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(To be submitted by Open Access Applicant)

Application No: Dated:

1.Name of the Applicant:

2.Address for Correspondence:

Phone Numbers < > Fax No. < > E-Mail < >

3.Applicant Type : (Buyer / Seller / Trader/ Captive Generator)

4.Agreement /MOU/Consent Letter Details:

With Reference No. Date Valid up to Maximum


5.Coordinator Details:
Phone Numbers: (Off.) (Res.)
(Fax) (Mobil)
E-mail id:

6.Type of Open Access: (Captive or Third party)

(If Captive usage, provide Chartered Accountant

Certificate, exhibiting capital structure and compliance
with regard to requirements under Electricity Act 2003)

7. Details of Power Transfer requirement

i. Quantum of power to be transmitted (MW)

ii. Peak load to be transferred (MW)
iii. Average load to be transferred (MW)

8. Expected date of commencement of Open Access.

9.Open Access Period Required :

Period Time Capacity
From Date To Date From Hours To Hours

10.Details at Entry Point:

Name of Injecting utility / party / generating station
Type and generating capacity
Voltage level
Point of injection (Name of Sub-station - Discom /
Name of location and Discom in whose area located
Metering arrangement

C:\Users\Al's Laptop\Dropbox\Thrive\Projects\AP 20MW 4pel\Permits & Clearances\Application Form of LTOA.doc

Meter details
a. Class of Accuracy
b. TD interval
c. Parameters:

11.Details at Exit Point (Drawee utility/Consumer details):

Name of User
Point of Exit
Voltage level
Source of feeding for Exit point
(Name of Sub-station - Discom / APTransco)
Name of location and Discom in whose area located
Metering arrangement
Meter details
A Class of Accuracy
B TD interval
C Parameters:

12.Is the Consumer at the Exit point an existing

consumer of distribution licensee: ( Yes or No )
(If Yes provide the consumer number and Contracted Maximum Demand (CMD),Category, state whether
the open access is for partial load or for full load)

13.Details of PPAs / Contracts and MOU

i. For Power to be injected
ii. For Power to be Drawn
iii. For Balancing and Mismatch power requirement
iv. For Inter-State Transmission Open Access if involved
v. Agreement with traders if any in above transaction

14. In case of Generating Station

i. Name of the Promoter
ii. Generation Capacity
iii. Location of the Generation plant
iv. No. of Units & Capacity of each unit
v. Type of fuel
vi. Base load station or peaking load station
vii. If peaking load, then what is the estimated hours of running
viii. If it is a hydro plant, then whether is a Run of the river / Reservoir / Multi-purpose / Pump storage
xi. MU generation in an year in case of Hydro plant
x. Specify the step-up generation Voltage 400kV or 220 kV or any other voltage
xi. In case of Hydro Station, whether it is a identified project of CEA

15.Details of Application Fee(Non-refundable):

i. Name of the Bank
ii. Draft No. & Date
iii. Amount Rs.10000/-
iv. Payable at Bank

C:\Users\Al's Laptop\Dropbox\Thrive\Projects\AP 20MW 4pel\Permits & Clearances\Application Form of LTOA.doc

16. Any other information:

It is hereby certifying that

1. All utilities (including buyer, seller, trader) to the transaction shall abide by the provisions of the
APERC (terms & conditions of Open Access) Regulation 2005, APERC (Interim balancing and
Settlement Code) Regulation 2006 and AP State Grid code in force from time to time.

2. M/s. _______ have a valid license (No ________ issued by ________ and valid up to
_________) for intra state trading and will abide by the APERC (intra state trading)
Regulation 2005 as notified and amended from time to time. (This clause is applicable
only in case applicant is a Trader)

3. The buyer and seller have entered into commercial agreement for the proposed
transaction. Payment of the Long Term Open Access charges (if not paid) shall be made
by me.

4. The applicant hereby agrees to keep APTRANSCO indemnified at all times and
undertakes to indemnify, defend and save the APTRANSCO harmless from any and all
damages, losses, claims and actions relating to injury to or death of any person or damage
to property, demands, suits, recovering costs and expenses, court costs, attorney fees, and
all obligations by or to third parties, arising out of or resulting from the transactions under
his approval.

5. We shall execute the Long-Term Open Access agreement after receiving the approval
from the APTRANSCO with in the 30 days failing which APTRANSCO has right to
cancel the approval without any further notice.

Signature of the Applicant

Place: Name:
Date: Designation:

Encl: Copy of MOU/Agreement and necessary documents.

Copy to: Entry Point/Exit Point Discom
Copy to: CE/SLDC/APTransco/Vidyut Soudha/Hyderabad
For Office use
Date & Time of Receipt of Application
(To be filled by the Nodal Agency)

C:\Users\Al's Laptop\Dropbox\Thrive\Projects\AP 20MW 4pel\Permits & Clearances\Application Form of LTOA.doc