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Hartsell Hotels
Background of the Study

Employers commitment is a priority for most organizations. According to Emma Harris, "As
soon as you get people performing the same task without a standard way of working and there
is room for them to be doing it differently, there will be inconsistent working". Motivate your
employee and treat then perfectly for them to stay in your company. Let your employee do
what they want to do that might help your company as long as they know their limitations and
they know what they’re doing with the guidance of yours and a little bit of motivation.
Discipline them and teach them what they will do.

This study will find and give some strategies on how will bill improve his approach that might
help his company. Show to them that you are welcoming them in your company. It is normal to
have expectation but do not expect that your employee will stay to you specifically those who
are freshly graduate because there doing it as a stepping stone and sometimes, they lack
knowledge and experience to fit on that job. To increase employee’s commitment improving
employee consistency, to achieve that we need to know the problem, results and conclusion of
this study.

Facts of the Case

Bill decided that he wanted to own hotels. He borrowed some money bought a bankrupt
property and cheated the first Hartsell Hotel. The Hotel presented constant problems, but Bill
was highly motivated and worked twelve to sixteen hours a day, six or seven days a week. Bill
succeeded with his original hotel, bought two more, and increased his staff accordingly.

He made a determined effort to hire young people, old people, women, minorities, and the
handicapped and he paid them as well as he could. Bill had 300 employees. He hired three
recent hospitality graduates, intending to move them into responsible management positions
after a training period.
Main Problem of the Case

The main problem of the case is the way the owner of Hartsell Hotel, Bill Hartsell
approaches his employees in their first meeting, wherein he said that the employees who are
recent hospitality graduates, should be working as hard as he does. He also stated that no one
in Hartsell Hotel works harder than he does.

Conceptual Framework

 Work hard as Bill
Hartsell do
 Chance for rapid Job Satisfaction
advancement offer  Moving of of employees at Hartsell
 Act as if the business is positions of Hotel
theirs employees and
meeting with the
owner of Hartsell
Independent Dependent
Hotel Variable

This framework shows how variables affect one another. The independent variable
contains the things that the employees of Hartsell Hotel need to do as part of their jobs. Next is
the process, wherein moving of positions will be performed by the owner of Hartsell Hotel, who
is Bill Hartsell and will have meeting with his employees. Lastly is the dependent variable,
whereas the job satisfaction of employees at Hartsell Hotel depends on the offers and their
responsibilities in their workplace. The better offers and tasks they should do, the better the
job satisfaction of employees as well at Hartsell Hotel.
Results and Discussions

Bill Hartsell done a great job in making his Hotel grow, he is a hands-on manager and takes
responsibility to every employee he hired from old people to handicapped. Most hotels have a
requirement in hiring an employee, but Bill made and effort to make it work. When he hired
three recent hospitality graduates that will be immediately moved from a management position
after their training period it failed. His approach to them was acceptable but the fresh
graduates still left after 3 months. The problem was the three fresh graduates lack of
experience, they are still new to the whole environment and maybe felt pressured to do
everything right because there shouldn’t be room for mistakes.

A management position is a good deal, but we don’t think the fresh graduates are ready to
work as hard as Bill and won’t even reach the level of hard work Bill can sacrifice for his
company. They needed to adapt fast and maybe get an experience to be in a low position first
so that they won’t feel pressured and overwhelmed by the things coming their way.

Conclusion and Recommendations

After studying the case, therefor we conclude that Bill Hartsell exerted so much effort to make
his dream possible. He invested his time, efforts, money and hard work and he even took risk
without hesitation to put up his own hotel. He succeeded and he even had two more buildings,
employed more staffs and still doing his best to look for his successor. He hired three recent
employees thinking that they will handle the hotel and they will love their job but then later on
left and look for much better opportunities in much luxurious hotel than Hartsell. He looked up
so much for the academic degree the three had finished and he expected more from them. As
for Hartsell, all we can recommend is that he should hire employees who love to serve and
should hire expertise for human resource department so that they can filter their employees
before hiring them.