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Water From Air? QUESTIONS

NAME: ____________________________________

Where can you find GRADE AND SECTION: ________________________

fresh water in
Many people in the world
don't have clean water to drink. Now there's something
that can help them. It's called 'Warka Water'.

Arturo Vittori, an Italian architect, invented Warka

Water. In 2012, he visited villages in Ethiopia. The people
there did not have clean water to drink. He decided to
help. Vittori named the tower 'Warka' after a special
tree in Ethiopia.

Warka Water is a tower. It is 30 feet tall. It's easy to

build and carry to different places. People use bamboo,
mesh, and rope to build a Warka tower. Warka towers
work by taking small drops of water from the air. The
water sticks to the mesh. Then, it falls down into a tank
at the bottom of the tower. Up to 100 liters of water go
into the tank each day. People can then use the clean

There are also Warka towers in Lebanon and Brazil. In the

future, Warka towers will bring clean water to more
Coffee Power! QUESTIONS
NAME: ____________________________________
What can you do
GRADE AND SECTION: ________________________
with coffee beans?

What happens after you make fresh coffee? You get

coffee grounds. These are tiny pieces of crushed coffee
beans. Most people throw the coffee grounds in the
garbage. All around the world people drink coffee - 500
billion cups every year. All this coffee makes lots of
coffee grounds! To throw out the coffee grounds, coffee
shops pay for a truck to come and take them away.

But a company called "bio-bean" does something better.

It recycles the coffee grounds. Bio-bean takes coffee
shops' grounds for free. Their trucks bring the coffee
grounds to a factory. At the factory, workers dry the
coffee grounds. Then, they turn them into a special fuel.
It's called biofuel. Biofuel makes houses and buildings
stay warm. People can use this eco-friendly fuel in
fireplaces, stoves, and barbecues. In the future, bio-
bean wants to make biofuel for cars, too. So, coffee
doesn't only give energy to people. It gives energy to
machines too!