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Shannon Dufresne

November 1, 2010
Scavenger Hunt-EDU500

1. SEPPCE stands for the School of Education, Public Policy and Civic Engagement.
2. From the SEPPCE website: “No Student having at least 6 earned credits as a non-degree student
will be allowed to register for spring 2011 classes unless they are accepted to a program. This is
applicable to the Post-Baccalaureate Educator Licensure Program, the MAT-Initial Program and
the MAT-Professional Program.” Therefore the maximum credits as a non-degree student would
be six.
3. From the graduate website: “UMass Dartmouth does have some deadline dates for graduate
applications, depending on the program. Generally, we recommend that you apply by
November 15th for the spring term and by April 20th for the fall term. If you are an
international student, we recommend that you apply by September 15th for the spring and
February 20th for the fall.”
4. The deadlines for student teaching are March 1st for fall, and October 1st for spring. Prior to
student teaching, one must interview with the director of teacher licensure for
practicum/practicum equivalent.
5. No; from UMass website: “Note: If you have not been accepted to the licensure program, you
cannot interview for a practicum placement. For example, you must be accepted for the fall
2011 semester to sit for a practicum interview by October 1st. (see application deadlines
6. One could get their initial license through the Initial License and MAT program, a Post
Baccalaureate program, a dual degree-BA/BS initial license and MAT, or a minor in education
at the undergrad level.
7. You must pass the Communication and Literacy Skills Test as well as the appropriate content
knowledge exam. I took the English content exam in order to become an English teacher as well
as the communication and literacy exam.
8. PPA stands for preservice performance assessment. From DOE website: “All routes to the
Initial License for teachers require a supervised practicum or equivalent with an assessment that
preparation organizations use, according to state guidelines, to measure a candidate's readiness
to teach the subject matter of the specific license sought. The rubrics (forms) will be used to
assess each candidate's end-of-practicum performance as follows: Diagnostic judgments of
learning needs and summary decisions about a candidate's skill in teaching the subject of the
license sought.”

9. Dr. Kruger, found on coin and directed first by:

10. From the catalogue “UMass Dartmouth offers both Massachusetts Initial and Professional
Teaching Licensure Programs at the graduate level. The University offers programs leading to
licensure in the following areas: Elementary; Middle and Secondary—Biology, Chemistry,
English, Foreign Literature and Languages (French, Portuguese, Spanish), History, Political
Science/Political Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, General Science (5-8).”
• Login to COIN
• Go to self-service
• Under “academic records,” select “request official transcript”
• Put in the following address” Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary
Education, Office of Educator Licensure, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148” and submit

2. Elementary educators need to now pass a math proficiency test. Currently, the passing score is
227-239, but candidates will need a 240 score in order to renew their licenses beyond the
preliminary level within a 5 year period. In 2012, candidates will have to receive a 240 to
receive any license.
3. Preliminary License
• Valid for 5 years of employment
• For people who have not completed Approved Educator Preparation Program
Temporary License
• Valid for 1 calendar year
• For experienced teachers from another state
Initial License
• Valid for 5 years of employment
• (May be extended one time for 5 additional years of employment)
Professional License
• Valid for 5 calendar years
3 Years of Employment under an Initial License
Completion of a Teacher Induction Program
One of the Options for the Professional License
4. ELAR: The Educator Licensing and Recruitment (ELAR) System
5. ELAR has been down all weekend. My login is SSale1 and I will give you my password if you
would like to show that I have been registered on ELAR for some time now.