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Civil Rights Seminar Planning Doc

Instead of an Exam for this Unit, we will be having a large group Seminar during
Live Class during Week 13 (Wednesday, April 10). Attendance is mandatory. If you
are going to miss the Seminar, you must email Mr. Gilbert immediately and get a
make-up assignment.
Complete this Planning Doc using the sources provided and your textbook by
Seminar Day.

What’s our purpose?

● To participate in a thoughtful discussion on topics, issues and connections based on
Historical themes and concepts, more specifically on the topic of Civil Rights
● Every student will speak at least twice (minimum expectation). To earn more points,
students will be able to speak more, tap out and take turns speaking, and respond in
their notebooks during the discussion. This is a student led discussion.
● Points will also be earned through preparation before the discussion, active participation,
and speaking/discussing/writing.
● There will be teacher-posed questions and questions that students bring to the
discussion. You should review and spend some time thinking about the questions that
are most interesting to you.
● You will be responsible for bringing at least three thoughts or questions about
each of the movements discussed to the Seminar.
● Note: This is not a debate.

Resources - The resources we will use will be given during live classes leading up to our
Seminar Day. If you missed live class it is your responsibility to email Mr. Gilbert to
get caught up. I will continue to add to the Source Document as we move forward.
- Civil Rights Source Document
- TCI Lessons 43, 44, 45, & 46
Movement Key Figures, Source Perspective(s) 3 Thoughts/Notes/Quotes for
Organizations, and Seminar

and Civil
(Lessons 43 &

The Black
(Lesson 45)

Rights and
(Lesson 46.1)

The American
(Lesson 46.3)

LGBTQ Rights
(Lesson 46.5)
How will I be graded?

Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Does Not Meet


Planning Document Student completed their Student partially Student did not
and preparation Planning Document and completed their complete their
came fully prepared with Planning Doc and Planning
3 or more higher level came with some Document.
thinking questions that higher level thinking Student came
connect to the topic of questions that with 1 - 3
each of the Movements connect to some questions or all of
being discussed. movements.. Or a few their questions
of the students were factual
questions were based and did not
factual based. promote thinking.
18 - 20 Points

10 - 17 Points
0 - 9 Points

Seminar Student spoke multiple Student spoke 2 - 4 Student did not

times (5 or more), as times during the speak during the
well as moved the seminar. Or the seminar or did not
conversation forward. student might have attend class.
Student brought fresh begun to repeat (Seminars can be
questions or ideas to a ideas. made up. Email
topic when an idea was Mr. Gilbert!)
exhausted. 10 - 17 Points
0 - 9 Points

18 - 20 Points

Reflection and Student was actively Student had minimal Student did not
Notes working in their notebook reflection that did not complete the
during the seminar, connect back to the reflection or work
revising ideas and seminar topic. during the
asking more questions. Student was Seminar.
Student submitted a distracted during
Seminar Reflection with Seminar.
their Planning Doc
5 - 7 Points 0 - 1 Points
8 - 10 Points