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Monday | May 6, 2019

Monday profile
MDOT: Highway
Having ‘a lot of fun’ 12 Phase 1
reduces crashes
by 42 percent
No data yet available
for second phase
of Highway 12 project
By Alex Holloway

The first phase of

the Highway 12 safe-
ty improvement proj-
ect in Starkville has,
according to the Mis-
sissippi Department
of Transportation,
led to a significant
reduction in crashes Tagert
along the corridor.
MDOT, respond-
ing to a question
posed on Twitter to
Mayor Lynn Spruill
and the department
last week, said the
first phase of the
Highway 12 project
has aided a 42-percent decline in
crashes. The first phase, completed
in 2017, saw 2.8 miles of the high-
way repaved from New Light Road
to Eckford Drive and included the
installation of raised median curbs
to control where traffic can turn
Zack Plair/Dispatch Staff across the highway.
Bill Jones, a professor emeritus for mechanical engineering at Mississippi State University, tends flowers in the MDOT completed the second
garden behind his Greensboro Street home in Starkville where he and his wife, Carol, have lived for the past 25 phase of work, from Eckford Drive
years. At 82, Bill still teaches three senior-level courses at MSU and is involved with multiple ministries through to Russell Street, last fall. Both
Starkville First United Methodist Church.
phases cost a total of $12.2 million.
MDOT Public Information
At 82, professor Officer Jace Ponder said the de-
partment only has enough data to

emeritus Bill Jones make a preliminary comparison for

crashes along the first phase of the
Highway 12 project.
still helping MSU “Our preliminary data shows
that if we compare 2015 to 2018,
crank out engineers there’s a 42-percent reduction
along that section of road,” Ponder
By Zack Plair said. “Since Phase 2 was completed in 2018, there’s not enough data yet
to make a qualified comparison.”

stack of papers sits on a desk While MDOT has released a
beside Bill Jones’ laptop in percentage decrease in overall
his Greensboro Street home numbers, the department has not,
in Starkville. so far, released crash total figures.
The final exams for his 70 However, MDOT Northern District
mechanical engineering students Commissioner Mike Tagert said
at Mississippi State University rep- Highway 12 was one of the most
resent, by Jones’ estimate, about 15 crash-prone corridors in the state
hours of meticulous grading work Zack Plair/Dispatch Staff before the project.
he knocked out between Friday Bill Jones looks through a stack of final exams he recently graded for the 70 “We had documented 1,664
afternoon and Sunday morning. students he taught this semester. It took him 15 hours over three days to crashes in a five-year period before
complete the task. “It’s like reading ‘War and Peace’ in a weekend,” he said. the project,” Tagert said. “If you do
“It’s like reading ‘War and
Peace’ in a weekend,” Jones said. the math, that’s almost a crash ev-
them, according to his wife, Carol, are all senior-level. Technically
“… But it shows there’s justice in ery single day for five years. It was
is doing 40 pushups first thing retired from the university since
life. If I didn’t give it, I wouldn’t the highest frequency for any road
every morning. 2002, he’s grown accustomed to
have to grade it.” with that kind of profile north of the
Bill taught three courses this the regular “why do you still do
At 82, the professor emeritus Jackson area.”
semester — machine design, it?” from friends, family and fellow
MDOT has been hesitant to
at MSU is equal to that task and mechanical systems design and faculty members.
release crash data — Tagert has
more. His secret, or at least one of variations and controls — which See Jones, 3A
said both at a Starkville Rotary
Club meeting in November and in
See Highway 12, 3A

Mississippi: Police hunt killer of officer outside station

Authorities say suspect shot uniformed walked up to the Biloxi officer
in the station’s parking lot Sun-
Chief Leonard Papania of the
Gulfport Police Department is
T-shirt, a red beanie cap and
dark high top sneakers with red
Biloxi police officer multiple times Sunday day night, shot him multiple
times and then ran off.
leading the investigation, along
with the Harrison County sher-
The slain officer has not
The Associated Press who approached a uniformed Firefighters rushed the offi- iff and prosecutors’ offices. been publicly identified.
officer outside a Biloxi police cer down the street to a hospital Authorities released imag- A law enforcement helicop-
BILOXI — Police in Missis- station and shot him dead. emergency room, where he was es showing the suspect wear- ter has been flying over Biloxi
sippi are looking for a gunman Authorities say the man pronounced dead. ing navy blue shorts, a black as officers search the area.

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public

1 In addition to rye bread spread Wednesday meetings
with Russian dressing, what three May 7: Board of
■ Historic marker/Eighth of May: Dedication
main ingredients make up a Reuben Aldermen, 5:30
sandwich? of a Sandfield Cemetery historic marker begins at
5:30 p.m. at the cemetery at the east end of Col- p.m., City Hall
2 What European city has sunk 5 to
10 inches every 100 years since it was lege Street in Columbus, followed by an Eighth of May 14: Planning
built? May Celebration presented by Mississippi School and Zoning Com-
Ryley Jenkins 3 On what show did Sacha Baron for Mathematics and Science students at 6 p.m. mission, 5:30
Cohen debut his characters Borat and Free to the public.
Kindergarten, New Hope p.m., City Hall

83 Low 58
4 In what European city would you May 14:
High once have encountered a sign stating, Friday Starkville Ok-
Mostly sunny
“You are leaving the American sector”? ■ ACS Drawdown: Annunciation Catholic School tibbeha Consol-
5 What Spanish artist had a Blue presents its annual $10,000 Drawdown at 7 p.m.
Full forecast on Period? idated School
page 2A. at Trotter Convention Center. Tickets are $100,
Answers, 6B District board, 6
admitting two adults to an early bird dinner, open
p.m. Greensboro
bar, live music and raffles. Must be 21 or older.
Inside ■ King Cotton Crawfish Boil: Head to
Starkville’s Cotton District for crawfish, fixings May 17: Board
Classifieds 5B Education 6A
Comics 4B Obituaries 5A and live music from 6-9 p.m. Advance $20 tickets Jeanie Miller is an occu- of Aldermen work
Crossword 6B Opinions 4A include food and unlimited beer and beverages. pational therapy assistant session, noon,
Dear Abby 4B Get them at at Trinity. City Hall


2A Monday, May 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Did you hear? Say What?
“This young team has accomplished so much this year, working
Michael Cohen heads to prison hard and committing to the process. This event is no different.”
MSU women’s golf team head coach Ginger Brown-Lemm. The

in Trump hush-money scheme Bulldogs begin play in the Norman Regional today. Story, 1B.

Former lawyer Cohen testified on Capitol

Trump now says Mueller should

Hill, but they were reticent
to serve a three- to do so. Federal prosecu-
tors in New York were also
year sentence at a no help, Cohen’s lawyers

Cohen was original-
ly scheduled to start his
not testify before Congress
prison camp sentence in March, but a
judge granted a two-month AG William Barr has said he has no objection to conspiracy between Russia and
the Trump campaign and said the
delay so he could recover
The Associated Press from surgery and get his special counsel Robert Mueller testifying investigation did not collect suffi-
cient evidence to establish crimi-
affairs in order. nal charges on that front. Mueller
The Associated Press on his Russia investigation. Senate
NEW YORK — Michael Cohen, 53, is the only didn’t charge Trump with obstruc-
Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Gra-
Cohen, the former lawyer, person charged with a WA S H I N G T O N tion but wrote that he couldn’t ex-
ham, R-S.C., has said he doesn’t
media attack dog and all- crime in connection with — President Donald onerate him, either.
plan to invite Mueller to testify on
around fixer for President the hush-money payments Trump said Sunday Trump did not indicate if he
to women who allegedly the report.
Donald Trump, is sched- that special coun- would take any steps to block Muel-
had affairs with Trump. Trump told reporters in the
uled to begin serving a sel Robert Mueller ler, who is a Justice Department
Federal prosecutors Oval Office last week that testimo-
three-year prison sen- should not testify be- employee.
have said Trump directed ny from Mueller was “up to our at-
tence Monday for crimes fore Congress, aban- The president tweeted Sunday
Cohen to arrange the pay- torney general.” William Barr has
including campaign fi- doning his previous after a Democrat on the committee
said he has no objection to Mueller
nance violations related ments to buy the silence of declaration that he Trump said he was hopeful Mueller would
to hush-money payments porn actress Stormy Dan- would leave that decision to his at- testifying. testify, noting that May 15 has been
made on Trump’s behalf. iels and former Playboy torney general. Trump again asserted on Twit- proposed.
Cohen faces a 2 p.m. model Karen McDougal Escalating tensions with House ter Sunday that Mueller’s report Rhode Island Rep. David Cicil-
deadline to report to the in the run-up to the 2016 Democrats as they seek to bring revealed “NO COLLUSION” and line told “Fox News Sunday” that
Federal Correctional Insti- election. Trump denies Mueller before the House Judicia- argued that there was “NO OB- “we hope the special counsel will
tution, Otisville, a federal that he had trysts with ei- ry Committee, Trump tweeted: STRUCTION.” appear” at that time and that “we
prison in the countryside ther woman. “Bob Mueller should not testify. No On collusion, Mueller said he did think the American people have a
70 miles northwest of New Cohen also pleaded redos for the Dems!” not assess whether that occurred right to hear directly from him.”
York City. A minimum-se- guilty to lying to Congress Democrats are seeking more because it is not a legal term. He Cicilline later tweeted that “noth-
curity prison camp there about a Trump Tower proj- information about Mueller’s report looked into a potential criminal ing has been agreed to yet.”
has become a haven for ect in Moscow, as well as
white-collar criminals. to charges of tax evasion
Cohen, who has been and bank fraud.
disbarred, is trading plaid Once he gets to pris-
blazers for khaki prison on, Cohen will undergo
garb after trying and fail-
ing in recent weeks to get
medical and mental health
screenings and be as-
Biden: Trump, Republicans allowing Jim Crow to return
his sentence delayed or signed a job, such as mow-
reduced. ing the grounds or clean-
before the civil rights
movement. “You know
‘You know what happens
His legal team asked
House Democrats last
ing up the visiting room.
He’ll also get sets of cloth-
The Associated Press what happens when you
have an equal right to
when you have an equal
month to intercede after ing, bedding and towels.
Former Vice President
vote? They lose.”
Biden centered much
right to vote? They lose.’
Joe Biden charged Sat- Former vice president and 2020
of his trip around the
urday that Jim Crow is presidential candidate Joe Biden
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH “sneaking back in” as he
need to restore decency
to the White House. “Your
Office hours: Main line: emphasized voting rights state motto is, ‘While I grandchildren telling him because the president
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 at his first presidential breathe, I hope,’” he said before his announcement “doesn’t understand how
campaign stop in South at the rally after continu- that they expect Trump to respond to issues.”
HOW DO I ... Email a letter to the editor? and others to bring up Biden said he will
Carolina, where black vot- ing his full-throated de-
n family details including answer Trump “direct-
Report a missing paper? ers play a key role in the nunciation of President
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100 Report a sports score? South’s first presidential Donald Trump. “It’s not a his son Hunter Biden’s ly” in the future without
n Toll-free 877-328-2430 n 662-241-5000 primary. joke. We’re breathing, but divorce. name-calling. He recalled
n Operators are on duty until In criticizing Republi- God, we have got to have Biden said there “are saying in 2016 that in high
Submit a calendar item? can efforts to adopt more so many nicknames I school he’d have “tak-
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. hope.”
n Go to stringent voting rules, in- want to give this guy,” and en him behind the barn
He kept up that theme
Buy an ad? community cluding identification re- he drew laughter when and beat the hell out of”
at a private evening fund-
n 662-328-2424 Submit a birth, wedding quirements and curtailing raiser, telling several doz- he joked that he’d “start Trump. “Guess what? I
Report a news tip? or anniversary announce- early voting hours, Biden en donors that he expects with clown.” But he add- probably shouldn’t have
n 662-328-2471 ment? recalled the racial segre- a nasty race from Presi- ed that he doesn’t want to done that,” Biden said.
n n Download forms at www. gation laws of the past. dent Donald Trump. respond in kind. “The presidency is an of- “You’ve got Jim Crow “This guy is going to “The only place he fice that requires dignity
sneaking back in,” he go after me and family,” has any confidence is in and reestablishing re-
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701 said, referring to the era Biden said, recalling his the mud,” Biden said, spect and standing.”

Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511

Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759

SUBSCRIPTIONS 3 black women win Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE ‘These three standard-bearers prove heart of a 21st century The oldest of the three
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430 American ideal,” he add- is the Miss America pag-
Online.......................................... that black beauty is at the heart of a ed.
Franklin, from New
eant, which began in 1921
but women of color were
RATES 21st century American ideal’ York, won her title in Sep- barred from participating
Thomas DeFrantz, a professor in the Department tember in Atlantic City, until the 1940s by a rule
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo.
of African and African American Studies New Jersey, becoming the that said contestants must
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo.
at Duke University first woman also to win the be of “the white race.”
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo.
Miss America crown with- Frustration led to the cre-
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo.
By MARK KENNEDY Miss Teen USA and Miss out having to don a swim- ation of Miss Black Ameri-
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12
AP Entertainment Writer America. suit. Garris, from New Ha- ca contest.
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7
The North Carolina ven, Connecticut, won her In 1970, Cheryl
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo.
NEW YORK — When lawyer completed the his- crown in April, and hopes Browne became the first
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card.
Cheslie Kryst won the toric triple Thursday with to become a trauma nurse. black woman to partici-
Miss USA crown, it pageant winners 2019 Kryst, a former Divi-
pate in the Miss Ameri-
marked more than a per- Miss America Nia Frank- sion I athlete and attorney
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) ca pageant. Since then,
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi. sonal triumph: It meant lin and recently crowned at Poyner Spruill LLP in
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS more than a dozen black
that for the first time, 2019 Miss Teen USA Ka- Charlotte, North Carolina,
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: women have been named
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
three black women are liegh Garris. won her crown in Reno,
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., either Miss America or
the reigning Miss USA, “The three young wom- Nevada. She holds an
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703
MBA from Wake Forest Miss USA, including ac-
en who have focused their
University. tress Vanessa Williams,
energy on demonstrating
how standards of black “Mine is the first gen- the first-ever black Miss
beauty speak for Ameri- eration to have that for- America in 1983.
can standards of beauty ward-looking mindset that The Miss USA contest
are to be commended,” has inclusivity, diversity, was created in 1952 and
said Thomas DeFrantz, a strength and empowered crowned the first African
professor in the Depart- women. I’m looking for- American contestant —
ment of African and Afri- ward to continued prog- Carole Anne-Marie Gist
can American Studies at ress in my generation,” — in 1990. A year later,
Duke University. said Kryst, after accepting Janel Bishop won the Miss
“These three stan- her crown. She now ad- Teen USA title, becoming
dard-bearers prove that vances to the Miss Uni- the first African American
black beauty is at the verse competition. winner.

Average price of gas spikes 5 cents per gallon to $2.97

Highest average price is $4.14 a the pump will soon stabi-
gallon in the San Francisco Bay Area The highest average
price in the nation is $4.14
The Associated Press Industry analyst Trilby a gallon in the San Francis-
Lundberg of the Lundberg co Bay Area.
CAMARILLO, Calif. Survey says Sunday that The lowest average is
— The average U.S. price gas prices have spiked 66 $2.45 in Baton Rouge, Lou-
of regular-grade gasoline cents since early January. isiana.
SOLUNAR TABLE jumped 5 cents a gallon But Lundberg says The average price of
over the past two weeks, dropping crude oil costs diesel rose 3 cents over the
The solunar period indicates
peak-feeding times for fish and game.
Mon. Tue.
Major 2:04a 2:58a to $2.97. could mean that prices at past two weeks, to $3.17.
Minor 7:56a 8:42a
Major 2:31p 3:26p

If you don’t read The Dispatch, how are you gonna know?
Minor 9:05p 10:08p
Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
Monday, May 6, 2019 3A


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Under the capitol dome

Twister topples
Analysis: Decisions on Mississippi Rhode Island’s war
Power face new PSC officials statue in Mississippi
Power company plans to ask the Public Service Nuclear Station operating on a re-
liable basis, for example, influence The Associated Press
Commission to set new customers rates in the how much customers pay for power
across multiple states. The com- VICKSBURG — A recent tornado in Mississip-
aftermath of the $7.5 billion Kemper County mission has limited influence on pi damaged one of the monuments dedicated to
the nuclear plant, though, because Union soldiers who fought in the Civil War.
power plant misadventure ownership is shared across those Now, a group is trying to raise about $15,000 to
states, and much of it is federally repair the 111-year-old Rhode Island Memorial in
By JEFF AMY Mississippi Power, and could influ- regulated.
The Associated Press the Vicksburg National Military Park.
ence the future of its parent compa- The three-member commission, “We had a donor come forward to pay half and
ny as well. including returning Northern Dis-
JACKSON — Public Service direct a dollar-per-dollar match for any donor that
Some of the candidates are al- trict Commissioner Brandon Pres-
Commissioner is the hardest job comes forward and donates specifically for the
ready closely associated with the ley, has more direct influence over
that few people are thinking about cause,” Bess Averett, director of Friends of the
commission. Central District can- Mississippi Power. The company
in Mississippi’s crowded election Vicksburg National Military Park and Campaign,
didate Ryan Brown, a Democrat, plans to ask the commission to
year. told the Vicksburg Post.
The winners of two open public has been working as a commission set new customers rates in the af- The memorial honors the 7th Rhode Island In-
service commissioner posts will staffer for Central District Com- termath of the $7.5 billion Kemper fantry, the only regiment from the state that par-
just have settled into their offices in missioner Cecil Brown. The two County power plant misadventure, ticipated in the Vicksburg Campaign of 1862-63.
the Woolfolk State Office Building men are not related. Republican which cost Mississippi Power and It includes a bronze statue depicting an infantry-
overlooking Mississippi’s capitol Brent Bailey, also a Central District its parent, Atlanta-based Southern man who has picked up a fallen flag.
when they will be asked to decide candidate, has been active in lobby- Co., $6.4 billion in losses. Three tornadoes struck Warren County, Mis-
the future of the Mississippi Power ing the commission on renewable Customers are paying $1.1 bil-
sissippi, on April 13. Vicksburg National Military
Co. energy issues. lion worth of Kemper costs, but it’s
Park Superintendent Bill Justice said one of them
Maybe that’s a little strong, but Others, though, could be in for a in a separate rate. The rate case
toppled the Rhode Island statue.
a series of decisions that will be shock when they discover the com- will roll that into the basic service
“We need to lift the statue out of the dirt and
made in relation to the electrical plicated issues that commission- rate, and also re-examine the rest
take a close look at it to see if there was any dam-
utility and its rate case will go a ers preside over. Entergy Corp.’s of Mississippi Power’s rate struc-
age to the statue itself as it was pulled off,” Justice
long way in shaping the future of struggles to keep the Grand Gulf ture.
said. “There’s a great deal of masonry work to be
done; there was some damage to the stone, and
there was a stone cap that was pulled off after that
“We have to do some work with that, and then

Highway 12
we have to properly reset all of that and the statue
on top of it.”

Continued from Page 1A

response to a Dispatch
inquiry for crash data last
month that he wanted the
department to wait until it
had a comparable amount
of data to the period be-
fore the project to make
a more accurate compar-
“We had originally
predicted a 35- to 45-per-
cent reduction, so this
falls right in the middle
of what we had expected,”
he said. “I think this time
next year we’ll have some
additional numbers on
Phase 2 of the project.”
Spruill said she sees
the Highway 12 project Alex Holloway/Dispatch Staff
as a success in a number The Mississippi Department of Transportation says the first phase of Highway 12’s
safety improvement project has led to a 42 percent reduction in crashes. The first
of ways, including safe-
phase is along the eastern end of Highway 12, from New Light Road to Eckford Drive.
ty enhancements and in
making the corridor look crashes along Highway corridor,” he said. “It’s the a faster speed. He said
better. She said she ex- 12, it’s also led to com- most important business that’s because the medi-
pects the same trend of plaints from motorists route as well. Our objec- ans naturally slow traffic
crash reductions will hold about the limited options tive is only about public down. While the medi-
true for the second phase for turning at certain lo- safety and to try to reduce ans were put in place to
of the project. cations. Tagert said he that crash rate.” reduce the number of
“I’m pretty pleased that understands those com- Tagert added that the cross-traffic accidents,
we came out on the posi- plaints, but the project project, through which Tagert said their slow ef-
tive side of things, and not was focused primarily on MDOT implemented im- fect also has the impact
just by a little bit — that is making the road safer, proved traffic signal co-
a huge reduction,” Spruill of reducing the number
even if at the cost of con- ordination, has increased
said. “I think that’s exact- of rear-end collisions on
venience. the efficiency with which
ly what needed to happen “That particular route traffic flows from one end the Highway. Those that
and I’m pleased Com- represents the highest car of Highway 12 to the oth- happen, he said, tend to
missioner Tagert saw it count and traffic count in er. be less severe.
through to the end.” the city — we have 26,000 While traffic flows
Though the improve- cars per day on an aver- more efficiently, Tagert
ments may have reduced age day that utilize that said, it does not do so

Continued from Page 1A
“Well, I’ve just about from Purdue. He interned it will be a good example
got it all figured out,” with NASA and worked for his students,” Carol
comes his jovial re- stints as an engineer for said.
sponse. Allis-Chalmers in Mil- Over the years, Bill
Beyond the classroom, waukee and Caterpillar also has helped his stu-
Bill volunteers through in Peoria, Illinois, before dents build cars for them
his church, Starkville retuning to Starkville to race against other
First United Methodist, in 1976 as a mechanical universities — at places
as part of its handyman engineering professor. as far-flung as Louisiana,
and prison ministries, His real-world experi- Arizona and the Ford
and he’s no stranger to ence still helps convert Proving Grounds in
grabbing a hammer at prospective engineers to Michigan.
local Habitat for Humani- professionals. “He never raced the
ty home sites. “I just really enjoy cars himself, because he
These things Bill also the students and getting wanted it to be very clear
sums up simply. them to master the funda- these were the students’
“It’s a lot of fun,” he mentals of engineering,”
cars,” Carol said. “But
says. he said. “The students
there was always excite-
More seriously, Bill appreciate the problems
ment about getting a car
admits he considers the I give them from the
things he does his spiri- things I’ve done.”
Despite any excite-
tual purpose, as much as Some of the “prob-
anything. lems” Bill presents his ment, stress or tedious-
“God put us in charge students come from his ness involved in Bill’s
of taking care of his cre- “office full of broken continued daily grind,
ation, so we’re supposed stuff,” Carol said. People his reputation is as much
to be busy doing positive often bring Bill material marked by his unflappa-
things (toward that end),” from broken tools or ble temperament as it is
he said. “People have dif- machines to show his by any of his considerable
ferent gifts. Teaching and students (to see if they expertise. In short, Carol
engineering are things can figure out why it noted, Bill is so slow to
that I can do.” broke, presumably), and anger, it’s hard to recall
Bill earned his it’s turned into quite a if he’s ever quite made it
bachelor’s from Missis- collection. that far.
sippi State in 1958, later “We’ll even stop to “One of his coworkers
adding a master’s from pick up broken pieces of once told me, ‘If he ever
the University of Wis- metal on the side of the gets mad, call me. I want
consin and a doctorate road because he thinks to see it,’” Carol said.
4A Monday, May 6, 2019
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

A few of my favorite things
“There is no being grateful for all of it. Being outside
knowledge so is for everyone, even if you sit and stare
hard to acquire at a potted plant or sunflowers growing
as the knowledge in an alley. It’s real, it’s nature. And I
of how to live this think cats are pretty plentiful if you re-
life well and nat- ally want one.
urally.” Exercise is always good, even if you
­— Michel just stroll for starters. When you go for a
de Montaigne checkup they ask if you exercise. Medi-
(1533-1592) cal professionals want “weight-bearing”
exercise to build bones. “Your bones will
In the cool mold to the demands of the muscle,” I
of the morn- Shannon Bardwell was told, so I lift things.
ing, a light Good nutrition is important. You
breeze caused know, fresh foods. I consulted with a
the leaves in the trees to flutter ever so compounding pharmacist and learned a
slightly. The soft morning light filtered lot of vitamins depend on other vitamins
through the branches. Flowers were in or you might not get any benefit. Like
bloom, pinks, yellows and blues. The calcium requires vitamin D3 and D3 re-
grass had been cut, as had the fields, so I quires K2 and K2 requires fat, because
could see all the way to the lake. My right it’s fat soluble. It takes a little studying.
hand held my morning coffee and the Sleeping well is important, and that
left a small devotional book published in might be my favorite part. “AgeLess:
1916 that I found at a flea market over 40 Take Control of Your Age and Stay
years ago. I bought it because the title looks exactly like this? I would not be days I find myself thinking a little more Youthful for Life” by Edward L. Schnei-
said, “God’s Minute.” It made me feel disappointed. about getting older; I want to do it well, der, M.D., says “Many studies have
bad to think I didn’t have 60 seconds to It’s not that I think about heaven in as far as it depends on me. I also think looked at the relationship between sleep
read a devotional, so I bought it and have more these days; I’ve always thought it will help those around me if I do those and aging, and they find that individuals
been reading it ever since. I was read- about heaven. When I was 8 years old, things to keep myself healthy, so I try. who sleep an average of seven to nine
ing it that morning as I slid my sandal I wrote my first will. I left everything to Here’s a few examples: hours a night have the longest life ex-
off and rubbed Harry’s, the cat’s, belly my mother. I figured she might need my A good way to start the day is in si- pectancy.”
with my bare foot. At that moment the things more than my dad. At 8 years old lence and mediation, with a cup of cof- Amen to that.
whole world seemed absolutely perfect. I didn’t think about getting older. I just fee and two cats at your bare feet, while Email reaches Shannon Bardwell of
And so, I thought ... I wonder if heaven thought about going to heaven. These watching the beautiful day unfold and Columbus at

Musings Cartoonist view

I’m a Drug War
If you add all the Ameri-
cans who take Xanax to all the
Americans who drink beer,
and all the Americans who use
cocaine, and all the Americans
who smoke meth, and all the
Americans who use heroin,
and all the Americans who use
prescription pain killers, it’s
a wonder anything ever gets
done around here.
Which it does not.
Marc Dion
I often think that the people
who piously talk about the
“opioid crisis” may not have any idea of how many of us
are just a little high most of the time.
I think the politicians know. They’re used to count-
ing votes and calculating totals, so they’ve probably got
a pretty good fix (pun intended) on how many of us are
just a little bit zoinked most of the time.
It’s good for them, too. People often bray about how
an unarmed population or an uneducated population is
easy to control, but a slightly stoned population is even
easier to control.
In my lifetime, I’ve seen plain old weed go from a
“gateway drug,” to a source of “enhanced revenue” for
states that disburse huge amounts of money every year
to a variety of completely ineffective “drug programs,”
most of which are job generators for the army of other-
wise useless social workers who populate the offices of
these “agencies.”
“If it only saves one child’s life, it’s worth it,” we say,
weeping a little.
No, it’s not, but a lifetime of working amidst the
barely restrained gutter capitalism of the news indus-
try long ago convinced me that I should have chosen a
career in some kind of anti-drug program.
What other industry allows you to proclaim success
if your program only works once? “Yup, we saved ONE
child this year, so that $2,500,000 state grant was not
misspent. Give us more money.”
You show me a child who is worth $2,500,000, and
I’ll show you a Kennedy.
If you own a repair shop, and you try to fix 75 cars a
year, but only succeed in fixing one, are you a success?
No. In fact, by the end of that year, you probably won’t
be in business anymore.
Not so the public, private or public/private partner-
ship to “keep kids off drugs,” where the phrase “failure
is not an option,” takes on a meaning it doesn’t have on
the football field.
In my 36 years as a shoe-leather reporter, I’ve stood
around at hundreds of press conferences to announce
the start/funding/re-funding of an anti-drug program.
I’ve been given free pens, mouse pads, water bottles,
coffee cups and T-shirts emblazoned with the name
of the programs, all of which I threw away when I got
back to the office because no one wants to drink coffee
out of a mug that says, “Tricounty Drug-Free Child
When I wasn’t standing around at a press confer-
ence, I was dancing around on some street corner,
from which the dead body had been recently removed, Letter to the editor
listening to a sour twice-married Marine Corps veter-
an police detective say, “Probably drugs,” when I asked
him how “Li’l Wheezy” came to take two in the face.
I retired from daily journalism. The detective be-
Voice of the people
came the department’s D.A.R.E. officer, which means Concerns about our future for them to like the coming age of “Old Guard” rule
he goes into schools and tells them about the terrible Hello, America! in the USA, with the rich billionaires in command.
drug consequences he’s seen. He’s eight years from You all in the USA who like “Trump” and the Namely the military industrial complex along with
retirement, and he’s gonna make it. And if he saves just ones who do not like “Trump” my advice now at the some religions in step with the above.
one child, his pension will be well-deserved. present time is like this: Let “Trump” be “Trump”! Good luck in the future. I am now 87 years old.
Marc Dion, a nationally syndicated columnist, is a And in the meantime, read the history of the 20th Not too much time left to live in the coming govern-
reporter and columnist for The Herald News, the daily century, and now, the 21st from the year 2000 ‘til ment.
newspaper of his hometown, Fall River, Massachusetts. now in 2019. Paul J. Miller
For more on Dion, go to go to It’s plain now that many in the USA seem to like Munford, Ala.
The Dispatch • Monday, May 6, 2019 5A

Area obituaries
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH also graduated from ton of Coalfire; brother, death by her children, David Richardson, John as a mentor in the
OBITUARY POLICY New York University. Ted Brazil; sisters, Betty Ann Gibson, Richardson and Kyle Columbus public school
Obituaries with basic informa-
He served in the U.S. Joyce Ferguson, Estelle Elbert Gibson, Grady Richardson; and eight system.
tion including visitation and
service times, are provided
Army National Guard Rushing and Loutine Gibson and Judy Gib- grandchildren. In addition to her
free of charge. Extended obit- and Reserve as Lieu- Thomas; 11 grand- son Dwyer. Pallbearers will be parents, she was pre-
uaries with a photograph, de- tenant Colonel, a Corp children; and a host of She is survived by Micah Richardson, ceded in death by her
tailed biographical information of Engineer Officer and great-grandchildren; her daughters, Vir- Robbie Clark, Corey husband, James Daniel
and other details families may in the Special Forc- and great-great-grand- ginia McCracken and Richardson, Craig Du- Sisson; and twin broth-
wish to include, are available es. He was formerly children. Helen Carroll, both of puis, Scott Taylor, Allen er, James Mattox.
for a fee. Obituaries must be
employed as a building Pallbearers will be Aliceville; sons, Virgil Taylor, Veto Mann and
submitted through funeral She is survived by
inspector with the City Joshua Barton, Richard Gibson of New Boston, Michael Thomas.
homes unless the deceased’s
of Columbus and Lown- Texas, Lee Roy Gibson her children, Dana
body has been donated to Barton, Wes Smith, Memorials may be
des County. of Gordo, Alabama, Sisson Mosby, Renee
science. If the deceased’s Larry Atkins, Lance made to Friendship
He is survived by Atkins, Collin Acker and Clyde Gibson of Sisson Cooney, James
body was donated to science, Baptist Church, P.O.
the family must provide official his son, Perry Ernest and Bobby Acker. Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Box 189, Reform, AL Lewis Sisson, Cather-
proof of death. Please submit Caldwell IV of London, Memorials may be nine grandchildren; 35481 or to Hospice of ine Sisson and Michelle
all obituaries on the form England; brothers, made to Union Chapel 15 great-grandchil- West Alabama, 3851 Sisson Heredia; broth-
provided by The Commercial
Tony Caldwell of Ray- Baptist Church, P.O. dren; and three Loop Road, Tuscaloosa, er, Jon Mattox; and six
Dispatch. Free notices must
be submitted to the newspa- mond and Jeff Caldwell Box 53, Ethelsville, AL great-great-grandchil- AL 35404. grandchildren.
per no later than 3 p.m. the of Columbus; and two 35461. dren.
day prior for publication Tues- grandchildren. Memorials may be Myrrl Bean
day through Friday; no later Memorials may be Henry Seymore made to Hospice of COLUMBUS —
than 4 p.m. Saturday for the made to St. Jude Chil- SHUQUALAK — West Alabama, 3851
Sunday edition; and no later Myrrl Bean, 87, died
dren’s Research Hospi- Henry Seymore, 64, Loop Road, Tuscaloosa,
than 7:30 a.m. for the Monday May 5, 2019, at her
tal, 501 St. Jude Place, died May 5, 2019, at AL 35404.
edition. Incomplete notices residence.
Memphis, TN 38101. Baptist Memorial Hos-
must be received no later than Arrangements are
7:30 a.m. for the Monday pital-Golden Triangle. Winston Richardson incomplete and will be
through Friday editions. Paid Maxine Barton Arrangements are REFORM, Ala. — announced by Memori-
notices must be finalized by 3 ETHELSVILLE, incomplete and will be Winston Lee “Winky” al Gunter Peel Funeral
p.m. for inclusion the next day
Ala. — Maxine Brazil announced by Lee- Richardson, 56, died Home and Crematory,
Monday through Thursday; and
on Friday by 3 p.m. for Sunday
Barton, 75, died May 4, Sykes Funeral Home of May 4, 2019, at Hospice Second Avenue North
and Monday publication. For 2019, at Baptist Memo- Macon. of West Alabama. location.
more information, call 662- rial Hospital-Golden Services will be at 3
Triangle. p.m. Tuesday at Skelton Dr. Paul Wayne
Services will be at
Rone Burgin Sr. Funeral Home Chap- Sissie Sisson Kantack
COLUMBUS — Rev. COLUMBUS — Graveside Services:
noon Wednesday at el with the Rev. Glen
Carl Ruehling Skelton Funeral Home
Rone F. Burgin Sr., 58,
Kennedy officiating. Mary Keesee Mattox Tuesday, May 7 • 11 AM
COLUMBUS — Carl died May 5, 2019, at his Sisson, 81, died May 4, Corinth National Cemetery
Chapel with the Rev. Burial will follow at Corinth, Mississippi
B. Ruehling, 76, died residence. 2019.
Jerrod Mordecai offici- Arbor Springs Ceme- Memorial Gunter Peel
May 5, 2019, at his Arrangements are A memorial service Funeral Home
ating. Burial will follow tery. Visitation will be
residence. incomplete and will be will be held at 11 a.m. 2nd Ave. North Location
at Greenhill Memorial immediately following
Arrangements are announced by Lee- Tuesday at First U.M.
Gardens. Visitation will services at the funeral
incomplete and will be
be one hour prior to Sykes Funeral Home of home. Skelton Funeral Church. Visitation is Perry Caldwell III
announced by Lowndes Columbus. Graveside Services:
services at the funeral Home is in charge of from 5-7 p.m. Monday Tuesday, May 7 • 11 AM
Funeral Home. home. Skelton Funeral arrangements. and from 10:30-11 a.m. Friendship Cemetery

Home is in charge of Nellie Hudson Mr. Richardson was prior to services at Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
Perry Caldwell III arrangements. ALICEVILLE, Ala. born Oct. 9, 1962, in the church. Memorial 2nd Ave. North Location
COLUMBUS — Per- Mrs. Barton was — Nellie Mae McDill Reform, Alabama, to Gunter Peel Funeral
ry Ernest Caldwell III, born April 13, 1944, in Gibson Hudson, 94, Jean Junkin Richardson Home and Crematory, Sissie Sisson
66, died May 2, 2019, at Fayette County, Ala- died May 4, 2019, at and the late Felix Ward College Street location, Visitation:
his residence. Hospice of West Ala- is in charge of arrange- Monday, May 6 • 5-7 PM
bama, to the late Jim Richardson. He was Tuesday, May 7 • 10:30-11 AM
Graveside services Riley Brazil and Daisy bama. formerly employed as ments. First U.M. Church
will be at 11 a.m. May Sprinkle Brazil. Services will be at 11 a production manager Mrs. Sisson was Memorial Services:
born June 1, 1937, to Tuesday, May 7 • 11 AM
Tuesday at Friendship She was a member of a.m. Tuesday at Skelton with Goodwyn Mills First U.M. Church
Cemetery with the Union Chapel Baptist Funeral Home Chapel Cawood and a member the late Elisabeth and Memorial Gunter Peel
Rev. Charlie Whitney Church in Ethelsville. with the Rev. James of Friendship Baptist James Mattox. She Funeral Home
officiating. Memorial was a graduate of S. D. College St. Location
In addition to her Robinson officiating. Church.
Gunter Peel Funeral parents, she was Burial will follow at In addition to his Lee High School and
Home and Crematory, Cross Roads Baptist attended Mississippi Myrrl Bean
preceded in death by father, he was preceded Incomplete
Second Avenue North her husband, Woodroe Church Cemetery in in death by his sister, State College for Wom- Memorial Gunter Peel
location, is in charge of Barton; son, Anthony Carrollton, Alabama. Donna R. Layson. en. She was formerly Funeral Home
arrangements. Jerome “Tony” Barton; Visitation is from 6-8 In addition to his employed with the 2nd Ave. North Location
Mr. Caldwell was brother, J. D. Brazil; p.m. Monday at the fu- mother, he is survived Social Security Admin-
born April 6, 1953, in and sister, Nannie Bea neral home. Skelton Fu- by his wife, Velma istration and served on
Columbus, to the late Dozier. neral Home is in charge McMillian Richard- the Lowndes County
Perry E. Caldwell Jr. She is survived by of arrangements. son; daughters, Raven Election Commission
and Frances “Nell” her sons, David Bar- Mrs. Hudson was Perkins and Ashley and as a volunteer with
James Caldwell. He ton of Ethelsville, Joe born Sept. 6, 1924 in Chavis; sons, Dereck the Columbus Junior
was a 1972 graduate of Barton of Fayette, Ala- Mississippi. Richardson and Jeremy Auxiliary, the Good
Heritage Academy and bama, and Tommy Bar- She was preceded in Richardson; brothers, Samaritan Clinic and

Student who charged campus

gunman remembered as a hero
21-year-old was fatally shot while and offer compassion for
the family of the man ar-
tackling the gunman at the University rested in the case, Trystan
Andrew Terrell.
of North Carolina at Charlotte Terrell, a 22-year-old
former UNC-Charlotte
The Associated Press “A man I never knew student, has been charged
is now a man I’ll never with first-degree murder,
WAYNESVILLE, N.C. forget,” the Rev. Robert first-degree attempted
— Family, hundreds of Blackburn remembered murder and other offens-
friends and a military one young man’s sign es in connection with the
honor guard on Sunday reading as Howell’s body attack.
remembered a North was returned earlier this A military honor guard
Carolina college student outside the auditorium
week to his hometown
credited with saving stood at attention as a
in the Blue Ridge Moun-
classmates by rushing a trumpeter played through
tains. His memorial ser-
gunman firing inside their open doors. Howell had
lecture hall. vice was held Sunday at
been enrolled in a second
Riley Howell, 21, was a 1,900-seat auditorium semester of college ROTC
fatally shot Tuesday while on the grounds of a Meth- courses at UNC-Char-
tackling the gunman ac- odist retreat on Lake Ju- lotte, though he wasn’t
cused of killing Howell naluska. among those pursuing a
and one other person and Blackburn opened the career as a military offi-
wounding four more at the service by asking partic- cer, said Lt. Col. Chun-
University of North Caro- ipants to remember the ka Smith, who runs the
lina at Charlotte. Howell horror of the shooting, school’s Army ROTC pro-
has been called a hero. pray for the other victims, gram.

US dispatches aircraft carrier to send message to Iran

National security adviser: Move was in official declined to be
more specific.
response to ‘a number of troubling and White House nation-
al security adviser John
escalatory indications and warnings’ Bolton said in a statement
Sunday night that the
The Associated Press es in the region, a defense U.S. is deploying the USS
official told the Associat- Abraham Lincoln Carrier
WASHINGTON — A ed Press. Strike Group and a bomb-
White House decision The official, who spoke er task force to the U.S.
to dispatch an aircraft on the condition of ano- Central Command re-
carrier and other mili- nymity to discuss sensi- gion, an area that includes
tary resources to send a tive information, said that the Middle East. Send in your church event!
message to Iran followed
“clear indications” that
the Pentagon approved
the deployments and that
Bolton said the move
was in response to “a
Iranian and Iranian proxy U.S. forces at sea and on number of troubling and Subject: Religious brief
forces were preparing to land were thought to be escalatory indications and
possibly attack U.S. forc- the potential targets. The warnings.”
6A Monday, May 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Caledonia High School

Courtesy photo
CALEDONIA TEAM A, TAKES 3RD PLACE: Six varsity and junior varsity teams from Itawamba Agricultural High
School and Caledonia High School competed April 26 in the East Mississippi Quiz Bowl that took place in the
student union on East Mississippi Community College’s Golden Triangle campus. Caledonia’s Team A earned
third place. Individual high scores went to Mark Gibson. EMCC Quiz Bowl Coach Scott Baine, instructor Kelly
Cantrell and members of the EMCC Quiz Bowl Team organized and ran the event. Members of the Caledonia
High School’s Team A took third place and are, from left, Logan Pirrung, Cyjuan Davis, Mali Allen, Jacob Rich-
ardson and Mark Gibson.

Lowndes County Career Technology Center

Cunningham named finalist five other monthly broaden his experience.
district winners for Serving as Student Govern-
Bradly Cunningham, a carpen-
the 2018-19 school ment Association vice president
try student at Lowndes County
year. at Caledonia High School, he is a
Career Technology Center, is a With sights set on two-year member of the honor roll,
finalist for student of the year hon- managing his own the principal’s list and the super-
ors from the Mississippi Construc- real estate company, intendent’s list. He also is active in
tion Education Foundation. Cunningham is inten- SkillsUSA, in which he earned first
Cunningham was named Cunningham
tional about using place regional honors in the job
student of the month for MCEF’s his construction skills leadership interview division
north central region in April, au- foundation as a springboard. He in 2018 and 2019. He plans to con-
tomatically qualifying as a finalist eagerly takes on new assignments tinue his education at East Central
for student of the year along with at school and in the community to Community College.

■ The Dispatch’s education page appears each Monday. Submissions must come from school personnel and
include all pertinent information, including names of everyone featured in a photograph, left to right. Submissions
can be emailed to Time-sensitive submissions will have top priority and The Dispatch
will publish the rest as space permits.

Polarizing but enduring Cabinet member: Education head DeVos

‘She’s come and she has stayed, survived and shows no in-
tention of leaving.
into education and fueled
her more than 30 years of
which is more than you can say about “Just because she’s
been a lightning rod and
In return, Trump gets
some others in the Cabinet’ been engaged in contro-
versy doesn’t mean she’s
an education leader who
Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., chairman of the appeals both to school
not doing her job,” said choice supporters and to
Senate Health, Education, Labor
Sen. Lamar Alexander, evangelical Christians.
and Pensions Committee
R-Tenn., chairman of the DeVos, 61, who was raised
By COLLIN BINKLEY while in office, compared Senate Health, Educa- in the Christian Reformed
AP Education Writer with 500 uses of the word tion, Labor and Pensions Church, is known for her
“border.” Committee. “She’s come
devout faith and often
W h e n and she has stayed, which
Education, it’s safe to weaves religion into her
P resident is more than you can say
say, is not his top priority. education speeches.
D o n a l d about some others in the
Instead, Trump en- Despite her distance
Trump vis- Cabinet.”
its a school, trusts that realm to Ed- from Trump, she has a
Among DeVos’ sup-
it’s usually ucation Secretary Betsy porters, there’s a belief longtime friendship with
for a cam- DeVos, who after two that Trump’s distance Vice President Mike
paign rally, years has emerged as from education is a bless- Pence, and has built oth-
not a class- DeVos one of the most polariz- ing. While the White er alliances across the
room tour. At his latest ing figures in his Cab- House focuses on issues administration, her aides
State of the Union ad- inet yet also one of its such as immigration and say, including with Ivan-
dress, he mentioned edu- most enduring members. the economy, DeVos has ka Trump, the president’s
cation just once. On Twit- While chiefs of a dozen been free to continue her daughter and adviser, and
ter, he has used the word other agencies have quit push for school choice, her husband, Jared Kush-
“education” six times or been fired, DeVos has the topic that drew her ner.
golden triangle tennis battle of the states tournament msu golf
662-241-5000 B

THE DISPATCH n CDISPATCH.COM n Monday, May 6, 2019

MSU women
tennis begin NCAAs
in Norman

For the fourth time under head

coach Ginger Brown-Lemm, the Mis-
sissippi State women’s golf team will
compete in the NCAA regionals.
The Bulldogs begin play in the
Norman Regional on Monday against
17 other teams, including No. 2 Tex-
as, No. 7 Wake Forest, No. 10 Florida,
No. 15 Arizona State, No. 18 Oklaho-
ma and No. 24 TCU.
The regional will be played
through three days beginning Mon-
day at the par-72, 6,407-yard Jimmie
Austin Golf Club.
The top six teams and three in-
dividuals will advance to the NCAA
Championship at the Blessings Golf
Course in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Brown-Lemm is familiar with the
site after her 2013 squad placed third
in the Norman regional and advanced
to the NCAA Championship.
“It feels great coming back to Nor-
man and Jimmie Austin Golf Course,”
said Brown-Lemm. “It is a place with
great memories, and new ones to
make. This young team has accom-
plished so much this year, working
hard and committing to the process.
This event is no different. We will play
our game, and execute our plan. The
confidence that we have built within
the efforts of this team will propel us
to play with purpose and represent
Chris McDill/Special to the Dispatch the Bulldogs with all that we have.”
Mercedes Mattix, who was a track star at both New Hope High School and Ole Miss, sends a shot over the net in play Sunday State’s young squad is return-
during the Battle of the States team tournament hosted by Golden Triangle Tennis. ing from a strong finish in the SEC
Championship, where they advanced
The Battle of the States tennis tournament featured players to the quarterfinals match play.
from three states competing over two days in women’s doubles, Sophomore Aubree Jones will lead
men’s doubles and mixed teams. At right, Will Hawkins puts all the Bulldogs after her tie for 13th in
his power into a serve. Below, Vanita Mattix, executive director
the SEC Championship, which pro-
of Golden Triangle Tennis. hits a well-placed backhand shot.
pelled her team into match play.
Chris McDill/Special to the Dispatch Junior Ela Grimwood will join
Jones in the lineup. She has record-
ed three top 25 finishes in the spring
Freshman Hannah Levi has com-
peted in every tournament in her
first year as a Bulldog and will also
be competing in Norman. She has
a 74.69 stroke average through 10
Sophomore Blair Stockett will
make her 10th appearance of the sea-
son. She finished stroke play of the
SEC Championship tied for 25th.
Junior Clara Moyano will round
out Brown-Lemm’s lineup in her
fourth appearance of the spring sea-
son. She finished 17th at the Shootout
at Shoal Creek in February.
The Bulldogs tee off at 8:20 a.m.
Monday with Moyano off No. 10.

high school spring championships

Sanders Showdown: Heritage

finishes 2nd takes on Starkville
at state By PAUL D. BOWKER
tie the series.
The winner of the
FROM SPECIAL REPORTS series will face Wayne
A baseball show- Academy or Central
down begins today in Private School for the
Averi Sanders, a sophomore from Starkville.
West Lowndes High School, scored state title.
Heritage Academy,
a pair of individual silver medals Starkville swept in
which knocked off the
Friday in the Mississippi State the North finals with
defending state cham-
High School Activities Association two consecutive victo-
pions in the Mississippi
(MHSAA) track and field champi- ries over Bayou Acad-
Association of Indepen-
onships. emy, finishing the job
dent Schools (MAIS)
She finished second in both the Class AAA last week, last Wednesday with a
girls 100- and 200-yard runs in the takes on Starkville 16-6 win.
Class 1A meet. Academy in the AAA Heritage won two
Sanders ran the 100 in 12.85 sec- North championship straight against Indi-
onds, finishing half a second behind series. anola, defeating the
winner Tytianna Porter, a senior The opening game 2018 state champion by
from East Marion. She finished sec- of the best-of-three se- a combined 8-1 score.
ond in the 200 with a time of 27.19 ries is at 4 p.m. today in Mississippi State
seconds, just 17-hundredths of a sec- Starkville. commit Blayze Berry
ond behind Zakiya Dotson of Ethel. Game 2 is set for 5 pitched a two-hit shut-
West Lowndes finished second in p.m. Tuesday at Her- out against Indianola
the 4x100 girls relay, which was won itage Academy in Co- and is the likely starter
by East Marion. lumbus. A winner-take- for the Patriots today.
Bad weather halted the Class Chris McDill/Special to the Dispatch all third game would be Freshman pitcher
2A-4A-6A championships sched- Heritage Academy freshman pitcher Cole Ketchum helped lead the Patriots to played Tuesday night at Cole Ketchum was the
uled for Saturday in Pearl. They a playoff series-clinching win last Thursday over 2018 MAIS AAA state champi- Heritage if the loser of starter in the clinching
were rescheduled for Monday. on Indianola. Game 1 wins Game 2 to win over Indianola.
2B Monday, May 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

briefly CALENDAR Baseball

Totals 34 3 6 3 Totals 35 1 6 1
Atlanta 000 000 100 2—3
Miami 000 000 010 0—1
Paul Casey (109), $311,063 69-71-66-69—275
J Dufner (109), $311,063 68-63-71-73—275
R Fowler (109), $311,063 71-70-66-68—275
American League E_Romo (1). DP_Atlanta 1, Miami 1. LOB_At- S Garcia (109), $311,063 69-73-65-68—275

Baseball Prep Baseball

All Times EDT
East Division
W L Pct GB
lanta 6, Miami 7. 2B_Joyce (4), Inciarte (5),
O’Brien (1). HR_Markakis (3). SB_Rojas (1).
SF_Culberson (1).
Rory McIlroy (75), $213,300 66-70-68-73—277
Keith Mitchell (75), $213,300 68-74-66-69—277
Pat Perez (75), $213,300 69-68-66-74—277
Monday’s Games Tampa Bay
New York
21 12 .636 —
19 14 .576 2 IP H R ER BB SO
Kyle Stanley (75), $213,300 69-69-71-68—277
J Vegas (75), $213,300 72-67-69-69—277
EMCC concludes season with 12-2 run-rule win MAIS Class AAA Playoffs Boston
17 18 .486 5
15 19 .441 6½
Teheran 6 2 0 0 2 4
Jim Knous (55), $143,780 68-72-70-68—278
S Power (55), $143,780 69-68-69-72—278
ELLISVILLE – East Mississippi Community College’s baseball sea- Heritage Academy at Starkville Academy, 4 p.m. Baltimore 12 22 .353 9½ Winkler H,2 1 0 0 0 0 1 Adam Schenk (55), $143,780 67-74-67-70—278
son ended on a high note by claiming a 12-2 run-rule nightcap victory Central Division Blevins H,3 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 S Stefani (55), $143,780 76-65-70-67—278
ACAA Sub-State, TBD, TBA W L Pct GB Tomlin W,1-0 BS,1 1.2 3 1 1 0 0 V Taylor (55), $143,780 68-71-68-71—278
over seventh-ranked Jones College during Friday’s MACJC conference Minnesota 20 12 .625 — Jackson S,2-3 1 1 0 0 0 2 Chez Reavie (44), $99,540 70-71-70-68—279
action played at Community Bank Park. The Bobcats posted a 5-2 win Tuesday’s Games Cleveland 18 14 .563 2 Miami Doc Redman, $99,540 70-70-67-72—279
Detroit 15 16 .484 4½ Lopez 6 3 0 0 1 6 Rory Sabbatini (44), $99,540 76-66-67-70—279
over the visiting Lions during the opening game of the doubleheader. MAIS Class AAA Playoffs Chicago 14 18 .438 6 Steckenrider 1 1 1 1 0 0 W Simpson (44), $99,540 69-73-69-68—279
With sophomore right-hander Jaxen Forrester on the mound in Starkville Academy at Heritage Academy, 5 p.m. Kansas City 12 23 .343 9½ Conley 1 1 0 0 0 0 Brendon Todd (44), $99,540 68-70-73-68—279
West Division Romo 1 0 0 0 1 1 Aaron Wise (44), $99,540 69-70-69-71—279
the scheduled seven-inning nightcap, the Lions provided all of the ACAA Sub-State, TBD, TBA W L Pct GB Guerrero L,1-1 1 1 2 2 2 2 Bud Cauley (35), $67,348 73-70-68-69—280
run support EMCC’s pitching ace would need early in the contest. A Houston 20 14 .588 — HBP_by Teheran (Rojas). WP_Jackson. Jason Day (35), $67,348 68-69-74-69—280
two-run triple by Philip Martin and Frederic Reynolds’ run-producing Thursday’s Games Seattle 19 17 .528 2 Dylan Frittelli (35), $67,348 67-74-70-69—280
Texas 16 16 .500 3 Umpires_Home, Tony Randazzo; First, Laz Brian Harman (35), $67,348 68-75-69-68—280
groundout in the first inning off Jones starting pitcher Brady Greene North State Championship Los Angeles 15 19 .441 5 Diaz; Second, Jeff Nelson; Third, Jansen Vis- Patrick Reed (30), $56,090 67-69-71-74—281
Oakland 15 21 .417 6 conti. O Schndrjans (30), $56,090 74-69-68-70—281
gave the visitors an early 3-0 lead. Poncotoc at New Hope, 7 p.m. H Stenson (30), $56,090 74-67-70-70—281
The Lions then batted around a frame later on the way to scoring Friday’s Games Saturday’s Games T_3:29. A_11,885 (36,742). Lucas Glover (22), $44,804 70-69-72-71—282
Minnesota 7, N.Y. Yankees 3 H Matsuyama (22), $44,804 73-70-70-69—282
four runs on six hits to extend the margin to 7-0. Dillon Brown’s leadoff
North State Championship Cleveland 5, Seattle 4
College scores Alex Prugh (22), $44,804 73-68-71-70—282
double preceded four consecutive singles, including an RBI single by Kansas City 15, Detroit 3 Nick Watney (22), $44,804 70-72-72-68—282
Austin Beech and Stuart Coggins’ two-run single two batters later. Josh New Hope at Poncotoc, 7 p.m. Baltimore 3, Tampa Bay 0
EAST Cody Gribble (22), $44,804 71-72-68-71—282
Pittsburgh 6, Oakland 4 Sungjae Im (22), $44,804 70-69-71-72—282
Smith’s two-out RBI single capped EMCC’s four-run second inning. ACAA State Tournament, Cottondale, Ala., TBA Boston 15, Chicago White Sox 2 Albany (NY) 3, LIU Brooklyn 1
Army at Lehigh, ppd. Martin Laird (22), $44,804 67-71-71-73—282
Houston 14, L.A. Angels 2
EMCC went back to work at the plate by adding a pair of runs in the
fourth inning on Martin’s fourth home run of the year and then tacking
Prep Softball Texas 8, Toronto 5 Binghamton at UMBC, ppd.
Dartmouth 6, Cornell 1
Adam Hadwin (15), $32,390 73-69-68-73—283
Matt Jones (15), $32,390 70-70-72-71—283
Colt Knost (15), $32,390 73-68-67-75—283
on three more insurance runs a frame later to reach the run-rule margin. Monday’s Games Sunday’s Games Davidson at UMass, ccd.
Harvard at Brown, ppd. S Muñoz (15), $32,390 68-70-73-72—283
Tampa Bay at Baltimore, ppd. J Niemann (15), $32,390 73-70-69-71—283
Jones managed to plate an unearned run in the bottom of the fifth to ACAA Sub-State, TBD, TBA Detroit 5, Kansas City 2, 10 innings Holy Cross at Lehigh, ppd.
R Werenski (15), $32,390 70-69-73-71—283
Seattle 10, Cleveland 0 Maine 9, Stony Brook 8
account for the 12-2 final. Tuesday’s Games Pittsburgh 5, Oakland 3, 13 innings Michigan 13, Maryland 1 Chase Wright (15), $32,390 71-72-69-71—283
Monmouth (NJ) 1, Canisius 0 Ryan Blaum (10), $23,131 71-72-68-73—284
EMCC’s 12-hit team effort in the nightcap was led by Beech, ACAA Sub-State, TBD, TBA Boston 9, Chicago White Sox 2 Nate Lashley (10), $23,131 71-70-69-74—284
Texas 10, Toronto 2 Niagara 5, Fairfield 0
Martin, Coggins, Tyler Miller and John Ross Briggs with two hits apiece. Northeastern 11, Siena 0 Adam Long (10), $23,131 70-71-73-70—284
On the mound for the winners, Forrester allowed only the two singles in Friday’s Games N.Y. Yankees 4, Minnesota 1, 8 innings
Houston 10, L.A. Angels 4 Quinnipiac at Iona, ppd. K Streelman (10), $23,131 71-69-70-74—284
Rutgers at Penn St., ccd. Jimmy Walker (10), $23,131 71-70-72-71—284
the third inning, while striking out eight and walking three, to improve his ACAA State Tournament, Cottondale, Ala., TBA Monday’s Games St. John’s at Princeton, ccd. Bill Haas (8), $19,237 69-72-71-73—285

College Baseball
Hank Lebioda (8), $19,237 71-72-74-68—285
record to 4-4 on the season. Chicago White Sox (Nova 0-3) at Cleveland Trey Mullinax (8), $19,237 72-69-73-71—285
(Bauer 4-1), 6:10 p.m. SOUTH
The nine-inning opener was scoreless until the middle innings Alabama A&M 1, MVSU 0 Zack Sucher (8), $19,237 72-71-73-69—285
when Jones scored in the third, fourth and fifth frames. After scoring a Wednesday’s Games Seattle (Hernandez 1-2) at N.Y. Yankees (Sa-
bathia 1-1), 6:35 p.m. Arkansas 9, Kentucky 1 Daniel Berger (6), $17,933 73-69-70-74—286
Auburn 17, Alabama 7 Roberto Díaz (6), $17,933 70-72-71-73—286
pair of runs in the fourth off EMCC starting pitcher Austin Campbell, the Alabama at Troy, 6 p.m. Boston (Smith 0-0) at Baltimore (Means 3-3),
7:05 p.m. Austin Peay 8, Jacksonville 3 Harris English (6), $17,933 71-71-72-72—286
John Senden (6), $17,933 68-73-69-76—286
Bobcats added two more tallies an inning later on RBI singles by Bailee Memphis at Mississippi State, 6:30 p.m. Minnesota (Perez 4-0) at Toronto (Stroman Campbell 4, Charleston Southern 1
Charlotte 5, Middle Tennessee 0 Brendan Steele (6), $17,933 72-70-75-69—286
1-4), 7:07 p.m.
Hendon and Blake Johnson off Lion reliever Reid Blakely.
Coach Brett Kimbrel’s EMCC Lions concluded the 2019 baseball College Softball Arizona (Kelly 3-2) at Tampa Bay (Snell 2-3),
7:10 p.m.
Coastal Carolina 11, Louisiana-Lafayette 9
Duke 2, VCU 1
Nick Taylor (6), $17,933
Tony Finau (5), $17,064
Brice Garnett (5), $17,064 70-71-70-76—287
E. Kentucky 8, Tennessee Tech 2
campaign with an 11-30 overall record and 8-20 conference mark. Wednesday’s Games Kansas City (Junis 3-2) at Houston (Cole 2-4),
8:10 p.m. Florida A&M 7, NC Central 6, 11 innings J.J. Henry (5), $17,064 70-72-72-73—287
Kramer Hickok (5), $17,064 72-69-72-74—287
SEC Tournament at College Station, Texas Florida Gulf Coast at Stetson, ccd.
Florida St. 15, Pittsburgh 6 Kyng-Hoon Lee (5), $17,064 72-70-70-75—287
Tuesday’s Games
MSU vs. Texas A&M, 10 a.m. Freed-Hardeman 11, Colubis (Mo.) 6 Brndon Harkins (4), $16,432 73-69-71-76—289
Ole Miss wins first series in Baton Rouge since 1982 Chicago White Sox (Giolito 2-1) at Cleveland
(Rodriguez 0-1), 6:10 p.m. Furman 13, VMI 5 Tom Hoge (4), $16,432 70-70-75-74—289
BATON ROUGE, La. – The No. 9 LSU Tigers made the Rebels Florida vs. South Carolina, 12:30 p.m. Seattle (Gonzales 5-1) at N.Y. Yankees (Tanaka Gardner-Webb 9, C;emson 7 Luke List (4), $16,432 75-68-71-75—289
2-3), 6:35 p.m. Georgia 9-4, Florida 1-1 Julián Etulain (3), $16,116 73-70-70-77—290
earn it, but after a combined 34 runs scored on 45 hits in a 4-hour, Missouri vs. Auburn, 3 p.m. Boston (Price 1-2) at Baltimore (Hess 1-4), Georgia Tech 14, W. Carolina 1 Jason Kokrak (3), $15,958 70-70-74-78—292
Houston Baptist 6, Nicholls 3 Wes Roach (3), $15,721 70-71-74-78—293
21-minute, 10-inning marathon, No. 13 Ole Miss left Alex Box Stadium Georgia vs. Arkansas, 5:30 p.m. 7:05 p.m.
Jackson St. 16-2, Alcorn St. 8-5 Matthew Short, $15,721 76-67-74-76—293
Texas (Sampson 0-1) at Pittsburgh (Brault 0-1),
with a 19-15 victory and the program’s first series win in Baton Rouge Ole Miss vs. MSU or Texas A&M, 8 p.m. 7:05 p.m. James Madison 6, Towson 5, 10 innings Fabián Gómez (3), $15,484 70-69-80-77—296
since 1982. Minnesota (Berrios 5-1) at Toronto (Sanchez Kentucky 4, Arkansas 3 Beau Hossler (3), $15,326 69-72-76-80—297
Ole Miss held a 15-9 lead through 26 outs, but LSU put together a College Track and Field 3-2), 7:07 p.m.
Arizona (Clarke 0-0) at Tampa Bay (Morton
Liberty 14, Kennesaw St. 10
Louisiana-Monroe 6, Texas-Arlington 3
stunning two-out rally, including back-to-back-to-back home runs to tie McNeese St. 5, Stephen F. Austin 1
Thursday’s Games 3-0), 7:10 p.m.
L.A. Angels (Canning 0-0) at Detroit (Norris Memphis 1-9, South Florida 0-3
it in the bottom of the ninth. The Rebel offense never relented, though. SEC Outdoors Championships (Fayetteville, 1-0), 7:10 p.m. Mercer 1, Samford 0 MEDIHEAL CHAMPIONSHIP
Miami 13, Bethune-Cookman 5 Sunday
Ole Miss punched back with four runs in the 10th, highlighted by a go- Kansas City (Duffy 0-1) at Houston (McHugh
At Lake Merced GC
ahead two-RBI single by freshman Josh Hall to snap a 19-series losing Arkansas) 3-3), 8:10 p.m. Mississippi 19, LSU 15, 10 innings
Missouri 10, Tennessee 8 Daly City, Calif.
Cincinnati (Mahle 0-4) at Oakland (Brooks 2-3),
Morehead St. 5, Murray St. 4 Purse: $1.8 million
streak on the road at LSU. 10:07 p.m.
The Rebel offense came through with a four-spot in the second,
starting with a one-out double down the line by Cole Zabowski. Cooper
on the air National League
Navy 4, Longwood 0
N. Kentucky 12, Oakland 3
NC State 6, Radford 3
Yardage: 6,551; Par 72
Sei Young Kim, $270,000 72-66-68-75—281
All Times EDT New Orleans 5, Abilene Christian 4 Bronte Law, $142,055 73-68-75-65—281
Johnson then sent him home with an RBI single to right. It looked as East Division North Alabama 8, NJ Tech 3 Jeongeun Lee, $142,055 74-69-71-67—281
though LSU might get out of it there, but a potential inning-ending dou- Today W L Pct GB
Philadelphia 19 14 .576 —
North Florida 8-0, Lipscomb 4-1
Northwestern St. 11, Grambling St. 2
Lexi Thompson, $69,641 73-70-69-71—283
Amy Yang, $69,641 68-74-70-71—283
ble play ball was booted by the LSU shortstop, placing runners on the COLLEGE BASEBALL Atlanta 18 16 .529 1½ Richmond 9, George Washington 2 Eun-Hee Ji, $69,641 67-72-73-71—283
corners. Jacob Adams made the most of it, dragging a beautiful bunt New York 16 18 .471 3½ Savannah St. 2-3, NC A&T 1-8 Charley Hull, $69,641 69-70-70-74—283
single past the pitcher to send Johnson home. Then Grae Kessinger 6 p.m. — Boston College at Virginia Tech, ESPNU Washington 14 19 .424 5 SC Upstate 8, Alabama St. 4 Marina Alex, $38,765 74-72-70-68—284
Miami 9 24 .273 10 SE Missouri 10, Belmont 6 Yu Liu, $38,765 76-66-72-70—284
cleared the bases with a double into the left-center gap, extending his MLB BASEBALL Central Division South Alabama 9, UALR 8 Azahara Munoz, $38,765 69-73-72-70—284
W L Pct GB Southern Miss. 8, FAU 7 Minjee Lee, $38,765 76-69-67-72—284
reached-base streak to 37 games and making it 4-0, Rebels. 11:30 a.m. — San Francisco at Cincinnati, MLB Chicago 19 12 .613 — Troy 5-3, Georgia Southern 4-11 Jenny Shin, $29,629 71-73-72-69—285
In the ninth, Ole Miss appeared to push across the insurance it St. Louis 20 14 .588 ½ UAB 11, FIU 4 Ryann O’Toole, $29,629 73-65-77-70—285
7 p.m. — TBA, ESPN Milwaukee 20 16 .556 1½ UCF 5, Tulane 2 Kristen Gillman, $29,629 71-74-69-71—285
needed. A Servideo double, followed by singles from Kessinger and Pittsburgh 16 15 .516 3 UNC Greensboro 5, ETSU 4 Jing Yan, $24,761 73-73-71-69—286
Keenan plated one run, and Olenek’s single sent the second across, NBA BASKETBALL Cincinnati 14 20 .412 6½ UTSA at Marshall, ccd. Shanshan Feng, $24,761 73-67-75-71—286
West Division Vanderbilt 9-6, South Carolina 3-2 Maria Torres, $24,761 69-71-71-75-286
making it a 15-9 Rebel lead. 7 p.m. — NBA Playoff: Teams TBD, , TNT W L Pct GB W. Kentucky 6, Rice 4 Celine Boutier, $20,771 68-76-74-69—287
Parker Caracci quickly got a pair of outs to start the ninth, but the Los Angeles 22 14 .611 — West Virginia 6, TCU 5 Megan Khang, $20,771 75-66-75-71—287
9:30 p.m. — NBA Playoff: Teams TBD, TNT Arizona 20 14 .588 1 William & Mary 5, Coll. of Charleston 4 Lizette Salas, $20,771 74-71-70-72—287
Tigers wouldn’t go away quietly. LSU strung together three singles, the San Diego 19 16 .543 2½ Wofford 4, The Citadel 3
NHL Hockey Colorado 16 19 .457 5½
Danielle Kang, $20,771 73-71-71-72—287
third of which was a soft infield grounder that bounced just away from Louise Ridderstrom, $20,771 71-69-72-75—287
the reach of Caracci to bring one home. Then came the pandemonium, 6:30 p.m. — Stanley Cup Playoff: Teams TBD, San Francisco 15 19 .441 6 MIDWEST
Bradley 13, Valparaiso 2
Inbee Park, $17,557 70-69-80-69—288
Cristie Kerr, $17,557 72-73-71-72—288
as Duplantis, Beloso and Josh Smith went back-to-back-to-back to tie NBCSN Saturday’s Games
Chicago Cubs 6, St. Louis 5
Butler 1-17, Villanova 0-0
Cent. Michigan 4, Bowling Green 0
In Gee Chun, $17,557 69-71-76-72—288
Angela Stanford, $17,557 71-72-72-73—288
the game and send those left in the stands at The Box into a frenzy. SOCCER (MEN’S) Atlanta 9, Miami 2 East Carolina 6, Cincinnati 2 Morgan Pressel, $13,917 70-76-74-69—289
In the 10th, Ole Miss quickly went to work. Johnson drew a leadoff Washington 10, Philadelphia 8 E. Illinois 15, SIU Edwardsville 7 Haeji Kang, $13,917 73-71-76-69—289
walk before Graham came through with a double to left-center. In his
1:55 p.m. — Premier League: Manchester City Pittsburgh 6, Oakland 4 Indiana 9, Illinois 2 Austin Ernst, $13,917 72-73-74-70—289
Cincinnati 9, San Francisco 2 Indiana St. 6, Illinois St. 1 Alena Sharp, $13,917 76-71-70-72—289
first at-bat of the marathon game, Hall laced a line drive into right field vs. Leicester City, NBCSN Milwaukee 4, N.Y. Mets 3, 18 innings Kansas 10, Texas 6 Caroline Masson, $13,917 76-70-71-72—289
Arizona 9, Colorado 2 Kent St. 5, Toledo 2
to clear the bases. The Rebels added one more on a Kessinger single,
then another when Servideo hustled all the way around from second as
Tuesday L.A. Dodgers 7, San Diego 6 Louisville 8, Notre Dame 2
Miami (Ohio) at Ohio, can.
Amy Olson, $13,917 70-73-74-72—289
N Koerstz Madsen, $13,917 73-71-72-73—289
So Yeon Ryu, $13,917 67-70-79-73—289
Keenan grounded into a double play, making it a four-run advantage. COLLEGE BASEBALL Sunday’s Games
Atlanta 3, Miami 1, 10 innings
Michigan St. 7, Purdue 4
Milwaukee 7, UIC 4
Anne van Dam, $10,638 67-77-76-70—290
Aditi Ashok, $10,638 74-73-72-71—290
Houston Roth then entered to close it out. He yielded two singles 5 p.m. — Michigan State at Michigan, BTN Pittsburgh 5, Oakland 3, 13 innings
Philadelphia 7, Washington 1
Minnesota 11-3, Ohio St. 2-2 Brittany Lincicome, $10,638 74-70-75-71—290
N. Illinois 7, Ball St. 5 Mariajo Uribe, $10,638 76-71-71-72—290
in the inning but struck out LSU leadoff hitter Zach Watson to cap off 6 p.m. — Indiana at Kentucky, SEC Milwaukee 3, N.Y. Mets 2 North Dakota St. 2, Omaha 1 Dana Finkelstein, $10,638 73-71-73-73—290
the victory. Colorado 8, Arizona 7 Northwestern 10, Nebraska 2 Sarah Schmelzel, $8,332 70-73-78-70—291
6 p.m. — Vanderbilt at Louisville, ESPNU San Diego 8, L.A. Dodgers 5 Rhode Island 7, Saint Louis 4 Gerina Piller, $8,332 71-75-73-72—291
Ole Miss will be off for the midweek as the Rebels prepare for final San Francisco 6, Cincinnati 5 S. Illinois 4, Evansville 1 Carlota Ciganda, $8,332 74-71-73-73—291
exams. They’ll return to action next weekend as they host Mississippi GOLF Chicago Cubs 13, St. Louis 5 South Dakota St. 12, Purdue Fort Wayne 2 Laetitia Beck, $8,332 74-69-74-74—291
Texas Tech 8, Oklahoma 4
State for a three-game set at Swayze Field, starting Friday at 6:30. 4 p.m. — World Long Drive Tour Golf: Exchange Monday’s Games UC Irvine 15, Iowa 4
Chella Choi, $8,332 72-68-77-74—291
Moriya Jutanugarn, $8,332 69-75-72-75—291
San Francisco (Pomeranz 1-3) at Cincinnati W. Michigan 7, E. Michigan 6
Celebrating Service, long-drive competition, Fort (DeSclafani 1-1), 12:35 p.m. Wright St. 9, Youngstown St. 7
In-Kyung Kim, $8,332 72-71-72-76—291
Arizona (Kelly 3-2) at Tampa Bay (Snell 2-3), Ashleigh Buhai, $6,288 75-72-75-70—292
Xavier 7, Seton Hall 5
Auburn holds off Alabama for 17-7 win Jackson, S.C., GOLF 7:10 p.m.
Washington (Scherzer 1-4) at Milwaukee (Cha-
Da Yeon Lee, $6,288
Emma Talley, $6,288
AUBURN, Ala. – Alabama baseball’s comeback hopes were MLB BASEBALL cin 3-3), 7:40 p.m.
Appalachian St. 7, Arkansas St. 4
Pavarisa Yoktuan, $6,288 74-73-72-73—292
ended late as Auburn came away with a 17-7 win on Sunday afternoon Pernilla Lindberg, $6,288 72-73-74-73—292
6:30 p.m. — Philadelphia at St. Louis OR Wash- Miami (Alcantara 1-3) at Chicago Cubs
(Hamels 3-0), 8:05 p.m.
Ark.-Pine Bluff 6, Texas Southern 4, 10 innings
Houston 9, UNLV 2
Wei-Ling Hsu, $6,288 74-73-70-75—292
at Plainsman Park. The two teams split the season series at 2-2 with He Yong Choi, $6,288 74-65-77-76—292
the Crimson Tide moving to 27-21 overall and 6-18 in Southeastern ington at Milwaukee, MLB Philadelphia (Velasquez 1-1) at St. Louis (Miko-
las 3-2), 8:05 p.m.
Incarnate Word 10, Cent. Arkansas 7 Na Yeon Choi, $6,288 72-67-75-78—292
Kansas St. 10, Baylor 3 Jennifer Song, $4,958 74-72-79-68—293
Conference play following Sunday’s contest. NBA BASKETBALL Atlanta (Gausman 1-2) at L.A. Dodgers (Bue-
hler 3-0), 10:10 p.m.
New Mexico St. 10, UT Rio Grande Valley 0
Mi Hyang Lee, $4,958 72-74-75-72—293
Oral Roberts 11, W. Illinois 1
“For the last six SEC games we’ve competed really well and put Mariah Stackhouse, $4,958 72-73-74-74—293
7 p.m. — NBA Playoff: Teams TBD, TNT N.Y. Mets (deGrom 2-3) at San Diego (Paddack Sam Houston St. 11, Texas A&M-CC 5
ourselves in great position to win, and I thought we competed again in 2-1), 10:10 p.m. SE Louisiana 6, Lamar 4
9:30 p.m. — NBA Playoff: Teams TBD, TNT
Southern 6, Prairie View 4
today’s game,” said Alabama head coach Brad Bohannon. “The last two Texas St. 12, Georgia St. 2
innings got away from us with the abnormal amount of soft contact and NHL HOCKEY Texas (Sampson 0-1) at Pittsburgh (Brault 0-1),
7:05 p.m. FAR WEST
they got a couple of big hits. A lot of credit to Auburn for getting the big 6:30 p.m. — Stanley Cup Playoff: Teams TBD, Arizona (Clarke 0-0) at Tampa Bay (Morton Air Force at New Mexico, ppd. Sunday’s Moves
hits late and stretching the game out, but I think 24 of the 27 innings we 3-0), 7:10 p.m. Arizona 28, Oregon 7
NBCSN Washington (Strasburg 3-1) at Milwaukee (Per- Arizona St. 8, UCLA 7 American League
played this weekend, we competed really well.” alta 1-1), 7:40 p.m. California 13, Utah 6
SOCCER (MEN’S) Philadelphia (Nola 2-0) at St. Louis (Hudson California Baptist 10, Utah Valley 0
The Crimson Tide and Tigers were knotted at 3-3 after three 2-2), 7:45 p.m.
Caleb Frare from Charlotte (IL). Purchased the
innings on Sunday. Auburn then scored one in the sixth and four in the 2 p.m. — UEFA Champions League: Liverpool vs. Miami (Smith 3-0) at Chicago Cubs (Lester 2-1),
Fresno St. 8, Nevada 2
Grand Canyon 6, CSU Bakersfield 3
contract of RHP Juan Minaya from Charlotte.
Transferred OF Jon Jay to the 60-day IL.
seventh to deliver what appeared to be the crushing blow, but Alabama FC Barcelona, TNT 8:05 p.m. Hawaii 4, Cal Poly 1 CLEVELAND INDIANS — Recalled RHP Cody
San Francisco (Bumgarner 1-4) at Colorado Long Beach St. 3, UC Riverside 1 Anderson from Columbus (IL). Designated INF
came back with three in the top of the eighth to make it an 8-6 contest
headed to the bottom of the eighth. That half inning saw the Tigers Wednesday (Senzatela 2-1), 8:40 p.m.
Cincinnati (Mahle 0-4) at Oakland (Brooks 2-3),
10:07 p.m.
Oklahoma St. 8, Oregon St. 7
Pepperdine 10, San Francisco 1
Max Moroff for assignment.
Sacramento St. 12, N. Colorado 2
score nine runs to put things out of reach. Alabama battled for one in the COLLEGE BASEBALL Atlanta (Fried 4-1) at L.A. Dodgers (Ryu 3-1), Saint Mary’s 17, Gonzaga 3
Stephen Tarpley to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL).
ninth but would come no closer in the 17-7 series finale. 5:30 p.m. — Wright State at Ohio State, BTN 10:10 p.m.
N.Y. Mets (Syndergaard 2-3) at San Diego
San Diego 8, Santa Clara 6 National League
San Diego St. 10, San Jose St. 8 CINCINNATI REDS — Selected INF Josh
Sunday’s game saw the two teams combine to use 12 pitchers. COLLEGE SOFTBALL (Quantrill 0-1), 10:10 p.m. Seattle 13, Chicago St. 9 VanMeter from Louisville (IL). Optioned LHP
Auburn reliever Bailey Horn (2-0) picked up the win with 1.1 scoreless 10 a.m. — SEC Tournament: MSU vs. Texas Southern Cal 4, Stanford 2 Cody Reed to Louisville.
UC Davis 3, Cal St. Fullerton 2
innings in the middle of the contest. The hard-luck loss went to Alabama A&M, SEC Braves 3, Marlins 1 UC Santa Barbara 5, Cal St. Northridge 3
contract of RHP Burch Smith from San Antonio
reliever Brock Guffey (0-1). The sophomore lefty allowed the Tigers’ 12:30 p.m. — SEC Tournament: Florida vs. Atlanta Miami
Washington St. 13, Washington 2 (PCL). Optioned RHP Taylor Williams to San
go-ahead run across his 2.1 frames. ab r h bi ab r h bi Antonio. Designated RHP Jay Jackson for
South Carolina, SEC
Albies 2b 5 0 0 0 Grndrsn lf 3 0 0 0 assignment.
The Alabama hitters put together another strong performance on 3 p.m. — SEC Tournament: Missouri vs. Auburn, D.Swnsn ss 4 0 1 0 Berti ph-3b 2 1 1 0 NEW YORK METS — Optioned Ryan O’Rourke
Sunday to record 14 hits with seven of the nine starters tallying at least F.Frman 1b 5 0 0 0 Prado 3b-1b 5 0 2 0 and Chris Flexen to Syracuse (IL). Recalled
SEC Mrkakis rf 2 1 2 1 Bri.And rf 3 0 1 1 Tim Peterson and Tyler Bashlor from Syracuse.
one hit. Junior Morgan McCullough led UA in hits with a 4-for-5 day that PGA Tour SAN DIEGO PADRES — Placed RHP Trey
included a team-leading two runs scored along with a team-high tying
5:30 p.m. — SEC Tournament: Georgia vs. Flowers c 4 0 0 0 N.Wlker 1b 3 0 1 0
Camargo 3b 4 0 0 0 Romo p 0 0 0 0 Wingenter of the 10-day IL, retroactive to
two RBI. Right behind him was fellow junior Brett Auerbach who con-
Arkansas, SEC Joyce lf 3 0 1 0 Gerrero p 0 0 0 0 WELLS FARGO CHAMPIONSHIP May 4. Recalled RHP Phil Maton from El
Winkler p 0 0 0 0 S.Cstro 2b 4 0 0 0 Sunday Paso (PCL).
tributed a 3-for-5 afternoon with two RBI and a run scored. Sophomore 8 p.m. — SEC Tournament: Ole Miss vs. MSU/ Blevins p 0 0 0 0 Rojas ss 3 0 0 0 At Quail Hollow Club WASHINGTON NATIONALS — Recalled INF
Tyler Gentry and freshman Tyler Ras each registered two hits with Ras Texas A&M, SEC Tomlin p 0 0 0 0 Wallach c 4 0 0 0 Charlotte, N.C. Jake Noll from Fresno (PCL). Placed 1B Matt
Dnldson ph 0 0 0 0 Glloway cf 4 0 0 0 Purse: $7.9 million Adams on the 10-day IL.
adding a run scored. GOLF Fried pr 0 1 0 0 Lopez p 2 0 0 0 Yardage: 7,554; Par 71
Next up for the Crimson Tide is a trip to Troy on Wednesday. The 4:30 a.m. (Thursday) — European Tour Golf: L.Jcksn p 0 0 0 0 Stcknrd p 0 0 0 0 Final FOOTBALL
National Football League
Incarte cf 4 1 2 1 Conley p 0 0 0 0 M Homa (500), $1,422,000 69-63-70-67—269
two in-state foes will meet at Riddle-Pace Field for a 6 p.m. British Masters, first round, England, GOLF Teheran p 2 0 0 0 R.Hrrra ph 0 0 0 0 Jl Dahmen (300), $853,200 66-66-70-70—272 MINNESOTA VIKINGS — Signed CB Kris
Clbrson lf 1 0 0 1 O’Brien ph-lf 2 0 1 0 Justin Rose (190), $537,200 70-67-68-68—273 Boyd.

Donaldson delivers game-winning hit for Southern Miss

HATTIESBURG -- Florida Atlantic won the Conference USA
baseball battle this weekend at Pete Taylor Park, taking two games in auto racing
the best-of-three series.
But Southern Miss may have won the war, exiting the weekend
showdown between C-USA’s top teams the same way it entered: alone
atop the conference standings.
Southern Miss catcher Cole Donaldson mashed a bad-hop single
Johnson’s push for Dover waits another day
off the shoulder of FAU third baseman Joe Montes into short left field THE ASSOCIATED PRESS a fast lap of 161.863 mph in the No. 48 ing, the speed, the transitions from the
with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to score Matt Guidry for a Chevrolet. straightaways through the corners. I
walk-off 8-7 victory over the Owls. DOVER, Del. — Jimmie Johnson “This is just one of those places that noticed on social media before we got
“It shows we’re never going to give up, that you can’t ever count us
out,” said Donaldson, who has accounted for the last two of Southern
posed for a photo with Hall of Famers an athlete finds a bond with a facility or here that drivers and crew members
Miss’ four walk-off wins this season. Bobby Allison and Richard Petty from a venue,” Johnson said. “I don’t care if and crew chiefs were all talking about
By salvaging the series’ finale, the Golden Eagles (31-15, 18-6) an appearance this weekend and wrote I have three wheels left on this thing, I how much they love coming here.”
remained a game ahead of the Owls (32-15, 17-7) with six conference the caption “367 and counting.”
games to play.
feel like I still have a shot to win. I just He starts 12th and tries to help
“(Sunday) just had to be looked at as a championship Sunday,” His combined win total has been love this place.” Hendrick have another stout race day.
Southern Miss coach Scott Berry said. “One team was going to walk stuck on that number since June 4, With Dover celebrating its 50th an- Chase Elliott got his first win of the sea-
away with first place in the conference and the other one was going 2017, when Johnson won the last of niversary season, the race winners will son, the first for Chevrolet and the first
away second place. So, in a sense, that was a championship feeling,
and I think you saw that in the play of both clubs.”
his 83 NASCAR Cup races. Mired in receive a 60-pound Miles the Monster for Hendrick Motorsports last week at
After being outscored 26-14 in the first two games of the series, the worst slump of his career, the sev- trophy converted from its customary Talladega. Elliott and teammate Wil-
including an 18-9 bushwhacking Saturday, Southern Miss twice built en-time NASCAR champion was back concrete-like finish to metallic gold. liam Byron make it a 1-2 front row for
four-run leads Sunday at 6-2 in the fifth inning and 7-3 in the sixth. at his favorite track on Sunday, his 11 Johnson has 11 of the standard-issue Hendrick at Dover. The 23-year-old El-
With the win, Southern Miss improved to 20-6 at Pete Taylor Park
this season, marking the fifth consecutive season that the Golden wins at Dover International Speedway trophies: The Hendrick Motorsports liott became the youngest pole winner
Eagles had won at least 20 games at home. a record. driver swept Dover in 2002 and 2009 at Dover when he set a track record of
He has to wait another day to go for and won races in 2005, 2010, 2012, 165.960 mph in qualifying.
Golf No. 12 and end his slump. 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. He joined Dover hasn’t held a Monday race
NASCAR will race at noon Mon- Richard Petty (Martinsville-15, North since 2007 when Martin Truex Jr.
Ole Miss women begin NCAA play in Norman day after rain fell on the mile concrete Wilkesboro-15, Richmond-13, Rock- earned his first Cup victory. He has
NORMAN, Okla. – The No. 34 Ole Miss women’s golf team travels track all day and the only action came ingham-11) and Darrell Waltrip (Bris- added 19 more wins and the 2017 NA-
to Norman for the NCAA Regionals beginning on Monday.
It’s the second postseason berth in as many years for Ole Miss and
from a Charlie Daniels Band concert. tol-12, Martinsville-11) as drivers who SCAR Cup championship over that
11th time overall. If the devil went down to Delaware, won 11 races at a single track. His 83rd span.
The Rebels are coming off a historic SEC Championship in he would have needed a poncho. NA- career victory tied him with Cale Yar- “One of my favorites to come to, for
Birmingham, where they were crowned conference champions for the SCAR tried to start the race but pulled borough for sixth on the career victory sure,” Truex said. “It’s called the Mon-
first time in program history after defeating South Carolina in the finals
of match play on Easter Sunday. the cars from the track after a handful list. Waltrip and Allison are next at 84. ster for a reason. It’s mean and it’s fast
The Norman Regional includes No. 1 seed Texas, No. 2 Wake of pace laps once the rain came again. “I’m very biased about this race and it’s big. It’s kind of crazy.”
Forest, and the host, No. 5 Oklahoma. Three SEC foes join Ole Miss in The 43-year-old Johnson, who track. I think it’s the best one out He wants a second Monday win at
Norman in Florida, Mississippi State and Texas A&M. The Rebels have recently ran the Boston Marathon, there,” Johnson said. “I think all driv- Dover. Johnson aims for No. 12 here.
seen all but four teams in the regional in competitions this year.
flashed some speed at Dover when he ers can appreciate just the challenge All the team needs at a chance to reach
topped the final practice Saturday with that comes with this track, the bank- its milestones is a dry concrete track.
The Dispatch • Monday, May 6, 2019 3B

On target pro golf

Homa captures first PGA win

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS pion at Cal, Homa has today, which was kind of
“Relentless” in block let- the goal,” Dahmen said.
CHARLOT TE, N.C. ters tattooed on his right “Max is playing awesome.
— Max Homa traded in a forearm. The 28-year-old He’s a good friend. I think
shovel for a ladder to get Californian also has a we’re going to celebrate
places he always thought signed photo from former tonight.”
he could reach. Los Angeles Dodgers Homa effectively
Two years ago in his manager Tommy Lasor- sealed it with a perfect
second try on the PGA da, who once told him to play to the green on the
Tour, he made only two look at the picture and par-5 15th for a two-putt
cuts the entire season be reminded to believe in birdie, and a 10-foot par
and played only one himself. putt on the 17th to keep
round on a Sunday. Eight The trophy at his side, a three-shot leading play-
months ago, he was on Homa’s press conference ing the tough closing hole
the verge of going back was interrupted for him at Quail Hollow. He made
to Q-school and an uncer- to take a call from the a 10-foot par there, too,
tain future until closing 91-year-old Lasorda. and the celebration was
with four straight birdies “I guess my whole on.
to make the cut in a Web. world is different,” he Homa finished at
com Tour event that gave said. 15-under 269.
Chris McDill/Special to the Dispatch
him another shot at the Golf felt so hard for “Over the moon, man,”
big leagues. Homa for so many years he said before going to
Nuno Borges of Mississippi State, the No. 1 men’s singles player in the nation,
It made Sunday all that after he left Cal, and then sign his card. “It means
hits a shot in Saturday’s NCAA Tournament match against South Alabama. Borges much sweeter in the Wells
won in both singles and doubles, leading the Bulldogs into an NCAA Super Regional he made it look so easy in a lot to do it under pres-
Fargo Championship.
match with TCU next Saturday in Starkville. a final round that made sure, and job security is
In a three-way tie for
him so nervous he want- great. I haven’t had that.”
the lead, in the final group
ed to throw up, except The victory was
on the PGA Tour for the
when he had his hands worth $1,422,000, about
first time, with Rory McIl-
college softball on a golf club. He pulled $454,000 more than he
roy, Justin Rose and Ser-
away with two birdies to had made in his previous
gio Garcia right behind

Blue Mountain falls to

start the back nine for a 67 starts.
him, Homa outplayed
four-shot lead. He didn’t Justin Rose (68) fin-
them all with a 4-under 67
for a three-shot victory at make a bogey until it only ished alone in third and
affected the final margin. moved ahead of Brooks

Mobile in tournament
Quail Hollow and his first
PGA Tour title. But it was a one-hour rain Koepka to No. 2 in the
“I used to say when I delay that tested Homa world.
hit rock bottom I found a the most. PGA TOUR CHAM-
FROM SPECIAL REPORTS ning that was postponed 2010 and 2012. shovel and kept digging. He was leading by PIONS: Scott McCarron
midway through due to The Tide will be I went to some low, low three when he nearly won the Insperity Invita-
DECATUR, Ala. — an extended weather de- matched up against the places,” he said. “I’d use went in the water on the tional for his 10th PGA
Destiny has seemed to be lay. After Jones plated a winner of Georgia (39-16, a shovel and dig deeper. 14th hole and chipped up Tour Champions victo-
around the corner the last run in the first inning off 12-12 SEC) vs. Arkansas I went to some low, low to 6 feet when the horn ry and second in three
few years for Blue Moun- starting pitcher Britney (38-17, 12-12 SEC), set places. I realized in that sounded to stop play. weeks.
tain College Softball, and Bonney, EMCC moved for a 5:30 p.m. start on year or two when I start- With time he didn’t need The 53-year-old Mc-
it will have to wait anoth- ahead in the bottom half Tuesday. Alabama did ed to play bad that my at- on his hands, he called Carron held off Scott
er season as the Toppers of the frame on Madelyn not play the Razorbacks titude was going to have his fiancée and his coach Parel by two strokes,
dropped two champion- Wilkes’ two-out, two-run this season but did sweep to get a lot better. ... I’m and can’t remember what closing with a 5-under 67
ship games to No. 1 seed double off Jones pitching the Bulldogs in Tuscaloo- very proud I finally found either of them said. to finish at 17-under 199
Mobile on Sunday, 4-2 and ace Hallie Donald. sa. The Tide is 5-1 at the a ladder and started And then he returned and match Fred Couples
2-1. The Lady Bobcats re- SEC Tournament against climbing, because it was and buried the putt. (2010) for the best score
Mobile, the No. 6 team claimed the lead for good Arkansas, last meeting getting dark down there.” “I knew in the back of since the event moved to
in the nation, played 12 in- with two runs in both the in 2017, and is 4-2 against Suddenly, the immedi- my mind if I made that The Woodlands Country
nings the game before to third and fifth innings. Georgia, last playing in ate future is bright as can putt, I win this golf tour- Club in 2008.
reach the finals; a 5-4 win On her way to a 4-for-4 2015. be. nament,” he said. McCarron won the
over Martin Methodist. outing with eight RBIs in The Tide wrapped up He has a two-year ex- Joel Dahmen, who Mitsubishi Electric Clas-
The Toppers struck the opener, McKennah their regular season slate emption on the PGA Tour, pushed Homa as hard sic two weeks ago in
first in the third inning on Sikes had a two-run sin- with a 5-1 win over LSU a tee time at the PGA as any major champion, Georgia, then teamed
an RBI single by Meagan gle in the third followed on Sunday, capping the Championship in two saved par with a tough with Brandt Jobe to tie for
Edmonds and an infield by a two-run homer two series sweep. weeks at Bethpage Black chip over the creek for fifth last week in Missou-
error on Mobile, eventu- frames later that in- The sweep is the first and a spot in the Masters a 70 and finished three ri in the Bass Pro Shops
ally being their only two creased JC’s lead to 5-2. for Alabama (50-6, 18-6 next year. shots behind. Legends of Golf.
runs of the game. The Lady Bobcat bats SEC) over LSU (40-15, A former NCA A cham- “I didn’t beat myself Parel shot a 66.
Mobile answered with stayed hot during the 14-10 SEC) in Baton
a run in the bottom of nightcap beginning with Rouge since 2005 and the
the third. They would three runs in the first in- first for either team on
take the lead with two in ning. Raylen Blackwell’s the road since 2006. This
the fifth and seal it in the two-out, two-run single weekend, paired with the
sixth with another one. off EMCC starting pitch- most-recent series be-
Montanna Smith er Hadlee Lewis capped tween the teams in 2017,
pitched a complete game Jones’ opening frame. marks the first back-to-
for Blue Mountain, strik- Following a five-run back series win for ei-
ing out two in her first fourth inning, highlighted ther team since LSU won
loss of the tourney. by LP Trammell’s two-run consecutive meetings in
Hope Cain picked up triple, that increased the 2006-07.
the win for Mobile in the lead to 8-0, Jones’ stand- The series sweep is
circle. out shortstop then keyed the fourth this season
In Game 2, a two-out, a seven-run fifth frame for Alabama, previously
two-run double by Allison for the visitors with a two- taking three games from
Vincent in the bottom of run blast deep over the Missouri, Georgia and
the fifth would seal the left-center field wall. Florida. The 50 wins is
SSAC title for Mobile, giv- The Lady Lions man- the most for the Tide in
ing them a 2-1 victory. aged to avoid the shutout the regular season since
Blue Mountain’s Mon- by reaching Jones reliever 2007.
tanna Smith and Mobile’s Marley Peagler for a pair “I was really proud of
Hope Cain went pitch-for- of RBI doubles by Mack- [junior] Krystal Good-
pitch up until that point, enzie Dolan and Avery man and all the new play-
with neither giving much Bouchillon in the bottom ers that got to play,” UA
ground. of the fifth. JC starting head coach Patrick Mur-
The Toppers did have pitcher Lauren Stringer phy said. “[Junior] Taylor
a shot in the top of the limited EMCC to just a Clark came up with the
seventh when they loaded pair of singles through RBI and played great de-
the bases and got a run on the first four innings in fense.”
a single by Meagan Ed- the circle. Goodman (10-0) led
monds that scored Chey- Following the sea- the way in the circle,
enne Eaton. Mobile sti- son-ending doubleheader, throwing a complete
fled the rally and grabbed East Mississippi recog- game with just one run
the win when Cain got nized sophomore players allowed on five hits with a
Emaree Stone to ground Blake Bond, Avery Bouch- season-high seven strike-
out to short. illon, Kiara Conner, Me- outs. Five different play-
Smith (3-2) went an- gan Cummins, Kelsey En- ers in the Alabama lineup
other complete game glish and Hadlee Lewis. contributed a hit, includ-
for BMC, giving up only Coach Austin McNair’s ing a solo home run from
four hits and striking out EMCC Lady Lions fin- Kaylee Tow, a two-run
three. ished the season with a single from senior Merris
At the end of the cham- 7-26 overall record and Schroder and an RBI sin-
pionship, Blue Moun- 7-21 conference mark. gle from Clark.
tain’s Montanna Smith ALABAMA IS TOP Alabama begins post-
and Cheyenne Childress SEED: With the con- season play later this
were both named to the clusion of regular sea- week at the 2019 SEC
All-Tournament Team. son play on Sunday, the Softball Tournament in
Blue Mountain (27-28) bracket for the 2019 SEC College Station, Texas.
finishes with the most Softball Tournament has The Crimson Tide will
wins in a single season in been finalized. Alabama be the No. 1 seed, open-
its history. will enter as the No. 1 ing play on Thursday at
EMCC ENDS SEA- seed and will open play 4 p.m.
SON: East Mississip- on Thursday at 4 p.m. MSU IS 12 SEED:
pi Community College against the winner of The Bulldogs are the
closed out its 2019 softball Wednesday’s Georgia vs. 12th seed in the SEC
season by dropping a pair Arkansas game. Tournament and will face
of run-rule decisions, 17-2 Alabama (50-6, 18-6 No. 13 Texas A&M at 10
and 15-2, to third-ranked SEC) secured the top a.m. Wednesday.
Jones College during Fri- seed in the league’s tour- MSU (9-15 SEC) fin-
day’s MACJC conference nament this past weekend ished out its regular sea-
action played at EMCC. with a series sweep over son over the weekend,
The Lady Lions LSU to clinch the Crim- knocking off sixth-seed-
grabbed the early lead in son Tide’s sixth regular ed Florida in a three-
the opening game before season title. At the SEC game series.
the reigning NJCAA Divi- Tournament, Alabama is If MSU beats Tex-
sion II softball champions 39-25 (.609), including as A&M, it would play
exploded for a dozen runs tournament champion- Ole Miss on Wednesday
during a lengthy sixth in- ships in 1998, 2003, 2005, night.
4B Monday, May 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

major league baseball

Max Fried puts his head into sweeping 3-1 victory for Braves
By Steven Wine tention to go head first,” Fried around. son and their 23rd sweep of the secutive singles by pinch-hitter
AP Sports Writer said. “I came around third and “Amazing,” Inciarte said. Marlins in the 27-season histo- Jon Berti, Martin Prado and
kind of stuttered a little bit — “He’s such a competitive guy.” ry between teams. The Braves Brian Anderson against Josh
MIAMI — Attempting to just kind of lost my footing, and Fried slid home safely when improved to 44-23 at Marlins Tomlin (1-0).
score from first base on a dou- figured the only way I was mak- catcher Chad Wallach couldn’t Park. The game’s first run scored
ble with the game tied in the
ing it to home plate was launch- handle the relay throw on a Pablo Lopez allowed three when Markakis pulled an 0-2
10th inning, pinch-runner Max
ing myself forward. There short hop from Miguel Rojas. hits and no runs in six innings fastball against Drew Stecken-
Fried had a good excuse for
wasn’t a lot of thinking. It took “If the throw’s there, we’ve for the Marlins (9-24), who have rider for a homer leading off the
stumbling as he rounded third:
He’s a pitcher. me back to high school.” got him,” Marlins manager Don the worst record in the majors. seventh. Markakis also walked
The speedy Fried didn’t let Nick Markakis’ home run Mattingly said. “Certain games are more twice and singled to hike his av-
that stop him. He put the Atlan- gave Atlanta a 1-0 lead in the Charlie Culberson followed frustrating than others honest- erage to .333.
ta Braves ahead to stay Sunday seventh, but the Marlins tied it with a sacrifice fly. ly,” Mattingly said. “There are SITTING OUT: Braves
by sliding across the plate head- with three consecutive singles Five Atlanta pitchers com- games that you feel like you outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr.
first , and they beat the Miami in the eighth. bined on a six-hitter. Luke Jack- pitch well or you played well was available but sat out after
Marlins 3-1 to complete a three- Tayron Guerrero (1-1) son pitched around a 10th-in- and you get beat, and it’s easier tweaking his back Saturday.
game series sweep. walked pinch-hitter Josh Don- ning double by Peter O’Brien to deal with.” DEFLECTED DOUBLE:
Fried took off when Ender aldson to start the 10th. Inci- that deflected off the roof for Atlanta’s Julio Teheran, who O’Brien’s high drive in the 10th
Inciarte faked a bunt and in- arte then squared to bunt but his second save in three oppor- had lost three consecutive looked like a possible homer
stead slapped an opposite-field instead shot a grounder into tunities. starts, allowed only two hits in before it hit the retractable roof
RBI double down the line. the left-field corner, and then The Braves completed their six scoreless innings. The Mar- and dropped in front of left field-
“Trust me, that wasn’t my in- watched Fried come all the way third series sweep of the sea- lins tied it in the eighth on con- er Culberson.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
DEAR ABBY: I you and Sean are enjoy each other’s company,
am going through living together, but my wife thinks it is weird.
a nasty divorce. it’s a little late to We have been married for
My sons, ages 4, introduce Sean 34 years, and most of them
11 and 12, live “slowly.” Consid- have been happy. It doesn’t
with my husband, er calling your make sense to me that she
1,000 miles away. older boys and thinks I shouldn’t be hanging
They will be with saying that you out with my former co-worker.
me for summer will want them to I have started not telling her
vacation. This will meet “someone Marci will be at the brewery,
be the longest special who has when in fact she will be. I am
stay they will have made Mom very recently retired and don’t have
ZITS with me, and I’m happy” and you many friends other than the
not going to lie — are excited that people I worked with all those
I am excited and they will be with years. Am I being weird or is
nervous at the you. my spouse? — CONFUSED IN
same time. Suggest to OHIO
My problem is,
Dear Abby Sean that if DEAR CONFUSED: You
my children do not he’s not used are not being weird; you are
know I have been seeing some- to relating to kids, he should being dishonest. Your wife isn’t
one, and we live together. How schedule an appointment with weird, either. She’s feeling
should I break this to them? a psychologist who can offer threatened because you are
They didn’t get to meet him him suggestions on what to do. “hanging out” with a younger
during the holidays when we He should also sign up for par- woman.
were together. My new beau, enting classes if time permits. Stop lying and start being
“Sean,” thought it would be a Once your boys arrive, honest again. Explain it to your
bad idea, and I took his advice. schedule plenty of one-on-one wife the way you did to me
GARFIELD I have asked Sean how he time with them. Because of — that you don’t have many
feels about this, and he said what your almost-ex has told friends other than the people
he loves me very much, but them, it’s important they know you worked with all those
he is scared of my boys. I’m they are most important to you, years, and you would like to
fearful of how my children will and you did NOT leave them for maintain those relationships —
react once I introduce them. I anyone. at least until you can find new
am afraid they will want to go DEAR ABBY: I’m a 66-year- friends. If you invited her to
back to their father. My soon- old married man with two come along with you, it might
to-be-ex-husband said he has grown kids. I taught high allay her fears.
told them I left them for a new school for 30 years. Dear Abby is written by
beau, which is not true. How A couple of years ago, a Abigail Van Buren, also known
can I introduce them slowly, young English teacher, “Marci,” as Jeanne Phillips, and was
and what can I anticipate for was teaching a class in my founded by her mother, Pauline
a backlash with the children? room, and we became friends. Phillips. Contact Dear Abby
— TREADING LIGHTLY IN THE Since then, we have been go- at or P.O.
CANDORVILLE SOUTH ing out on Fridays after school Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
DEAR TREADING: Because to have a few beers. We just 90069.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (May menial and/or repetitive tasks. the one who could put it there.
6). This solar return starts TAURUS (April 20-May Why shouldn’t it be you? At the
off with a burst of industrious 20). Any negativity you might very least you can get the thing
energy. Your boldness makes experience today will melt away started by working and playing
things happen over the next five just as quickly as it came on with your idea.
weeks. Then it’s diplomacy that with mental channel-changing LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
takes you to the next goal. Don’t techniques such as a cup of What was supposed to be a
worry about impressing anyone. tea, a hot bath or a brisk walk. cut-and-dried equation is turning
As you continue to do what’s GEMINI (May 21-June 21). into a piecemeal puzzle. It turns
right for you, you gain powers in- Courage is a thing you can’t out the exact measurements
BABY BLUES cluding the power of attraction. really plan or speculate about. won’t work. This is a feel-it-out
Pisces and Aries adore you. It comes up in the moment or situation, and you’ve excellent
Your lucky numbers are: 2, 28, doesn’t. If you want something feelers.
10, 48 and 32. badly enough, or if you care VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
ARIES (March 21-April 19). about or stand for something You should have many people
Creativity is part of who you strongly enough, courage shows in your life with whom you feel
are. Honor this part of yourself up. comfortable telling an unpol-
wherever it shows up. It will CANCER (June 22-July ished version of a story. The
likely spark while you’re driving, 22). You know that thing you person who lets you talk and
showering, walking or doing wish were in the world? You’re listens even when you’re not
making much sense is a true
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
Overstatement and drama isn’t
exactly rude, but it requires
BEETLE BAILEY more energy of people than it
gives back. Today favors equally
balanced interactions: temper-
ate, respectful and simple.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). It’s a do-it-yourself kind of
day on every level. It’s more fun
this way! So sing the song you
want to hear. Write the words
you want to read. And make the
foods you want to taste.
21). People can define you, put
you in a role, treat you this way
or that, but it only counts if you
MALLARD FILLMORE agree. “It ain’t what they call
you; it’s what you answer to.” —
W.C. Fields
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Knowing facts and having
skills are very important, but
they are not the same as being
smart. Being smart will help you
to seek information and knowl-
edge about the right things —
the things that will make you
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). You’re competitive with
people doing things that are
FAMILY CIRCUS like what you’re doing, as you
should be. Your sportsmanship
will set the tone for a game that
brings out the best in everyone.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). Anything that tells you to
“act fast” is sketchy. The best
things will be there without a
time restriction. In general, this
is a good day to let things mari-
nate, process and mature.

Gimme five!
EA 19,938.000
Clerk of Oktibbeha
County, the County En-Monday, May 6, 2019 5B
ROADWAY ITEMS: gineer’s office and the
MOBILIZATION 22" X 13" REIN- Office of the State Aid

LS LUMP SUM MILS) drow Wilson Avenue,
LS 48.000 Jackson, Mississippi.
LF 228.000
CLEARING AND GRUB- LF This project shall be
29" X 18" REIN-
Easy online self-service for
constructed in accord-
ance with the latest edi-
tion of the Mississippi
your classified ads available
LS MILS) Standard Specifications
REMOVAL OF BRIDGE @ 80.000 for State Aid Road and
(STA. 12+87)
SFat or call Bridge Construction.

LS FLECTIVE HIGH ALS are being made
UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVA- ARCH PIPE, CLASS III available via paper or di-
TION (FM) REMOVAL OF CON- MARKERS gital copy. Plan Holders
765.000 CRETE PAVEMENT LF are required to log-in or
CY 28.000 EA register for an account
58" X 36" REIN-

SY to view or order bid doc-
aUTO / PeTs seRVices / fiNaNcial
gaRage sales
128.000 TRAFFIC WARNING SIGN www.pritchardengineer-
(Deadlines subject to change.) SIZES) (ENCAPSULATED LENS) Bid docu-
MeRcHaNdise Real esTaTe / HealTH
CY 1,811.000 19.000 ments Good: 1 Day.........................$10
are non-refund-
LF EA able and must be pur-
For Placing/Canceling Classified GRANULAR MATERIAL
Line Ads:
22" X 13" REIN- chased Better:through 3the
(LVM), Good: 6 Days...........................$12
UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVA- FORCED Good: 12 Days........................$25
website. 6 Days.........................$34
Questions re-
Sunday Paper Deadline is Thursday 3:00 P.M.3, GROUP B)
Better: 12 Days........................$18 ARCH PIPE, END SEC-
TIONBest: 24 Days...........................$40
TION (FM) TRAFFIC REGULATORY garding website registra-
Monday Paper Deadline is Friday 12:00CYP.M. 25,511.000
Best: 30 Days...........................$30 4.000 SIGN tion and4 lines of text; addtl. lines $1 each.
online orders
Tuesday Paper Deadline is Monday 12:00 P.M.
CY 6 lines of text; addtl. lines $1 each.
(ENCAPSULATED LENS) please contact Plan
FREE Garage Sale signs. Rain
8.000 HouseIncludes
at 662-407-
Wednesday Paper Deadline is Tuesday 12:00 P.M. RIGHT-OF-WAY MARK- 6 lines of text; addtl. lines
BORROW EXCAVATION $1 each. EA 0193. onFor thequestions
day of your re- sale? Call and we will
ERS (TYPE II) 29" X 18" REIN-
Thursday Paper Deadline is Wednesday12.000 12:00 P.M. (F.M.E.)
lated tore-run your ad the next week FREE!
the contract

Friday Paper Deadline is Thursday 12:00 EA P.M. ARCH PIPE, END SEC-
TION TRAFFIC OBJECT MARK- Pritchard Engineering at
LEGAL NOTICES must be submitted 3MAINTENANCE business days 4,703.000 ER 662-324-2205. No par-
OF 4.000
CY (ENCAPSULATED LENS) tial sets of drawings or
prior to first publication
(TYPE 3) project manuals will be

eMPlOYMeNT & legals

44" X 27" REIN- 12.000
(CLASS 3, GROUP FORCED CONCRETE Proposal shall be sub-
ADDITIONAL CON- 0 Legals 1780 SittingB)with Elderly/Sick
ARCH PIPE, END4000 SEC-Merchandise 5000 Pets & Livestock 8000 Real Estate
25,801.000 REFLECTORIZED AD- mitted on Bid Forms
STRUCTION SIGNS 1790 Stump Removal TION 4030 Air Conditioners 5100 Free Pets with the spe- 8050 Commercial Property
1000 Service CY
4.000 VANCED WARNING SIGN provided
0.000 1800 Swimming Pools 4060 Antiques (ENCAPSULATED LENS) 5150 Petscifications. Bids may be8100 Farms & Timberland
All employment and legal notices must be placed via email,
SF 1030 Air Conditioning & Heating
PORTLAND CEMENT 1830 Tax Service EA 4090 Appliances2.000 submitted in person, or 8150 Houses - Northside
5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock
phone or in-person. 1060 Appliance Repair 26,719.0001860 Tree Service for those interested, 8200 Houses - East
TEMPORARY STREAM 1070 Asphalt & Paving CWT 58" X 36" REIN-4120 Auctions EA 5250 Pet Boarding/Grooming
bids can be electronic- 8250 Houses - New Hope

fRee BaRgaiN cOlUMN

DIVERSION 1890 Upholstery FORCED CONCRETE 4150 Baby Articles 5300 Supplies/Accessories
1090 Automotive Services 1910 Welding ARCH PIPE, END4180 SEC- REFLECTORIZED ally submitted at
1.000 SOIL-CEMENT-WATER Bargain Column
TRAFFIC WARNING 5350 Veterinarians
SIGN www.pritchardengineer- 8300 Houses - South
EA 1120 Building & Remodeling TION
MIXING 2000 Announcements 4210 Bicycles WITH SUPP. PLATE (EN- 5400 Wanted To Buy under the 8350 Houses - West
1150 Carpeting/Flooring 8.000
(MULTIPLE PASS MIX- 4240 Building Materials
CAPSULATED LENS) project page. No oral, 8450 Houses - Caledonia
2050 Card of Thanks EA
4250 Burial Plots2.000 EA
6000 Financial
telegraphic, telephonic, 8500 Houses - Other
Ad must fit in 4 lines (approximately 20 characters ITEMS: per line) and 1210 Chimney Cleaning 54,142.0002100 Fraternal & Lodge 6050 Business Opportunity
or e-mail proposals will 8520 Hunting Land
15" CORRUGATED 4270 Business Furniture &
will run for 3 days. For items $100 or less ONLY. More than one 1240 Contractors SY 2150 Good Things To Eat EROSION CONTROL 6100 Business Opportunity WantedFor
be considered.
item may be in same ad, but prices may not
total over $100, no 1250 Computer Services 2200 In Memorial POLYETHYLENE PIPEEquipmentITEMS: 6120 Checksealed
Cashing bids, the cur-
8550 Investment Property
STONE POLYMERIZED-EMULSI- 325.000 4300 Camera Equipment rent Certificate of Re- 8600 Lots & Acreage
1270 Electrical 2250 Instruction & School 6150 Insurance
relists. No business ads. 2.660 FIED ASPHALT, 2300 Lost & Found
LF 4330 Clothing AGRICULTURAL LIME- sponsibility Number of 8650 Mobile Homes
TON 1300 Excavating GRADE CRS-2P 6200 Loansthe bidder shall appear
2350 Personals 18" CORRUGATED 4360 Coins & Jewelry
STONE 8700 Mobile Home Spaces
1320 Fitness Training 39,688.000 6250 Mortgages
on the outside of each 8750 Resort Property
Bargain Column ads must be submitted COMMERCIAL online at FERTIL- 2400 Special Notices POLYETHYLENE 4390
PIPEComputer 40.400
1330 Furniture Repair & Refinishing
GAL TON & Supplies 6300 Stocks & Bonds envelope con-
IZER (13:13:13) 634.000 4420 Farm Equipment 8800 River Property or in person. No phone calls or emails. 1360 General Services 2600 Travel/Entertainment
6350 Business for Salea proposal, said
1380 Housecleaning COARSE AGGREGATE envelope being plainly 8850 Wanted to Buy
TON COVER MATERIAL, 3000 Employment 4460 Flea MarketsIZER (13-13-13) 7000 Rentals
marked “SAP-53(80)”. If8900 Waterfront Property
1390 Insulation SIZE 6, CRUSHED 3050 Clerical & Office 24" CORRUGATED submitting electronic-
4480 Furniture 20.210 7050 Apartments
3100 Data Processing/1,265.000
4510 Garage SalesTON ally, please
7100 Commercial Property include this
9000 Transportation
1.330 1410 Interior Decorators 956.000 information on a cover 9050 Auto Accessories/Parts
• All ads must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable after the first
AC 3150 Domestic Help LF 4540 General Merchandise 7150 Houses
1440 Jewelry/Watch Repair CY SEEDING sheet with your bid sub-9100 Auto Rentals & Leasing
insertion. 3170 Engineering 4570 Household20.210
Goods 7180 Hunting Land
VEGETATIVE MATERI- 1470 Lawn Care/Landscaping 3200 General Help 24”
Wanted PIPE REMOVED 9150 Autos for Sale
• Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept responsibility SEAL AGGREGATE COV- 4630 Lawn & Garden
AC 7190 Land for Rent/Lease
ALS FOR MULCH 1500 Locksmiths 3250 Management AND
Positions RELAID (HDPE) 9200 Aviation
ER MATERIAL, 4660 Merchandise Rentals 7200 Mobile HomesBid must be ac-
only for the first incorrect insertion. 3.990 1530 Machinery Repair SIZE 7, CRUSHED 3300 Medical/Dental 81.000 VEGETATIVE MATERI-7250 Mobile companied by a bid 9250 Boats & Marine
TON LF 4690 Musical Instruments Home Spaces
• The Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors nor for 1560 Mobile Home ServicesSTONE 3350 Opportunity Information 4700 Satellites ALS FOR MULCH 7300 Officebond/security Spaces deposit 9300 Camper/R.V.’s
omission of copy. Liability shall not exceed the cost of that portion 1590 Moving & Storage 515.000 3400 Part-Time 60.600 or certified check in an 9350 Golf Carts
TEMPORARY SILT of space 30” PIPE REMOVED 4720 Sporting Goods 7350 Resort Rentals equal to 5% of
1620 Painting & Papering CY 3450 Positions WantedAND RELAID (HDPE)
TON 9400 Motorcycles/ATVs
occupied by such error. FENCE 4750 Stereos & TV’s 7400 Riverthe
bid, payable to Okt- 9450 Trailers/Heavy Equipment
1,000.000 1650 Pest Control 3500 Professional 42.000
• All questions regarding classified ads currently running should be directed BLOTTER MATERIAL 4780 Wanted To Buy
ibbeha County and the
LF 1680 Plumbing 74.000 3550 Restaurant/HotelLF 500.000 State
7500 Storage of Mississippi as 9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses
& Garages
to the Classified Department. 1710 Printing CY bid security. In the 9550 Wanted to Buy
LOOSE RIPRAP, 200 LB. 3600 Sales/Marketing GRATINGS SY 7520 Vacation Rentals
• All ads are subject to the approval of this paper. The Commercial Dispatch 1740 Roofing & Guttering 3650Trades event that an electronic
7550 Wanted
reserves the right to reject, revise, classify or cancel any advertising at any 1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers CLASS B STRUCTURAL
Rentsubmitted, a copy
TON CONCRETE, 3700Truck Driving LB FENCE (TYPE I) (AOS7600 Waterfront of the Property
bid bond must be
time. MINOR STRUCTURES 0.15-0.84) included with the sub-
WATTLES, 20 8.550 CONCRETE SIDEWALK mission. If submitting
4.000 1,500.000
80.000 electronically,
Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010
LF Legal Notices 0010 CY
Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010
Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010a hard General Services 1360
copy of all bid docu-
BOX BRIDGE ITEMS: 588.000 CONCRETE DRIVEWAY within 3 business days driveway, foundation,
BOX BRIDGE CON- 18" REINFORCED CON- SY bid opening. concrete, masonry
225.050 88.000 RIGHT-OF-WAY MARK- Bidders are herby noti- basement foundation,
BROOKS, DECEASED AND CY AND LF 100.000 fied that any proposal repairs, small dump
70.000 accompanied by letters truck hauling (5−6 yd)
CAUSE NO. 2018-0112 LOWNDES COUNTY REINFORCEMENT OKTIBBEHA COUNTY 24" REINFORCED CON- qualifying in any man- load & demolition/lot
BOARD OF SUPER- 35,509.000 BOARD OF SUPER- CRETE PIPE, CLASS III NOTICE TO CONTRACT- ner the condition under cleaning. Burr Masonry,
LB 110.000 RIGHT-OF-WAY MARK- which the proposal is
PETITIONER LF tendered will be con-
PROJECT NO. ERBR- 1.000 sidered an irregular bid
NOTICE TO CREDITORS 44(01) LOWNDES 36" REINFORCED CON- EA Working Days and such proposal will
not be considered in THE SHINNIN WINDOW
Letters Testamentary ORS: ORS: 176.000 BASIS OF AWARD making the award. CLEANING SERVICE,
have been granted on LUMP SUM INC.
the 8th day of October, Sealed bids will be re- ORS: Sealed or electronic The award, if made, will Orlando Trainer, Presid-
LS ent Oktibbeha County
Call Shirley @ 662−549
2018, by the Chancery ceived by the Board of bids will be received by 48" REINFORCED CON- be made to the lowest
Supervisors of Lowndes CONTRACT TIME: 100 CRETE PIPE, CLASS III Board of Supervisors −2087. Free estimate.
Court of Lowndes the Board of Super- ADDITIONAL CON- qualified bidder on the
County, Mississippi to County, Mississippi at Working Days visors of Oktibbeha 40.000 basis of published No job to big or small.
the undersigned Dinah the Lowndes County County, Mississippi at 0.000 quantities.
Johnson, Executrix of Courthouse, Columbus, BASIS OF AWARD the Oktibbeha County May 6, 2019 Lawn Care / Landscaping
the Estate of Levon Mississippi, until 10:00 Courthouse, Starkville, 18" REINFORCED CON- SF The Board of Super- May 13, 2019 1470
Brooks, Deceased. No- a.m. on the 17th day of The award, if made, will Mississippi, until 10:00 CRETE PIPE, END SEC- visors hereby notifies all
be made to the lowest 4" WIDE THERMO-
tice is hereby given to June, 2019 and shortly a.m. on the 7 th day of TION PLASTIC EDGE STRIPE bidders that it will af- Building & Remodeling 1120 COMMERCIAL BUSH
all persons having thereafter publicly qualified bidder on the June, 2019 and shortly 4.000 firmatively insure that in
basis of published (CONTINUOUS WHITE) HOGGING weed eating,
claims against said Es- opened for the construc- thereafter publicly EA any contract entered in- SUGGS CONSTRUCTION tiling & leveling, &
quantities. (60 MILS)
tate to present the tion of 0.113 miles of opened for the construc- to pursuant to this ad- CO. Building, roofing,
same to the Clerk of BOX BRIDGE AND AP- tion of 3.714 miles of 24" REINFORCED CON- 7.533 vertisement, minority
clearing overgrown lots.
MI remodeling, & home
this Court for probate PROACHES on the EAST The Board of Super- GRADE, BASE, DRAIN, CRETE PIPE, END SEC- business enterprise will repair. Licensed & Owner, Operator
and registration accord- LINDSEY FERRY ROAD visors hereby notifies all AND SURFACE on the TION be afforded full oppor- licensed & insured. 17
ing to law within ninety being known as Project bidders that it will af- LONGVIEW ROAD being 4.000 PLASTIC TRAFFIC tunity to submit bids in Bonded. 662−242− years experience. Willie
(90) days from the first No. ERBR-44(01) in firmatively insure that in known as Project No. EA response to this invita- 3471, 662−574−8470. Murray Jr. 662−242−
any contract entered in- STRIPE
publication of this No- Lowndes County, Mis- SAP-53(80) in Oktib- tion and will not be dis- 8809. Free estimates.
tice, or they will forever sissippi. to pursuant to this ad- beha County, Missis- 36" REINFORCED CON- (SKIP YELLOW) (90 criminated against on HOME REPAIRS & Quotes by job not acre.
vertisement, minority CRETE PIPE, END SEC- MILS)
be barred. sippi. 2.378 the grounds of race, col- CONSTRUCTION WORK
PRINCIPAL ITEMS OF business enterprise will TION or, or national origin in WANTED. Carpentry, TERRA CARE
be afforded full oppor- 10.000 MI
Dated this 3rd day of WORK ARE APPROXIM- PRINCIPAL ITEMS OF consideration for an small concrete jobs, LANDSCAPING L.L.C.
May, 2019. ATELY AS FOLLOWS: tunity to submit bids in WORK ARE APPROXIM- EA award.
response to this invita- ATELY AS FOLLOWS: 4" WIDE THERMO- electrical, plumbing, Phone: 662−549−1878
tion and will not be dis- roof repairs, pressure Landscaping, Property
Dinah Johnson, Exec- QUANTITY criminated against on ITEM CRETE PIPE, END SEC- TIONS are on file in the
washing and mobile Clean Up, Plant Care,
the grounds of race, col- QUANTITY TION (CONTINUOUS YELLOW) home roof coating and Bush Hogging, Herbicide
utrix UNIT (90 MILS) Office of the Chancery
Estate of Levon Brooks, or, or national origin in UNIT 2.000 Clerk of Oktibbeha underpinning. No job Spraying.
consideration for an EA 19,938.000 too small. 549−7031.
Deceased ROADWAY ITEMS: LF County, the County En-
award. ROADWAY ITEMS: gineer’s office and the FOR YOUR Spring &
Prepared by: MOBILIZATION 22" X 13" REIN- Office of the State Aid TOM HATCHER, LLC Summer lawn care
David L. Calder, MSB # LUMP SUM MOBILIZATION GEND (WHITE) (120 Engineer, 412 E. Woo- Custom Construction, needs, call Robinson
7686 LS TIONS are on file in the LUMP SUM ARCH PIPE, CLASS III drow Wilson Avenue, Lawn Service, 662−435
Office of the Chancery MILS) Restoration,
Attorney for the Estate LS 48.000 Jackson, Mississippi. Remodeling, Repair, −8746.
Clerk of Lowndes LF 228.000
of Levon Brooks CLEARING AND GRUB- LF This project shall be Insurance claims.
Post Office Box 111 BING County, the LSBP Engin- CLEARING AND GRUB- constructed in accord- JESSE & BEVERLY’S
Oxford, Mississippi LUMP SUM eer's office and the Of- BING 29" X 18" REIN- ance with the latest edi-
fice of the State Aid En- THERMOPLASTIC LE- Licensed & Bonded. LAWN SERVICE.
38655 LS LUMP SUM FORCED CONCRETE tion of the Mississippi
gineer, 412 E. Woo- ARCH PIPE, CLASS III GEND (WHITE) (120 Mowing, cleanup,
phone: (662) 915-7394 LS MILS) Standard Specifications
REMOVAL OF BRIDGE @ drow Wilson Avenue, 80.000 for State Aid Road and Carpet & Flooring 1150 landscaping, sodding, &
Jackson, Mississippi. 64.000 tree cutting. 356−6525.
The Dispatch, Colum- (STA. 12+87) REMOVAL OF OBSTRUC- LF SF Bridge Construction.
bus, MS: 1.000 This project shall be TIONS
UN constructed in accord- LUMP SUM 44" X 27" REIN- PLANS AND PROPOS-
Publish May 6, 13 and FLECTIVE HIGH ALS are being made
20, 2019 UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVA- tion of the Mississippi ARCH PIPE, CLASS III available via paper or di- Using Skidsteer.
Standard Specifications 64.000 PERFORMANCE RAISED Call for estimate,
TION (FM) REMOVAL OF CON- MARKERS gital copy. Plan Holders
IN THE CHANCERY 765.000 for State Aid Road and CRETE PAVEMENT LF are required to log-in or 662−251−3001.
COURT OF LOWNDES Bridge Construction. 393.000
CY 28.000 EA register for an account
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI SY 58" X 36" REIN- to view or order bid doc- Moving & Storage 1590
AN LANE BOBITT, DE- from Robert L. Calvert, 128.000
LSBP Engineer for
LF (ENCAPSULATED LENS) Bid docu- pack, organize and/or
CY 1,811.000 19.000 ments are non-refund- DAVID’S CARPET & coordinate your move.
Lowndes County, Mis- LF able and must be pur- UPHOLSTERY
BLANCHE N. BOBITT, sissippi, P. 0. Drawer 22" X 13" REIN- EA Includes help selling
EXECUTRIX (LVM), 1078, West Point. The UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVA- FORCED CONCRETE website. Questions re-
unwanted items. Weslyn
Cost is seventy-five dol- TION (FM) REFLECTORIZED 1 Room − $40 Wood 214−674−9514.
(CLASS 3, GROUP B) ARCH PIPE, END SEC- garding website registra-
CAUSE NO. 2019-0068- 626.000 lars ($75.00) for plans 25,511.000 TION TRAFFIC REGULATORY 2 Rooms − $70
tion and online orders
PDE and seventy-five dollars 4.000 SIGN 3+ Rooms − $30 Ea Painting & Papering 1620
($75.00) for the propos-
EA (ENCAPSULATED LENS) please contact Plan Rugs−Must Be Seen
8.000 House at 662-407-
NOTICE TO CREDITORS RIGHT-OF-WAY MARK- al, non-refundable. BORROW EXCAVATION 0193. For questions re- Car Upholstery SULLIVAN’S PAINT
29" X 18" REIN- EA Cleaning Available SERVICE
ERS (TYPE II) (F.M.E.) lated to the contract
Letters Testamentary 12.000 Certified check or bid (CONTRACTOR FUR- FORCED CONCRETE documents contact 662−722−1758 Certified in lead
have been granted and EA bond for five percent ARCH PIPE, END SEC- REFLECTORIZED
NISHED) (CLASS 9) TRAFFIC OBJECT MARK- Pritchard Engineering at
removal. Offering
issued to Blanche N. (5%) of the total bid, 4,703.000 TION 662-324-2205. No par-
made payable to ER special prices on
Bobitt, Executrix of the 4.000 General Services 1360
Estate of Brian Lane
Lowndes County and
EA (ENCAPSULATED LENS) tial sets of drawings or interior & exterior
TRAFFIC (TYPE 3) project manuals will be painting, pressure
Bobitt, deceased, by the LUMP SUM the State of Missis- GRANULAR MATERIAL, issued. HOME MAKEOVER &
Chancery Court of sippi must accompany 44" X 27" REIN- 12.000 washing & sheet rock
Lowndes County, Mis- each proposal. (CLASS 3, GROUP B) FORCED CONCRETE Proposal shall be sub- repairs.
SERVICES. Generate
sissippi, on the 17th ADDITIONAL CON- 25,801.000 ARCH PIPE, END SEC- mitted on Bid Forms Free Estimates
day of April, 2019. This STRUCTION SIGNS Bidders are hereby noti- CY TION REFLECTORIZED AD- cash from the sale of
VANCED WARNING SIGN provided with the spe-
Call 435−6528
is to give notice to all 0.000 fied that any proposal 4.000
unwanted items. I will
cifications. Bids may be help organize & coordi−
persons having claims accompanied by letters EA (ENCAPSULATED LENS) Sitting With The Sick / Elderly
SF PORTLAND CEMENT 2.000 submitted in person, or
against said estate to qualifying in any man- 26,719.000 for those interested, nate the removal of 1780
Probate and Register ner the condition under CWT 58" X 36" REIN- EA unwanted furniture &
TEMPORARY STREAM bids can be electronic-
same with the Chan- DIVERSION which the proposal is FORCED CONCRETE ally submitted at clutter from homes.
cery Clerk of Lowndes 1.000 SOIL-CEMENT-WATER ARCH PIPE, END SEC- www.pritchardengineer- Creative makeover
County, Mississippi, sidered an irregular bid TION TRAFFIC WARNING SIGN CAREGIVER/SITTER
EA MIXING WITH SUPP. PLATE (EN- under the solutions from profess−
within ninety (90) days and such proposal will (MULTIPLE PASS MIX- 8.000 project page. No oral,
Will sit in−home or in
after the first publica- not be considered in CAPSULATED LENS) ional interior designer nursing home, help w/
EROSION CONTROL ERS) EA telegraphic, telephonic, included for free!
tion of this Notice to making the award. 2.000 EA personal care, light
ITEMS: 54,142.000 or e-mail proposals will Contact: Weslyn Wood
Creditors. A failure to so SY 15" CORRUGATED be considered. For housekeeping, cooking,
Probate and Register Official bid documents POLYETHYLENE PIPE EROSION CONTROL 214−674−9514.
AGRICULTURAL LIME- ITEMS: sealed bids, the cur- run errands & med.
said claim will forever STONE can be downloaded POLYMERIZED-EMULSI- 325.000 rent Certificate of Re- reminders. Mon.−Fri.
bar the same. 2.660 from Central at FIED ASPHALT, LF sponsibility Number of WORK WANTED: GRADE CRS-2P AGRICULTURAL LIME- 662−364−8308.
TON the bidder shall appear Licensed & Bonded−
/s/ Blanche N. Bobitt . Electronic bids can be 39,688.000 18" CORRUGATED STONE
submitted at www.cent- GAL 40.400 on the outside of each carpentry, painting, & Stump Removal 1790
Blanche N. Bobitt, Exec- COMMERCIAL FERTIL- POLYETHYLENE PIPE sealed envelope con- demolition. Landscap−
utrix For any 634.000 TON
IZER (13:13:13) taining a proposal, said ing, gutters cleaned,
1.330 questions related to the COARSE AGGREGATE LF envelope being plainly
OF COUNSEL: electronic bidding pro- COMMERCIAL FERTIL- bush hogging, clean−up
TON COVER MATERIAL, IZER (13-13-13) marked “SAP-53(80)”. If work, pressure washing,
Aubrey E. Nichols, MB # cess, please call Cent- SIZE 6, CRUSHED 24" CORRUGATED submitting electronic-
3842 ral Bidding at 225- POLYETHYLENE PIPE 20.210 moving help & furniture
SEEDING STONE TON ally, please include this
The Nichols Firm, PLLC 1.330 810-4814. 956.000 1,265.000 information on a cover repair. 662−242−3608.
Post Office Box 1081 AC CY LF sheet with your bid sub-
Columbus, MS 39703- Harry Sanders, Presid- SEEDING CASA CARE SERVICES:
20.210 mission.
1081 VEGETATIVE MATERI- ent SEAL AGGREGATE COV- 24” PIPE REMOVED Offers services such as:
(662) 243-7312 Lowndes County Board ER MATERIAL, AND RELAID (HDPE) AC
ALS FOR MULCH Each Bid must be ac- residential janitorial,
anichols@thenichols- 3.990 of Supervisors SIZE 7, CRUSHED 81.000 companied by a bid lighting & decorating, LF VEGETATIVE MATERI-
TON STONE ALS FOR MULCH bond/security deposit emergency repairs, ALLSTUMP
Publish: 515.000 or certified check in an preventative mainten−
CY TON amount equal to 5% of
& 5/6/2019 FENCE May 13, 2019 AND RELAID (HDPE) the bid, payable to Okt-
ance, moving & GET ’ER DONE!
42.000 shipping assistance & We can grind all
1,000.000 BLOTTER MATERIAL SOLID SODDING ibbeha County and the
LF 74.000 LF State of Mississippi as pressure washing. your stumps. Hard
500.000 662−549−1878.
CY bid security. In the to reach places,
Sell idle items LOOSE RIPRAP, 200 LB. GRATINGS SY
event that an electronic blown over roots,
840.000 One call will bring CLASS B STRUCTURAL 2,000.000 bid is submitted, a copy HILL’S PRESSURE
with a quick action TON you results. CONCRETE, LB TEMPORARY SILT
of the bid bond must be WASHING. Commercial/
hillsides, backyards,
FENCE (TYPE I) (AOS pastures. Free
classified ad. 662-328-2424 MINOR STRUCTURES 0.15-0.84) included with the sub- residential. House, estimates. You find
WATTLES, 20 8.550 CONCRETE SIDEWALK mission. If submitting concrete, sidewalks &
328-2424 80.000 CY 4.000 1,500.000
LF electronically, a hard mobile washing. Free
it, we’ll grind it!
LF SY copy of all bid docu- 662−361−8379
est. 662−386−8925.
6B Monday, May 6, 2019 The Dispatch •
Tree Services 1860 Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Office Spaces For Rent 7300
Bucket truck & stump 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, square feet. 294
removal. Free est. furnished apartment on Chubby Dr. Flexible
Serving Columbus the Elk River. Boat leasing terms. Available
since 1987. Senior access. $79 per night. now. 662−328−8254.
citizen disc. Call Alvin @ Rogersville Al. Call Tracy
242−0324/241−4447 931−205−0471. Houses For Sale: East 8200
"We’ll go out on a limb


Help me find a home!

HOME. 56 Collanwood
Work from a bucket
RENTALS Cove. Great
neighborhood. East
truck. Insured/bonded. Columbus Area off
Call Jimmy for free 1 BEDROOM Warpath Rd.
2 BEDROOMS 2 Bedrooms, 2 Full

662−386−6286. Baths. Built in 2003,
3 BEDROOMS 1216 sq ft. $129,500.
Good Things To Eat 2150 662−386−3027.

© The Dispatch
TOMATO HOUSE Vine− Houses For Sale: New Hope
ripened hydroponic DEPOSIT
tomato. Located next to AND
Noxubee County High
School. 662−352− CREDIT CHECK 2BR/1BA GREAT
1270 or 662−425−
With The Dispatch 662-329-2323
location. Call 662−889

Clerical & Office 3050 classified section Houses For Sale: Other 8500
Sunday’s answer
looking for receptionist/
2411 HWY 45 N
Sudoku is a number-
1 4
6 9 5 3 2 8 7
secretary. Previous ex- Farm Equipment & Supplies Apts For Rent: West 7050 placing puzzle
Across from water with
Sudoku based on
is a number-
perience helpful but not
4420 access to Tenn−Tom
a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon 2 7 3 4 1 8 6 5 9

2019 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

necessary. Computer Commercial Property For Waterway. 4BR/2BA
skills a must. Send Rent 7100 agiven
9x9 grid with several
with 2 acres & large The object 5 9 8 6 2 7 3 1 4
resume to: 2016 CAT SKIDSTEER
given numbers.
is to place
screened in room. The object
the numbers
Box 664, c/o The 299XHP HIGH FLOW
COMMERCIAL $212,000. Call: 662−
6 1 9 2 3 4 8 7 5
Commercial Dispatch, w/ mulcher & forestry 1 to place
to 9 in thethe numbers
empty spaces
PO Box 511, Columbus, kit. <1,000 hrs, Apartments
BUILDING. 1800 sq. ft.
Located on Hwy. 45 N.
245−4273 or 662−889
−1228. 9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 8 2 5 7 9 6 1 4 3
MS 39703.
& Houses
on Frontage Rd. 1 mile so that each
column row, each
and each 3x3 box 4 3 7 5 8 1 9 6 2
Lots & Acreage 8600 column and each
General Help Wanted 3200
1 Bedrooms same3x3 box
from CAFB. Asking
Furniture 4480 $750/mo. Call 662− contains the number 9 6 1 3 4 5 7 2 8
2 Bedroooms HOUSE LOTS FOR SALE contains
only once. the same number
The difficulty
only once. The difficulty 7 5 2 8 6 9 4 3 1
BLACK BEDROOM SET, 3 Bedrooms Located on Kidd Rd. in
level increases from
incl full sz sleigh bed, OFFICE FOR RENT. Caledonia. Ready to level increases from
Monday to Sunday. 3 8 4 1 7 2 5 9 6
dresser w/ mirror, chest Furnished & 30x15. Separate air build on. Call 404−216 Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 5/04

conditioner & bathroom. −0237.

LOOKING FOR an exper- & night stand, $600.
ienced power sports New full sz mattress, Unfurnished $400/mo. Located in
mechanic. Individual still in plastic, $250.
must be able to handle Bissell carpet cleaner, 1, 2, & 3 Baths Caledonia. Call 662− SUMMER SPECIAL.
1.75 acre lots. Good/
Lease, Deposit
multiple projects at one $80. Two sets of black bad credit. 10% down,
time. Up to date tech-
nology, solid work eth-
Toyota Camry floormats, & Credit Check FOR RENT LOCATED
as low as $299/mo.
$80. Cash Only. 662− Eaton Land. 662−361−
ic, problem-solving NEAR DOWNTOWN.

skills, good diagnostic 242−2884. Leave a 7711.
3,000 sq. ft. truck
skills and communica- message.
terminal, 9,500 sq. ft.
tion skills along with a LOT FOR Sale in
positive attitude. Sporting Goods 4720 shop & 3,200 sq. ft.
Starkville. Will need
Send resumes to: Apts For Rent: Starkville 7070 office/shop. Buildings
Box 665, c/o The ELLIPTICAL MACHINE can be rented together cleared. 818 N. Jackson
2BR/2BA. COTTON or separately. All w/ St. Lot 5, City Block 97.
Commercial Dispatch, Sole Elliptical E35 in
PO Box 511, excellent condition. Nice District in Starkville. excellent access & Hwy. 662−465−7611, 662−
Columbus, MS 39703. quiet machine. $450 Call 662−617−3356. 82 visibility. 662−327− 418−9096 or 662−418
Sunday’s Cryptoquote:
9559. −4176.
for local pest control Apts For Rent: Other 7080
Business For Sale 6350 Houses For Rent: Northside Autos For Sale 9150
company. Applicant
must be organized, de- 1, 2, 3 BEDROOM 7110
pendable, work well with RESTAURANT FOR apartments & 2015 CHEVY IMPALA
the public, and have SALE OR LEASE townhouses. Call for Blk, 4dr, 6cyl, 82k mi,
good driving record with Opportunity to own/ more info. 662−328− showroom clean, local
valid driver's license. operate an established 8254. ALL BRICK 3BR/2BA owner, $10,200. See @
Drug test required. profitable strong house for rent. Big yard. 59 Amanda Dr. in New
Apply at 107 Gardner Hope Park Subdivision
Blvd. No phone calls. customer base and Carport. W/D hookup.
excellent reputation For Nice neighborhood. off of Yorkville Rd. E.
Medical / Dental 3300 info please email: $780 per month. 70 W 662−327−3081. Thomas Dr. 3 min from
HELP WANTED CAFB. 504−813−1200. Boats & Marine 9250
CARE CENTER OF Apts For Rent: Northside 7010
M-F, 8A-4:30P 1 & 2 BR near hospital. TOWNHOUSES. 2 & 3 w/ low hours. Runs
LPN 3P-11P $595−$645 monthly. bedroom w/ 2−3 bath great. Ready to hit the
CNA 6A-2P Military discount, pet townhouses. $600 to water. Located in
CNA 2P-10P area, pet friendly, and $695. 662−549−9555. Starkville. Call or text
Apply in person at furnished corporate Ask for Glenn or text. 662−341−0374.
Care Center
apts. 24−HOUR
505 Jackson St,
Aberdeen PROFESSIONAL GYM. Mobile Homes for Rent 7250 Five Questions:
Truck Driving 3700 ON SITE MANAGEMENT.
New Hope school dist.
$500/mo & $500 dep. 1 Corned
driver w/ Class A Li-
SURVEILLANCE. Benji @ No pets, no drugs, no
partying. Call between
beef, Swiss
cheese, sau-
cense needed to haul 10a−7p. 662−386−
scrap metal & flat cars. PEAR ORCHARD APTS
4292. NO TEXT
Call 662-434-0007 or 2BR Townhouse−$585 MESSAGES.
662-364-6303. per month. W/D incl. 2BR/1BA LOCATED in
Great location. $200 Historic Downtown RENT A fully equipped
Bargain Column 4180
2 Venice
processing fee & $50 Columbus. 2,000 sqft. camper w/utilities &
application fee. Call Hardwood floors cable from $145/wk −
CASSETTE PLAYER w/ 662−328−9471 or
2 speakers, $30. 662− 662−889−7565. throughout. Open floor. $535/month. Columbus

3 “De Ali G
327−5480. Very nice. Incl W&D. & County School
$1200/mo. Call 662− locations. 662−242−

LRG. MIRROR, $50. 328−8655. 7653 or 601−940−
Small bath bench, $25. Let your FIRST FULL MONTH
fingers do the RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Office Spaces For Rent 7300
Farm Equipment & Supplies
walking. Bedroom Apts/
Townhomes. Stove & HISTORIC DOWNTOWN
4 Berlin
Find your refrigerator. $335− COLUMBUS Office,
dream home in
5 Pablo Pi-
FOR SALE Hay baler, $600 Monthly. Credit Retail, Restaurant
rake, and cutter. Call the classifieds! check & deposit. Space available. Call

Ernie at 662−549− Coleman Realty, 662− 662−328−8655 or 662
8948 for more info. 329−2323. −574−7879.
General Help Wanted 3200 1 Really good time
6 Eiffel Tower city
11 Third planet
12 Hollywood deal
13 Houston player
14 Take care of
Employment Employment Services-General 15 Foot or furlong
L. E. TUCKER & SON, INC. - CDL DIRECTV NOW. No Satellite Needed. 17 Near the ground
Mississippi $40/month. 65 Channels. Stream
Dept. of Corrections
DRIVERS needed to run from S.E. to
West Coast. Late model conventional Breaking News, Live Events, Sports & On 18 Imports illegally
HIRING tractors. Home weekly. Benefits package. Demand Titles. No Annual Contract. No 22 Drawn out
Pearl, MS. 601-939-8088. Commitment. CALL 1-866-616-8331
CORRECTIONAL DISH NETWORK $69.99 For 190 23 Music’s Van-
OFFICERS Classes / Training
Channels. Add High Speed Internet for dross
ONLY $14.95/month. Best Technology.
Join and Get a 5% In-
AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Get FAA Best Value. Smart HD DVR Included. FREE 27 Crooked
crease in Starting Pay approved hands on Aviation training. Installation. Some restrictions apply. Call 29 Madrid museum
Financial aid for qualified students.
Career placement assistance. Call
30 Occupy a new
Sunday’s answer
Join The Mississippi Department
of Corrections (MDOC) and get Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 1-866- home
367-2510. OVER $10K IN DEBT? Be debt free in
an immediate 5 percent in-
HEALTHCARE CAREER TRAINING 24 to 48 months. No upfront fees to 32 Stepped down
crease in your starting pay, if
you have a college degree or ONLINE. Start a new career in Medical enroll. A+ BBB rated. Call National Debt 33 Gets cozy 4 Tries hard 26 Decays
Billing and Coding. Medical Relief 844-719-8928.
experience in the workforce.
Administrative Assistant. To learn more, SAVE YOUR HOME! Are you behind 35 Apiece 5 Skimpy swimwear 28 Holiday sparklers
The starting pay is $2,075.27
monthly. FOUR (4) WEEKS OF call Ultimate Medical Academy. 1-844- paying your MORTGAGE? Is the bank
threatening foreclosure? CALL
38 Tight-fitting 6 Old layout work 31 Convent resident
PHARMACY TECHNICIAN - ONLINE Homeowner's Relief Line now for Help! 1- 39 Not obtuse 7 Grow older 34 Tropical fruit
41 Straighten 8 Lively folk dance 35 Hound’s hands
step into a new career! Call now: 1-866-
•Central Mississippi Correctional
Facility (CMCF) 3794 Highway 664-4140
Services-Medical 45 Unicycle part 9 Wild about 36 Cave sound
468, Pearl, MS
For Sale
A PLACE FOR MOM. The nation's 46 Site 10 Put away 37 Regretted
•Mississippi State Penitentiary largest senior living referral service.
(MSP) Hwy. 49 West, Parch- CHURCH FURNITURE: Does your Contact our trusted, local experts today! 47 Fizzy drinks 16 Suffering 40 Pot brew
man, MS church need pews, pulpit set, baptistery, Our service is FREE/no obligation. CALL
48 Know-it-all’s 18 Shut with a bang 42 Pen filler
•South Mississippi Correctional steeple, windows? Big Sale on new cush-
Institution (SMCI) 22689 Hwy. ioned pews and pew chairs. 1-800-231- LIFE ALERT. 24/7. One press of a button challenge 19 Sleuth played by 43 Tooth surrounder
63 North, Leakesville, MS 8360. sends help FAST! Medical, Fire, Burglar.
Even if you can't reach a phone! FREE
Lorre 44 Maiden name
WALK-IN INTERVIEW Insurance Brochure. CALL 877-824-559 DOWN 20 Coll.’s kin lead-in
DATES/TIMES: DENTAL INSURANCE. Call Physicians 1 Arthur of “Maude” 21 Trails
•Saturday, May 4, 2019 -- Appli-
cants will be admitted from 8:00
Mutual Insurance Company for details.
NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage
2 — Vegas 24 Foyer
a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for 350 procedures. 855-397-7045 or 3 Museum focus 25 TV’s Falco
•Monday thru Friday, May 13 -
17, 2019 -- Applicants will be ad- Ad# 6118
mitted from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 FREE AUTO INSURANCE QUOTES.
a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.. See how much you can save! High risk
•Saturday, May 18, 2019 -- Ap- SR22 driver policies available! Call 844-
plicants will be admitted from 714-2407
8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. FREE MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT
QUOTES! Top providers. Excellent cov-
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: erage. Call for a no obligation quote to
•21 years of age and proof of see how much you can save. Toll free:
H.S. diploma or G.E.D. 855-400-8352
•Males between the ages of 21-
25 proof of Selective Service Medical Supplies
•A Valid Driver’s License ATTENTION: OXYGEN USERS! Gain
•No felony or domestic violence freedom with a Portable Oxygen
Concentrator. No more heavy tanks and
INTERVIEW SCREENING refills! Guaranteed Lowest Prices! Call
CONSIST OF: the Oxygen Concentrator Store: 844-
•Interview, Math Test, Report 567-5899
Writing Exercise VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! 50 Pills
SPECIAL $99.00 FREE Shipping! 100%
Place Your Classified Ad
•1 mile walk/run within 18 min-
utes and Tower climb guaranteed. CALL NOW! 844-821-3242 STATEWIDE
(Appropriate athletic clothing
Miscellaneous In 95 Newspapers!
and tennis shoes may be worn)
For additional information, Receive maximum value of write off for
Up to 25 words...........$210
contact MDOC Personnel your taxes. Running or not! All condi-
1 col. x 2 inch.............$525
Services at (601) 359-5696 or tions accepted. Free pickup. Call for 1 col. x 3 inch.............$785
the Personnel Department at details. 855-400-8263 1 col. x 4 inch...........$1050
each facility: CMCF (601) 932-
2880 ext. 6701; MSP (662) 745- Services-General Nationwide Placement Available
6611 ext. 2366; or SMCI (601) DIRECTV AND AT&T. 155 Channels
394-5600 ext. 1217. and 1000s of Shows/Movies On Demand To Place Your Ad Order Call:
(w/SELECT Package.) AT&T Internet 99 MS Press Services
Individuals may also apply Percent Reliability. Unlimited Texts to 120
online at the Mississippi State Countries w/AT&T Wireless. Call 4 FREE 601-981-3060
Personnel Board website,
Quote - 1- 855-978-3110. WHATZIT ANSWER
Week of May 5, 2019
Log cabin