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The incidents of gaming addiction have gone up recently with PUBG mobile entering the online gaming
arena. Since the game has become more accessible with the mobile version and is now also available for
PlayStation, the number of hours gamers are spending with it is extremely high. This has brought drastic
change in their behavior towards other humans. Moreover, youngsters are neglecting their studies and
focusing only on playing games with their friends. In some cases the school going children have indulged
in ‘groupies’ due to the game as they carried battle of PUBG outside the gaming world into real-life.
While playing PUBG, the players are engrossed to a different world and pay no attention to their
Games are one of the most popular and commonly enjoyed forms of entertainment of our time, we have
different categories of games that includes, puzzle, arcade, racing, adventure, and battle etc. different
people prefer different categories. As the time passes, different kinds of games are made and uploaded on
the internet, among these games, some leads the way and become the “Top Ranked” game of the time, in
the respective category.
If we talk about battle royale games, which are known as the survival games, then the famous name
“Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” i.e. PUBG comes to mind.
We have chosen this topic for our report is because we ourselves are huge fans of PUBG.
For us humans, “change” is the most constant thing in the world, but when it comes to e-sports and video
games, the trend never seems to wear out. People all over the world, spend large period of their lives
playing different games, which seem to grow in technology with the passage of time.
The journey that started from the plastic box Atari and Nintendo, has now reached a different level
altogether. From VR (Virtual Reality) gaming to the extremely expensive Play stations and Xbox, the
advancement in technology is increasing and shouting from the territories that how far gaming has come.
However, the instant gaming trend has switched from table stands and PC gaming to portable mobile
gaming. The phones with immense storing space and fast-tech RAMS, the LAN and online gaming has
come to our fingertips. A good phone and a stable internet connection is all you need to jump in the
gaming world.
The latest trend in the world, a game called PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) has taken the over
the globe. What started as a chunky game on PC via the stream software, is now available for free on both
android and iOS devices.
Pakistanis, who never stay out of the trending loop, have hooked themselves to the game. Everywhere
you go, you see somebody on their phones, with the earphones plugged in or even without them, playing
the top class famous game PUBG. Karachi being the most forward and trending has a huge audience
involved in this game, from fathers to the school going kids, everyone is involved in PUBG, either by
playing it or by witnessing it.
In this report, purpose of the report will be discussed after the introduction, followed by the section in
which there is a brief description about the game. Which will be later followed by the points highlighted
in the ‘purpose of the report’ with the help of secondary data collected through different sources, then the
section where discussion and findings will be discussed in detail by the help of primary data collected
through survey questionnaires, after that the section which include the questions that are asked in the
survey questionnaires and the reason that why these questions were asked. In the end, the conclusion
section will conclude the report by summarizing it, some suggestions and recommendations will be given
and last but not the least, our experience about data collection and preparing the report will be added to
sum up the whole report.
Most of the players of the game are youngsters from school, colleges, universities etc. As the minds of the
majority players are young, different kinds of impacts can be possibly seen, either negative or positive.
The purpose of this report includes,

 What exactly makes PUBG special?

 Why every Pakistani is playing it?
 Does it triggers negativity or positivity in a person?
 What are the ways to deal with the impacts and effects of the game?
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is developed by Tencent Holding Ltd. and is available in the
free-to-play games section. The game was released back in March 2017. It is an online multiplayer battle
royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game
company Bluehole. It was initially came to the market as Microsoft (windows) game but later Tencent
released its mobile version (Butt, 2017). The super popular online game PUBG has surpassed all the other
battle royale games like Dota 2, counterstrike etc. in the past few months (ProPk, 20117).
Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most played battle royale game in the world.
Google released its annual list of Andriod’s best applications and games of 2018 and PUBG mobile took
home the award in the “Best Game”, “Moat Competitive Title” and “Fan Favorite” categories. With
PUBG mobile reaching 100 million downloads in September, it comes as no surprise that kids and adults
are hooked onto the game for hours. Young generation is playing it each and every day. Everyone loves to
play it. Celebrities, youtubers, college and school students are all glued to the game.
The game consist of around 100 online players. This is a multi-player shooter game that allow you to play
solo or with a team. The game proceeds by dropping 100 players at a time into an enclosed space map,
where they must scavenge for weapons, medical supplies and other resources in order to fight on a 3D
battlefield trying to kill all their human enemies without themselves being killed first using their
‘supplies’ and other battle equipment either found lying on the battleground or obtained from those killed.
The team which succeeds in killing everyone else is victorious and is the last player standing and getting
“Chicken Dinner”. The victorious winner team is called, the “winner winner chicken dinner”.
The most important thing you need to do is stay inside the safe zone. And if you’re not in the safe zone
you’re going to die eventually. But because it’s PUBG, and since it’s a survival game, then even if you
are in the safe zone, you have to stay alert from the red zoned circles that has bombs dropping the area
from air crafts.
The basic things you have to do while playing PUBG are:

 Collect best weapons, medicines, safety material etc.

 Stay in the safe zone.
 Avoid the red zone.
 Hunt for other players / teams and kill them.
Other than these, the game provides an amazing graphics that is an important factor that draws players
towards the game. Moreover, the game allows you to chat through typing and also voice chat with your
team members or the other 100 players present on the battlefield with you, this factor is one of the most
unique factor that other games doesn’t allow, and many players are attracted by the game due to this
The game upgrades in quality, weapons, tactics etc. in the form of seasons, about 5 seasons are completed
and the season 6 is ongoing, where there will be more players, new dangers, new locations and new
weapons. And to continue upgrading your rank, you will need tips and tricks to survive and get your
hands on that Chicken Dinner that has an entire generation dripped.
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multi-player online game, in which 100 players are send
through parachutes into a map, where they have to collect the weapons, medicines, defense material etc.
in order to kill the remaining players, so that the last one surviving wins the match. The game sounds like
any other survival game, but the factors that make PUBG important are:

 The game has an amazing graphics, which you can choose from, realistic, cartoonish, cinematic
etc. so that the players can choose their preferred graphics in order to win the game.
 The game character is rewarded with different outfits, costumes and dance moves, so many
players just play the game in order to win the outfits and the moves.
 The game is a worldwide online game, so the players are from different regions of the world, and
they play together in teams, so people looking for more social interaction can surely get what they
want by playing the game.
 The game allows you to chat through typing and voice chat with your team mates and also your
enemies, this factor makes it more special, because other games don’t have voice chatting option.
Many players play this game so that they can connect with their far lived family member or
friend, so by playing the game the get entertainment and free voice chat by playing the game.
 As the game upgrades, it opens, new maps, new weapons, new moves, new modes, which keep
the player interested, and they are bound to play it.
In Pakistan, the youth especially meets each other every day. It does not matter if they work together,
study together, or are friends from the same area they must catch up after finishing their daily chores. Call
it a trend, call it tradition or a culture. They are able to sit in the comfort of their houses, societies or local
cafes, it brings them the ease of playing a game via their phones. The completion between them, through
ranks or a ‘particular movement’ in the game, helps the aspect of playing it again and again.
Due to the success and growth of the game, more and more young adults are exposing to the game.
Therefore it is crucial to investigate possible effects on players. Gaming is associated with beneficial
effects such as improved cognitive functions e.g. quick decision making (Green, 2010), cognitive
flexibility (Colzato, 2010) and increased attentional resources (Bavelier, 2012), however, it may also be a
risk factor in terms of promoting aggressive behavior (Anderson, 2010), there are also studies in which no
effects are found (Adachi and Willoughby, 2011). Therefore, the debate on potential beneficial vs.
adverse effects from gaming remains heated.
The concern among parents, teachers, and society at large, that children who play shooting/killing games
particularly for extended periods of time, might then engage in violent behavior, or even copy acts of
violence experienced during game play.
Any kind of gaming is frowned upon by parents as time-wasters and worse, some education experts
believe that these games corrupt the brain. Playing shooting games like PUBG can easily be blamed by
the media and some experts as the reason why some young people become violent or commit extreme
anti-social behavior. Yes, they do have. Everything which is done out of bearable limit is poison for your
life even the oxygen. Never make anything your addiction even this super game PUBG. However, some
studies suggest that games which require strategies and tactics are good for brain exercise, as the brain
becomes open to quick decision making.
PUBG game has both, good side effects and negative side effects on health, education, career on people/
youngster’s life. Are there can be any benefits of PUBG as well? How does it affect our mind in positive
or negative way?

Most of the bad effects of the game are blamed on violence it contain. That’s what people say about
PUBG as well. Children who play more violent games are more likely to have increased aggressive
thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

The average game in PUBG lasts for about 20 to 40 minutes. The game already is such absorbing
that it doesn’t allow the player to shift attention as each move is to be made critically and
according to the situation. In this way the real world tends to become non-existential (Butt, 2017).


PUBG players prefer to avoid family and friends gathering as they are unable to achieve the kind
of satisfaction they get while playing the game alone in their comfort zones. Thus gradually they
tend to cut off from their surroundings and isolate themselves (Butt, 2017).

Gamers need to stick to their sofas for hours in order to fulfil their desire to play which increase
and is never fulfilled thus they get more vulnerable to obesity and adopt an unhealthy lifestyle
(Butt, 2017).

Players if losing, they forget about all their works which need to be done, and instead of working
they put all of their work aside with the thought “I’ll do it later” and focus on the game in order to
win it. Sometimes, losing is not necessary, the game is so addictive that it sticks the player to
itself (Butt, 2017).


As the game gives an online platform where the players can interact and voice chat with each
other, therefore constant abuse and aggression leads to the exchange of contact details and threats.
(Butt, 2017).

PUBG players tend to get offended very easily, as they are completely, absorbed by the game,
and if the outside world tries to intervene the response is both, abnormal and aggressive (Butt,

Even when they are not playing the game what they do is think about it. How they can improve
their skills? What strategy to adopt in order to win? So, it is constant engagement and thus make
the gamers unable to completely focus on their much important tasks (Butt, 2017).

If for some reason, they are not allowed to play, are at some place where resources aren’t
available or are facing continued defeat and thus are discouraged to play, they get depression
attacks. They do not feel the enthusiasm to do anything as they find lack of interest in everything.
They don’t know what to do when not playing PUBG. There have been cases of suicidal attempts,
both successful and unsuccessful, for losing a game in India (Butt, 2017).


Gamers who are involved in the game are most likely to have hand injuries. The biggest risks
involve tendons and nerves found in the fingers and thumbs as they are used to control the actions
of the player in the game. There are also health risks associated with common sitting postures
when playing the game, as many players sit on the floor, in their beds, or in a chair (Ayers, 2017).

Since the game is time consuming and it hold great interests of people. Therefore, other than
being anti-social and isolated to the world, another great impact it leaves on the players is that
they become addictive to the game (Ayers, 2017).


The structure of the game suggests that the primary way to solve problems in the world today is
through violence. There are risks of increasing criminal activities (Ayers, 2017).

Engagement with the electronics can create sleep disruption in people of all ages. In order to win
the game, the players engage themselves and lack the track of time, which causes late night
gameplay etc. which eventually makes them sleep deprived (Ayers, 2017).


Long sessions of game playing can lead to symptoms that are similar to computer vision
syndrome. This health issue occur when the eyes are exposed to a computer screen for a long time
period without a break. Symptoms may include, blurry vision, neck pain, shoulder pain and
sensitivity to light (Ayers, 2017).


Many scientists and psychologists find that video games can have many benefits. According to
University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green, playing games alter the brain’s physiological
structure in the same manner as do learning to read, navigating using a map, or playing the piano. Much
like exercise can build muscles, the effective combination of concentration and rewarding surges of
neurotransmitters like dopamine, which can build the brain.


Since the game insights are more of a forest and deserts, and there is a lot going on the screen, as
the player of PUBG can spot target on cluttered screens more frequently than those who do not
play PUBG (Ayers, 2017).


People who play PUBG has better decision making power than others, as you have to focus on so
many things, players have to attack and defend while creating a strategy, makes their decision
making power more efficient (Ayers, 2017).


As the game requires full mental engagement activity, it reduces the feel of the pain, as gamers
are forced to pay attention to an entire environment and make fast decision making to create
winning experience.


In shooting game like, PUBG, the character may be running and shooting at the same time. This
requires the real-world players to keep track of the position of the character, where the character
is heading, the speed, where the gun is aiming, if the gunfire is hitting the enemy, while
defending and so on. All these factors are taken into account and the player’s eye hand
coordination increases with the movement of hands and fingers (Ayers, 2017).
The game is good for individual who is afraid of speaking his feelings in front of world, cam talk
to other players while playing the game without the thought of being social reject (Ayers, 2017).


Many parents find it an opportunity to play with their children the game so they can spend some
time together. If a person live away from his family he can stay connected to them with the help
of PUBG as it gives you a voice chat platform for free (Ayers, 2017).


The game requires constant mental engagement due to which a person can forget about the world
around him, therefore, if a person is having a bad day, or feels depressed or not well emotionally,
he can ease the emotions and come to a relax by playing the game (Ayers, 2017).


As the game contains different players formed up as teams, therefore the players have to get
involved in order to win, so they have to talk, plan and coordinate with each other which increase
their communication skills and team work (Ayers, 2017).


As the game hits millions of downloads and so many people plays it, there are agencies or e-sport
teams that offer competitions of PUBG, so you can play and the winner will get different
financial rewards (Ayers, 2017).
Since the average game lasts for about 20 to 40 minutes, there is a chance that it can help you kill
time sometimes, waiting is too hard for anyone, but if a person starts playing PUBG, waiting is
never boring for himself (Ayers, 2017).
In order to research and answer the above question, we have gathered data from both the sources, i.e.
secondary and primary data collection.
Secondary data for the report is gathered from different articles that are obtained from internet resources
like, online newspapers, online magazines, and forum discussions and from topic related blogs.
The primary or firsthand data was collected using an online questionnaire via social media. The criteria of
the questionnaire included youngster and college going students. Therefore, this questionnaire was mostly
enrolled at a university (Iqra University) and remaining participants were from lower educational level,
they were either school going or were in college. Data of almost 70 individuals was included in the
analysis. Considering the positive and negative effects of PUBG.
The analysis of the research question is done through online survey questionnaire in order to find the
answers. The questionnaire included a total of 21 questions, among them about 19 questions were of
closed type nature, while the remaining last 2 questions were of open type nature. Following are the
questions that were asked during the online survey:
Have you ever heard of PUBG?
 Yes
 No
There is no doubt about it that PUBG is the most played and most downloaded game on the internet, yet a
lot of people doesn’t know about the game, because of their lack of interest in games.
The survey answers clearly tells us, that there is a really minor ratio of the people who haven’t even heard
of the game.

Have you ever played PUBG?
 Yes
 No
The game is famously known in our world and majority of the people have heard the name PUBG in their
lives, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is a player. This question was asked in order to target our real
audience, the players who has experienced the game.
The survey answers tell us, there is still a large ration of the people who have played and experienced
PUBG, about 80.6% says they have played PUBG, while 19.4% says no, they haven’t played it.

How many hours are you willing to give PUBG a day?
 1-2 hours
 2-4 hours
 4-6 hours
 More than 6 hours
This was a very important question, because if you play PUBG extensively, then the effects are clear to
see, therefore this question was asked to get a roughly idea about how much time the players are willing
to give PUBG?
The survey answers tell us, there are about 50% of people who give 1-2 hours to PUBG in a day, while
26.7% have marked 4-6 hours, about 16.7% have marked 2-4 hours while the remaining 7.% have
selected more than 6 hours.
Do you think it helps to kill time?
 Strongly disagree
 Disagree
 Neutral
 Agree
 Strongly agree
As far as the game’s positive side effect is concern, it may help people to kill time, because observations
have been made and it is noted that the players, in dentist’s waiting area, or waiting for their next class to
start or waiting for their uber to arrive, kill their time by playing PUBG.
The survey answers tell us, that about 45.2% strongly agree that it does help to kill time, while 29% of the
players selected agree, and 12.9% are neutral about the thought, while about 9.7% strongly disagree with
the thought.
We can say that most of the people agree that it is time killing and helps to set you free from boring
waiting phase.

Do you think it is a time waste?
 Strongly disagree
 Disagree
 Neutral
 Agree
 Strongly agree
As the remaining people who believe it is not time killing, this question is asked, so the thought becomes
clear that what people think who are huge fans of PUBG.
The survey answers tell us that, about 38.7% of the players think it is neutral, that means, they do think it
is time killing but when it comes to time wasting, they doesn’t strongly agree on the thought, while the
ratios of strongly agree, agree and disagree are 19.4%. That means the majority players don’t take it as a
time waste.

Do you think it is addictive?
 No, never
 Maybe a little
 Yes it is
 Obviously yes
As many studies say that PUBG is addictive, and the players can’t really think of any other thing (News
18, 2018). Therefore, this question was asked, so that the belief of players can be observed.
The survey answers tell us that, about 45.2% believe that it is addictive with an ‘Obviously YES’ tone,
while the other 38.7% think yes it is, which makes it a total of 83.9% of the players who think it is
addictive, while 12.9% think it is just a little addictive, no big addiction.
Have you ever played PUBG during lectures?
 Sometimes
 Always
 Never
As many studies says that games like PUBG effect the studies of the youngsters (Butt, 2017) and as it is
addictive (News 18, 2018) the youngster might not hesitate to play it during their lectures, in order to find
the degree of addictiveness this question was asked.
The survey answers tell us that, about 54.8% i.e. more than half of the players says they would never play
PUBG during lectures, which is a good sign, as students are more concern about they’re studies rather
than an addictive game. While 32.3 have marked sometimes, and the remaining 12.9 says they always
play PUBG in during their lectures.


Do you think it is an exercise of brain?

 Strongly disagree
 Disagree
 Neutral
 Agree
 Strongly agree

As different studies, suggests that games like PUBG help build better neurons, and improve focus and
give you precise perception of details (Ayers, 2017) therefore in order to know what players think of the
thought, the question was asked.

The survey answers tell us that, about4502% of the payers believe that it is an exercise for brain, while
29% marked ‘disagree’ and 9.7% have selected ‘neutral’. That suggests most of the players believe it is
an exercise for brain, and it helps your brain to focus on things in a better way.


Does it affect your social behavior?

 Strongly disagree
 Disagree
 Neutral
 Agree
 Strongly agree

As many studies suggests that by playing excessive game, people become anti-social, and begin to live in
their own isolated gaming world (Butt, 2017). Therefore in order to know the players side of the story,
this question was asked.

The survey answers tell us that, about 35.5% of the players think it is neutral while 29% players disagree
the thought that means they do not think that a game can create social behavioral changes in them, while a
sum total of 32.2% of the players agree to the thought, that it does effect social behavior.


Do you feel aggressive when you play PUBG?

 No, never
 Sometimes
 Only when I’m stressed out
 Maybe a little
 Yes, always


In order to find out whether the social behavior changes are positive or negative this question was asked,
so that we may know that what the players think that it effect it negatively in an aggressive manner or not.

The survey answers tell us that, about 30% of the players has selected sometimes, while 23.3% says
maybe a little and 10% says they always feel aggressive while playing PUBG, the remaining 13.3% says
they feel quit aggressive when they are pretty much stressed out, and 23.3% says no they never feel
aggressive while playing PUBG. That means stressed out or not, the game does affect you in an
aggressive manner as majority has experienced it.


Do you feel relieved when you play PUBG?

 No, never
 Sometimes
 Only when I’m stressed out
 Maybe a little
 Yes, always


In the controversy of question 10, this question was asked, to find the positive effect of the game on
players. As different articles says that gaming help you feel better, as it takes all of your mental focus
towards itself, and you forget about any emotional pain or emotional condition you were going through
(Ayers, 2017).


The survey answers tell us that, about 30% of the players believe that sometimes, it is relieving, while a
total of 26.6% believe that yes it does feel relieving while playing PUBG, and the remaining selected
16.7% says they feel relieved while they’re stressed out by playing PUUBG, and the rest 26.7% says no
they have never felt relieved while experiencing PUBG.


When you lose a game would you keep playing until you win, even if you have important stuff on

 No
 Maybe sometimes
 It depends on the stuff, if it can wait or not
 I’ll finish the work first
 Work can wait, I have to do a “winner winner chicken dinner”


As the report above says, that people starts to procrastinate about things, and they start putting their
important tasks on hold, so they can enjoy playing the game (Ayers, 2017). Therefore, this question was
included as for the draft idea of the concept that either players procrastinate or just do things beforehand
and play the game.


The survey answers tell us that, about 36.7% believe that they will never leave their important task
behind, just for the game, while at the contrary 20% believe that work can wait, they have to win the
game first, other 16.7% marked sometimes, while 13.3% says it depends on the work, if it is that
important then they will do the work first, but if it is not that important then it can always wait, and 13.3%
have selected that they will finish the work first. That means, a total of 50% players agree that they will
finish the work first, and the winner winner chicken dinner can wait.


Do you think it effects your studies?

 No
 Sometimes
 Yes it does
 Always


As youngsters are so addictive to this game and some players even procrastinate about things, just for the
sake of the game, therefore this question was included to know what youngsters think about the game if it
is effecting their studies or not.


The survey answers tell us that, about 41.9% selected sometimes, 22.6% says yes it does and 29% says
no. that means a total of about 64.5% i.e. more than half of players says yes, it does affect their studies.

Do you think it is dangerous?

 Strongly disagree
 Disagree
 Neutral
 Agree
 Strongly agree

As it effects your studies, and we have discussed negative impacts of the game, then to know the thoughts
of players playing PUBG, this question was asked so they can agree or disagree on the thought.


The survey answers tell us that, a total of about 61.3% of the players believe it is not dangerous, and the
rest 16.1% don’t pass judgment on it as they have selected neutral for the answer while remaining 16.1%
agree to the thought that is it dangerous.


Do you ever feel like experiencing it in real life?

 Sometimes
 Always
 Never


Since studies have says, that the children who play games like PUBG, will eventually come to a stage
where they become fearless and wants to start a battle of their own (Ayers, 2017) they believe problem
can be solved through violence, therefore, in order to find the thought’s structure in players mind, this
question was asked.


The survey answers tell us that, about 64.5% says no, they never feel like experiencing it in real life,
while the rest, 29% says sometimes, they feel like it. Which is clearly a bad thing, and an act to provoke


Do you think you can achieve anything significant by playing PUBG?

 Yes
 No


As many people like to sit in their comfy couches and shut the whole world out, for the sake of the game
(Ayers, 2017). Therefore in order to find the reason why they do that, they must be gaining anything from
it, therefore this question is asked.

The survey answers tells us that, about 83.9% of the people have selected no, and the remaining 16.1%
believe that they achieve something significant while playing PUBG.


If you had kids, would you want them to play PUBG?

 No, never
 Maybe sometimes
 Yes, there’s nothing wrong with the game
 Obviously yes


Now this question holds much importance in the survey questionnaire. Because, human has a bias nature,
it is always a go when it comes to himself, whether it is right or wrong, but when it comes to its loved
ones, i.e. his family, his kids, and then he became thoughtful. To find out what players really think about
the game, this question was asked.

The survey answers tell us that, about 38.7% admits that there is nothing wrong with the game, and they
will always allow their kids to play PUBG, while 29% of the players have marked sometimes, that means,
they do have doubts about the game, while the remaining 25.8% have marked no never, that means they
really don’t want their, kids to play the game, because of its side effects.


Will you ever quit playing PUBG?

 Maybe
 I am planning to quit it but can’t help it
 I tried and I failed
 Never


As the game is addictive much, therefore to find out whether the players will willing quit it or not, as
some believe it is dangerous and hold so many negative sides, but still they play it, so to know will they
ever be able to quit it is a question.

The survey answers tell us that, about 63.3% i.e. more than half of the answers are in favors of maybe,
that means players can’t completely deny or completely agree to the fact, they are a bit confused, that
whether they do it or not. 13.3% says they will never quit playing PUBG, and about 16.7% says they have
tried quitting it but since the game is so addictive they seem to fail every time, which means because the
addictiveness of the game, they failed quitting it and end up playing it again.


Can anyone get rid of PUBG addiction?

 No you can’t
 It depends on the person
 Yes


Now, thus question holds an importance space in the questionnaire, as studies have declared it addictive
(News 18, 2018) therefore, it gets hard for the people to get rid of its addiction, as in question no. 18 some
people have marked that they have tried quitting it, but the quitting doesn’t really worked, therefore if
anyone, who wishes to quit PUBG, can only quit it if they get rid of its attraction.


The survey answers tell us that, about 61.3 have said that it depends on the person, while 22.6% admits
that yes anyone can get rid of its addiction and the remaining 16.1% have marked, no you can’t get rid of
its addiction. According to the answers more than half of the players says it depends on the person to get
rid of the game or not, if you are willing to do so, then you surely can, and if you aren’t really trying hard
then it will become impossible for the person to get rid of the game.


Do you think it has any positive effect, if “Yes” then why?


This question is an open end question, and it is asked to get a rough idea about the positive effects of what
the players think.


So many answers were collected, which speaks in favor of the game. Some of the answers are mentioned

 It create gaming sense

 It helps in releasing depression

And some of the results collected speaks against the game. Some of the answers mentioned below:

 No, its negative source of time

 There’s no positive effect of the game.

Do you think it has any negative effect, if “Yes” then why?


This question is also an open end question, and it is asked to the contrary of above question, of what the
players think.


So many answers were collected which speaks in the favor of the game. Some of the answers mentioned

 NO, it depends on the person playing it

And some of the results were against the game. Some of the answers are mentioned below:

 Yes, it is a time waste and the young generation majority is addicted to it, instead of studying they
waste their time by playing the game.
 It waste lots of time.

From the information gathered through the help of online survey questionnaire, the main postulates
observed and obtained from the survey questionnaire are in the terms of majority’s thinking and are
discussed below,

 Most of the youngsters in universities, school, colleges etc. have not just heard about the game
but has also played and experienced it.
 Majority of the youngsters give about 1-2 hours of their day to PUBG, which indicates that most
of the people playing PUBG, just take it as a game and play it in their free time as entertainment.
 Most of the people believe that PUBG helps you waiting, it helps you kill time rather than a time
waste, and if you are bored by some reason, you can always turn on the game and make your
boring time interesting.
 Majority of the people believe that it is quit an addictive game, and once you’ve get to play it,
you will be bound to play it more n more. And getting rid of its addiction basically depends on
the person.
 Majority of the people believe that it sometimes affect the studies but again, it depends on the
person who chose to play it during lectures or not, well most of the people doesn’t play it during
 Majority of the believe that it is an exercise for the brain and by playing PUBG, you can boost
your skills like, focusing on more than one thing at the same time, hand and eye coordination,
quick decision making etc.
 It depends on the person’s nature and his brought up, if he is stressed about something and if he
belongs to an aggressive background, then adverse behavioral changes will be observed in that
 Majority of the people believe that it’s just a game, and there’s nothing wrong with it.
 However, some people are facing great difficulty due to the game, whether it is from addiction,
hurdle in studies, adverse behavioral changes or isolated anti-social effect.
 Stress is the main component which causes changes behavioral changes, whether it is caused by
any other resource or by the game, competitive components are thought to also cause stress in the
players (Anderson and Carnagey, 2009). Stress may be linked to increased aggression as it may
affect impulse and self-control negatively, and this decreased control of behavior may in turn
leads to more aggressive behavior.
From the above postulates, we have come to a conclusion, that the great PUBG, which is famously
known and has become a trend, is nothing more than a game, it’s just an average game with cool
effects and gameplay that makes the player to glue himself to it. But, most importantly it depends on
the person how he takes it, if it was not PUBG, then the person having difficulty with the game will
have difficulty through other source i.e. the person may be affected negatively due to potential

It can be concluded as, the most common form of enjoyment and entertainment of our time is gaming,
and not just gaming, but by playing the top ranked most played game of 2018, Player’s Unknown
Battlegrounds (PUBG), which is a creation of Blue hole company for Microsoft, which later advances
its success journey by giving the players more exposure to the game by giving it in their hands in the
form of portable mobile phone devices. Pakistanis which never seems to miss the drama and the
trending loop also joins in. Since the game gives you access to better graphics, chat across the world
and seasonal upgrade, makes it special among the other battle games. As distance seems to be shorten
and players feel emotionally closed to each other by playing the game, it becomes love of every

But, as it is a violent game, the concern among the parent and society arises, because previous studies
may suggest that, these kinds of games trigger negative effects in the form of adverse behavioral
changes among the players of young age. In order to investigate the above issue, different articles and
blogs were taken into concern, with the help of which we came to know that different kinds of
negative as well as positive effects were shown among the players. With the help of previous research
studies, the primary data for this report was collected through an online convenience survey
questionnaire of 21 questions, the analysis of the questionnaire suggested that the game itself isn’t a
bad thing, the situation and mental health of the person can make it worse.

So we can say that, overall, there is a link between PUBG and adverse behavioral changes, although
the main factor responsible is stress. It might be unlikely that generally PUBG turns gamers into real-
life mass shooters, but their exposure to the game might impact in such a way that social interaction
and relationships may be negatively affected. That means that the adverse behavioral changes occur
due to potential impact of the game.

In order to cope with the adverse effects of the game, it is recommended to the young players who can’t
keep their self-composure, and due to stress they seem to adopt adverse behavioral changes in them. They
can cope with the adverse effects by the following methods,

 Limit the time to just an hour or less per day, it is important to make sure that the game is
not consuming too much of your time. You should set a limit time to the game and try doing
some other kinds of activities like having a family time to decrease the adverse effects.
 Keeping track of the game time, maintaining track of the time a person is dedicating to the
game is vital. When you pay attention to the time, you will notice little things such as what
motivates you to play the game, you may be bored or depressed or just sad. If that’s the case,
you should look for solutions to that problems. You can solve the problems are deal with the
 Talk to a psychologist, if you are so addictive to the game, that you know the problem but
still can’t fight the game resistance, then consult a psychologist, the therapy might help you.
 Encourage outdoor activities, if you’re not going out and failing to enjoy the nature and
outdoors, then you must be a big fan of indoors. But that will not help you cope up with the
adverse effects, you should try planning an outdoor trip, like camping or fishing etc.

Itrat Zameer, designed the online questionnaire, wrote the initial draft of the report and reviewed/revised
the final report. Ashir Ali contributed to the collection of primary data, supervised the studies
development and reviewed and edited the report.