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Rainer Gilian B. Cedro

Godwin M. Rarama

ACTY 110

Mr. Rogelio Grafilo


This study aims to know the factors that influence the students of Far
Eastern University in choosing the school for college. Choosing the right school is
prioritized that compliments a wise thinking for students. Several factors that
students considers in selecting school are tuition fees, scholarships, teaching
method, highly qualified teachers, type of school, financial opportunities, and
accessibility. This study involved 40 respondents of freshmen in Far Eastern
University. Based in the survey on who influenced them in choosing the right school
is their own decision. Choosing the school for the students today will determine if
they are taking the right path.


One of the factors that play a big role on how students easily cope up and
maintain a fruitful learning journey in a school is about what preferences they
prioritize in choosing the school they will apply. Deciding on what you will choose
will have consequences in the near future. The results of what you have chosen can
either help you or prevent you from being a successful person in the near future.
Nowadays, knowing that it is the Millennial Era, we all want innovation, efficiency,
and exploration. And in terms of setting standards for what school we will be
choosing, we’re finicky that leads us in finding the right school for us. Tuition fee,
academic scholarship, teaching Method, highly qualified teachers, type of teaching
style, and type of school plays a huge impact for the upcoming college students.

Students’ preferences in choosing the school they aim to be part is guided by

the factors such as the school’s environment, tuition fee rates, financial assistance,
and its accessibility. In terms of the environment, students focus on the safety and
healthy atmosphere of the school. The rates of tuition fees really affect the decision
of a student because it will help them assess whether it corresponds in the school’s
performance. In addition to this, there are also students who prioritize the financial
assistance that the school offers because as we all know, life is not that easy and we
have to be practical. Lastly, the school’s accessibility is also important because it
can affect the student’s engagement knowing that there are cases of absents and
cutting classes because of the travel time, transportation problems, etc. These are
some of factors that enable the students to assess whether their decision making is
effective in choosing their preferred school.

Decision making will determine the choices you need to consider, we want to
identify as many of these factors as possible. Also, it is the best way to get one’s
satisfaction in life. The decision that you will make plays a huge impact and factor
in his or her life. Everyone will come to the point where you need to decide to
determine the near future. People make their decisions based on how many factors
that influenced them.

Statement of the Problem:

Research Objective

This research study was developed to examine the factors that affect the
student’s decision in choosing the right school for college.

1. The first objective of this research project was to determine on who influenced
them in choosing the right school for college. We found out that most students
are deciding mostly on their selves in choosing the right school maybe because
they see the high standards of the school regarding on the Board Examinations.

2. The second objective of this research project was to determine on what are the
factors they consider in choosing the right school for college. Students mostly
choose tuition fees because we all know that having a scholarship grant will be
an opportunity for many students. Having a scholarship for education can
actually reduce the risk of dropping out and this requires many of the students to
excel more on their academics.

3. The third objective of this research project is to determine on what are the
financial opportunities they are considering in a certain school. Most of the
students consider the Academic Scholarship maybe because some of our
respondents are having a Scholarship based on what they’ve got on the entrance

4. The fourth objective of this research project is to determine the factors that they
are considering in choosing the right school. The respondents chooses the
teaching method maybe because they are willing to learn if the teacher is
knowledgeable in giving information and inspiring if teaching in front of every
5. The fifth objective of this research project was to determine on what are the
following characteristics that should have to consider in a school that is crucial in
providing proper instruction and guidance. So we found out that most of the
respondents choose the highly qualified teachers because we all know that this
institution is a University and that entails of different highly qualified teachers with
an outstanding knowledge on their profession.

6. The sixth objective of this research project was to determine on what type of
teaching style they prefer. Most of our respondents choose traditional type of
teaching maybe because it is suitable to learn by traditional compared to online
and student centered. It is easier for the students to remember every lesson if the
teacher is the one who is talking and discussing the lesson rather than the
student will have to understand every topic.

7. The last objective of this research project was to know what type of school
they’ve considered before entering a school. We found out that most of the
respondents choose the non-sectarian type of school. Maybe they prefer a non-
sectarian school because I think this institution is not bias in terms of religious
affiliation that everyone should have an access to right education.

We used survey questionnaire in gathering the data because we think that

it is reliable and quick method to collect information from multiple respondents in
an efficient and timely manner. It is easy to understand for every student to make
a survey by having a questionnaire because it has choices in every question. Out
of thousands of students in Far Eastern University 40 students were randomly
selected to answer the survey questionnaires. Twenty of which are male and the
other twenty are female we divide it by two genders because we think that it is
important to know the answers of both parties regarding on the topic. All the
respondents were able to answer the survey questionnaires with respect to the
topic given. The survey questionnaire was employed to the students of Far
Eastern University who is currently enrolled in the University whether freshmen
or those in the higher years. The instrument was modified based on the specific
objective of the study. We also select the reasons why the students choose Far
Eastern University as their choice in college. The selection is based on their own
decision, high qualified teachers, modernized facilities, safety, scholarships and
school environment as well. Participants were informed regarding the objective of
the study and the confidentiality of the result will be utilized in the purpose of this
research. The result of the data gathered were interpreted based on the average
percent of the respondents

This study aims to know on what should be in prioritize before entering a

college. College education is important in having a descent job in the future. College
education is not easy it entails hard work, challenges and years of studying before
having enough knowledge and be able to have a degree to find a descent job. Having
career goals help provide direction and focuses on the attainment of the goal you
perceived to become. Knowing where to go in the academic programs, having clear,
specific, measurable and attainable goals helps stimulate and maintain motivation.
Motivation is a critical component of academic success, therefore clarifying the career
goals can result in immediate as well as long term gain.

Research hypothesis:

There is a significant relationship between the relationships of students own

decision making in choosing the right school for college. The mode of travelling is also a
part of the factors that must consider in choosing the right school because time cannot
be managed. There is also a positive relationship between financial opportunities and
scholarships grant among students because this is the way they can get opportunity to
enrol without any tuition fees to be paid. There is also a positive relationship on the
teaching methods that must consider in choosing the right school for college because
how can a student be able to understand the teacher if he/she doesn’t have any
emotional stability in teaching. The high qualification of teachers and traditional teaching
method is also an important aspect with regards to the relationship in providing the
proper guidance and instructions and to knowledge which teaching is most students
want to happen inside the room.

With this we are encouraging the upcoming grade 12 students from different
school to enrol in the University to be able to experience the school facilities and to
learn from highly qualified teachers of the University. Parents and students may be
invited during orientations be able to know what the University is offering for the
incoming students of this institution. All the student accomplishment and achievement in
the University is being given a merit and thus continuously disseminated through
various platforms such news papers, television, radio and social media. Alumni
achievements may also be announced to honor them on what they have contributed in
the University. The Universities accreditation across the globe is an advantage of
graduate students of Far Eastern University because they can employ employees
abroad after graduation. We can also consider the Board Examination rating of the
University that is being consistent in the ratings among other top Universities. The Far
Eastern University continuously produced top graduates in every course offered. It
would be much easier to help increase the student’s level of interest from private and
public schools if the facilitators of this University will conduct a survey or video
presentation for that matter in different schools over the country. So that every student
have a background in entering on this University that could motivated them to enrol. The
strength of the University is may also deem necessary to deeply assess as important
factor that could influence to the choice of school.