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SBA Questions

Symptoms of reversible vs irreversible pulpitis

Most common form of abuse in kids e.g neglect, domestic etc -1
Best description of ZOE -1
Incisional biopsy -1
Safeguarding -1
Location of long buccal nerve -1
Eruption dates -1
Risk of recall bias -1
Names of health models -1
What dissolves predentine -1
Health equity -1
IRMER report -1
IRMER practitioner -1
GIC description -1
Flecks of fluorosis - best treatment -1
Stapedius nerve supplies what -1
Elevation of mandibular molar - what instrument -1
DPT radiographs show what -1
Amalgam -1
Painful swelling/bleeding during endo - what happened -1
Extraoral swelling treatment -1
Hard palate innervation 1
Innervation of lower lip 1
Chlorhexidine 1
Fungi stain 1
Tip of tongue lymph node drains to 1
Sugar percentage 1
Therapist can’t do xla of permanent teeth 1
Order of PPE 1
Blood spillage cleaned with what 1
Safety with X-rays 1
Complaints process 1
Submerged tooth 1
Nurse phone call 1
Ways to prevent gag reflex 1
Who needs medical emergency training 1
Disposing of needle 1
Haemostasis 1
Kennedy class I how to take an impression 1
Toothpaste fluoride ppm recommendation 1
Moments of handwashing 1
Types of studies -1
Complication of IDB not hitting bone 1
Overdose of LA 1
Rapid cooling from high temp during casting 1
Ortho classification goofy 1
Ortho treatment 1
Type of ulcer teenager 1
Crusted lips ulcers kid 1
Soreness corner of lips 1
Saline solution/transport medium 1
Submandibular tissue space connection 1
Interproximal radiolucensy, overhanging restorations
Child teeth with no caries 1
Who is best to give consent
Cause of denture falling out when laughing
Traumatic exposure 1
Radiograph type and treatment plan
Size of caries in radiograph 1
How to see caries clinically 1
Dry socket 1
Xla of maxillary molar 1
Checklist coordinator
Teeth detached from denture
Which cement interferes with curing
Thinning of interfurcal wall -1
Material that file made from 1
Preliminary and major imps
When removing tooth tissue 1
Damage to adjacent tooth 1
Chronic perio 1
Not a measure of deprivation
Why you can’t see canal
Referring by emergency
Investigating swelling
Smoking cessation 1
Statement pair fluoride toothpaste and decay 1
Statement pair professionalism 1
Statement pair indemnity -1
Statement pair zirconia 1
Statement pair early caries -1
Eruption cysts 1
Healed ulcer 1

Patient had toothache that comes and goes but now constant, simple painkillers
help. Diagnosis?
Most common abuse in kids?
Zinc oxide eugenol facts - pick best one.
What biopsy for ulcer?
Long buccal nerve facts - pick best one.
Eruption dates
Which study has risk of recall bias?
Names of health models
Which dissolves predentine - NaCl, NaOCl, EDTA, hydrogen peroxide etc
Who in IRMER reports radiograph? Who is practitioner?
GIC fissure sealant debonds/lost more compared to resin sealant why?
Flecks of fluorosis treatment
Learn about the facial nerve and it’s branches and what they innervare
Elevation of mandibular molar easiest with
DPT vs other X-ray doses
Amalgam continuous phase
Painful swelling/bleeding during endo irrigation - what happened
Extraoral swelling treatment
Hard palate innervation
Innervation of lower lip
Chlorhexidine facts - pick best one
Which stain for fungi? I put periodic acid schiff
Tip of tongue lymph drains to? I put submental
Sugar percentage of calorie intake
Therapist can’t? I put xla of primary teeth
Order of PPE
Blood spillage cleaned with? I put actichlor
Safety using X-ray? Pick best fact - I put 1.5m away from tube
Complaints handling
Tooth is ‘sinking into gums’? I put submerged
Best way to prevent gag reflex
Medical emergency who is trained? I put all staff
Disposing of needle
Haemostasis facts - pick best one
Kennedy class I How to take an impression - I put compound in edentulous area and
alginate all over
Toothpaste recommendation for 13 year old with active caries? I put 2,800ppm
Moments of handwashing
Types of studies
Complication of IDB not hitting bone?
Overdose of LA results in? Choice of combined answers inc. vasodilation
hypertension hypotension tachycardia etc
Ortho classification goofy?
Ortho treatment class III
Types of ulcers
Crusted lips ulcers in kid diagnosis?
Soreness corner of lips diagnosis?
Transport biopsy in what?
Submandibular tissue space connection? I put lateral parapharyngeal
Interproximal radiolucensy, overhanging restorations - what type of X-ray and what
treatment plan
Child teeth with no caries? I put spaced
Who is best to give consent for child? I put birth parent
Denture falling out when laughing yawning etc - why?
Traumatic exposure of pulp in kid - what do you do?
Size of caries in radiograph? I put 30% smaller than in real life
How to see caries clinically? I put light and dry tooth
Dry socket facts - pick best one
Xla of maxillary molar - I put take care if roots near sinus
Checklist coordinator watches which parts of xla?
Teeth detached from denture, looks rough, what happened?
Which cement interferes with curing of cement in post?
Using size 50 stainless steel - which from list is it least likely to result in?
Material that file made from if file can be pre bent but fractures in canal?
Preliminary and major imps facts - pick best one
When removing tooth tissue you should...choice of answers
Damage to adjacent tooth - what do you do?
Which of these is not a measure of deprivation? 5 answers inc jarman, Townsend,
Why you can’t see canal in X-ray of tooth with chronic periapical abscess
Referring by emergency - how?
Methods of investigating swelling
Smoking cessation order of things
Statement pair fluoride toothpaste and drop in tooth decay
Statement pair professionalism in dentists and patients expectations
Statement pair indemnity and being sued
Statement pair zirconia - is it naturally tooth coloured and is it used in all ceramic
Statement pair early childhood caries - is it in incisors/molars and something else
can’t remember
Statement pair eruption cysts must always be removed or not and something else
Statement pair should you treat someone if cold sore not healed and why?
Statement pair drug induced gingival overgrowth ciclosporin - is it 90% in kids and is
it more in kids than adults

Also there’s a mistake in that thing I sent you , a therapist can’t extract permanent
teeth not primary teeth!!!