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NUMBER: 5 08–10 S.M. REF.

: Listed in Table ENGINE: DDEC 10 DATE: May 2010

SUBJECT: 2010 MCM SPN 3250/FMI 14


Publication Number Platform Section Title Change Page Number(s)
DDC-SVC-MAN-0084 EPA10 DD Platform 137.4 SPN 3250/FMI 14 Step 7 has been Insert as section states
added to include turbo
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SPN 3250/FMI 14
This diagnostic is typically Abnormal DOC Temp Rise 2.

Excessive idle times may lead to this fault due to high HC accumulation on the DOC.

1. Connect DDDL 7.05.

2. Turn the ignition ON (key ON, engine OFF).
3. Verify ACM software level is v8.5 or higher.
4. Check for fault SPN 3250/FMI 0 (DOC Outlet Temperature Very High).
[a] If fault SPN 3250/FMI 0 is present, troubleshoot SPN 3250/FMI 0 first, then clear codes
and verify repairs.
[b] If fault SPN 3250/FMI 0 is not present, go to step 5.
5. Check for fault SPN 3250/FMI 8 (DOC Outlet Temperature Signal Spike).
[a] If fault SPN 3250/FMI 8 is present, troubleshoot the signal spike fault first, then clear
codes and verify repairs.
[b] If fault SPN 3250/FMI 8 is not present, go to step 6.
6. Check SPN 3250/FMI 14 fault code extended data occurrence counter.
[a] If the SPN 3250/FMI 14 occurrence counter is greater than five, follow troubleshooting
procedure for SPN 3250/FMI 0.
[b] If occurrence counter is five or less, go to step 7.
7. Disconnect the turbocharger inlet elbow and outlet pipe, and inspect for signs of oil
[a] If contamination is found, contact the Customer Support Center for further instruction.
[b] If no contamination is found, go to step 8.
8. Using DDDL/DDRS, perform a parked regen. After regen completes, clear faults and release
vehicle. If fault codes occur during the regeneration, follow appropriate trouble shooting
Additional service information is available in Power Service Literature.

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