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Arapahoe High School

Climate & Leadership

Surveys currently used by
Littleton Public Schools

 The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI)

 Developed by the National School Climate Center
 Provides district and national average comparisons
 Administered to students, parents and school personnel in 2016, 2017 & 2018

 Teaching & Learning Conditions Colorado (TLCC)

 Initiated through HB08-1384
 Developed by APA Consulting and partner organizations and districts
 Provides district and state average (by school type) comparisons
 Administered to school-based licensed educators
2018 AHS CSCI Response Rates

Total number of responses: 1,160

2016 - Highest Parent Response Rate – 470 parents, 21.8% participation

Community Survey

 Developed by an unknown source

 Does not provide district or national comparison data
 Administered to the public at large
CSCI vs. Community Survey Response Rates
2018 AHS CSCI Survey – 1,160 total responses

Community Survey – 398 comparable responses out of 1,169 total responses

Community Survey in the Media
Community Survey leads participant to a
predetermined bias before answering
survey questions:

 “During the current administration’s tenure, AHS has endured a school

shooting, multiple suicides, a proliferation in drugs available to students,
high profile bullying incidents and the recent arrest of two teachers on
charges of sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust.”

 No evidence of “proliferation of drugs available to students” or “high

profile bullying incidents”.
Because this pie chart
measures responses,
not respondents, it is
statistically incorrect
to state 73.9% of
respondents are
concerned about the
AHS administrators
options. Positive
options not
“We have no expectation that
the district would remove a
principal based on some online
push poll.”
– Jessica Peck, Littleton Independent, April 10, 2019

 3 CSCI surveys show a positive or neutral school climate at AHS

 CSCI and TLCC surveys show AHS staff is supportive of the AHS
 The Community Survey’s multiple choice questions are statistically
unreliable in demonstrating the opinions of the respondents. The
survey not only shows an inherent bias and purpose, but has been
described as a “push poll” by the group’s attorney.
“I can tell you, though, that regardless of
what this survey says, the leaders of this
coalition will have the same view: we've
got to have leadership change,” Peck said.
“We're just in the early stages here.”
– Jessica Peck, Littleton Independent, April 10, 2019