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<p>September 13th 2010.<br>Baynetwork Inc.

has invested hundreds of thousands of

dollars worth in the deal handed over yesterday in London: a complete server
room with all its telecommunications unit, and deploying a full range of the
best high-capacity and environmentally friendly computer networking equipment.<b
<br>This London location became one of the best equipped server rooms across
Europe - Victoria Diambekov, the company's CFO said in the office complex that
held a ceremony at which were found attending several prominent British
politicians. Baynetwork has not taken additional revenues or savings with this
project, but it is important for the sake of staying competitive and
environmentally friendly. The competition is at it's edge on the market, since
Baynetwork is supplying network equipment to virtually every country in the
world, in the case of the United Kingdom many traders will import such products.
<br>The Chief Financial Officer said: Baynetwork has realized over $ 1 million
dollar in projects each year in the past 2 years and 10 million dollars worth of
technology investment made in England without public subsidy. The investment is
80 percent under its own power, and 20 percent materialized on bank loans. The
investments by Baynetwork in this field complies with the strict EU
requirements, which will still only come into effect four years from now. From
1991 to 1992 solely in the UK by means of operating similar devices were emitted
annually 35 thousand tons of gases that facilitate global warming, since the
continuous improvements in the recent past, this number shrunk to only 730
tonnes, the current investment tops at only 30 tons. The latter is nowadays
technologically equal to the minima.<br><br>The CFO said: the investment is good
mainly for the millions of people who will experience considerably less impact
on their living environment from this type of pollution. It is also a good
investment for Baynetwork because these EU compliant products can be supplied to
the surrounding countries too. The investments do not affect the price of
assets, because they are sensible solely to the current world market prices.
This EU investment project was completed within a time span of just a few
months. Several British subcontractors participated, and during it's peak there
were 150 people working on the projects. While the computing system project has
been created based on Cisco
<a href="">
WS-C3560V2-24PS-E</a> and Cisco
<a href="">
WS-C3560V2-24PS-S</a> switches, which are located in the most favorable region
of the market prices, it's formation also represents a significant step forward
in environmental protection.<br></p>