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New To The Touch

Q1: What problems does multi-touch technology solve?

 Multi Touch helps people easier to remember rather than command. They do not
have to be learned because it is based on ingrained human movements.
 Multi Touch technology solves many problems that computers have today but
none as much as the ability to not need a mouse and the small amount of time
needed to accomplish tasks. By not needing a mouse to use the computer people
can work in a more open environment. People can easily scroll through an article
online by simply sliding their finger down the screen.

Q2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-touch

interface ? How useful is it? Explain

 Time saving
 More versatile than single-touch interfaces
 Multi touch gestures are easier to remember than commands
 Collaborative use.

 Expensive as compare to Single-touch devices.
 Inconvenient in drawing and writing.
 Limitation to the handicapped.
 Risk, the multiple device mostly rely on touch screen rather than touch tablet without
display, you always need to be able to look at the surface and get discern able display
Q3: Describe three business application that would benefit from a
multi-touch interface.

These are the benefits…

 Business transaction:
MULTI TOUCH screen equipped in automatic transaction machine (ATM) will allow
people to do their business smoothly.

 Digital material reading:

Allowing people to read e-book just like ordinary book, where they can flip the e-book
and zooming pictures with their fingers making reading experience more exciting.

 The project quote estimate:

Should have construction field estimator, make quotes for client and use 19 different
calculators and estimate material and costs.

Q4: What management, organization and technology issues must be

addressed if you or your business was considering system and
computers with multi-touch interfaces ?
 Management - Cost, technology adoption, training and business objective.
 Organization - Structure and capability.
 Technology - Fast server, system ready for use, better serve and permanent hardware.

Q5: Describe what you would do differently on your PC,If it had multi-
touch capabilities. How much difference would multi-touch make in
the way you use your computer?
 If my PC had multi touch capabilities I would download countless virtual DJ