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Hello Fellas...

1. Well guys, we know that nowadays, needs of sugar is the one of most important
things in life, however, there are some people that consume less sugar to avoid certain
diseases. But, it cannot be denied that humans need sugar in their food, beverages, and
some industrial companies. (Yoga)
2. But Mostly people only know how to consume sugar but doesn’t know how to
produce it. So, here, we are as Chemical Engineers of Polythecnic LPP ’17,
Technology of Cane Sugar would like to ilustrate to you all, how a sugar industry
produce sugar crystal. Let’s see guys... (Arinda)
3. Canes are being harvested in the cane field, and have to be sent to sugar mill within
less than 2 x 24 hours. And It will be processed after doing some analyzation. (Noval)
4. First thing to do after analyzation is preparing the cane, start from finding out the
weight of the cane, cutting cane into small portion (40 – 10 cm) and shredding the
cane in order to reveal the cells of cane itself. (Virdha)
5. After cane has being prepared, it will be sent to juice extraction to separate raw juice
nad fibers. Milling juice will be used for this process. (Gege)
6. One set of milling juice consists of three or four rolls. Those are top roll, front roll and
back roll (feeding roll for mill set which consist four rolls) (Ulvi)
7. Mill is used for separation. Commonly the fourth roll works as support roll/feeding
roll. In juice extraction, there is addition of hot water, to optimize the separation
between raw juices and fibers. Obviously it will be gave at the last two mills set.
8. From one mill to next mill, the fibers are transported by using intermediate carrier
untill the last mill. Intermediate carrier is used because it has an inclination that really
proper to elevate fibers form bottom to the top of next mill. (Ekos)
9. After finished the extractin, raw juice will be sent to purfication station and the fibers
will be sent to Boiler station for being burned. (Magtah)
10. In purification station, juice will be separated between sugar contents and non sugar
contents by helps from adjuvant process. Different purification system used different
adjuvant process depends on what purification system the sugar mill used. (Ella)
11. Mostly sugar factory in Indonesia use Defecation Sulphitation as purification system
that means adjuvant process that being used are lime, sulphuric gas. Phospat, and
floculant. (Dapi)
12. In this station, it used three kind of filtration, those are coagulation, floculation, and
sedimentation. Those are happened commonly in defecator – sulfitator and clarifier,
in order to obtain sugar contents maximally. (Ulfa)
13. After being separated in clarifer, the clear juice will be processed in evaporation
station and the mud will be filtered in Rotary Vacuum Filter. (Samid)
14. Rotary Vacuum Filter has mud as the input and filtered juice and cake as the output.
Filtered juice will be returned to the beginning of purification to be reprocessed and
filter cake will be a waste. (Nimas)
15. Rotary Vacuum Filtered works by using vacuum condition. Big cylinder tube have
small holes on the surface, in this tube has 3 area of vacuum, high vacuum, low
vacuum, dan normal vacuum. (Sarly)
16. And then, in evaporation station, clear juice will be separated between the water and
the sugar content. Evaporator is used to evaporate the water. Water has lower boiling
point than sugar content, so that is easy to separate it by reaching boiling point of
water itself and the sugar content will not be evaporated. (Mas Rio)
17. Evaporation station use many kind of evaporating system. Those two which
commonly used in Indonesia are Quadruple and Quintuple effect. The differences
between those two are amount of evaporator which is used to be operated. (Phiyoo)
18. Quadruple effect use 4 body of evaporator and the rest will be intercharge. While
Quintuple effect use 5 body of evaporator. The efficiency between those two will also
seen when the factory start to bleed the vapor to be used for helping in Heater or
Cryztalization. (Gadhing)
19. Evaporation station will have last product as syrup (juice which higher purity) and the
syrup will be the main product to be processed in cryztalization. (Vitta)
20. The purpose of crystallization process is to crystallize sucrose contained in syrup as
much as possible. The crystallization process takes place by evaporating the water in
the syrup until the syrup solution becomes saturated and forms sucrose crystals with
the vacuum. (Ajud)
21. The crystallization process is done in the vacuum pan. Generally, in Indonesia using a
three-level cooking scheme, that are ACD or ABC. Usually the product of sugar come
out from vacuum pan A. And the vacuum pan D is the place to give an addition off
sugar seed or “fondan”. (Dayat)
22. After syrup it gets saturated and becomes massecuite, in massecuite sugar granules
will grow. After the granules become uniform and massecuite reaches a certain level,
massecuite is cooled in the receiver. (Windy)
23. Inside the receiver there is a process of cooling and enlarging the crystal core of the
sugar. In addition to controlling the temperature of the molasses that come out.
24. Then the cooled massecuite is pumped into the centrifuging device. This process aims
to separate sugar crystals from their mother solution by centrifugation. (Cem)
25. Inside the centrifugal device there is a screen that have a functions to filter out the
sugar crystals and the mother liquor will come out through the screen gap. (Ridho)
26. The mother liquor that comes out will be molasses which will be accommodated in
the tank as a by-product. Beside that molasses can be processed into alcohol. (Iben)
27. While the crystal sugar will be dried and filtered through a screen to be separated
based on the size of the grain. And than the sugar products are ready to be packaged.
28. Well guys, know you already understand about how the sugar is produced in the
sugar factory, right? (Kukuh)
29. Yeah, at least those are the simplest explanation how the sugar is produced. You can
also find the further information of Sugar Factory and Sugar Technology in many
books (Tebe)
30. So, We are as the college student who are still studying have many msitakes that
should be corrected by people. So for the mistake we are sorry and for your all
attention we would like to thank the most. (Veni)
31. See you guys in our next project... (Priyo)