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Global Warming: A Danger Not To Be Ignored

Kassady Winfrey
Nikki Bliss-Carroll
Cleveland Community College
How global
warming works.

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Global warming is caused by the admittance of greenhouse gases
into the atmosphere.

In the year 1896, Swedish Chemist, Svante Arrhenius was the first
to theorize about the possibility of global rising temperatures due
to humanity's contribution. Arrhenius’s theory would form the
backbone of what science would come to call global warming.
Rising water levels, forced migration ( climigration), mass
extinctions, and health risks are some of the biggest threats.

Laws and legislation has been put into place, rolled back, and put
into place again. Each new administration perceives global
warming differently.
• Cooper, Mary H. • Lyons, Christina L.
Cooper's report gave the background of In her report, Lyons covers many of the
global warming. What global warming is, changes that we have seen occur with
and how it was first discovered, can be United States policies concerning global
found in her report. This information warming and climate change in the last
acted as a jump off point for the rest of decade or so. She puts an emphasis on the
my research. changes that have taken place since the
switch between the Obama and Trump
• Swope, Christopher. • Clemmitt, Marcia.
In his report Swope covers some of the Clemmitt reports on the mass extinction
contributors to the global rise in water that is currently underway. Her report
level. He also provides statistical offers a look at the rate in which
evidence concerning the rise in water vertebrates are going extinct. This
level. All of which, was an enormous information allowed me to understand the
help to me. gravity of the situation.
Is global warming a threat
to the future of our
Rising water
levels, due to
warming, are
an immediate
“Global warming is
causing oceans to
rise at alarming
rates, threatening
coastal cities across
the globe with
flooding” (Swope).
Two things are causing this rise.

1. Thermal expansion 2. Melting ice

Negative impact of rising water
“some amount of sea level
rise is locked in. The earth
is already warming, polar
ice is already melting, and
nothing currently stands in
the way of those trends
continuing. The wild card is
how much more will occur,
and when”(Swope).
Mass animal extinction
Since the 1970s the
earth has lost half
the number of its
(mammals, reptiles,
birds, fish, and
amphibians), and
around 200 species
have gone extinct
in under 50 years
How does global
contribute to
High risk animals
“A mass extinction would take place
over thousands of years, endangering the
global food supply and perhaps even
human survival"
Health Risks associated with rising temperatures
Due to rising temperatures, some diseases
are rapidly spreading. This list includes:

• Malaria
• Lyme Disease
• Rocky Mountain Spotted
• Dengue Fever
• And many more
Other, temperature related, health issues include:
"Global warming is not only a
threat to our future health, it already
contributes to more than 150,000
deaths and 5 million illnesses
annually" (West).
Global warming is a huge threat to the future (and present) of
our planet.

• I can definitively say that the threat posed from rising

temperatures, rising water levels, rising extinction rates, and rising
health issues is something to be concerned about. Any aspect of
global warming by itself would be worrying, but with all the
above issues happening consecutively it is even more so.
• Reduce, reuse, recycle.
• Find alternative ways to travel.
• Plant a tree.
• Be energy efficient .

What you can do to help fight

global warming.
“If there’s a world here in a hundred
years, it’s going to be saved by tens
of millions of little things.”
- Pete Seeger
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