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NYCEDC Now York Cty Economie Davelooment Corporation May 6, 2019 VIA E-MAIL John V. Santore Johnvsantore@ Re: Freedom of Information Law Request Dear Mr. Santore: This correspondence is in further response to your request addressed to the New York Cit Economic Development Corporation (*NYCEDC”), dated March 30, 2019, and received on April 1, 2019 pursuant fo Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”), Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, for any proposal for Amazon's second headquarters (HQ2) received by EDC in response to the agency's RFEI for the HQ2 project proposing the following sites for HQ2: a. The Whale building (14 53rd St., Brooklyn, NY) ', The Commodore Building (4312 2nd Ave., Brooklyn, NY) ¢.3913 2nd Ave,, Brooklyn, NY d, Sunset Yards (341 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY) NYCEDC has diligently searched its files and hereby encloses a document that is responsive to letters a. and d. of your request. Please note that NYCEDC has redacted portions of the document and withheld portions of the document that were not responsive to your FOIL request. NYCEDC does not have responsive documents in response to letters b. and ¢, above, With provision of this information, NYCEDC considers your FOIL request to be complete. Any appeal with respect to this determination should be addressed in writing to Judy Fensterman, New York City Beonomic Development Corporation, 110 Witliam Sireet, New York, New York 10038, within thirty (30) days from the date of this letter Records Access Officer 110 Willa Steet, Mew York, NY 10088 * 212.619.5000. wwwunycede-com