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(A Govt. of Jharkhand Undertaking)

Tenughat Thermal Power Station
Lalpania, Dist - Bokaro
Jharkhand, Pincode - 829149
CIN U40101JH1987SGC013153 CST NO:229C TIN NO:20092201429 TAN NO:RCHT00177C PAN NO:AACCT1197L

Work Order No:833333381/Cont-I/4-397/TMD/ 19-20 Dated : 03.04.2017

Vendor Code : 2000036
M/s S K G Engineering & Construction TIN NO : 20612200464
BOKARO - 829111 SER.REG NO : AQGPK8370HST001
Phone.No :06544225023 CST NO : TG.821(CENTRAL)
Fax.No :XX
Mobile.No :6544-225023
Email-id :

Subject : Work order for Fabrication of o ring and graphite gasket for TG unit no -2 at TTPS,Lalpania.
Reference : 1.SAP ECC PR No-400000397
2.SAP SRM MOT & Work Enquiry RFx No-1000000323
3.Your RFx Response No-2000000369 DTD:18.10.2016
Dear Sirs,
With reference to the above subject the undersigned is pleased to place a work order on you for above work on the rates,terms and
conditions as mentioned below :-

Sl.No Item No. Description of Work Qty. Unit Rate/U(Rs.) Amount(Rs.)

1 Fabrication of "o" ring and graphite 1.000 AU 111,200.00
gasket for TG unit no-2.
1.01 FAB of graphite gasket of CRH NRV 2.000 NOS 33,000.00 66,000.00
1.02 FAB of viton O- ring (Size-640X8) 4.000 NOS 3,600.00 14,400.00
1.03 FAB of viton O- ring (Size-510X6) 4.000 NOS 3,000.00 12,000.00
1.04 FAB of viton O- ring (Size-460X4) 4.000 NOS 2,500.00 10,000.00
1.05 FAB of viton O- ring (Size-380X4) 4.000 NOS 2,200.00 8,800.00
Total Gross Value 111,200.00
Total Discount
Packing & Forwarding
Excise Duty
Edu.Cess on Total BED
Service Tax
Freight Charges
Other Charges / Deduction
Total Net Round off Value 111,200.00

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Work Order No:833333381/Cont-I/4-397/TMD/ 19-20 Dated : 03.04.2017


1.Tax:-Service Tax will be paid extra as applicable & already indicated.

2.Engineer-In-Charge:-The Electrical Executive Engineer(TMD)will be the Engineer-in-charge of the work.
3.Execution of Contract:-The work shall be carried out as per the instruction of the Engineer-in-Engineer or his authorized representative.Any
damage to plant and equipment due to mishandling and negligence on the part of the contractor shall be rectified by the contractor.
4.Modification of Specification/Drawing/Design:-The Engineer-in-charge of the work shall be empowered to make any alteration in addition to
the specification, drawing design etc.if necessary, during the progress of work and the contractor shall have to carry out the work accordingly.
5.Decision of Engineer-in-charge:-Incase of any work for which there is no specification mentioned, such work shall be carried out as per the
instruction and requirement prescribed by the Engineer-in-charge. Anything not mentioned here shall be decided by the Engineer-in-charge
of work and shall be binding on the contract.
6.Completion period: Work has already been completed during the month Aug,2016.
7.Performance Guarantee Period:-06(six) months from the date of completion of the work.
8.Security Deposit:-Security Deposit will be deducted at the rate of 10% of the order value of the work from RA/final Bill including EMD (if
any).The deducted SD will be released after 6(six) months from the date of completion of the work by concerned ESE/HoD of Work In
9.Paying authority:-The Account Officer, TTPS Lalpania.
10.Terms of payment:-100% payment will be made to the contractor within a month of submission of bill to the Engineer-in-charge for its
verification after successful completion of the work subject to availability of fund.
11.Submission of Bill:-Final Bill/RA Bill in triplicate shall be submitted by you to the Engineer-in-Charge of work for verification & onward
transmission to the account wing for pass & payment.
12.Quantity of work:-Quantity indicated in the price part/scope of work is indicative only. However payment shall be made to the contractor as
per the actual work done.
13.Labour License:-You will ensure the availability of up to date labour license to EIC before starting the work. Contractor will be self
employer of their employee#s in form IV.
14.Labour laws/wage payment service conditions of labour:-The contractor will have to follow the guidelines laid under the labour laws in
respect of any payment to their workmen and their other recent service conditions. In case of any accident/casualty to your labour,
compensation payable to them will be borne by you and TTPS will not be responsible in any way.
15.Tools & Plants:-You will have to arrange all tools & Plants required for the job at your own cost. However special tools if required shall be
arranged by TTPS subject to its availability.
16.Site Cleaning:-You must clean the working area after completion of job.Waste materials and garbage shall be disposed off by the
contractor at suitable place as per instruction of the Engineer in charge.Old unserviceable spare parts if so, has to be returned by the
contractor to the central store/ site store as per the instruction of the Engineer-in-charge.
17.Consumables/Materials:You will have to supply the required consumable materials at your own cost. All tools and tackles and
consumables such as cotton waste etc. shall be arranged by the contractor at their own cost.
18.Penalty:-The contractor will have to complete the entire works within the specified period. A penalty will be imposed for delay in
completion of work @ 0.5 % per week or part there of delay subject to maximum 5% of the work order value.
19.Settlement of dispute:-Any matter not mentioned herein shall be mutually discussed & settled. In case of any dispute, the decision of the,
GM cum CE, TTPS shall be final and binding on the contractor.
20.Termination of contract:-If performance of the contractor in respect of quality, efficiency and speed of work is not found satisfactory, the
contract may be terminated at any point of time and the leftover job will be got done by engaging other contractor at the cost and risk of the
original contractor.
21.Legal jurisdiction:-All suits and proceedings in connection with this contract will be under the jurisdiction of the civil court at Tenughat
(Bermo) in the district of Bokaro, Jharkhand only.
22.Safety Clause: The contractor shall observe all the safety measures & labour laws enforced from time to time. Safety appliances have to
be arranged by the contractor at their own cost. Any compensation payable to the contractor`s employee in the event of accident or casualty
has to be borne by the contractor himself and TTPS will not be responsible on this accounts in any way.
Please acknowledge the receipt of this order and send your acceptance immediately.
Yours faithfuly

CB Prasad

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Work Order No:833333381/Cont-I/4-397/TMD/ 19-20 Dated : 03.04.2017


1. (A) Making of Die of proper size.

Purchasing of raw material from market.
Placement of wire mesh in die.
Packing safely for transportation.

(B) For fabrication of O ring

Making of Die of proper size.,
Purchasing of raw material from market.
Casting,Packing safely for transportation.

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