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Table of Contents
Chapter 1:
Introduction to the Study
Gaming, i.e. playing video games, is one of the most practiced hobbies among people of different
ages. Gamefy is a website and desktop application that is proposed to provide the service of
periodic payments (subscription) to play games. The purpose of Gamefy is to allow gamers to play
all the video games they want at the lowest costs possible.
In addition to games, Gamefy will provide a social platform where gamers can communicate with
each other and with game developers, which maximizes the effectiveness of the communication
power to benefit both gamers and game developers. This social platform can also be extra
beneficial when it is used to highlight major issues and bugs in and around the platform. Also, live
streaming can be supported.
The main idea is to gather as many video game developers as possible at one platform where they
can show their projects to the masses and get paid based on usage of their games by the platform
subscribers, meaning that, the more time spent by subscribers on your game, the more you are
regularly paid as a game developer. One big issue about that is the connections needed with major
AAA games makers. However, the freemium business model followed here has proven its
effectiveness with other paid digital products (e.g. Spotify) and still has great potential to grow
even more.
An online store is a virtual store on the internet where customer can browse the games and select
products of interest. The selected games may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time,
the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information will be
needed to complete the transaction.
1.0 Problem to the Project
1.1 problem Content
As the Games are highly famous among the different people of different age group. But the
potential value of the games are not so clear for the users on different gaming platforms. Major
problem arises when a user has to look for the specific game on different websites and will get to
know is that game is free to download. A user may be have to sign in to different websites to
download a game which is been looked for.
1.2 Problem context
A set of events invented for a plot, presented as preceding and leading up to that plot. In the project
there are multi-player and single player strategy games, emphasizing logical thinking and
planning. They often stress resource and time management, which usually takes preceding over
fast action and character involvement. Tactical organization and execution are necessary, and the
the games creators usually place the decision-making skills and delivery of commands in the
player’s hands.
1.3 Rationale
By the Gamefy web based system, users would gain a virtual reality based experience. Currently
we have websited like gamefy, but on these platforms there are some drawbacks. Which will be
discussed later in the report.
According to the problem stated above Gamefy will be standalone gaming resource website which
will allow users to download different games from our games library. Gamefy will be developed
keeping in mind about the user ease and user stickiness, although this project will also keep in
mind about the marketing competitors.
1.4 Potential benefits

Tangible benefits Intangible benefits

Users will always have a access to abundance Users will have a wide exposure of
of gaming material regardless to any transactions for their subscription yet secured.
circumstances after they have subscribed.
Users will gain access to the knowledge for More user friendly approach in users to
upcoming games. communicate and get newly feedbacks.
Admin is able to post the updates on the new An interactive and friendly environment.
games or newer version.
System will be maintained and upgraded upon A user feedback system that will be helpful for
user suggestions. decision making to upgrade gamefy.
All users would be able to use a database with
enhanced security and performance.

1.1 Target Users

In the beginning gamefy target users will be APU campus students to text and have better feedback.
Students are our main users, according to statistics the students are the majority in playing games.
Although there is no restriction on the age group in games. Some time student need some
refreshment because of their studies to take out their stress, enhance there thinking skills games
are playing major role in their life.
On the other hand we have our some random users from different communities of different age
group people to test the gamefy and get a better user feedback.
1.2 Scope and Objectives
1.2.1 Aims
The Aim of this website is to provide a distributed environment of games in one platform. Where
user can subscribe to the website to download the games.
1.2.2 Objectives
As the project Aim to provide a central place for organization, planning and tracking games that
are new and popular in market. Gamefy is the website that will update the new games and will be
a platform for the upcoming games in the market. It should be compatible with majority of
browsers to provide user friendly interface for a good gaming experience.
1.2.3 Deliverables –Functions of the proposed system
As for the Deliverables of the Gamefy, the project deliverables are as follow.
Gamefy will be able to games resource platform which will have all the market games, with its
description. User has to subscribe to get the valid account and after that the game is available for
download. Subscription can be charged some fee. Gamefy has only the PC games for now in the
in the first stage after its development.
Users will have a blog where they can keep in contact with other users, which can be the globle
chat room. As well as it has its own private chat, which a user can communicate with its friends
from the friend list.
1.2.4 Nature of Challenges
Keeping in mind about the competitors, it’s not an easy task to introduce gamefy in market when
there are already many other competitors. Many are already using that for years and would find it
reluctant to utilize another platform. Platform design should be design in the way that is friendly
enough to further promote to use of it. In term of security, developer need to enhance security from
SQL injection because SQL injection is a common and popular method for the hackers to hack the
system. Which is also used in attack against Sony, Microsoft, yahoo, and LinkedIn.
1.3 Overview of the report
Briefly describe what the rider will find in each of the chapters. Be sure to mention
the key points/Findings that are there
In the brief description of this report Gamefy is the product. Which will be fully based on the
website. Gamefy is the gaming platform for different users as upto there interest. This platform is
only for the PC games which will be only the download and users has to subscribe before
downloading the games and the subscription is not free. From the subscription gamefy will be
earning its income. Users have more features in this platform they can read the news feed and
blogs. Also there is another feature they can add other users in their friend list and user can have a
chat among them.
1.4 Project Plan
Chapter 2
Company Background and Structure
As there should be a company that will be using the Gamefy. Because in the initial stage website
need to have company that can help for the market development for the website. As for now Asia
pacific University will be hosting the website, because the university has a lot of the students.
These students can be Gamefy beginning user’s as well as the initial website testers.
According to the initial research many of the students are involved in the gaming and gaming
competition. So it’s a great platform for our Gamefy. As we have the students our initial beta
testing we well be getting a lot of feedback, which can guide us to take Gamefy on a success path.
Our key points are to cover business activities can be the Events APU is organizing frequently
every month, In those event we have the great opportunity to market Gamefy. There we can as our
new users to subscribe and enjoy the gaming experience.
Chapter 4
For the development of a website, software, or website is very important to have a programming
language. Developer needs to critically examine all the factors before selecting the programming
language, because different programming language have different platform, and are designed to
cater differ development needs. For the development of IT professional, what matters is the
selection of first programming language, and its programming paradigms. (Vujoˇsevi´cJaniˇci´c,, 2008). This shows that how critical it is to select a proper programming language. Since the
developer will be working on the development of an application the developer needs to understand
this factor that, he/she should select that programming language that is being effectively,
efficiently, and is widely by the different developers across the world. In this section different
possible programming languages that could have been used for the development of this application
are compared to the selected programming language.
4.1 Programing Language Chosen Php Javascript
Easy to Understand and user- Easy to understand Completely new Scripting
friendly language to be learned
Friendly User interface Not so friendly user interface Not so friendly user interface
builder builder builder
Rich in windows API Rich in java API builder Various modules available
Libraries or easy to get by online
online Resources
More Advance in security Lack of Security Features- Lack of Security Features-
build in features need to use External security need to use External security
Functions Functions

Figure 4.0 Programming Language comparison

Currently we need to have a Model View Controller concept. By looking at the current comparison
in the figure 4.0. It is clear that the is the advance language and a build in concept of MVC
as well as better security features in the programming language. After the research comparison
developer came to the conclusion of having as a selected programing language.
4.2 IDE (Interactive Development Environment chosen)
Framework to develop the tool will be in Microsoft visual studio 2017 community edition. This
Framework is used by developer and this platform is built to support all kinds of programing
languages. As Well as this framework is much user friendly than any other.
In order to use this IDE environment it must be configured to compile python or c code. To
achieve that have to install the language package. In this Visual studio has made it easy for
us by installing the build in tools.
4.3 Libraries chosen / Tools chosen
4.4 Database Management System chosen
Our website involve User credentials To store those credentials we need to have a data base. A
Database should be Relational database.
Advantages Disadvantages
Posgress Sql -Build-In Memory Management -Lack of Sufficient Debugging tools
-Analysis Service
-New SQL Language

Oracle -High Performance -Cost effective

-Advance Data Mining -Difficulty in operation
-Cross Platform Supports -hard to maintenance
-Multi Platform
SQL Server -Open Source -Lack of Sufficient debugging tools
-Cros Platform Supports Memory -Limited Database Size compare to the
Management Paid DBMS
-High Performance -Lack of Developing GUI

Table-4.1 Comparison on the functionality of different

Reason of selecting Microsoft SQLite.
These days existing browser are storing there databases in Microsoft SQLite. Reason of using
this database is that it can help the developer to decrypt the data which is encrypted. The Gamefy
will be developed for windows Based users and as shown in the table 4.1 as based on the Scope
of this project. For the windows users the SQLite provides more features. (Foote, Foote and
Foote, 2018).
4.5 Summary
This section include the better understanding for the developer to see through the technical part
of the project which involve selection of suitable language for development of the Gamefy
website. A suitable developing framework for the tool. A research report on similar tools so that
developer should have a clear understanding of what is the missing requirement for the Gamefy.
Chapter 6
System Development Methodology
In developing the proposed system as it organizes the specific activities for system development
based on the desired specifications System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) plays an important
role. By various types of SDLCs such as Waterfall, Prototyping, Spiral, RAD and IID Different
methods and models have been offered. Developer picked up to use Waterfall, because of many
aspects that supports this methodology.
6.1 Justify your selection
Because all requirements must be collected in the first phase of this model the Waterfall model is
good for projects with clear objectives and solutions (Shelly and Rosenblatt, 2011).
As it is clear that Waterfall is among the best available options. If developer start evaluating each,
and every aspects will end on to evaluate that waterfall is one of the best methodology for
developing applications. It takes lesser time than other methodology and it does not leave behind
any core step those are mandatory for the development of an application.
Waterfall RAD RUP
Duration Short: It is develop to Very Long:Four
respond to the Phases, which
delivery system very include further
fast. activities
Phase -Feasibility -Requirement -Inception Phase
-Investigation of the Planning -Elaboration Phase
current environment - -User design -Construction Phase
Business systems -Construction -Transition Phase
-Definition of
-Technical Systems
-Physical design
- Logical design

Complexity Low High High

Flexibility High Medium Medium
Type Structured Object-oriented Object-oriented

Table 6.0- Comparison between different methodologies

6.2 Describe the system development methodology
The Waterfall model is a traditional methodology to develop a system in which the several
phases are sequentially conducted to complete a software development progress.
As shown in the figure above the waterfall phases are as follows:

1. Requirement Identification: This is the first step in the waterfall model where
all of a system required must be well identified and documented.
2. System Design: The collected requirements of the first phase are analyse during
this stage to determine the system specification and features.
3. System Implementation: The system must be developed based on the design
criteria of previous phase.
4. System Testing: A complete system must be tested before its deployment in the
client side to ensure its functionality, quality and performance.
5. System Deployment: Once a system implemented and tested it will be deployed
at customer site.
6. System: In case any minor changes are needed the developers may release the
system updates in this stage.

In general this model is suitable for projects with clear objectives and expected
solutions as all requirements of the system must be specified in the first phase of this
model (Mall, 2009). Table 2-11 summarized the advantages and disadvantages of
waterfall model.

Advantages Disadvantages
 Easy to use and implement  No chance of make changing in the
 Minimum amount of resources is previous stage
required  Difficult to estimate the time
 Documentation is required at the end  Improper assumptions may
of each stage guarantee the project failure
 The phases are not overlap due to their  Low level of flexibility
process order  It is not cost effective
 Provide high quality project at the end  It is time consuming

However, risk management and system modification in the Waterfall model are very
costly as it follows a restrict on-way sequential flow. Hence, this model is generally not
recommended (Schwalbe, 2013).
6.3 Give an overview of the diagrams associated with the methodology

Figure 6.3 The Waterfall System Development Methodology (Rosenblatt, 2013)

Chapter 9

This project proposed a system for gaming website which is one of the most sophisticated
environment for gaming people. Many techniques such as encryption and using standard research
method will be used to develop gamefy.

A few numbers of gaming platforms, looked in to the research of gamefy were explained
along with marketing stretegy, however, the platforms are not sufficient enough to countermeasure
the Gamefy phenomenon. Therefore, the current studies on web based gaming library were
reviewed too in order to analyse the possibility of developing a proper gaming platform. Finally,
the proper programming language (i.e., data base management system (i.e. Microsoft
SQL Server) and system development methodology (i.e. Waterfall) were selected for this project.

What was achieved at the end of the project?

The Gamefy is an important framework for Gaming Environment, because it will allow user to
search and download the specific game what user looking for. There are many things that the
developer have learnt, and have further confirmed from domain research like the importance of
GUI in Gamefy platform. Like the development Graphical attraction is able to get user stickyness,
not like other platforms, where user attraction is not maintained. Most importantly developer have
learnt the importance Gamefy in the field of website development.

In Addition to this developer have got to know about many other Gaming platform that are
currently, being used by companies.

Were there any gaps in your research and design – areas where you may
want to further explore and improve?

Yes there is some gap in between research and design, because the development of this
application is taking application on another level of advancement in terms of interface, so there
could be possible room for improvement in this particular portion.