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KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG Words by Music by NORMAN GIMBEL CHARLES FOX Moderately slow J = 92 Chorus: Em? ae Strum-ming my pain. with his fin - gers, sing-ing my life with his words Em? 'y with his song, kill - ing me soft with his Tell - ing my —whole___ ite with his, King Me Soty-8-1 Pusces (© CHARLES FOX and NORMAN GIMBEL ‘This Arangement © 1096 by CHARLES FOX and NORMAN GIMBEL FOX-GIMBEL PRODUCTIONS, INC, Box 1138, Boor Hl, CA 90213 ‘Rights Resenes ‘eing We Sotty-6-2 sees Verse NC. 1.1 heard he sang a good_ song, I heard he hada style__ 1 felt all flush with fe - ver, em-bar- rated by the crowd ‘And so T came to see___ him to + en for a 1 felt he found my let - ters and read each_ one out ‘And there he was a stran- ger to my T prayed that he. but he just kept right ‘ling Me Softy -6-8 Pees