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Rational of the study

According to (Hellriegel, n.d.) conflict is defined as the process in which

one party perceives its interests to be opposed or negatively affected by
another". Antagonisms, tensions, aggressions, stereotypes, negative
attitudes, competition and frustration in the workplace will always be an
integral part of origin in which men and women of different cultures,
religions, status, lifestyles and personalities live and work together (Karen
L. Fleetwood, 1987). Each working environment is comprised of individuals
and each individual is not the same as one another. When individuals are
working together in a similar environment, there are odds of getting into
strife or contradiction on specific issues (De Dreu, C. K. W., & Gelfand,
n.d.)In an association with any kind of argument or disharmony among
people at work, it postures hazard for the people, both the boss and the
association because it influences employees' efficiency at work.

According to Fisher (Dr.Digvijaysinh Thakore, 2013) conflict can be taken

care of in either a useful or damaging way. On the off chance that a
contention isn't appropriately overseen and settled by the administrator,
this can convey ruinous outcomes to the work environment and
association. Nevertheless, If conflict is being handle in a proper way it can
result to a better working environment and can motivate the staff (Devine,
2008). Awareness of conflict management ought to subsequently be one of
the manager‟s most grounded attributes. Expanded comprehension of how
clashes emerge and what they rely upon can add to compromise in a
progressively proficient way.
As indicated by certain studies, conflict is a one of the social phenomenon
that happens crosswise over species, timespan and cultures. The first
conflict at any point recorded in human presence was in the Bible when
Cain slaughtered his brother Able in the book of Genesis (Gen 4 versus ,
and from that point forward human presence has encountered various
types of contention. Borisoff and Victor points out that The conflict theory is
very important for any manager. It is rooted primarily in the fields of
business, sociology, and psychology, but not in communication or
education. It is complicated to define conflict as it is difficult to come to an
agreement concerning the definition of this term.

As state previously, conflict is a typical and characteristic piece of work

environment. It may lead to a sequence of negative result to individuals.
This study aims to find effective solutions on how to improve conflict
management in woking environment. In addition, the contribution of the
study would enhanced work relationships, and a healthier work

Having the knowledge about management and experienced working in a

Food and Beverages industry as a manager for 1 year, I know for fact that
conflict is always going to be a part of our day to day basis. Hence, the
researcher will conduct this study.