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Work Flow Chart - Toilet waterproofing

Surface Cleaning (Grinding if required)

Haunch/Vata Making,Cracks filling with Ready Mix Polymer modified mortar or

site mix PMM

Mother slab Ponding(2Day)

Leakage checking

Repairing by injection grout or crack

filling with repair mortar which ever is
Reponding Testing

Lakages testing found ok

Apply 1st coat of Chemical coat (Horizonatal + vertical) For Shower Fixing Glass
area Full wall coating and other area 1m from FFL fiber mesh /
Apply 2nd coat of 2nd coat of Hydrocem at an interval of 8-10 hours tape on Haunch
of after finish1st coat (Horizonatal + vertical) / vata

Water ponding (2days)

Found ok

Screed / Base coat

Water ponding (2days)

Plumbing line installation for PVC line

Gabda packing and Brick bat laying work.

Ponding (2days)


Curing and Handover

Note: It is mandatory that all works of plumbing and sanitation (Making Cut out, fixing sleeve) must be complete
before taking up application of Waterproofing coating. It is not recommended damage or core cut in wall after
finish coating work.
Chemical Recoomended :-Elastomeric acrylic reinforced cementitious, waterproofing coating for
concrete and masonry surface.
Name of chemical.
Dr.Fixit Dr.Fixit Fastflex
BASF Masterseal551EL
SUNANDA Polyalk Wp
Chougule Acrylflex 2k strong
MYK AquaArm Saniflex
Asianpaint Damp block 2k