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School Name : MAN 3 Banjar

Subject : English
Class/Semester : XI IIK/2
Theme : Asking and Giving Suggestion
Skill : Integrated Skill
Time allocation : 2 X 45 minutes
Meeting : 1st Meeting

A. Standard Competence
1. Living and practicing the religious teachings that he embraces.
2. Living and practicing honest, disciplined, polite, caring (responsible,
responsive and peaceful) behavior, responsible, responsive and pro-active in
interacting effectively with children's development in the environment,
family, school, community and environment nature, nation, country, regional
and international area.
3. Understand, apply, and analyze factual, conceptual, procedural, and
metacognitive knowledge based on their curiosity about science, technology,
art, culture and humanities with the insights of humanity, nationality, state and
civilization on the causes of phenomena and events, procedural knowledge in
a specific field of study in accordance with their talents and interests to solve
4. Processing, reasoning, and recruiting in the realm of concrete and abstract
realm related to the development of the learning in school independently,
acting effectively, and creatively, and able to use methods according to
scientific rules.

B. Basic Competence

3.6. Analyzing social functions, text structures, and linguistic elements of passive
voice and apply with the context of their use

4.4. Capture the meaning of passive voice.

4.5. Editing passive voice with due regard to social functions, text structures, and
linguistic elements that are correct and in context.
C. Indicators
- Identify the expression of asking, mention the phrase used to request, giving
and responding to suggestions.
- name expressions used to request, give and respond to suggestions.
- Complete a simple conversation that includes expressions asking, giving, and
responding to suggestions.
- Using the phrase requesting, giving and responding to suggestions based on
the problems in daily life.

D. Learning objectives

By the end of the lesson:

- Students are able to identify expressions of asking, giving and responding to

- Students are able to name expressions used to request, give and respond to
- Students are able to complete a simple conversation containing expressions
asking, giving, and responding to suggestions.
- Students are able to use the phrase requesting, giving and responding to
suggestions based on problems in their daily life.

E. Learning Material

Asking for Giving Suggestion Responding the Suggestion

Suggestion Accepting Refusing Suggestion
I’ve got a bad I suggest/recommend Yes, I’d like/ love I tried that, but…
toothache. What do that you… to…
you suggest?
What do you advice You really That sounds like a Thanks, but that
to me to do? should/ought to… good idea. won’t work/help
What should I do? You’d better… Thank you/ Thanks That’s a good idea,
What ought I to do? Why don’t you go to I’ll do/try that. No, I’d rather not
the dentist?
Do you have any How about playing Why didn’t I think of I don’t feel like it.
suggestion for me? cards? that?
Social Function of suggestion:

 To ask and give suggestion to someone and give responses to the suggestion
whether accepting or refusing it.

 To help someone who needs any suggestion or advice by giving our personal idea
and opinion in our daily life.


 Formal : S + Modal (should, ought to, could, etc) + V + complement

S + suggest + (that) + S + should + V + complement

 Informal : WH question → What about going to the cinema tonight?

What about going to the cinema tonight?

How about playing cards?

F. Method and Technique

 Communicative Language Teaching Method
 Problem Learning Based Method
 Complete the sentence/conversation

G. Steps of Learning Activities


 The teacher starts the class by greeting the
Assalamu’alaikum wr wb…
Pre-Ac5tivity How’s life? 10 minutes

 The teacher check students’ present list

Who is absent today?

Okay, before starting our lesson, let’s pray to

Allah together by reciting Basmallah together.


- Teacher gives some clues about the materials

which is about to be learned through some
questions based on her conditions.
1. Guys , I have a problem with my shoes. The
size so small for me. What should I do?

2. I think you are so tired , how about we check

65 minutes
sound ?
Activity 3. Do you have any suggestion for me what
should I do to teach you ?


- After observing those questions and conditions,

Teacher ask the students about the topic they will
1. Well, students do you ever have any problem?
2. Do you know the expression of suggestion?
Can you use it in your daily life?

- The teacher leads the students to the topic by

asking about video showing on the projector.
1. Okay everybody, can you guess what will we
learn today?

- Teacher explains to the students that they are

about to learn “expressing of suggestion”


- The teacher explains about the form of asking for,

giving, and responding the suggestion.
1. Well students, here are some expression to ask
for, give, and respond the suggestion. (then
show the formula)

- The teacher shares the worksheet and ask the

student to arrange the sentence which has some
parts of expressing of suggestions with its
response. Then, ask both of their group to practice
it in front of the class.
1. Okasy students, look at the short dialogue in
your print out, please arrange the dialogue and
both of your group will practice it.


- Teacher asks the students to individually think

what problem they have where it will be shared in
front of the class to ask for the suggestion. (the
students may take a note in their worksheet)
1. Now, please you think a problem which need a
suggestion in your life.

2. Okay, …….. please come forward, tell your

problem to your friends, and ask for their

- While the student A shares her problem in front of

class, the teacher asks to some of other students to
give their suggestion to the student a. okay, ……
please give him/her your suggestion.

- The teacher gives worksheet to the students and 15 minutes

asks them do it, then correct the worksheet

- The teacher asks whether the students have

understood the materials or not, and whether
they have any difficulties or not.
1. Do you understand the materials students?

2. Do you have any questions or difficulties of it?

– Give students feedback

– The teacher asks to the students to conclude
what they have learned today.

1. So Muhammad, can you conclude what we

have learned today?

– The teacher ends the class by reciting

Hamdallah followed by the students.

1. Ok students, thank you so much for your nice

attentions and participations, let’s end our
class by reciting Hamdalah together.
Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.

H. Sources Tools
Youtube video :
LCD Projector
Sound system
Whiteboard and Markers

I. Assesment

1. Form : written test and oral

2. Technique : students have to answer some questions related the text.\
3. Instrument : answer the questions below based on the text
4. Aspect:
a. Affective : personality and engagement
b. Cognitive : accuracy of the answers
c. Psychomotor : oral test (performance)
5. Guidance score an scoring rubric
a. Affective
No. Criteria Score
1. Personality: 5-10
a. Always giving thanks to Allah
b. Honest
c. Discipline

2. Engagement: 5-10
a. Respect to the friends and teacher
b. Cooperative
c. Sportivity
Note Each component has 5-10 score, score
max = 60 and score min = 30
Student’s score = score got : score max x 100 =

b. Cognitive
No. Criteria Score
1. The true answer for each number 10
2. The false answer 0
*score max = 100
*student’s score = score got : score max x 100 =

c. Psycomotoric
No Criteria Score
1. Expression, improvisation, 4
entertaining and good story and also
memorize well.
2. Less one item above -1
*score max: 4
*student’s score: Score got : score max x 100

Information :
Excellent: 90-100 (A) Very Good: 70-89 (B)
Good: 60-69 (C) Poor: 40-59 (D)
Fair: 0-39 (E)
Student’s Hand out

Asking and Giving Suggestion

First Meeting


George : What’s wrong with you?

Beth : I failed my exam.
George : Did you study very hard?
Beth : I think so. But still I failed. Do you have any suggestion?
George : Mmm I think you need a tutor, I will ask Harry to help you
Beth : Harry the genius???
George : Yes he is! He is good in explain something and people is easy to understand his
Beth : Oh my God! Thank you George…
George : You are welcome Beth, it’s my pleasure to help you…


Ruth : Hi Ann! How are you?

Ann : Hi Ruth! I am so confuse. Rico asked me to go to cinema on Saturday night
Ruth : That’s good! So why are you so confuse?
Ann : In the same time, Tonny asked to go to his house to celebrate his birthday
Ruth : Oh my God! So how? Do you choose Rico or Tonny?
Ann : That’s why I am so confuse. Do you have any suggestion?
Ruth : It’s easy. You have to go to Tonny’s house for celebrating his birthday and ask
Rico to postpone watching the movie. Celebrating birthday has expire but watching
movie is flexible.
Ann : Oh Ruth, you are a genius! Thank you so much
Ruth : I am not genius but I can think it clearly J

Vina :have a trouble, now
Opik : What is it?

Vina : I have broken my sister cellphone.

Opik : Have you ever told about it?

Vina : I haven’t , I am afraid that she will be angry to me

Opik : I suggest you to tell her about it. Then say “sorry”.

Vina : How about if she wants me to fix her cellphone?

Opik : It is better to you to bring it out to the cellphone center.

Vina : But I don’t know where I can get

Opik : Don’t be worried … I have a friend who has a cellphone center.

Vina : Will he fix it by himself?

Opik : Yes.,of course. …

Vina : Thank you so much

Yanti : Have you got the articles about environment?

Ratna : No,I haven’t . There is no newspaper at home. My father doesn’t read the
newspaper in the morning.

Yanti : So how can you complete your task tomorrow?

Ratna : I don’t know, I have gone to the market but in the road ,, it was raining hard so
I turn back at home. Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

Yanti :How about if we go to My uncle’s home, he is a newspaper sender .

Ratna : It is a good idea, isn’t it?

Yanti : We have to get there at 4 p.m. He will get home after 3 p.m everyday in the

Ratna : You have to remember me, i am afraid i forget it

Yanti : Yes I will

Student’s Worksheet
Asking and Giving Suggestion
First Meeting

1. A: What ___________ we do this weekend?

B: Let's go to the beach.
a. will b. is c. shall d. should

2. How about _____________ surfing?

a. go b. going c. do d. doing

3. X: Let's throw a party this Friday. What do you say?

C: Yes,___________
a. we can b. that would be great.
c. thank you d. I do.

4. ____________ we go to the cafe? It's still too early to go into the cinema now.
a. why not b. shall we do c. what shall d. why don't

5. _________ order some food? I'm starving now.

a. Why b. let's c. shall we d. by the way

6. E: How shall we go to the party?

B: Shall we take my car?
E: ___________
a. That'll be great b. I think it's nice.
c. I suppose you're right d. I'll have a look at it.

7. R: What about going fishing?

K: Sorry, ____________.
a. I'll be busy b. I'm not really into it.
c. I can't play it. d. I think it's not okay.
8. L: What time shall we meet?
P: What ___________ two pm?
a. on b. of c. is d. about

9. Why don't we ________ a ride in the countryside?

a. go for b. go to c. go in d. go by

10. H: Shall we go camping this weekend?

N: Sorry, man. I don't really fancy it. _______________
a. I'd prefer going skiing
b. I prefer to go skiing
c. I'd love to go skiing
d. I'd rather go skiing

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