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When one journey ends , another one begins.

Asalamualaikum and good evening to the respected dignitaries ,

Principal , teachers , seniors and my dear class fellows. Today we have
gathered here to bid farewell to the o level batch of 2018 to 2019.

I would like to welcome and thank you all for being a part of this
farewell party. It pains to say farewell to our senior batch. The sweet
memories that we have cherished together are tangible and all of us
will remember them …….always.

Now to start the evening, I would like to call KAYHAN MEER, from
grade 9 , to recite the name of Allah.

(After recitation say -------THANKYOU KAYHAN)

I would like to take permission from Madame Marina ,to officially
start the event.

Thank you for the approval

Let the event begin!
(Wait as party poppers pop)
I would like to call Bisma Sami and Syed Omer , the head girl and the
head boy of the o level section , batch of 2018 to 2019 to give their
farewell speeches.

(After their speech ------ THANKYOU BISMA AND OMER)

Now we would like to call Kayhan Kamran Meer from grade 9, to give
his singing performance.

(After singing ---- THANKYOU KAYHAN)

Now we would like to call on stage Izza for the next segment.


For the next segment we would like to call Sherbahadur Hayder Ali
and Ariba Fatima.

(after titles----THANKYOU EVERYONE)

Now we would like to call Ibrahim Ali and Izza Junaid from grade 10
for a duet performance.

(after performance---- THAT WAS GREAT !)

Now can we please have Miss Marina on the stage to announce the
King and the Queen of the night.
Now can all the o level teachers gather and come on the stage for a
group picture.

Now the cake cutting ceremony will begin.

Now I will pass the mike to grade 11 to present the teaches titles.

This is not the end. We have a day packed with fun and frolic. The
person we would like to call on the stage is a Pop singer with a
phenomenal voice. He had graduated from Southshore. He is the
winner of the All Karachi singing competition. He got a special pride of
performance in 2014 by Mohammad Ali Shykhi .

He has also performed in the Southshore rhythm and rhythm twice
,And got the best live performance award and is also the winner of
Obhartay Sitaray 2018. Everyone please welcome SHAHRUKH IQBAL
on the stage.

(After the singing ------THAT WAS A GREAT PERFORMANCE)

Let the concert begin

Dinner is served everyone!

This marks the end of this wondrous night. Thank you all so much for
being a part of it!