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Iara Gordillo


Today in a globalized world, the growth of technology grows the speed that people get

surprised. It is amazing how the things change or get better with help of technology. One of these are

the eBooks which it is an electronic book, also known as an e-book or eBook. It is a book publication

that it is made available in digital form. An eBook consists of texts, images or even both of it which

are available on a computer or any electronic device. As it was said, an eBook is considered an

improvement version of a book, but this is not a thinking of most of the people. On the other hand,

there are the books which is an object with pages made of different types of material as parchment,

papyrus, vellum or paper with a protective cover. These two objects help people access to their

readings no matter the way. Perhaps, there are notable advantage and disadvantage of both of they

which affect society in both sides.

A book is considered an intellectual object which presents many advantages of its use. A

person may prefer a book than an eBook because of the commonality. Some students when talking

about studying, they prefer to use a book before an eBook. Some testimonials say they use a book to

study because they can feel the pages (Vasquez, 2017). The contact you have when you grab a book

is unique and you can take it to anywhere you go. Another reason is because a student can highlight

whatever he wants because of the book it is his property. This fact helps to students to make their

study and the ability to retain the content of a book much easier. Therefore, the feeling of having a

book to belongs to one person and the ability to used it to their needs are very important to many

people. Even the use of books has economic effects, buy a book help in some ways to keep printing

more books or generate more earnings to their authors.

At the same time, exists the eBooks. These ones are considered the new version of a book as

was said before. Some of the benefits to use an eBook is that people do not need to move to
anywhere to borrow or buy new books, it is possible to purchase directly from a bookstore and even

download it to any device. Some case, libraries offer digital eBook lending where you can download

books for free to your program eReader. Another benefic is you can have as many books as you want

without having to struggle with the weight of them because people can save to the device. It might

sound weird, but readers do not have to worry about the late fees for libraries because, exits license

that will simple expire on the device. eBooks allow you to change the font size or even the font style

to your like. Finally, a good aspect of eBooks is they are more environmentally friendly than books.

A study affirm that manufacturing one kindle produce as much CO2 as producing 30 print books

(Wilber, 2018). This give you the chance to realize how much paper you can reduce using an eBook.

In contrast, there are some disadvantage of using an eBook. When you ask to students why

they prefer a book than an eBook? they would say because using an eBook cause some problems to

the eyes. Some investigations say that being in front of any electronic device might cause eye strain

and make it to people more difficult to focus (Rojeski, sf). Even, some students say that it is more

difficult to retain information from a eBook, because of the loss of contraction of what they are

reading considering that they do not have an interaction with the book.