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Tenova DELKOR filter press commercial proposal


Client: Heap Leaching Consulting SAC
Client Ref. No.: Solictud vía Email, Requerimiento Cotización de Fitros.
Equipment type: Filter Press
Tenova DELKOR Ref. No.: EQ-5100-18-Rev0

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Heap Leaching Consulting SAC

Av. Manuel Olguín 335, Surco, Lima, Perú.

Attention: Mirko Castillo

In response to your RFQ for the project “Rutas del Cobre”, located in Ecuador, Tenova DELKOR is pleased to
provide our below budget quotation for filter press equipment.

We thank you for considering Tenova DELKOR for this project and look forward to working with Heap Leaching
Consulting SAC.
We trust that our offer will meet all your enquiry requirements. Please feel free to contact us should you require
further details and clarification.

Jesús Sing Robles

Equipment and Aftermarket Sales
T: + 51 1 442 0253
M: + 51 958501380

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Table of Contents
Section 1 - Commercial & Pricing Information ................................................................................................. 5 
Section 2 – Tenova DELKOR FP Overhead General Description ................................................................. 12 
Section 3 - Tenova Standard Terms & Conditions ........................................................................................ 19 
Section 4 - European Norms and Directives ................................................................................................. 23 

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Section 1 - Commercial & Pricing Information

1.1 Confidential Information

The contents of this document are of substantial value to Tenova DELKOR and it is presented to Heap
Leaching Consulting SAC subject to the conditions that the copyright therein remains vested in Tenova
The technical descriptions, data and drawings may not be reproduced in any form or communicated to any
third party without written authority from Tenova DELKOR, and the proposals must only be used by Heap
Leaching Consulting SAC and its employees for the sole purpose of assessing the merits of said proposal,
and are to be returned to Tenova DELKOR in the event of the data ceasing to be of interest to Heap Leaching
Consulting SAC.

1.2 Budget Pricing

Description Unit Price Qty Total
1-off DELKOR FP 2000/66/40/6/M15/O OH
Plate size 2000mm x 2000mm
Chamber depth: 40mm 951.200 1 951.200
Chambers #: 66
Plate pack: membrane mixed pack

Description Unit Price Qty Total
Feed Pumps
Horizontal single stage centrifugal pump. Model PEMO P200-HMCA
33.300 1 33.300
AO/AB/AS-B17Installed power 90kW. VFD included. TBC (considered
installation at 500m asl)
Cloth Washing Skid composed by:
o Polyethylene tank, Volume: 2.000 lt (TBC)
o N°.1 horizontal plunging pistons triplex type(3 piston)
27.100 1 27.100
 Delivery: 400 lt/min (TCB)
 Pressure: 100 bar
 Installed power: 75 kW (TBC)

Cake Washing Skid composed by:

o Polyethylene tank, Volume: 4.900 lt
o Multistage vertical centrifugal pump with the below specs:
22.000 1 22.000
 Delivery: 2.000 l/min
 Pressure: 6.5 bar (at pump outlet flange)
 Installed power: 37 kW

1.3 Quotation Basis

 All prices are EUR, all and any applicable tax and duties are excluded (except the ones applicable in
the country of origin of the goods);
 Validity of offer: 90 days

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 Delivery Incoterm (2010): FCA, Castellanza, Italy
 Packing: standard packing for container shipping (includes specific protection painting)
1.4 Contract Effectiveness
 The contract is effective after its signature by both the parties, the receipt of the advance payment.

1.5 Payment Terms

 20% of contract value upon signed Purchase Order acceptance, as a condition for coming into force
of the contract;
 10% upon delivery of certified drawings: foundation loads, general arrangement and P&ID;
 20% receipt of filter plates by Tenova DELKOR;
 30% upon mechanical completion;
 20% goods ready to dispatch.
Payments to be in EUR

1.6 Delivery Schedule

28 weeks from Contract Effectiveness. We would prefer to discuss this delivery schedule closer to order
placement to potentially enable us to expedite delivery to meet your project requirements.

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1.7 Specifications

Copper concentrate Filter Press

DELKOR FP 2000/66/40/6/M15/O OH

Filter type Overhead

Plate dimensions [mm] 2000 x 2000

Plate type Mixed Pack with Welded Membrane

Number of plates 67

Number of chambers 66

Expandability No

Expandability, number of plates 0

Filter Volume [ltr] 8897

Feeding position Internal Top Centre Feed

Filtrate ports position 4x Internal Corner Ports

Cake thickness [mm] 40

Filter cloths Barrel neck

Filter cloths material Polypropylene

Feeding pressure [bar] 6 (Squeezing 15bar)

End of filtration Pressure transducer, flow meter and time

Flow meter Yes

Turbidimeter No

Double end feeding Yes

Squeezing medium Water

Yes. 173 Nm3/min are required for 3 min @ 12 bar.
Air blow
TBC (considered installation at 500m asl)
Cake washing Yes

Core blow Yes

Plate/Cloth shaking No
Filter area [m2] 473

Overall dimensions [mm] (LxHxW) 11.793 x 4.268 x 3.465

Footprint dimensions [mm] (LxW) 10.285 x 3.000

Empty weight [t] 87,250

Closing mechanism Hydraulic piston (15 kW installed power)

Plate pack compression Hydraulic piston

Plate pack opening and closing One by one (1.5kW shifter motor power)

Cloth washer Full Face (HP)

Safety Interlocked gates

Logic Control panel (Siemens S7) with PLC and HMI - Standard

IP protection class IP 55

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Electric motors:
 Motors standard: IEC
 Efficiency class: IE3

Required power supply from Customer: 

 Main voltage: 400V +/- 10%
 Frequency: 50Hz. +/- 5%
 Phases: 3 phases + neutral
 Type of distribution system: TN-S

The electrical system designed with the following voltage levels:

 Motor control (contactor) = 24VDC
 Aux. relays: 24VDC
 Solenoid valves = 24VDC
 I/O PLC = 24VDC
 Aux. voltage for soft starter control = 230VAC
 Service sockets = 230VAC
 Lighting lamp = 230VAC
 Air conditioner = 400VAC or 230VAC (depending on AC size)

 Tenova DELKOR Filter Presses comply with Directive 2006/24/EC of the European Parliament and of
the Council of 17 May 2006;
 Tenova DELKOR Filter Presses are CE marked;
 Manuals in English (others language(s) upon request)

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1.8 Design Basis
Tenova DELKOR filter press selections are based on process data provided by client. Process guarantees
can be provided only if Tenova DELKOR can perform tests on actual and representative slurry samples
provided by client.

Tenova DELKOR filter sizing summary table:


Material type Copper Concentrate

Working temperaure [°C] NA

Particle size distribution NA

Feed Rate of dry solid [kg/h] 74.000

% Solids [W/W] 30%

Solid SG [Kg/dm3] 4,10

Liquid SQ [Kg/dm3] 1,00


Feed Pressure [bar] 6

Squeezing pressure [bar] 15

Feed Rate [m3/h] 190,72

% Solids [V/V] 9%

Feed SG [Kg/dm3] 1,29

Final Solid content % [W/W] 92%

Wet cake density [Kg/dm3] 2,96

Dry bulk cake density [Kg/dm3] 2,86

Overall Cycle time [hh:mm:ss] 00:19:11

Filter Volume [dm3] 8897

N° of filters 1


Closing 00:01:40

Filling 00:01:02

Filtering 00:03:00

Depressurization 00:00:12

Core Blowing 00:00:31

Cake Washing 00:03:02

Air Blowing 00:03:02

Final Squeezing 00:02:00

Membrane Depressurization 00:00:02

Opening 00:04:40

Cloth Washing 1 00:00:00

Overall Cycle time 00:19:11
1.9 Exclusions

1 High pressure cloth washing not performed at the end of every cycle

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The following items are excluded from Tenova DELKOR’s tendered scope of supply:
 Site installation labor;
 Filling of lubricants;
 Final and touch-up painting on site;
 Civil, cast in frames and foundation + mounting bolts;
 Inspection by independent authorities;
 Interconnecting pumps, pipes and tanks if not explicitly mentioned;
 Connecting up of electrics, MCC or cabling;
 Off-loading on site and cranage;
 Power, water and air on site for erection;
 Consumables;
 Site catering and lodging;
 Seismic calculations on the equipment quoted, including supporting structures where necessary;
 Any other items and services not specifically detailed in our proposal;

1.7 Battery Limits

The following defines the battery limits of Tenova DELKOR’s tendered scope of supply:
 Feed Pipe: Flange
 Filtrate: Flange
 Cake: Bottom of the filter press
 Membranes inflation manifold: Flange
 Air blow inlet: Flange
 Core blow discharge: Flange
 Cloth wash water: Flange
 Cake wash water: Flange
 Squeezing skid pump:
Water tank refill Flange
Tank overflow discharge Flange
Membrane inflation pump outlet Flange
 Air inlet instruments and ancillaries:
Electrical connections Connection boxes on motors & control panels
Instrumentation Instrument connection boxes
Other services: Connection point for the service item

1.8 Shop Assembly

Tenova DELKOR designs, manufactures and assembles its filter presses at Tenova world-class facilities
located north of Milan. Equipped with the most advanced CNC machine tools and with over 27,500 m2 of
covered area, the production facility is capable of meeting the most demanding delivery schedules and quality

1.9 Warranty
Please refer to “Tenova Standard Terms and Conditions” attached herein.
Warranty requires installation and commissioning supervised by Tenova DELKOR qualified personnel.

1.10 Site Service Rates

The price for supervision and training service at site is € 1,200/day per person based on the following
 The above rate does not include travel (air tickets, local transportation, etc.) and living expenses (hotel
accommodation, meals, etc.);

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 It will be charged for each day spent outside Tenova’s offices in Italy (including travel time) and is
based on 8 working hours/day and on 5 working days/week;
 Overtime and work on site undertaken during weekends and holidays will be subject to an overcharge
of 200 Euro/hour;
 We have considered that the Site Facilities (furnished offices, telephone/internet availability, canteen
and washing facilities, etc.) for our supervising and training personnel will be supplied to Tenova free
of charge;
 In order to guarantee performance of the supply, Tenova requires the presence at site, during the
whole erection phase, of its dedicated supervisor. No process/mechanical guarantees are given unless
installation/commissioning is performed under Tenova’s direct supervision.
 In addition to Tenova personnel at site, Tenova requests permission to perform remote control
assistance from its office during cold and hot commissioning. Said remote control may be discontinued
at Client’s request after hot commissioning

1.11 Aftermarket Service Agreement

We also offer contractual or agreement type service agreements to perform periodic maintenance inspections
on Tenova DELKOR filter press installations. Tenova DELKOR is interested in discussions about a remote
spares holding agreement, where we can further support our quality filter press installations.

1.12 Spare Parts List & Prices

Tenova DELKOR provides fast and reliable sources of spare parts. Pricing for commissioning, operation, and
capital spare parts will be available at time of fixed & firm tender.

1.13 Project Team

Tenova DELKOR would be pleased to provide details of our project team at the time of tender. Typically, this
will include the following disciplines:
 Technical Director
 Project Manager
 Project Engineer
 Sales Engineer
 Design Manager
 Supply Chain Manager
 Procurement Engineer
 Document Controller

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Section 2 – Tenova DELKOR FP Overhead General Description

Filter Frame
DELKOR FP frame consist of the following components:
A. Fixed Head (feed end)
B. Fixed Head (drive end)
C. Moving Head
D. Overhead Beam
E. Low side bars for tension stress

A. Fixed head (feed end)

Made of epoxy painted carbon steel, it houses the slurry feed and filtrate discharge piping. It is connected
to the fixed head (drive end) by means of the overhead beam. In case of aggressive or corrosive slurries,
wetted parts are protected with ad-hoc cladding.
The fixed head is bolted to the overhead beam and is secured to its mounting position with holding down
bolts. The feed and corner port filtrate holes are machined into the fixed head (feed end) and the
polypropylene or stainless steel port liners are inserted into these holes.

B. Fixed head (drive end)

Made of epoxy painted carbon steel, the fixed head (drive end) houses the plate pack opening/closing
system drive. The fixed head (drive end) is connected to the fixed head (feed end) by the overhead beam
and it is fastened to the floor with slots that allow the necessary displacement.

C. Moving head
Made with epoxy painted carbon steel, the moving head is suspended from and connected to the fixed head
(feed end) by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

D. Overhead beam
Made of epoxy painted carbon steel, the overhead beam is bolted to the two fixed heads and houses the
carrousel mechanism opening and closing the plate pack and sustains the plates’ weight. The overhead
beam rests on brackets machined in the fixed head and in the cylinder carrier head.

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Plate Pack Open-Close-Compression System
DELKOR FPs uses the traditional hydraulic cylinder moved by the hydraulic power pack as opening/closing
and plate pack compression.
The opening can be simultaneous, batch or one by one.
The hydraulic power unit moves and controls the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic power unit consists of the
following components:
• tank with oil sight glass;
• distributor with solenoid valve for control of the hydraulic cylinder;
• safety valve;
• pressure gauge;
• double pressure switch (maximum pressure and automatic reset);
• electric motor;
• level switch;
• heat switch.

The hydraulic cylinder is double acting with locking ring, regulation screw and overturning joint.

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Plate-shifting Mechanism
One by one opening is the only possible shifting mechanism and it is composed by a carousel mechanism
installed inside the overhead beam in a “safe” position (against corrosive slurries of acids) easily reachable
for maintenance purposes. It is composed by:
• Driving gear motor and VFD with pinions connected to a special chain sliding on rails, closed as a
• Carrier linked to the chain provided with special hooks;
• Hooks, moved by the chain, clamp the plates from the pack, transport and release one by one;
• Inversion of movement of the chain to clamp and release the plates happens by means of torque

High-pressure Cloth Washer

The washing system consists of a washing arm (with nozzles assembled in it) that washes one plate at a time
up to 100 bar pressure. The number of washing passages and the frequency of the washing are parameters
that can be set in the PLC.
The cloth washer is composed by:
• Automatic trolley on the filter press upper beam, to automatically place the washing ramps on the
plates to be washed. The movement is obtained by a gear motor with pinion linked to a rack fitted on
the upper beam. Installed power 0.75 kW;
• Lifting device installed on the trolley to lift up and down the washing ramps to cover the whole plate
surface. The movement is obtained by a gear motor connected to a chain (installed on the trolley)
that moves the ramps. Installed power 0.75 kW;
• Stainless steel ramps connected to lifting chain with interchangeable stainless steel sprayers;
• Flexible high pressure hose to connect the sprayers to the high pressure water inlet.

Drip Trays
Tenova DELKOR offers an automatic spillage collection and re-routing device that collects cloth washing water
and dripping water. The structural part of the bomb door is made of painted carbon steel, while the parts directly
in contact with filtered water are made of materials specifically chosen for the slurry being treated.

Filter Plates
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The filter process requirement will determine the number and type of filter plates required. Tenova
DELKOR offers the full range of filter plates available on the market. We offer recessed chamber, plate and
frame, replaceable elastomer membrane; replaceable moulded polypropylene overhung membrane and
moulded polypropylene m o n o - b l o c membrane type plates. The operating pressure, temperature and
dissolved species in solution determine the plate thickness as well as the grade and type of polypropylene
used in any given application. For higher temperatures PVDF or steel plates can be utilized.

Membrane plates can be used in certain specific applications and the type of membrane plate selected is
based on the process operating conditions. Membrane plates can be inflated using air or water. A water
inflation system comprises a receiving tank, a water pump local piping, a water manifold and flexible hose
connections to the plates/connections internal to the plates.

Filter Cloths
The filter cloth encloses the filter plate and is used to retain the solid and allow the filtrate to flow. The filter
cloths are mainly made of the following materials: Polypropylene, polyamide, polyester. There are two types
of filter cloths fixing systems available.
 Barrel Neck for filter presses from 630x630mm to 2000x2000mm plates: the filter cloth is manufactured
as two separate sheets connected via a barrel neck. The first cloth sheet side is fitted onto the plate and
the second cloth sheet fed through the plate feed port. The second cloth sheet is then fitted onto the
opposite plate side. Cloths are secured on the filter plate with polypropylene cloth dogs on the top and
bottom of the plate;
 Single cloths with feed shoes for 2000x2000mm plate filter presses with external ports and bigger. This
cloths are hanging from the plate and are equipped with a feed shoe that comes in contact with the plate
when the filter press is closed, thus guaranteeing an effective sealing.

Automation and Electrification

Tenova DELKOR filter presses are supplied with a control panel serving as the interface between the press
and the operator. It is used to control:
 all filter press functions
 all functions of the options, ancillaries and accessories included in the quotation
 all process functions

Control panels are available in two configurations:

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A. Basic Configuration
Item Qty Specifications Type
Material: Enclosure frame: Sheet steel, 1.5 mm
Color: RAL 7035
Cabinet 1 Rittal TS8
Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: IP55-66
Protection category NEMA 3-4X
Cabinet air conditioner 1 Wall-mounted cooling units Rittal Top Therm SK
PLC system S7 1
The PLC system makes safety and process functions. S7- IM151-8F PN/DP
Modbus TCP/IP
Safety I/O modules for safety controls
Remote I/O system 1 Siemens ET200S
Electronics I/O modules for process control
Siemens Sinamics
Variable Speed Drive - Supplied for plate shifter, cloth washer and feed pump
Auxiliary contactors - 3RT10 … - 3RT20 … Siemens
Instrumentation 24V
Voltage supply required
Control solenoids 24V
Remote assistance Wi-Fi, Ethernet and SIM card remote access to support of
1 eWON Cosy131
module diagnoses and remote service

B. Advanced Configuration
Item Qty Specifications Type
Material: Enclosure frame: Sheet steel, 1.5 mm
Cabinet 1 Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: IP55-66 Rittal TS8
Protection category NEMA 3-4X
Cabinet air conditioner 1 Wall-mounted cooling units Rittal Top Therm SK
PLC system S7 1
The PLC system makes safety and process functions. S7- IM151-8F PN/DP
Safety I/O modules for safety controls
Remote I/O system 1 Siemens ET200S
Electronics I/O modules for process control
Fanless Panel PC (operating temperature 0÷50°C) so as to
allow the recording of all process data and parameters.
Operators HMI ASEM HT3000
Wide range of 16 mln colors LED backlit TFT LCD displays
10-17 inches
Siemens Sinamics
Variable Speed Drive - Supplied for plate shifter, cloth washer and feed pump
Auxiliary contactors - 3RT10 … - 3RT20 … Siemens
Instrumentation 24V
Voltage supply required
Control solenoids 24V
Remote assistance Wi-Fi, Ethernet and SIM card remote access to support of
1 eWON Cosy131
module diagnoses and remote service

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Safety Protections
A. Interlocked gates
The filter press is enclosed in interlocked gates on both sides of the filter press and it is standard for
1500x1500 filter presses and bigger.

B. Movable splash panels

The filter press is enclosed in customized splash guards that protect the operator from the hazardous material
is being treated. The panels slide open to allow easy access to the plate pack. The operator works in complete
safety, since reed sensors halt the filter press when the panel is opened (standard for 1000 and below).

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Upon request, the following devices can be used:
• Light curtains: each side of the filter press is equipped with an infrared light beam photoelectric barrier
(safety light curtain), which stops the machine whenever the infrared light beam barrier is interrupted
by an opaque object (be it a body part of the operator or a tool).
• Side guards: the side guards or grills are installed on the side opposite the one used by the machine
operator manning the filter press during the cake discharge phase. When the guard is opened, the
limit switches are disengaged and all moving parts of the filter press are stopped.
• Pull-wire switch: pull-wire emergency stop switches are installed when guards cannot be used. The
stop command can be initiated from any point on the wire.

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Section 3 - Tenova Standard Terms & Conditions
The Offer is based on the following conditions, unless it is otherwise indicated in the Offer itself.

Below clauses are typical standard to be jointly discussed and agreed between Parties and tuned to the
characteristics of the project.

1.0 Offer Documents: The Offer price is based only on Tenova DELKOR offer conditions and refers only to
equipment/services described in Tenova DELKOR offer documents. Any tender document issued by or on
behalf of Buyer is not considered as a part of the Tenova DELKOR offer documents.
Any change to offer documents due to communications occurred via e-mail, facsimile, letters or minutes of
meetings does not constitute a right of the Buyer for any decrease of the selling price and/or increase or
reduction of equipment/services, unless it has been explicitly accepted by Tenova DELKOR.
Drawings/sketches annexed to Tenova DELKOR’s technical documentation are to be considered for reference
2.0 Price: The price in the specified currency is valid only for the entire scope of the Offer.
Price does not include any tax, duties, contributions, excises and levies (including but not limited to VAT,
income, profit, remittance, franchise, withholding taxes, custom duties, license & permit fees, tolls & tariffs of
any description) related to equipment and services to be rendered in connection with the contract and levied
either in Buyer’s country and/or in any country of origin of the goods related to the contract.
3.0 Unforeseeable Events: Any event not reasonably foreseeable by the date of offer submission (such as,
but not limited to, unforeseeable physical conditions and/or difficulties, changes in legislation, political or civil
commotions, abnormal changes in costs and in general fulfillment of requirements not previously discoverable)
will entitle Tenova DELKOR to claim a Variation, with adequate extension of time and price increase.
4.0 Validity of the Offer: The price is firm for 2 months from the Tenova DELKOR Offer date. Thereafter, the
price will be increased by the industrial escalation rate of the country of origin of the major equipment, up to 6
six months from the offer date. After six months the offer is null and void.
5.0 Contract Effectiveness: The contract will be effective after its signature, receipt of advance payment and
issuing of Letter/s of credit. Project time schedule starts at contract effectiveness.
6.0 Delivery: Equipment is delivered FCA Castellanza, Italy; engineering is delivered DDU. Delivery will be
according to Tenova DELKOR’s proposed project time-schedule. Delivery of goods is in accordance to the
relevant INCOTERMS definitions being at the time in force. Our Delivery for the equipment shall be 34 weeks
FCA, Castellanza, Italy.
7.0 Schedule Shortening: The price is based on the Tenova DELKOR’s time-schedule (works developed in
single or double shifts when necessary). If any acceleration of activities is requested by the Buyer or it is
necessary to comply with the time-schedule, in case of delay not imputable to Tenova DELKOR, the relevant
extra costs will be borne by the Buyer.
8.0 Subcontractors & Vendors: The Offer price is determined taking into consideration the submitted list of
vendors & nominated subcontractors. In the absence of any such list, Tenova DELKOR will select, at its sole
discretion, reputable Companies on the basis of its previous experience in similar equipment and services.
9.0 Engineering prior to Contract Effectiveness: No engineering, study, survey or activity of any description
related to the project will be part of the project obligations before Contract effectiveness. If such activities are
requested by Buyer before Contract effectiveness, they will be included in a separate interim agreement.
10.0 Buyer’s Technical Documentation, Data and Information: Buyer will be fully responsible for the
correctness and up-to-datedness of any data, drawing, information of any description submitted to Tenova
DELKOR, on the basis of which Tenova DELKOR develops studies, engineering and technical documents in
11.0 Contract Milestones:

Page | 19
• PAC (Provisional Acceptance Certificate): the relevant certificate will be issued at the end of erection
and start-up of equipment (divided in plant sections if applicable). It will be deemed to have been issued after
a fixed time from Contract effectiveness in case of delay not attributable to Tenova DELKOR.
• FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate): the relevant certificate will be issued after successful completion
of the performance tests or when the performance guarantees values are achieved in advance during
demonstrated commissioning campaigns. The relevant certificate will deem to have been issued after a fixed
time from PAC in case of delay not attributable to Tenova DELKOR.
12.0 Payment Terms: (if not otherwise indicated in the Offer and valid for not financed proposals):
A) Equipment and engineering
• 25% CV Advance Payment - against a bank guarantee for the same amount, decreasing pro-quota
shipment and cashable only after issue of L/C(s) by Buyer’s bank
• 70% CV pro quota deliveries of equipment / engineering, paid out of a L/C issued by an accepted first
class bank
• 2.5 % CV at PAC paid out of L/C
• 2.5% CV at FAC – against a bank guarantee for the same amount, valid up to the end of the Defect
Liability Period, paid out of L/C.
B) Erection and services
• Supervisory Charges are 1200USD per diem and all the expenses, including to and fro charges, first
class boarding and lodging and local transportation shall be in buyer’s scope. Working hours are 8
• 25% CV Advance Payment – against a bank guarantee for the same amount and cashable only after
issue of L/C(s) by Buyer’s bank
• 75% CV pro quota erection, supervision and training, paid out of a L/C issued by an accepted first
class bank
13.0 Defect Liability Period: Equipment is warranted for a period of 12 months from PAC, or 18 months from
the relevant Ex Works delivery date, or a fixed number of months from Contract Effectiveness, whichever
occurs first. Consumables and normal wearing parts are excluded from warranty.
14.0 Liquidated Damages: They are sole remedy both for delay in delivery and shortcomings in
• LD for delay: 0.25% per full week of the CV of the delayed portion, with a maximum of 5% CV,
considering a 2-week grace period.
• LD for shortcomings in performances: to be mutually defined based on Tenova DELKOR standard
technical specifications. Equipment will be tested on the basis of internationally accepted standards and
Tenova DELKOR work instructions. Maximum LD for shortcomings in performances relevant to all the
parameters subject to LD is 5% of the CV of the involved section (if applicable). Performance tests will be
repeated up to three times in case of failure. No test on reliability and availability of performances are foreseen.
• Cumulated LD (LD for delays plus LD for shortcomings in performances): 7.5% of the CV
15.0 Liability: Max overall liability is 10% of CV. Max liability for faulty engineering is limited to re-drawing or
re-calculating of the faulty portion. Tenova DELKOR shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental,
prospective, remote, special or speculative damages and/or indirect damages, expenses or losses, including
loss of profit, loss of production, loss of any contract or anticipated savings or for any financing costs or
increase in operating costs or for any other pure economic losses of similar nature and the like, unless caused
by willful acts.
16.0 Contract Termination: In case of termination by Buyer’s default and/or convenience (or for any reason
considered as such) Tenova DELKOR shall be entitled to be paid for any work already carried out, to be
reimbursed for any cost of plants, material, services already ordered in connection with the works, any cost or
liability (including hedging costs) incurred in the expectation of completing the works, removal of any Tenova
DELKOR temporary works/equipment to be returned to destination, repatriation of any Tenova DELKOR

Page | 20
and/or subcontractor staff and repayment of a termination fee equal to 15% of the CV not already accrued (not
including costs for termination).
17.0 Contract Suspension: Suspension of the Contract will entitle Tenova DELKOR of adequate extension
of project time-schedule and price increase. Suspensions by Client exceeding a cumulative period of 3 months
entitle Tenova DELKOR to renegotiate contract terms or at its sole discretion to terminate the contract for
Buyer’s default.
18.0 Variations: Any change to the scope of work compared to what described in the technical specification
(or equivalent document) must be agreed between the parties before it is carried out and entitles Tenova
DELKOR to price increase and time-schedule extension.
19.0 Confidentiality: The Buyer shall keep confidential for a period of 20 years from the date of submission,
any technical documentation inclusive of any information related to Tenova DELKOR, technical knowledge,
patented or proprietary technologies in general, in connection with the Contract equipment (including what it
is submitted in the offer stage).
20.0 Free Issue Utilities & Services: Buyer will provide free of charge any utility (such as electrical power,
water, gases and whatever else required), site offices (including telephone and e-mail and Internet
connections) and reasonable facilities (first aid, medical staff and emergency services) for Tenova DELKOR
personnel, necessary to the development and safe execution of the work.
21.0 Inspections & Testing: Inspection & testing shall be carried out also in absence of Buyer’s
representatives if not present after having received adequate notice from Tenova DELKOR Costs for Buyer’s
inspectors and personnel in general (included salary, travel, accommodation and transport) at sub-suppliers’
and Tenova DELKOR’s facilities as well as on site, including testing repetitions (if any), are at Buyer’s charge.
22.0 Environmental: Any not foreseeable costs incurred during the implementation of the works due to the
presence on site or in the subsoil of hazardous material (including waste disposal) or hidden obstacles are
excluded from Tenova DELKOR scope. Any necessary project time-schedule extension and extra cost
reimbursement must be granted to Tenova DELKOR
Tenova DELKOR -plant pollutant emissions are in line with the type and size of equipment and in line with the
technology average-level; any issuing of related plant permit and any local environmental authority restriction
are not Tenova DELKOR responsibility and do not constitute a reason for contract termination.
23.0 Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction: The Offer is based on the application of the laws of a
West European or Western country. Possible disputes which cannot be amicably settled shall be deferred to
arbitration to be held in a West European or Western country according to the Rules of Arbitration of the
International Chamber of Commerce.
24.0 Insurance: The price does not include project specific insurance. Details (limit and guarantee) of the
Corporate Liability policies are available upon request.
25.0 Engineering: Engineering is developed according to ISO standard in metric unit of measures. Any
different standard can be adopted at a premium cost and after analyzing the project time-schedule impact.
In case Client approval is required, any comment by Client on Tenova DELKOR submitted engineering-
documents has to be received by Tenova DELKOR within 15 days.
26.0 Contract Language: Any contract document as well as any communication will be in the English
language. If a bilingual contract is requested, the English text will prevail on the second language in case of
27.0 Force Majeure: It is any event which is beyond the control of Buyer and Tenova DELKOR (such as, but
not limited to, war, hostilities, revolutions, civil disturbances, major strikes, riots or due to any law, order,
regulation or ordinance of any competent authority, act of God or similar cause not under the control of the
affected party). Causes of force majeure will postpone the contractual terms by a period of time at least equal
to the duration of the event; however if this duration exceeds the cumulative period of 6 months Tenova
DELKOR will be entitled to renegotiate the contract conditions or at its sole discretion to terminate the contract
considering it as a termination for Buyer’s convenience.

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28.0 Licenses: All type of licenses for constructions and operation of the plant as well as any type of permit
necessary to handle the equipment is not included in Tenova DELKOR scope of work.
29.0 Patents: The design of any equipment or part of it covered by patent or copyright will be the exclusive
property of Tenova DELKOR No permission to disclose details or performances of patented items is given to
the Buyer. Proprietary equipment is sold without detail drawings; only general arrangement sketches and
information necessary for maintenance are included in the scope of work.
Control software of level 1 and 2 will be supplied compiled and without any source code, whose property
remains with Tenova DELKOR
30.0 Spare Parts: Spare parts are included in the price only for commissioning of equipment. Spares will be
available as requested by the Buyer.

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Section 4 - European Norms and Directives

Type A technical norms (generals)

Norm Title Data

UNI EN ISO Machine safety. General design principles. Risk assessment and risk
12100 reduction.

Type B: technical norms (relative to safety or safety devices) for the mechanical part

Norm Title Data

UNI EN 1037 Machine safety. Prevention of unexpected start. 2008

UNI EN ISO Machine safety. Interlocking devices associated to guards. Design and choice
14119 principles.

UNI EN 349 Machine safety. Minimum spaces required to prevent crushing of body parts. 2008

Safety of machinery - Guards - General requirements for the design and

ISO 14120 2015
construction of fixed and movable guards

Hydraulic fluid power. General rules and safety requirements for the systems
UNI EN ISO 4413 2012
and their components.

Pneumatics. General rules and safety requirements for the systems and their
UNI EN ISO 4414 2012

UNI EN ISO Safety of the machine. Safety distances for preventing the access to
13857 hazardous areas with lower and upper limbs.

Type B technical norms (relative to safety aspects or safety devices) for the electrical part

Norm Title Data

CEI EN 60204-1 Machine safety. Electrical equipment of the machine. Part 1: general ruels. 2016

Safety of the machine. Indication, marking and operation. Part 1: rules for
CEI EN 61310-1 2008
visual, acoustic and tactile signals.

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Assembled devices for protection and operation of low tension (low tension
EN 61439-1 panels) - Part 1: Serial devices subject to (HT) tests and non serial devices 2009
subject to type tests

UNI EN ISO Machine safety. Parts of control systems related to safety. Part 1: general
13849-1 design principles.

Machine safety. Parts of control systems related to safety. Part 2: validation. 2012

Machine safety. Emergency stop. Design principles. 2015

UNI EN ISO Machine safety. Placement of protection devices according to approaching

13855 speed of human limbs.


 Machine Directive 2006/42/CE

 Low Tension Directive 2006/95/CE

 EMC Directive 2004/108/CE

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