool, it’s my favorite, I like to move around a lot and I’m not allowed to do 
that in class and I like to sit on it. 
2. I kinda like it but people use it because they think it’s soft but I use it when I’m 
stressed or fustrated or sad. 
3. Mostly like when someone is teaching because we stay on the rug for ​so​ ​long​ and I 
like to move. 
4. I don’t feel like it’s distracting because I’ll get in trouble if I get up so it’s better cause I 
can move.