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Scientific Pocket Calculator


0 Full range of functions plus rectangular/polar conversions

0 Display format selectivity; two angle modes
8 Hewlett-Packard’s efficient RPN logic system

HP-21 Scientific Pocket Calculator

The HP-21 is a full-function scientific pocket calculator that offers data. And you can perform all four arithmetic operations (+, -, X,
features and functions not available on apparently similar models. +) directly upon this stored data using the M+, M-, MX and M +
Most important of these is H P s remarkably efficient RPN logic sys- functions. And, of course, not having to recall and store data to per-
tem which gives you the problem-solving power of an “equals” key form an arithmetic operation makes your calculation just that much
and a t least three levels of parentheses. Yet, this ingenious system is simpler.
distinguished by its similarity to your natural way of solving mathe- Degreekadian mode selection and conversion capability
matical problems. It allows you to approach the solution of every The HP-21 lets you express angles in either degrees or radians, and
problem in the same natural manner as you would with a slide-rule, perform trig operations in either angular mode. It also simplifies con-
through the process of equation simplification. Since there is no need version from one angle mode to the other.
to reformat equations to fit machine logic, operation is easy. And it is In short, the HP-21 gives you all the functions/features you need to
made even easier by the fact that you only work with one or two num- solve real-world scientific or engineering problems. And, its solid de-
bers at a time. When you press any function key, it executes the func- sign and construction continue the HP reputation for quality pro-
tion immediately and you see every intermediate answer. This allows ducts.
you to check your progress every step of the way through even the
most complex equations. The four-register operational stack actually HP-21 Specifications
handles the detail work for you automatically, saving up to four inter-
Pre-programmed functions
mediate solutions for further operations. Trigonometric (all in degrees or radians): Sin x; Arc Sin x; Cos x; Arc
Other features of the HP-21 include: Cos x; Tan x; Arc Tan x.
Rectangular/polar coordinate conversions Logarithmic: Log x; Ln x; ex; lox.
The HP-21 converts rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates Other: yx; I/x; T ;rectangular/polar coordinate conversion; full
(and vice versa) easily, thus simplifying vector addition and subtrac- register arithmetic.
Display format selectivity Memory: one addressable register; four-register operational stack.
Choose between scientific notation and fixed decimal display for- Display: up to IO significant digits in fixed-decimal notation; up to 8
mats. With the fixed-decimal format, you select how many decimal significant digits plus two-digit exponent in scientific notation; full dis-
places you wish to see (up to 9). In scientific notation, you can select play formatting in either mode with selective round-off; indicators for
up to 8 significant digits in the mantissa. Although the HP-21 pro- improper operations, low battery.
vides you with automatic round-off to the selected decimal place, I O Dynamic range: 10-99 to 1099 (200 decades).
significant digits are retained internally and used for all computa- Power: AC: 115 or 230 V, *IO%, 50 to 60 Hz, 5 watts. Battery: 2.5
tions. Vdc nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery pack.
Dimensions: length: 13.0 cm (5.1”). Width: 6.8 cm (2.7”). Height: 3.0
Full register arithmetic
In addition to its four-register operational stack, the HP-21 pro- cm (1.2”).
vides a separate addressable memory for storing constants or other HP-21 Scientific Pocket Calculator $125