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June 28 – July 16 2017 Cultural Center of the Philippines


Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater)

June 28, July 7, 12, 16 – 3:00PM | June 28, July 6, 11, 15 – 8:00PM

Playwright: Oggie Arcenas; Director: Michael Williams

To earn his place among the stars in show business, Allen is willing to pay any price and to
commit to any sacrifice. But what if it is not his sacrifice that the gods of fame and fortune
demand, but that of his only friend’s?

Pilipinas Kong Mahal with All The Overcoat

Playwright: Eljay Castro Deldoc; Director: Roobak Valle

Ambet and Nato are behind a satirical news website that has gone on to become too popular--
almost to a fault. Ambet, on the one hand, no longer wants to write fake news stories, even
though his pieces always go viral on social media. The worst part about it, people believe them
as true. Nato, on the other hand, is very much driven to keep their website alive, especially now
that business is doing good.

Ambet has made up his mind on leaving their business, but Nato would not let him. Things take
a turn for the worse when a client comes in, demanding for a falsified account that would revise
an important part of Pilipinas Kong Mahal's history. At gunpoint, Ambet and Nato discover that
the real enemy might actually be too close for comfort.

Playwright: Rick Patriarca; Director: Ian Segarra

As the two of the longest-staying employees in the BPO company, Ed and Arthur have seen the
departures of many colleagues from work. When their young and optimistic teammate resigns
to pursue his dreams, the two contemplate yet again about their future in the industry, and on
everything they have sacrificed to secure their comfortable lives.
June 29, July 2, 8, 13 – 3:00PM | June 29, July 7, 12, 16 – 8:00PM

Ang Mga Puyong

Playwright: Ryan Machado; Director: Ricardo Magno

One summer in the middle of a rice field somewhere in Romblon, two young boys come to terms
with their impending transition to adulthood. As they prepare themselves for the imminent rite
of passage, they will realize that despite their perceived knowledge of the world, their life is still
with much doubt and wariness. Their conversation about life, friendship, and sexuality shows a
glimpse into the hopefulness yet uncertainty of adolescence.

Hindi Ako Si Darna

Playwright: Maynard Manansala & U Eliserio; Director: Andoy Ranay

What happens to a hero when she grows old fighting crime? When she chooses justice over
romance, will she ever find love? When she treats her only family as a sidekick, what legacy will
she pass on? If the longest relationship she has is with her mortal enemy, has she lived a good
life? Hindi Ako si Darna asks, "What if our heroes aren't super? What if they aren't even

Boses ng Masa
Playwright: Joshua Lim So; Director: Guelan Luarca

Year 2004. After consistently polling at number one, senate contender Ramon Corrado now lags
behind Pugon, a political rival who orchestrated a smear against him. Then two weeks leading
up to the Philippine General Elections, RC stalwarts Chris and Hector, both of whom are
employed by the campaign, get their hands on a sex video involving Pugon’s son. Hector sees no
other logical course of action but to upload the video online and let the public take charge of
bringing down the corrupt and powerful Pugon clan. Moreover, this will both propel RC back to
top rank and reinvigorate their careers. Chris contests this approach, and it has everything to do
with the woman in the video and her prospective audience.

June 30, July 5, 9, 14 – 3:00PM | June 30, July 2, 8, 14 – 8:PM

Si Dr. Dolly Dalisay at ang mga Ladybugs

Playwright: Layeta Bucoy; Director: Jonathan Tadioan

When entomologist Dr. Dolly Dalisay persuades her contractual technician mother Leticia to
sign the report on their project's initial phase, the latter refuses: she doesn't sign reports she did
not write. Dolly offers to type the report as her mother dictates it to her, but Leticia prioritizes
rehearsing for a dance contest. With the impending withdrawal of Gates Foundation as the
project's funding agency, Dolly has to act fast. Will she lose funding and the chance to once and
for all free Southeast Asia's rice yield from the deadly tungro virus or will she lose her mother?

Ang Bata Sa Bus Stop – Sari Saysay

Playwright: Roe Jalimao; Director: Topper Fabregas

Thirty minutes before the sun sets, Matanda awaits the bus that would finally take him away
from the walls of the clergy where he spent his life for the last twenty years. Bata, who himself
dreams of being a priest someday, approaches him, asks so many questions about priesthood,
and interrogates why Matanda prefers to leave. They argue about dreams, love, discontent,
roads, and coming home... And then, the rain falls.

Dear and Unhappy

Playwright: Carlo Vergara; Director: Ricky Villabona

In late-19th century Philippines, a disillusioned woman unlocks her true potential, and is given
the rare opportunity to become a prominent figure in history.

July 1, 6, 11, 15 – 3:00PM | July 1, 5, 9, 14 – 8:00PM

Sincerity Biker’s Club

Playwright: Adrian Ho; Director: Jenny Jamora

The only bikers' club of Barangay Sincerity welcomes a new member: Louella, a widow from
Manila. All five original members are happy about the new addition to their club, except for one
who reveals that Louella is rumored to be a drug user and that her husband was killed by the
police for being a drug addict. The revelation causes dissent amongst the members. Those who
fear for the club's reputation and their safety want Louella out. Some, however, feel that Louella
shouldn't be punished for the tragic events of her past. All are faced with a dilemma: will they
succumb to fear or will compassion win out?

Nothing But Dreams

Playwright: Dingdong Novenario; Director: Carlitos Siguion-Reyna

Gracia comes home after an extended business trip to the US and brings home a surprise for
Tatay and Nanay. Both parents are forced to confront their personal prejudices on race and puts
their relationship with their daughter at risk, as well as the fulfilment of their American dream.

Ang Bahay sa Gitna ng Kawalan

Playwright: Eliza A. Victoria; Director: George de Jesus

Isabel waits with her friends in a dark, isolated house, believing it belongs to a powerful being
who can help her fulfill her deepest, darkest desires.
Tanghalang Huseng Batute (CCP Studio Theater)
July 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 – 3:00PM | June 30, July 1, 7, 8, 14, 15 – 8:00PM

Ang Sugilanon ng Kabiguan ni Epefania

Playwright: May Cardoso; Director: Charles Yee

A group of drunken men in front of a sari-sari store somewhere in Negros tell the tale of
Epefania, a girl with a foolish heart and a tinge of magic. When Epefania falls in love with the
handsomest boy in town, she is sure that she has found the one that her heart wants. So she
does everything she can to get him — and almost destroys the universe.

This play is adapted from Ian Rosales Casocot's "The Sugilanon of Epefania's Heartbreak".

Ang Bata sa Drum

Playwright: Dominique La Victoria; Director: Dudz Teraña

It is a quiet afternoon in the mountains of Northern Mindanao, and a child punished in the
strangest of ways finds comfort conversing with his sister.

Mula sa Kulimliman
Playwright: Carlo Vergara; Director: Hazel Gutierrez

Estranged from her parents, an ordinary housewife is faced with the shocking truth about her
husband, and she is forced to come to terms with a reality that she had believed to be mere
fantasy. “Mula Sa Kulimliman” had originally been accepted in the staged reading set of The
Virgin Labfest 11.

Bulwagang Amado V. Hernandez

July 7 – 6:00PM

Point and Click

Playwright: Jamie Bautista; Director: Mara Marasigan

A YouTube gamer in Daly City named Mico receives an anonymous email with a download code
for a new indie video game, inviting him to do a playthrough video of it for his channel. It turns
out to be an old-school point-and-click adventure game where a young girl named Paulina who
has been kidnapped and locked in a room is trying to escape. However, when Paulina starts
talking and replying to Mico, he realizes that she might just be a real person and somehow he
has been given total control over Paulina through his computer, and thus he controls her fate.
She tells him that she is a Filipina who lives in Makati and was kidnapped, though she doesn’t
know why or how Mico is able to control her body.

The two are forced to work together to try and solve the puzzles of the room Paulina is trapped
in to try and win her freedom. The game makes it very clear that if they do not solve get Paulina
out of the room soon, she will die. However, as the two start to learn about each other through
the course of playing this deadly game, they discover that they may be connected in more ways
than they initially knew. And as the choices presented by the game get tougher, they both start
to learn more about the nature of freedom, choice, and the limits society places on certain types
of people. They learn that they have to make difficult decisions carefully as going through the
wrong path might end up with the game taking one or both of their lives.

Playwright: Nicko Manipis de Guzman; Director: Yong Tapang

It's been three weeks since Ed went to any of his classes in UP Diliman as a sixth year Art Studies
major. He's only a few absences away before he drops all of his classes in his second-to-the-last
semester before graduation. His reason: he has benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Paula, an
activist and long-time friend of Ed, sensed he was gone way too long for just being "sick". She
visits Ed to really know what's going on and finds out his actual reason: he doesn't want Art
Studies anymore. Will he shift despite being so close to his already-delayed-yet-awaited
graduation? Or will he continue studying, hating everyday he has to sit in class to study
something he doesn't believe in anymore?

[Ed has benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. A sixth year Art Studies major, he's only a few
absences away from being dropped out of all his classes. His friend Paula is concerned that Ed is
gone way too long for just being "sick." Soon, Paula discovers Ed's secret that may change the
course of his life.]

Walang Forever Virus

Playwright: Fatrick Tabada; Director: Elmer Rufo

Sherley is living together with her long-time boyfriend Ethan. They are the
#RelationshipGoalsOfRelationshipGoals, if Sherley was to hipsterly characterize their romance.
But times have gone mad. A virus that makes people fall out of love have spread across the
Philippines. Couples are breaking up. Love is no longer in the air. Love bugs are nowhere to be
found. The Cupid’s arrow is not strong enough to pierce through the heart. In these desperate
times where everybody is breaking up, Sherley does everything she can to insulate their
relationship from these love-buster parasites.
July 14 – 6:00PM

Ang Pag-uulyanin ni Olivia Mendoza

Playwright: Rolin Migyuel Cadallo Obina; Director: Emmanuel dela Cruz

If it wasn’t for rapid memory memory loss, arrogant display of unfounded anger, tactlessness
and paranoia, Olivia would have been the perfect personification of how it is to age gracefully.
Olivia Sandoval Mendoza, 70 years old, and a resident of a home for the elderlies in Malate,
Manila is revered and looked up to by her peers and fellow residents as a model of values and
good virtues, For them, Olivia’s tantrums is simply part of a person’s natural aging process
whom they see would be their future as well. But Olivia is not just simply getting old. She has
Alzheirmer’s Disease, a condition that is tormenting her by bringing the ghost of the past.

In fighting her disease that weakens her memory, Olivia needs to fight not just for survival but
also for the man of his love, Andres, who is slowly letting go of her after finding out her deepest
and darkest secret, a secret she has long forgotten.

Andiyan Lang
Playwright: Kevin Tabora; Director: Dennis Marasigan

Inside their condominium unit, Jared and his mother, Vanessa, are both preoccupied with what
they are doing. Jared, a 25-year-old insurance agent, is busy preparing for his trip to Ilocos,
while Vanessa is looking for her late husband’s missing violin. Eventually, Jared will discover the
reason why Vanessa is looking for the violin and the deep sentiment she has for it.